Funny wedding rhymes for cards

Funny wedding rhymes for cards

Funny Wedding Sayings

A wedding is a beautiful and joyful event, the couple invested a lot of effort and energy into this day. An original and funny wedding saying fits to a great Feast. We have collected the most beautiful and funny sayings for you. Choose a quote.

Design your card to be original and personal with a funny saying. Write it in the guestbook, or you loosen your speech. Do you know the bride and groom, what quote would fit you? A note can be the design of the invitation or Wedding theme.

1. After the beautiful honeymoon the trembling weeks to come. -German Proverb

2. Marriage is an attempt to be second at least half as happy as you have been alone.

– Oscar Wilde

Editor’s comment:

Marriage is the culmination of romantic love. In love – engaged – to be married … and then? After some time, the feeling of falling in love, the reality differs. This reality can be – as in the Irish writers ‘ Wild – in infidelity. He cheated on his wife with several young men. You would have been alone, without doubt, happier. If this reality is borne of deep Affection and connection, then the relationship will stand the test of time and the years are getting stronger and stronger.

3. Thank you for the free beer. All Good I wish you on your wedding day.


4. Brides wear white, as a symbol of joy. Why wear men’s actually a black suit? -Unknown

5. Marry is his right half and doubled his duties. – Arthur Schopenhauer

6. A man is incomplete without a wife. After the marriage, he is finished. Ready-to-use. -Unknown

7. Each Experiment is valuable, and what you can say against marriage, it is sure to be an Experiment. -Oscar Wilde

8. Marriage is like a walk in the Park. Jurassic Park! -Unknown

9. Well executed is better than a bad married. -William Shakespeare

10. Marry or do not marry, you will regret both.

– Socrates

11. The five most successful words in a marriage: -Unknown

12. Women admire bold conqueror, married but tough besiegers. -Margaret Mitchell

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13. Marriage is when you fall in love with totally. And to fall in love, indeed, to annoy the others. -Unknown

14. Marriages are made, as we know, in the sky. This also explains why so many fall after the honeymoon from the clouds.


15.This is the highest miracle of love that it makes the women silent. – Oskar Blumenthal

16. If you marry a good wife, you will be happy. If you marry a bad woman, you are a philosopher. – Socrates

17. The most dangerous year in the marriage is the First. Then the Second, the third, the Fourth, the Fifth comes out… -Unknown

18. The light of life is love, but the marriage comes. -Unknown

19. The man is a lyrical, the woman’s epic, the marriage dramatically. -Novalis

20. For a marriage to work well when the wife is blind, and the man is deaf.

– Finnish Proverb

Editor’s comment:

Women talk literally like a dictionary. If this verbiage, the spouses in one ear and out the other out and the most Important thing in the midst of hanging out, then she is happy because she could talk to and he even remembers something from what has been said. In return, the loving repays wife that she looks favourably on some of it over, what does your hubby to Annoying. A pity that the Finns themselves do not remember more often to this proverb, you have one of the highest divorce in Europe rates!

21. The marriage is not to solve problems together, you would have alone.


22. A Comedy that ends with the wedding, is the beginning of a tragedy. But take it easy: even tragedies have its appeal. -Unknown

23. The married woman is a slave, the understanding must be based on a throne. -Honoré de Balzac

24. Refer to your husband as a raw material, not a finished product! -Unknown

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25. If another steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her. -Unknown

26. Prefer to be his own wife on the neck, as a drunken buddies in bed. -Unknown

27. Love is the most beautiful of disease in the world, because you are going to have two to bed. -Unknown

28. Marriage is a hostage situation, with the participation of the state. -Unknown

29. Where the woman has the pants and the man wearing the apron, as things go bad. -Made In Italy

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A little rule of conduct for wedding guests

The dress color white: The bride-to-be to all on this day outshine. If you have a white dress: Please don’t! It will attract the attention of the other guests, especially the bride will stand out. At the latest on the wedding photo of it bothers. Find another beautiful dress, and please: Keep at a given dress code.

The Accompaniments. For wedding couples together the guest list places a heavy task. Bring unannounced, an accompanying person, so you overthrow the bride and groom in embarrassment. The Situation, to say to a guest ‘ no ‘ to, is very uncomfortable.

The Gifts. In most cases, the bride is well known couple in the invitation, the Gift needs. You know what, you can make the Couple happy. Please keep in mind. Your creativity, you can Pack gifts of money to run free.

Alcohol. Please drink in moderation. If you catch a drink too many, you withdraw.

They come on time. A wedding is an Event. The schedule is to be accepted and respected. When you give a speech, you will remain short and sweet. The time to plan a wedding is tight, the other guests not to get bored. To come by the way: after the wedding Ceremony, the Party, is a No-Go.

You deal with your children. Children at the Wedding get bored quickly. As a mother of three children, I must say: Quengelnde children interfere with the operation of a wedding Ceremony.

Please do not blaspheme. Each wedding has its own beauty and your own love. The tastes are different.

Conclusion: Today is a good day. They come in a good mood, you can enjoy the Festival to the fullest. A Lot Of Fun!