Engagement fiance gifts

Engagement fiance gifts

When a Couple engaged to be married, then there is something to celebrate. For the occasion, the bride-to-be presented some happy engagement gifts. Many ask themselves: Great ideas for gifts for engagement can be found below in the article. Even if there is no engagement party is organized (or you have not been invited), one can Express with a small gift the joy of the upcoming wedding, and the Couple in this regard, the congratulate.

In particular, for the family is a gift to the engagement Tradition.

How much should an engagement gift?

Gift for fiancee
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As a General rule: gifts for engagement to friends and engagement gifts from parents, of course, have a price difference.

The closer you are to the betrothed Couple, the higher the value of the engagement gift is. In the case of simple friends that are approx.€ 15 (or the price of a usual birthday gift), for groomsmen, brothers, and sisters it can’t be something more, but it need not.

For the parents, there is no limit to the top. If you want to grab as a parent, the bride and groom is financially at the wedding, under the arms, then the undertaking to a certain money amount, of course, also a great engagement and wedding gift.

Gifts of money are as a gifts at the engagement is not so well-suited (they fit better as a wedding gift). Engagement gifts should be personal, and either something to do with the wedding preparations, or the most stressful time of wedding planning, something to sweeten.

You can also, as in the case of the wedding gifts for the gift to the engagement with other friends, Relatives or colleagues to a high quality engagement gift to buy.

Top 35 ideas for engagement gifts

1. Wedding books

100 Wedding Checklists
© Sonja Schulz

100 Wedding Checklists

For the wedding must, of course, planned a lot, and be organized.

Therefore, wedding books and magazines tips, news, and inspiration for the wedding are perfect as engagement gifts.

At this point, we want to you to our wedding book 100 wedding checklistsThus, it will make the bride and groom the extensive wedding planning.

Price: 19,95€

Wedding Preparation Gift
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Elegant Wedding Planner

A beautiful wedding preparation gift this Wedding planner with suede and roségoldfolierter inscription.

Super practical and super chic!

Price: 22,99€

Register for the wedding
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The most beautiful books for the wedding

Whether to read, Watch, or memories – books are beautiful gifts for the newly engaged!

We have taken the finest specimens under the microscope…

Price: from 6.95€

Bucket List Couples
© yoursurprise

Bucket List book for couples

Shared experiences to weld together, so the dream may collect few enough of them! 250 new ideas and suggestions, this Bucket List book.

You can personalize with the name and a photos of the pair. The practical engagement gift is also very personal.

Price: 20,95€

Personalized Book Partner
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Book with the name of the fiance

If the bride-to-be reads a couple to relax, then a funny engagement gifts idea a personalized book with the self-given name. Here are the different characters of the book itself can be selected and named.

Also the type of history – from Comedy to Thriller is freely selectable.

Price: ab 31,99€

2. Wedding website

Wedding Website Examples
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The couple is very happy and much online? A wedding website is mandatory!

Gives the two the cost of a website Builder. It is for the wedding website for 3,90€ per month. The Pact was to run until at least 3 months after the wedding, so in the wedding photos can be shared.

Price: 3.90€/month

3. Wedding lantern with engraving

Wedding Light Wood
© Geschenke24

A very special gift for engagement: On the charming lantern (available in stainless steel or rustic-style) will be engraved with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date.

The wedding lantern can then decorate the terrace or in the entrance area and increases the anticipation of the great Feast.

Price: ab 49,90€

4. Gift certificate for a couples massage course

Couple's massage
© Magoody

The time of the wedding preparation can be stressful… There’s something quiet time is really worth Gold!

The professional Online course from Magoody the two at home relaxing massage techniques and pour from learning through the lovingly-intentioned touch even the hormones of happiness!

Very useful skills that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Price: 89€ (12 high-quality video units)

5. Bottle with engraving

Gifts for newly engaged
© Personello

The newly engaged surprised with such a sweet bottle, which you can customize.

Whether it be for flowers, drinks or decor – the bottle as a gift for a newly engaged not too much, but all the more personal!

Price: 9,95€

6. Personalized Wine Box

First Fight Box Wedding
© Yoursurprise

The Couple likes to drink wine? Then a wooden box, the customization is a very nice gift for an engagement. You will remember the two always at the particular time, and can be used again and again.

Size (1, 2, or 3 bottles), as well as engraving can be selected.

Price: from 12,95€

7. The moon in a special day

Morning gift for the man
© My moonlight

Whether day, the first kiss, first holiday, or day of the engagement – a Poster of the moon on a special day for the bride-to-be few a wonderful Engagement present!

Easy and practical online Configurator preview of the moon to show an individually selected time. Then from various Design templates for your personal moon-Poster with your request, select text and it’s done!

Price: from 29€

8. Personalized Wedding Candle

Greenery Wedding Candle
© Meine-Hochzeitsdeko.de

The wedding candle creates warmth and peace, beautiful, and in a serious hour.

It is a wonderful component for the Church Wedding.

A beautiful and practical example for engagement gifts the newlyweds will be delighted to have this accessory ready.

Price: starting from 15,90€

9. Extraordinary Wall Mural

Gift Wedding Parents
© Galleryy

The time around marriage proposal, engagement and wedding preparation is very special and worthy of a fancy piece of memorabilia.

As a mural in Vintage Style is perfect for that.

Let the Pair as an individual work of art to create!

Price: starting at 78€

10. Wedding movies to set the mood

The best wedding movies
© Sonja Schulz

So that the bride can join couple also diligently on the upcoming wedding, we will give you a package with the most beautiful wedding films.

Cozy on the Sofa, the two can bring in a wedding mood, and during the planning time to relax.

11. Partner game for important decisions

Partner Game
© Julinga

A large wedding or a small party? Children or the life to enjoy as a couple? There are so many decisions that need to be met – but not always it is directly agreed.

With the thought-up game set

Price: 39,90€

12. Romantic Light Image

Fire Heart Wedding
© Krause & Sohn

Two En particular Highlight of the engagement party or a romantic evening! The photograph is available in different versions, but in any case, it conjures really great mood and makes the moment unforgettable!

Such engagement gifts are ideal for parents or groomsmen.

Price: 179€

13. Ring pillow for the wedding Ceremony

Ring Pillow Mr Mrs
© Yes-The Wedding Shop

The ring pillow has in the Church Wedding of a very special meaning. With this engagement gift presented to the bride and groom, so the first important wedding accessory.

Who likes to sew, it can even self-produce and has a charming, homemade engagement gift – a particularly individual and personal gesture.

Price: from 5,90€

14. Countdown calendar to the wedding

Countdown Calendar Wedding
© Backward counter

Your big day can expect to have the bride and groom hardly. If you want to sweeten the two this anticipation is a Countdown calendar to the right engagement gift.

50 days 49 days… it will be exciting and different every day, beautiful, ideas, tips, quotes, and jokes are waiting for the bride and groom.

DIN A5 large Countdown calendar to the wedding has 50 pages from very high quality paper and starts at 50 remaining days until the wedding.

Price: 29,95€ (incl. Shipping)

15. Star Sky Poster

Bride gift
© Star moment

Unusual gifts are always particularly well. In particular, if you, as parents, parents-in-law or close circle of friends knows the future spouses very well, it is easy to select a momentous Moment.

Whether a first kiss, a first Date or engagement – let this Moment for the two of them memorable, and gives you a Poster of the sky on this day and in this place.

Price: 59€

16. Saving the book for wedding

Saving the book for the wedding - wedding gift
© Geschenke24

In the upcoming year of wedding planning, you may be saved. In this chic wooden crate this will work particularly well.

And there, at the right savings book is also a regular inflow of Money into shipyard their best at every opportunity, something few comes together by the way a lot of for the bride-to-be.

Price: 29,90€

17. Sweet Photo Puzzle

Homemade Engagement Gift
© Cariñokarten

A very special homemade engagement gift is a personalized photo puzzle.

Whether you need 500 or 1,000 parts – this gift can relax the bride-to-be couple of wonderful of planning a wedding, and remember what matters most: the love for each other.

There are many beautiful design templates to choose from!

Price: 33,29€

18. Cufflinks

© Depositphotos.com/Fesenko

They are a great accessory for the groom for the wedding and remind the Couple of a long time on the most beautiful day in life. Instead of old-fashioned buttons you can leave now very chic and custom cufflinks buy or to make.

An extensive Overview of which model it is, can be found in our article. A beautiful and practical engagement gift for the husband!

Price: from€22

19. Folded book with your own Text

Gift folded book
© Etsy/Thesweet Design Studio

Whether or not the heart, letters (initials) or Numbers (for example, the wedding date) – you can make the small message in a book folds – an unusual and personal gift idea for the engagement.

Each book is handmade and a great individual piece.

Price: from€16

20. Socks against

© Sonja Schulz
© Sonja Schulz


A small, funny-intentioned gift for the future bride and her groom are those socks against the With our free Band, you can make the gift yourself.

Price: 9€

21. Vintage Wedding Sign

Wedding sign vintage sign with coordinates
© Sonja Schulz

A wonderful reminder of the marriage is to be held this Vintage-plate, on which the date and the coordinates of a special place, where the proposal took place.

Alternative: Who knows the wedding date and the Location, you can put the beautiful wedding sign, of course, the wedding itself make.

Price: 48€

22. Individual Wedding Planner

Wedding preparation
© Smart photo

This custom planner is the perfect engagement gift for the bride and groom!

The start date of wedding planners you can choose yourself, so it fits perfectly in the planning of the bride and groom. In addition, you can customize the Cover with, for example,

Price: from 14,90€

23. Notebook for bride and groom

Gifts for the engagement
© Smart photo

The cheap Alternative to the wedding planner, the individual notebook in a variety of sizes. Here you can also customize the Cover according to your choice.

Tip: How about with a personal dedication, and congratulations on the first pages?

Price: from 5,90€

24. Romantic Ceramics Letters

Ceramic Letters
© Sonja Schulz

Whether LOVE, WEDDING, or other custom lettering – the beautiful letters you can exactly according to your Wishes.

The hand-made, 7cm high letters from Steingutton and with a lead-free glaze are a wonderful decoration for all fiancée. The font trains are ideal as a Highlight in the wedding or after the wedding as a reminder.

Price: from 32€

25. Gift for the bride

Gift Bride-To-Be
© Etsy/Wedding Tree

This charming Cup of the

A wonderful example for engagement gifts for the bride.

Price: 14,50€

26. Individual champagne or wine glasses with engraving

Champagne Glasses Wedding
© Personello

A very popular engagement gift custom champagne glasses or wine glasses, decorated with the names of the bride and groom.

If the wedding date is fixed, this can also be engraved or decorated the glass-just using the first name and little hearts.

Price: from 6,90€

27. Gourmet Subscription Month Gift

© Depositphotos.com/Syda_Productions

Around the time of the wedding sweeten preparing something that will be accepted this gift for engagement, certainly with great enthusiasm.

This is a Gourmet subscription month gift with enjoyable content, such as wine, chocolate, cheese, cigars, etc.

Price: from 10€

28. Diamond with a personal engraving

Heart diamond
© Geschenke24

This 10 cm large diamond can be provided with an individual engraving and Swarovski crystals, and is a very personal engagement gift.

Here are the names of the betrothed couple can be immortalized and maybe the wedding date is fixed already, which you could in addition to engrave.

Price: from 24,90€

29. Partner-Shirts

Couple T-Shirts
© Etsy/Geschenkya

At the latest with the engagement of the two Lovers show that they belong to each other.

You can, with the right Partner-Shirts for the wedding show. Because there’s beautiful design and personalization possibilities, the Shirts make the perfect engagement gift.

Price: starting from 16,90€

30. Wedding weather insurance

Wedding Rain
© Depositphotos.com/apid

A practical and original gift for an engagement, a wedding, weather insurance, which pays in case of rain, the€ 5,000 compensation. Thus, it is secured from rain money blessing and a good mood on your wedding day is.

In order for your saves to the bride and groom to worry about bad weather, and given away in the ideal case, the€5,000.

Price: varies depending on the date and place

Saves 15€ with our exclusive discount code HWV2515!

31. Personalized Wedding Pillow

Wedding Gifts Pillow
© Personello

For cosy hours on the Couch, a wedding is urgent and pillows necessary for the bride-to-be can recover some not-so-right of the preparations.

Here there are, of course, different Designs for every taste and style. A gift that will be around for many years, on the Sofa of the future married couple!

Price: from 12,95€

32. Personalized Flower Pot

Engagement Gift Tradition
© Smart photo

To give as an engagement gift Tradition and, of course, a nice gesture is in many places at the same time. The bride-to-people surprised but a little thing like an individual flower pot.

Many Designs are available and can be personalized with the name and/or photo of the wedding pair.

Price: 10,90€

33. Personalized Doormat

Doormat with name
© Geschenke24

This betrothal gift from the anticipation is increased to the wedding.

The doormat can be personalized with the first names of the bride and groom with the wedding date or just with the new family name. Various designs are available.

Price: starting at 19,99€

34. LOVE lettering from wood

Original Gifts Engagement
© Etsy/Water, And Art

Are you looking for modern and original gifts for engagement? This hand-crafted LOVE-lettering from driftwood, is not only unique, but also a beautiful decoration for the common home of the fiancé.

Price: 38,90€

35. The Classic: Flowers

Engagement gifts
© emmi – Fotolia

None of the gift ideas to the engagement, convinced you?

How is it then with the classics: A beautiful bouquet of flowers and a heartfelt card expresses that you are very happy for the two of them.

You should be among the proposals, not the matching engagement gifts idea’ve found, the articles over to look at our other gift.

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Engagement gift
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