Creative engagement ring box

Creative engagement ring box

An engagement party, but how? Tips for a successful engagement party

Festivals should be celebrated as they fall, – stated in a proverb, and especially if it relates to a unique opportunity as the engagement, it must go ever higher. But how high, exactly? It really needs to be the Mega Party with all the near and distant Acquaintances, or a romantic dinner is not enough for two in a fancy Restaurant? Of course anything goes, but experience shows that the nature of the engagement party, often there is uncertainty. The most Important thing is that you are aligning as engagement couple of agreement are, and your Celebration so that you will be a success for all Involved. A few tips on how this can work in any size of order, we have put together for you Below.

Where to celebrate the engagement? – A suitable Location for the engagement party

If you want to celebrate your engagement, the first is the question of where the engagement celebration to take place. Keep your engagement a secret and you are in the smallest circle to celebrate or to all friends and Relatives involved from the beginning? This is not always a question of desire, but also to a budget. Financially, it makes a huge difference, whether you’re sitting with your parents cozy up in your favorite restaurant or if you want to raise your engagement party as a major Party.

Once these basic questions are clarified, it is time to define the Location for the engagement party.

The most important organizational questions for the engagement party at a Glance:

  • How many people we want to celebrate?
  • How extensive is the Celebration to be?
  • What is the Budget for the engagement party?

Engagement parties in the Restaurant – romantic couple or in a small group

No matter what a family celebration are: The Restaurant is the Location, a real classic – clear, the benefits are obvious.

You need to be organizationally’t worry about a thing, you’re going to be a delicious meal served and know in advance what the atmosphere is waiting for you. So you can relaxed a romantic engagement party to enjoy as a couple or a cozy family celebration in the smallest circle.


Thinking in good time of a binding reservation. It would be absolutely tragic if you want your own engagement party, and to this day is not a table you would be free.

Great engagement party in the Restaurant – Buffet, 5-course-menu

For big celebrations own Restaurants is excellent, provided the gastronomy offer this service, and your Budget allows for a professionally organized engagement party. If Yes, then, a large celebration in the Restaurant on the way. The options are no limits and you can apply for a Buffet in the rustic tavern decide up to a 5-course menu in a fine dining temple. What appeals to you and your guests the most, no one can judge better than yourself.


Clarify in advance whether your have for your engagement party, a separate area or the Celebration in the public sector, may be held together with other guests. Usually both is possible, however, estimates that a couple more privacy, while others would rather save the money for a private room.

Engagement party in the garden – BBQ party or Catering in the moonlight?

If you want to celebrate in the spring or summer of his engagement, it can do that easily open to the sky – if the weather permits. Because a Celebration is planned in the longer in advance, right here’s a small risk factor that requires a Plan B. A covered retreat shouldn’t have you so in the back of your hand, your engagement literally falls into the water. The weather plays a part, however, is the engagement party in the garden guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. Whether you fire up the Grill and share a Barbecue in the heat of the charcoal celebrates or you delicious food from the Catering jealous of Service, does not matter – need to taste it.


The engagement party is allowed Outdoors, controlled, open fire. So you can, for example, with a campfire, a hot pot or a small fireworks real bude magic in your garden party. Private fireworks can be applied for outside of new year’s eve with the relevant office – the guarantee for a permit, there is not, however, unfortunately.

Engagement party at home – cozy Festival in the privacy of their home

You do not want the hustle and bustle? Your engagement is celebrating at home, cozy in the two-candlelit dinner or with a couple of Relatives and friends. A little finger food, music and good mood enough to make a successful engagement party on the legs. The creative Expansion, nothing stands in the way, and you can of coffee and cake for lunch to the engagement party from the Full scoop.


The engagement party at home is perfect with the announcement of his engagement to connect. If your guests are not realizing at you, and you your wedding proclaimed, is likely to be the Surprise perfectly.

Decoration for engagement party – romantic-it is simple or modern-fancy

In traditional celebrations, may lack the appropriate decorations, or who could imagine a Christmas without a Christmas tree, or at least Christmas decorations. A Halloween party without decorations with scary factor? Boring! Don’t be afraid to decorate your engagement party according to your ideas. In the small circle of flowers, candles and rose petals, there is always a romantic atmosphere, while larger parties can be quite lean to a particular theme. In the last years of the medieval have soared, for example, to celebrate the highest popularity, and epoch-making issues such as the Golden 1930s or the flower children of the 1968 ensure celebrate at any time of successful engagement.

Dress code for your engagement party – sporty, comfortable or elegant

Yes, there are you, the engagement parties, which require a specific style of dress. Because as varied as the people themselves, the planned festivities. It wouldn’t be the first Time that a couple wants to celebrate the planned wedding in Bikini swimwear at the beach club, a themed party in particular eras or fashion style, or the desire that all attendees wear clothes in the same color. The extraordinary the idea of the dress code for the engagement party is, the sooner you should get you thinking about your Outfit. And please don’t forget to put the guests with the invitation.

Games for the engagement party – for the Little or Big

Expect your children to your engagement party, should be taken care of for the fun of it. In addition to classics such as a game table with a coloring book, clay or building blocks refreshing games can provide variety. This also applies in the case of the adults, because often the biggest game of the muffle at a Party is suddenly active when the mood fits. A popular and widely used game for the engagement party, the knowledge of the guests on the bride-to-be few tests, for example. The fiance publicly ask questions to your Person, how to be a favourite dish to your favourite music or other similarities. Guests write down your answers on a piece of paper. At the end of the game, the guest with the most correct answers a small profit. In theory, the game can be over the entire evening, while, the questions are easily made at different times. Does not pay attention in the choice of games for the engagement party only to the fact that these are too time-consuming and compilation of the guests.

Invitation to engagement party – informally, loose or in writing by Mail

Those who want to celebrate something Large, like an engagement, you should announce it accordingly. Finally, it could come for a For the engagement party at home creative SMS or E-Mail may well be sufficient, for extended festive, the invitation should be given opportunities already in writing or in person. It’s supposed to be a Celebration of the engagement as a Surprise, you have to expect that not every Person you invited to like or actually appears.

The plan should be on the invitation to the engagement party:

A photo of the two of you

If you like it a classic, not a photo of himself and his Partner on the invitation, many use just a beautiful holiday photo or set individually in the scene. Very professional, you can have the invitation for the engagement party with a photo of by photographer make. Decide for a traditional, romantic Pose with engagement ring or let you be creative to scan, maybe in a costume for future themed engagement party fits. Let your imagination run wild.

The most important information

It sounds obvious, but from our experience, in an interview with countless couples, we know that in the heat of battle, an important Information on the invitation to the engagement party can be overlooked. Especially for printed invitations it would be extremely unfortunate if the card is very pretty, but, for example, the time or the date for the engagement celebrates missing. Therefore, get the best of a written check list for your abstreicht in the control gear, the individual points, such as

  • What is celebrated?
  • When is the engagement party?
  • Where is the Party?
  • There are drinks and something to eat?
  • Dress code, if necessary
  • You can expect a commitment or refusal of the invitation?

Decorations and a beautiful saying

The invitation for an engagement party needs to be a work of art, and you should keep in mind that the invitation for the later wedding should then be at least as expensive. For a bit of graphic design or decoration of invitation cards, however, is nothing. A nice saying for engagement can be the invitation to rounding, some examples of suitable Proverbs can be found here.

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