Exchange of wedding rings

Exchange of wedding rings

the ring exchange ceremony is an essential part of the wedding. But when you want to swap your rings when you get married twice. In order to be regarded in Germany legally as a married couple, you need the civil Ceremony. Marriage before God is in the Church. The ring exchange, it is provided both to the Registrar’s office as well as in the Church. Are you insecure when the official exchange of rings takes place? No wonder, a clear rule for that, but that was it.

Ring exchange at the registry office or in the Church: What is common?

Ultimately, you as the bride and groom to decide when the ring exchange take place.

A survey in the wedding forum, but there is evidence which approach is usually preferred. The majority of Survey participants prefer the ring exchange at the registry office and in the Church. After all, a quarter of the respondents would like to exchange the wedding rings only in the Church, and 17 percent of the bride-to-be couples exchange rings only to the Registrar’s office.

Wedding rings swap to the Registrar’s office and in the Church

The most popular seems to be correspondingly, the exchange of rings implement both the Registrar’s office as well as in the Church.

The reasons for this are many and varied. With the civil Ceremony you are legally married. Your new family you want to manifest must be very proud of the whole world, and to do so, the wedding ring is now perfectly level. Until the Wedding day, week, and even months go by often. In this time, only a few couples want to miss on your Ring.

The exchange of rings in the Church, but also for most Christians to be irreversible. In particular, for Catholics, the Church of ring exchange plays a major role. Finally, the wedding rings , here are blessed and want to be sure not to miss.

Should we take off the wedding rings in the meantime?

If you pull the ring exchange, however, both to the Registrar’s office as well as in the Church, is perhaps the question of when you should use the rings to fall again. Some Bridal couples not take off the wedding rings after the civil marriage immediately, the rings wear out prior to the Wedding. Most couples wear their wedding rings, however, until shortly before the Church wedding, and handed over to you in a timely manner to the groom or the Sexton.

It seems strange, their wedding rings to decrease again and the exchange of rings twice, there are modern facilities for the double ring exchange:

  • You use your engagement rings for the ring exchange at the registry office

For this variant, the engagement rings of the left Hand to be placed on the right ring finger. To

Exchange of rings in the Church, then, use your wedding rings.

  • You are going to buy cheap transition rings for the civil Wedding

It is also possible for the ring exchange with low transition Inge rings and the high-quality rather only

to use to the big Church Wedding.

  • Let your wedding rings before the Wedding, again recycling

In particular, if there is a large temporal gap between the civil and the Church Ceremony

is it worth it to leave the wedding rings in front of the Church of ring exchange again recycle. After the

Preparation is no longer to be worn, the rings, then up to the ceremony.

One-time exchange of rings to the Registrar’s office

The bride is to her husband with the wedding ring on the Finger.

The civil wedding is constructed, as a rule, more bureaucratic, and leaves you little room for romance to this great event. Wedding kiss, the ring exchange to the Registrar’s office are here to the rescue to keep to your wedding ceremony as a purely administrative act in memory.

After all, the civil Marriage takes a maximum of 30 minutes and starts with the bureaucratic establishment of their identity.

After a short speech, which, depending on the Registrar, the more or less emotionally done. Only then will it have an impact on the romance of the ceremony, for now, the consequences of saying Yes, the ring exchange and then the bride kiss. This emotional part is mostly very fast, but in just a few minutes and are loaded so much emotion that tears stirred with a natural atmosphere.

After you have signed the marriage certificates, often follows a short champagne reception. Many wedding couples go at the end of the first wedding shoot.

It would be a shame if you wouldn’t wear their wedding rings here already?

To exchange rings in the registry office: Is this required?

Of course, the ring is a exchange to the Registrar’s office no obligation. You want to keep this romantic gesture for the Church, which is completely fine. Most of the state officials ask in advance if a change is desired during the civil Ceremony. This is a question you should discuss in advance, since the prompt to the exchange of rings is incredibly embarrassing, if you have no rings here.

The exchange of rings in the Church

The priest hands the bride and the wedding ring for the ring exchange.

Among Catholics, a ring exchange will not come to the Registrar’s office, often out of the question. Their blessing of the wedding rings only for the Church Wedding. According to the Church Wedding, the only thing a true occasion for the exchange of rings.

Although it is in the Church a voluntary additional wedding before the court, no stock, but they are closing their marriage only here in front of God. In addition, the Church wedding ceremony is definitely gorgeous, with regard to the Tradition, the romance and the atmosphere.

In General, the groom passes, either in person, or the best man rings are placed, the more prior to the service at the Verger or sacristan, from then on the Altar.

Also common is also the process, however, is that the rings of a flower child, to be worn for the collection solemnly on a ring pillow to the Altar.

During the ceremony, the Pastor holds the wedding rings and calls on you, your Partner in the Ring to infect. In the Catholic Church, the wedding rings are blessed in advance by the Mental. The Protestant Ceremony, no blessing of the rings takes place, however, because only people and not objects to be blessed.

A Ring switch to the Protestant wedding Ceremony is usual?

Also, if not more blessed by Inge to the Protestant wedding, the ring exchange, it is provided nevertheless, to the Protestant Traugott service. The Ring is seen as a Symbol of love and Fidelity. He is also a part of the grape is familiar relationship to lead to marriage, according to Christian understanding. However, the Ring is in the Protestant marriage, before God do not need to take place inevitably.

The ring exchange in the Catholic Church of duty?

In the Catholic Church, the situation is different. Usually, the exchange of rings for Catholics is a mandatory and completion of a part of the Church Wedding.

Exchange of rings: registry office or Church? Conclusion

In the end, only you can decide as a Couple, when it feels right for you, the exchange wedding rings. It is clear, however, if you marry a Catholic, must take place in a ring exchange, the Wedding. All other options are left to your Wishes. For most couples, it feels best, however, the exchange of rings both in the Registrar’s office as well as in the Church full.

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