Best groom vows

Best groom vows

I love you. So simple, these three words may seem at first glance, they carry a lot of meaning. What this sentence means, for each individual, is to submit it in the vows of the couple. For many, the love expression represents the culmination of a wedding Ceremony. You want to ensure your silver wedding anniversary or Golden wedding vows renew? To such an anniversary, a wedding vows ideal to bring the feelings to the Partner, to the expression. As you are such a wedding speech best self-write and what are the tips and Tricks there are to learn in this article.

Vows of the couple: What is it?

The vow of the spouses is under many synonyms known.

Wedding vows, vow of fidelity, grape knowledge or marriage word – all of these words refer to one thing: The Moment of a wedding Ceremony where the bride and groom swear in front of your guests and groomsmen eternal Fidelity. The Trauversprechen is the biggest Declaration of love, which can make a Couple. Each self-written vows is so unique, like the Couple who celebrates his love.

Declaration Of Love, Wedding Vows

It is probably the most beautiful Declaration of love, which can give a bride and groom – the wedding vows © – Shutterstock

Wedding vows: What is it that you can speak

What exactly to say to his spouse in this unique moment, of course, is for each Person individually. Nevertheless, there are some basic things that most married couples can talk. This thematic suggestions provide an initial starting point for your unique pledge of allegiance:

  • Friendship between the bride and groom – how it all began
  • romantic anecdotesthat the spouses jointly have experienced
  • Eternal Promise Of Fidelity
  • Looking to the future – hopes of the common life
  • Little jokes, the mood loosen up
  • Hurdles you have overcome together

As in the case of a speech, it is also the vows makes sense to give the words with individuality special depth.

The entire process of creation of the trust relationship and the conclusion of the confession finally, in addition to the lecture, it is important that the Lecture can identify with his words. Only in this way the emotional message can unfold their effect.

Romantic words to the Partner

Example 1:

“You’re the sun that doesn’t,
You’re the moon that is always in the sky;
You’re the star that, when the rest of the dark,
Still outshines the day with his Glitter.
You’re the sunless dawn;
A heit’rer day, the night threatened;

The joy and hope of the glare on the earth –
you are me, what can you be!” – August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben

Example 2:

“If I were a book, I would have had 1000 pages and on each side would be that I love you.”

Example 3:

“Through You, I want to see the world;
for then I do not see the world,
but always You, You, You …” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Example 4:

“You find love,
if you are not looking for her.
Already some of you
with their charm cursed.
As much as I achtgab,
her curse hit me
and as the target of my love
he chose You.” – Cornelia Sander

How to write a marriage vows: 4 helpful tips and Tricks

Not everyone who is on the verge of a wedding is a gifted speechwriter. Nevertheless, it’s every bride and groom, his love feeling in words for wedding speech to describe. To facilitate the Writing of the vows of the married couple, there are a few basic things.

1. The right time: wedding vows to prepare

Wedding preparation requires a lot of time. In addition to work and family in a Moment, seems hardly to remain free. Therefore, it is important that the faithful promise to compose at an early stage. In a stressful Phase, it is a good heavy, his feelings adequately Express.

Begin, therefore, in no case, only shortly before the Ceremony with the Writing. There are already two weeks before a night out, so you can use this in a cosy atmosphere for Writing. So it takes an additional task in the stressful time of preparation. Even if the pledge of allegiance is a very personal thing, it can help to consult entrance with a familiar Person, in the event that no ideas come.

2. The right thing to do: emotions in the wedding vows are words

You should take the pressure, that the pledge must be equal success in the first attempt perfectly. Rather, one should first think about the content.

How the words fit in the end perfectly together, can be the end to be decided.

Perform a brainstorming session – so the unordered Writing ideas – is the first step. On the list everything you want to say to the spouse ends up. What would you say if you would be just the two of you? Who does with visualizations easier, you can work with a Mindmap. Who to structure helps more, you can grab flashcards or an Excel list. Of all the means, which organize the thoughts are allowed.

From the idea list the vows of the couple shapes you in the end. The joining of the approaches ultimately results in a unique loyalty oath. There is no prescribed length. However, one should not forget that the ceremony also contains other ingredients. To keep the promise for short, is not, therefore, be wrong – on the contrary! Check in advance with your Partner, how long you want to talk to. For more than two minutes, the vows should not be, so try to bring everything Important directly to the point. But the important thing is always: Can you still be by your emotions.

3. The right tone in the wedding vows

The time is now to plan as well as the contents, you should review the author of his vows once again thoroughly and appropriate. It’s not just a matter of syntax errors. It is much more important to check the Text to see whether it hits the right tone.

The most important thing is that no one affected by the vow embarrassed or offended. To, and should not be intimate anecdotes happen because of that. You have to keep in the back of the head, who vows during the ceremony with sounds.

The emphasis is also to note that each one remain true to themselves should. To a lot of colloquial language power, while in the rarest of cases, nevertheless, you should not let too much with the spelling of great poets and thinkers of influence. It is important that the oath is authentic and from the heart.

4. Together or alone: consultation is important

It is not usual that the couple wrote the vows. As a result, the voltage remains up to the time of the wedding Ceremony when the pledge of allegiance is recited. Also the resulting feelings when you first Hear of vows contribute to the fact that at the wedding, especially a lot of and, above all, incomparable emotions arise.

A Party decides to not want a vow to write, it is also not a Problem – however, it should be coordinated in advance. So, it is also possible that only one spouse speaks of the marriage of the word. However, it is for most couples, more beautiful, when you can Express to each other what is at the other. It is important to clarify this before the ceremony, so there are no disappointments.

The right lecture: vow of the spouses Express

The big day has come and it is now the well-prepared vow to carry forward. A really special Moment in the common life of a couple!

Include in the ceremony: a round overall picture emerges

At what time will the wedding vows on bound best in the marriage involved, should first be determined. Refer to the pastor, the Registrar or the free Trauredner with. In the case of a Catholic wedding Ceremony, there are stricter rules than for a outdoor ceremony.

Wedding vows

The loving vows is usually followed by after YES-word © – Shutterstock

Traditionally, the love expression follows the knot – sometimes, the best man’s speech. The Repeat, the exchange of rings connect. As the rounding-off of the couple can seal the vows with a kiss. Who would not want to present themselves, also has the Option to have the personal words aloud – for example, from the Trauredner. Everything is pleasing to the bride and groom is allowed in terms of the marriage vows.

Examples profound sayings

“Remember that a good marriage of the two things depends: to find first the right people, and second, to be the right person.”

“In love sink into and lose yourself all the contradictions of life. Only in the love, unity and duality not in conflict.” – Rabindranath Tagore

“May the love in your heart so inexhaustible, that it is enough for a whole life.”

Examples for Bible verses for wedding anniversary

“Love can be deleted or the mighty water, or by currents washed away.” – Song of songs of 8.7

“With the help of God, was from two to one. These God-given bond man must not divide.” – Matthew 19,6

“With you the way of life: Before us is of infinite joy.“- Psalm 16: 11

Poems for vows

“There is a whole sky was once destined
to be your beautiful body, my Arm’s embrace;
The spring to bloom, and the larks sang,
And in this hot heart of the Holy spirit is peace.” – Heinrich Leuthold

“That you love me, that I knew,
I had it long ago discovered;
but, as you to me frankly,
it has me scared.

I climbed to the mountains
and cheered and sang;
I went to the water and cried
at the sunset.

My heart is like the sun
so flaming anzusehn,
and in a sea of love
sinks it’s big and beautiful.”- Heinrich Heine

“I am me, in my soul,
In your only aware of
My heart can never rest,
Than in your chest!
My heart may never beat
for you alone.
I’m all your own,
So on you always.” – Theodor Storm

Vows in the light of reading or memorizing a sovereign lecture succeed

Exactly how a wedding speech best delivered is, relates to how safe the couple in front of an audience to speak. The bride-to-be, for example, is an experienced speaker, so you can recite your vows by heart, while her husband reads his words.

You keep that in mind: to Write on a cheat sheet of the whole sets of wedding speech, it is more difficult these free present. It is more reasonable to write down keywords, which serve as a Reminder. The formulation remains flexible and still, there is no point device into oblivion. A Partner, or even both bride and groom decides to Read, so it is important to note also in this case, a lot of read slowly and clearly. It may be useful, before lecture to be incorporated. So you can check whether the speed of the speech is appropriate and the accents well understood.

To remember is that the promise of marriage to his Partner. This means that you are allowed to look at this during the faithful promise of love. This genuine emotions arise, and the vows of the couple is transformed into a magical Moment. Tears are allowed, and make the lecture authentic. It is a good idea to place the beginning of tissues within easy reach.

The official Trauversprechen: This should be considered in the case of a Catholic wedding

Usually, there are no restrictions when it comes to expressing his love. However, you should note that in the case of a Catholic wedding Ceremony a few things. This is important so that the vows of the couple, resulting in a before God in marriage. You want to be married in a Catholic Church, there are two components that must be included in the vows of the couple.

The first important part of the loyalty oath is. For example, with the words The Second option is to emphasize this life-long relationship. Matching words here would be It is these two elements in his Catholic wedding vows, this is before God, to be valid. It is now also in the ecclesiastical sense, a husband and wife.

Whether the Recitation of loyalty oaths is desired, should discuss the couple with the priest. Usually this is not a Problem, in that you pay attention to the above-mentioned essential components of the vow.

Examples: So a marriage can look like

At this point it should be clear that there is no oath of allegiance, fits for every bride and groom. Nevertheless, you can find in the Following some of the impulses. These relate to wedding classics, romantic wedding vows, or known vows from movies and television. They serve as an Inspiration and you can freely customize.

Standard vows of the couple

Who was allowed to attend several weddings will be familiar with the Standard vows, the lectures on the Christian Faith and the Christian God.

I want to love you, respect and honor all the days of my life,

in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health.

Until death do us part.

(Ring on it)

Wear this Ring as a sign of our love and Loyalty.

In the name of the father, and of the son and of the Holy spirit.


As already mentioned in the introduction, can be extended to this oath of allegiance or individualized. Also enriched with examples and anecdotes, offers.

Romantic wedding vows examples

Already when we met eight years ago, I knew that you’re the person I have the Rest of my life want to spend. I can’t tell You how glad I am that You came into my life. I love You, You’re the way You are. You’re the most loving, kindest and most patient person I know and my best friend/my best friend. And I love you for that, that You take me as I am, with all my whims and quirks. I love you, that I can count on you and know that together we can go through all the UPS and Downs together. I look forward every day to our common future.“

You’re not perfect. You have flaws, weaknesses, and quirks. But that’s exactly why you’re perfect for me. I love all your faults, your weaknesses, and quirks. I love you because you are also my error, without exception, accept and love. Sometimes I think that I can’t have even deserve to, can’t believe that I should be the one standing here today with you and grow old with you. You’re my best friend/my best friend and at the same time my very great love. For that, I am eternally grateful and I am grateful every single day in our common future. I feel as if I’m dreaming. I thank you, for everything what will you be for me to do and do. For this, I will love you can and that you love me. And I promise to always love you, to honor and respect and to say Thank You. My whole life long.“

Life without You is unimaginable for me. How to have built up a common life, have gone in our relationship together through many UPS and some Downs. And this has brought us even closer to each other and showed us that we want to spend our future together. I can’t describe in words how grateful I am that I got to know You. It’s like the most beautiful dream of my life, I can experience with You. I look forward every day to a day with You, living with You, my future with You at my side. I love You more than anything my dear.“

The vows should be with each bride and groom individually. ©Wedding and lifestyle – Shutterstock

Well-known promise from movies: inspiration from Hollywood

Books and movies to keep fertile sources of inspiration, so for example, these two selected examples of wedding vows:

To speak when words are needed and to not be silent together, if you are using it. To feel the warmth of your heart and to feel safe.
I vow to love wild and each of your properties now and in all eternity. I promise that I will never forget that you are the great love of my life and that I know in the deepest Depths of my soul, in which is the challenge we will remove us from each other, we will always find a way back to each other.“ (Forever Love)

Your Cup will never empty, for I will be your wine.

With this candle, I will lead you through the darkness.

With this Ring, you’re mine.“ (Corps Bride)

I love you for that, you need an hour and a half to order a Sandwich. I love you to ensure that you get a crease of the nose, when you look at me like that. I love you, I can smell after a day with you your perfume is still in my clothes. And I love you, too, that you are the last person I want to talk about before I fall asleep in the evening. And that’s not because I’m lonely and that’s not even the fact that’s new year’s eve. I’ll tell you why I’m here tonight come: If you have realized that you want to spend the Rest of your life, you want the Rest of your life starts as soon as possible.“ (Harry and Sally)

You are a song, a dream, a Whisper, and I don’t know how I can live a long life without you. I love you more than you can imagine. I’ve always loved you and will always love you.“ (Like one day)

And the one accepted as it is. I’ve waited a long time, longer than it seems to be something Better than I am, and with Bella, I’ve finally found the beginning. So I would like to bride to propose a Toast to my beautiful. All the time in the world to you would be not enough, but we’ll start with forever…“ (Twillight)

You make me Laugh and are always there for me, but you’re also sweet, understanding, and have created an egg dish and named after me – it gives a bit of Italian Dressing to the eggs, and it’s called ‘Egg Marshall’s and it tastes great. But here is the real reason why I love You: You’re my best friend and if you like, my best friend, too.

Marshall, I love You, because You are so funny you can be, and to me the feeling, give loved and protected to be. And, because You gave me for our anniversary a Shirt that says, ‘Lily and Marshall rock since 1996. I wish I had it now, because it smells of you, You know? But the main reason why I love You so, Marshall Eriksen, is that You make me happy. You make me happy every second, Marshall.“ (How I Met Your Mother)

While the first example comes in more detail the opportunities and the risks of a marriage, focuses on the second of the ceremonial of the ring infecting. As you vow make your custom True to the content, which is completely arbitrary.

For more Inspiration for your wedding vows we have put together a few more sayings and quotes:

  • – François Mauriac
  • – F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • – When Harry met Sally
  • – Theodore Fontane
  • – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

So children can be involved

Many couples bring children from previous relationships, or children into the marriage. Therefore, the bride and groom during the wedding preparations, the question of whether and how children can be involved on the day of the wedding. A beautiful way, the children mitzuheiraten after the vows”. So, it is clear that not only the couple, but the whole family starts in a common future.

So you can, for example, be a part of your vows to your children and you say how much you look forward to the Start of a common future as a ‘new’ family. Many bride-to-people give their children as a Symbol of love pieces of jewelry such as rings, bracelets or a necklace.

Are already grown up all the children in and out of the house, or you want your vows as a Couple in the spotlight, you can include your kids too otherwise, such as flower children or groomsmen. The decision whether the child should stand on this special day just as much as the bride and groom in the centre, however, is solely in your family. You decide for yourself, as you prefer, and how to save the day with your loved one would like to spend.

The vows of the couple: as unique as each bride and groom

Whether in front of the Altar, under the open sky or in the midst of a magnificent hall: to write wedding vows something Special is always. It is immaterial whether the words are now formulated in the framework of the Christian Tradition, or simply a personal message to the partner or the Partner present.

Regardless of how the ceremony looks like, whether it’s before or after the best man’s speech , all vows one thing in common: press unique emotions from person to person and couple to couple differ. Authenticity in relation to the promise of love and Loyalty is particularly important. Finally, the words should, as in any good speech the own authentic personality reflect.