How to budget for a wedding spreadsheet

How to budget for a wedding spreadsheet

The cost of a wedding in Germany are on average approximately 14.000 €. Did you expect this? And do you know how much you want to for your own wedding day spend?
With our Guide to planning your budget, we will give you a good Overview of the total costs as well as the individual cost of a marriage, and how these are to put together.
With the right tips for planning, the most important Organisation and our handy budget planner is your certainly saves not only money, but also a lot of nerve!

The total cost of a wedding

Well, then, let’s hope that now it is not full of fright have the same work the Laptop again! Because, of course, you can have a wedding for less than 14,000€ plan. Who wants to pull a fast on the day of the days time so get right to the plaster, but can also spend good up to€ 60,000 for own marriage.

The cost of a wedding

The average cost of a wedding in Germany all Budgets across exactly 14.563 euros per couple. Only every 42. Few from the wedding more than 40,000 euros. For every tenth Pair, in turn, creates it very sparingly to be the largest day of life and is less than 5,000 euros for the wedding.

Wedding costs: Planned wedding budget wedding couples
Planned wedding budget wedding pairs (source: WeddyPlace wedding study, 2021)

The total cost of a wedding is the sum of many individual and the individual cost factors. Who dreams of a absolute dream location right on the water, with a private beach, a Barbecue, and extra-Cocktail-tasting for up to 80 people, you must be aware that such a Celebration can not be used for 8.000€ organised. It is the same with the bride’s dress, wedding floristry, and the size of the wedding party.

The higher Your own claim to the wedding, the higher you need to fix your financial issues. Instagram, Pinterest, and Co offer many wonderful inspiration ideas for the design of your dream wedding. No wonder, then, that one device because of the swarms. It is important that you keep when planning Your wedding is always the Budget in mind you in advance for service providers on the price information and you offer surveys to send you.


In our Podcast episode to give you Svenja and Katrin ultimate tips for budget planning.

All of the wedding costs in Detail

The entire cost of Your wedding are composed of many individual components. Each of the expenses for the wedding location, the Catering, floristry, wedding photography and of course, the number of the guests are important components to make the wedding ceremony perfect.


In our exclusive WeddyPlace wedding study, we surveyed 3702 bride-to-be couples to be your most beautiful day in life. Additional, we have used the great diversity of our WeddyPlace service provider Community and the current average cost of a wedding in Germany was determined.

Of course, we can give you here is just a glimpse into the average wedding cost. A clear The most beautiful day in life is as individual as the Couple themselves.

It will certainly give each Option a super-luxurious variant, as well as it is, under certain conditions, also cheaper. Our collection of wedding costs are a cross-section of medium-sized (50-100 guests) weddings in Germany and to you as a Directive to wedding budgets to plan and expenditures to coordinate.

So much for a wedding: Registrar
Image: @ hat and crown photography

Registry Office Ceremony

Already when the civil Ceremony at the registry office logs on, the first editions of 40 euros. All in all, but can definitely say that the total costs of about 100 – 200 Euro, but still pretty human to listen to, and also with a little Budget are possible. Because the more cost-intensive points of the design possibilities and the trappings for your perfect wedding are more likely to be.

A free wedding Ceremony is independent of the civil and ecclesiastical wedding Ceremony is celebrated and is associated with some additional cost for the wedding couples. Depending on the place for the free wedding Ceremony can also be additional costs for Seating and decoration is incurred. A Church Wedding does not have to be paid for usually. The wedding Ceremony in the Church is free of charge.

Cost for the registry office and the wedding Ceremony

  • Cost for the registry office: 100 € – 120 €
  • Trauredner (Blessing): 800 € – 2.000 €
  • Wedding rings: 500 € – 3.000 €
  • Ring pillow: 10 € – 40 €
  • Wedding car: 150 € – 700 €
Wedding Costs, Exchange Of Rings
Image: @ Gloria Swan

Location & Catering

  • Rental Location: 0 € – 5.000 €

Well, then we go once in one of the first and most important organization of the points in the case of the wedding planning. Because of the location of your wedding, the official date for the actual Celebration. Because without the right party venue, you can, of course, a bad event. For the search of the perfect Location, you should take sufficient time.

And to tell you the exact cost or price range, the answer is not so easy. Because different wedding venues can be so different are the prices for this. Wedding couples have always been of the magnificent Princess wedding dream in the Palace or a noble Celebration in a chic Villa want to have to schedule a lot more cost and a higher Budget, as pairs, where the wedding party is sufficient in a beautiful Restaurant.

Especially in the choice of a wedding location with a variety of pricing models. In some Locations, you can rent the rooms separately, or need to book the whole celebration location. In Locations with their own cuisine, the prices are often at the Catering coupled , and there must be a certain minimum turnover is to be provided. In these pricing models, you have the advantage that you will often carry out, no extra space rent and eat, Drink and party venue come from a single source. Here is usually calculated with a Per capita Budget.

If you tend to be a bit more flexible in the design of Your wedding to be like, it is useful to a free Location to book. Here you pay a base price for the rental of the room, the Catering, staff, and Co is aligned. Of course, you have to plan organizationally, often more, and in this variant, a little more expense to you. However, you can implement your ideas and visions for the Party and you specifically for the most delicious Catering, the perfect furniture or the right music to look around.

the most beautiful day in life: Location
so much for a wedding: The Venue
Images: @ Maiores Photography; @ Melten Salb Photography

Price options at the time of booking Your wedding venue

The individual price of the packages and options are of course always depending on the location of the Celebration. Larger event homes with a private kitchen and Co can offer you other options, as the Locations they specialise in just a pure rental.

  • The Complete Package:
    Book a great room space or even a complete smaller wedding location and price to be paid for a complete.
    Included here are: Catering, drinks, staff, (DJ), decoration, champagne reception, room rent, etc.
    Advantage: Usually a price advantage, drinks and food included, less self-organization, well-coordinated Team
    Disadvantage: a Little individuality, less room for manoeuvre, fixed concepts
  • The individual prize package:
    Here you determined together with the contact person of Your ceremony location, what options would you like to have planned the Location and what the Budget of your self-organize like.

    Advantage: More individuality than the complete package, support for the organization
    Disadvantage: Often certain conditions, the coupled (Catering on the side of the Location to be posted, etc.), reduced getaltung game room

  • Individual Turnover:
    This option is often offered at weddings and in Restaurants and smaller locations with its own kitchen. It will set a minimum turnover for food and/or drinks that need to be done for the celebration. Orders that go beyond the minimum sales are billed in arrears.
    Advantage: Lower or no rent
    Disadvantage: the Unknown cost planning (payroll only after the wedding), there is often little room for manoeuvre in the Look of the wedding (Restaurants already have their own decoration), little bit of individuality

  • Only Room Rent:
    With this Option, the complete location of your wedding, or a wedding hall, posted, which you then for a certain period of time completely is provided. Everything is organized by the wedding couple and booked. Some party venues offer a basic furnishings, and Co, and others are rented Unfurnished.
    Advantage: High individuality, a very large design space

    Disadvantage: Usually a higher cost, high organizational effort

Celebrate in their own garden

Becoming increasingly popular in the romantic Garden weddings. Who has a big house or someone in the immediate family or circle of friends knows, owns a large plot of land, the rent for the Location. Of course, should the plot of this is the appropriate size for the number of guests you have.

Wedding costs, free wedding Ceremony
Image: @ Kathleen John


So that your guests don’t have to sit in the Meadow, you see in a furniture rental, rent the suitable furniture for your wedding. There’s beer tent sets at weddings are really chic, there is in most of the regions of Germany, many ways to rent stylish furniture for your own wedding.

Cost of furniture rental: 6 – 18 Euro per Person

Catering Menu, Buffet, Drinks?

In General, the prices for the wedding dinner in advance as per capita Budget is calculated. Per guest in the cut-25€ – 60€. For some operators have a minimum turnover of the country where you are. Additional costs will be made after Your event in the invoice.

At German weddings, the food is a very important point and should not be underestimated. This makes it indeed, price is often not so great a difference, whether you decide to go for the Buffet or a menu of different courses.

With both options, decides at the end, the quality and choice of food on the final price.

This is your possible options of the selected Location, you can use. Many of you have your own kitchen, or work with Caterers. Or you organize yourselves in this respect, self-employed and look after regional service providers, Your guests will prepare a feast . At a rehearsal dinner you meet the special selection of the dishes and get then usually a cost estimate.

Costs for food and beverages:

  • Champagne reception: 10 – 25 Euro p. p.

  • Wedding menu: 30 – 120 Euro p. p.
  • Drinks: 20 – 70, – Euro p. p.
  • Midnight snack: 3 – 15 p. p.
  • Service: 200 – 400 Euro
Images: @ Kathleen John

Who pays for the food at the wedding?

What is the meaning of the Tradition and how it is nowadays, the majority of bride-to-be couples hand

Look here

The drinks at Your wedding

In terms of drinks you have several options. Many Locations offer a bar service for the wedding. You can vote along with the wedding venue and the selection of drinks at the Party.

You have agreed a fixed price, usually non-alcoholic beverage or beer inside. For an expanded selection of beverages you should clarify, what are the options in Your Location are there for you. Here, too, are usually, the price per Person is calculated.

There are also some cool other ideas for a fancy beverage service. These are often a bit more costly, but offer a large selection of drinks and an extra entertainment factor.

When hiring a mobile Bar, for example you need to with prices between 600€ to 3000€ to expect. A small beverage vehicle is also super, directly after the Ceremony, a small champagne reception to organize. You want the mobile Bar for the entire evening for rent, the cost, of course, much higher, than if you want to use this for only a 2-hour champagne reception.

Wedding Cake & Sweet Table

One of the classic Must-have at a wedding is quite clear to the wedding cake. The one will serve you like a Cup of coffee, the other with great fanfare as a midnight snack. Even with a properly loaded Sweet Table. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Also, the cake, the price of which depends on the number of guests, what ingredients you want to use, and how time-consuming the cake.

A three-tiered cake with creative embellishments is. couples usually cost more than a single-storey cake with delicate flower decoration Speak to the*r confectioner*in, what is the exact price for your requirements, whether in terms of cake and Sweet Table plan need to be.

Cost for the wedding cake:

  • Wedding cake: 6 – 12 Euro p. p.
Cost Of Wedding Pictures: @ Kathleen John; @Maiores Photography

Fashion, Beauty & Jewelry

The most beautiful woman in the evening, the bride-to-be! On the day of the wedding to look just every bride-to-be stunning. The same goes for the groom. To make Your Make-up and Styling is exactly how you imagine it, you should of course not only the perfect wedding dress, but also the rest of the Styling as possible in professional hands.

Cost of the bride’s look:

  • Wedding dress: 400 € – 2.500 €
  • Veil: 25 € – 300 €
  • Bride’s shoes: 50 € – 300 €
  • Bridal jewelry: 20 € – 500 €
  • Lingerie: 30€ – 200 €
  • Stockings: 5 € – 25 €
  • Dress Registry Office: 50 € – 500 €
  • Bridal hairstyle: 100 € – 400 €
  • Make-up: 30 € – 350 €
  • Manicure: 10 € – 50 €

Whether Princess can dress, simple Bohokleid or an elegant mermaid dress with glitter – The cost may vary depending on the bride-to-be fashion label comparatively low to very high. For the choice of wedding dress you should also make it clear to you what things are particularly important: The Label, the cut, special beads, high-quality materials, decide, etc. later the price.

The same goes for the groom. For many men, the suit for the day of the wedding, something unique, and should therefore be of high quality, therefore.

Costs of the suit
Cost Of Wedding: The Bridal Gown
Cost Of Wedding Pictures: @ Honeymoon Pictures

Costs for the Look of the groom:

  • Suit: 300 € – 1.500 €
  • Shoes 80 € – 300 €
  • Shirt: 50 € – 150 €
  • Tie: 25 € – 150 €
  • Accessories: 50 € – 250 €
  • Hairstyle: 25 € – 80 €

Entertainment at the wedding

So that no boredom during the Party, there are of course some great ways to keep the fun of the wedding guests. Clearly, music is a MUST-have at any wedding celebration. A good DJ or a good DJ can save to any Party. The musical accompaniment by a Band has really big entertainment factor. Additional games, a bouncy castle, magic artist, and Co is also a lot of fun and can be rented at many places.

Costs for the Entertainment:

  • Church musician*in: 200 € – 500 €
  • Band: 1000 € – 3.000 €
  • DJ/DJ: 500 € – 1.500 €
  • Equipment: 100 € – 500 €
  • Photo booth: 200 € – 600 €

“In the end, we can say that it is for every bride and groom, the*matching*n photographer*in.”

Peggy Tiedtke: author and independently in the wedding industry

Wedding photography and wedding videography

The most beautiful wedding memories fade with time. A*good*wedding photographer*should not be missing in any wedding. So your flakes are also available in many years, happy in Your wedding album. Especially on the websites and on Instagram you will get a good idea of what Look the respective photographers when Shooting.

In the end, we can say that there are pairs for every bride-to-be the*matching*n photographer*in there.

Many couples, the prices for a good wedding photojournalism appreciate initially often. Good and high-quality wedding pictures you won’t get in the normal case, for 300€.

The wedding videography has in the last few years, a tremendous gain the ascendancy. Due to the ever-improving technology, it needs a complete set to make right high-quality Videos. More compact cameras and drones allow videographers to easily use at weddings. So if you want to have a special memory of your own wonderful wedding day, you should take into consideration the wedding video in his budget plan in any case.

Image: @ Kathleen John

Cost of photo – and videography:

  • Photographer*in: 800 € – 3.000 €
  • Video count*in: 1.300 € to 3,500 €
  • Photo album: 20 € – 150 €

Almost every*r photographer*in different price options. The so-called wedding programs can include a monitoring of 1h or to an entire wedding, accompanied by several hours. Accordingly, the total number of photos, the bride and groom later, and, of course, the final price is.

So even with a lower financial flexibility you don’t have to completely a*n photographer*in abandon.

Flowers & Decoration

Did you already look like a idea of how the decoration of Your dream celebration? A wedding ceremony in rose and gold kindly? Or rather colorful as in the case of a failed Festival Wedding? With matching flowers and a harmonious decoration bride couples wedding the perfect Look. And of course, the classic Bridal bouquet-is an integral part, still on any wedding.

For individual flowers and decor concepts you with Your*n florists*discuss/decorator*in which financial room for decorations and flowers available to you. Obviously, the more Budget available to you, the more leeway you have with the flower decoration and Bridal bouquet. But don’t worry, even with a smaller wedding budgets great and creative concepts for the wedding, you can conjure up.

Images: @ Kathleen John; @ Lisa Young Man Photography

Cost of floral and decor:

  • Bridal bouquet: the 40 € – 200 €
  • Boutonnieres: 30 € – 50 €
  • Bouquets for bridesmaids: 50 € – 100 €
  • Flowers for the Church: 100 € – 750 €
  • Table flowers: 150 € – 500 €
  • Flowers for the wedding car: 100 € – 300 €
  • Flowers for the registry office: 25 € – 150 €
  • Decoration: 150 € – 1.500 €

What are the decorations for a wedding cost?

The prices in the Overview and important factors in the decoration-cost

Look here


A beautiful wedding stationery, best fits the Wedding theme, is your message to the world: you will marry! Woot. And so, the invitation cards make really like to get the early Party, there are tons of great and individual options for the suitable design.

In the case of specialized graphic designers, you can include an individual, completely on you, tuned and designed wedding stationery design. With custom fonts, or you tailored personal Logos and Designs , you’ll get a very special Look for your stationery can be conjured up.

Your Budget for the invitation cards, table cards and thank you cards a bit lower, you can make your wedding stationery and super in the Internet through the use of graphics and different design options design.

Cost for the wedding papeterie:

Images: @ Kathleen John

Other Costs

In addition to the main points in the cost planning for the wedding but of course, some optional organization points. Do you want Your wedding guests small guest gifts to share? You want a wedding car after the Ceremony really kicking ass? There are a lot of kids at Your wedding, it makes sense to arrange for this child care. Depending on the additional program and the Organization that should not be missing on Your wedding day, in addition to all the other small-to-medium cost in the planning.

Costs of individual options at the wedding:

  • Guest gifts: 1 – 10 Euro p. p.
  • Dance class: 50 – 150 €
  • Wedding car: 150 – 700 €
  • Wedding insurance: 300 – 500 €
  • Child care: 100 – 300 €
  • Wedding planner/wedding planner: very individual, often from the Budget depending on the


Maldives, Cuba or America – you Dream of really paradisiacal honeymoon far away from Germany? Simply gorgeous, but also, unfortunately, quite expensive. To whom this is particularly important, you should put a certain part of the wedding budget for the big Honeymoon Trip aside.

Cost for the honeymoon:

  • Honeymoon: 3.000 € – 8.000 €

5 tips to save on wedding costs!

Bargain hunters among you, pay attention! We know, of course, not only with the cost of a wedding very well, but also how and where your wedding planning will save you! And we don’t mean, of course, that you should throw all your wishes and demands on Board. No, quite the contrary!

“The earlier you start out with the wedding planning, the more likely you will be able to your wishes to implement, is the perfect Location for the requested date to find for you the perfect service provider for this date.”

Peggy Tiedtke: author and independently in the wedding industry

The most Important thing first: A wedding to plan needed time. The sooner you with the wedding planning begins, the more likely you will be to your wishes and implement, the perfect Location for the desired date and a choice of a free service provider for this date. And by the way you can also save money.

Image: @ Melten Salb Photography


In the last 10 years has changed the wedding industry in Germany, you will not only become a lot more modern, but also much more diverse. You’ll find now available in almost all of Germany, a large selection of wedding service providers for all sorts of facets of the individual planning steps. Wonderful for you! But, there is, of course, for your wedding, you are spoilt for choice.

For you this means: get a quote and compare! Of course, we mean not that you direct to the cheapest of all the proposals grab you. Your own wedding is a very personal event and as the personal level and the interaction between the Bridal couple and the service provider and the advice should be in harmony.

Pay attention when you offer a comparison:

  • A good price-performance ratio:
    How much you’ll get for the money? Are how to get there; and delivery included or what are the other costs to come to you? How many hours/days are included in the price? There are (if applicable) a sample appointment?
  • The cheapest is not the best deal:
    For a quote, which appears in the first Moment as a very cheap, you can still develop to the case of a small Cost. High Overtime fees, the long journey, which will be charged in addition to, or aspects of performance, which must be booked separately, can drive a final invoice in the amount.
  • Good communication:
    In order for provisional offers and final reports have not too big of a price range, you should communicate from the beginning, well, what are your wishes for the wedding. Advance inform you of what’s important to you and clearly communicate your ideas. Because of Florists*interior decorator*indoor and Catering can be subsequently cost, if your desires can later be used by the original offer is no longer covered.
Image: @ Vasil Bituni Photography

2. Compromises to the wedding date to make

The most popular wedding of data are, in addition to special combinations of numbers, the week of may in the months to August. If you want to celebrate in this months wedding, you must be quick and plan early, as the Location and service provider can be booked for special data changes over 2 years in advance.

But how it looks now with the Save? If your absolute dream location is beyond the price of your desired florist is fully booked for Your desired weekend already, is it worth it on a different date to think about. Autumn and Winter weddings are just as beautiful as the classic summer wedding and save sometimes even money! And appointments during the week, have one or the other an advantage.


A lot of wedding service providers offer in the off-season discounts. Here, too, is worth re – open communication! Explain that you are considered for cost reasons, your marriage, in the Winter, or to celebrate during the week. To ask very nicely if they would grant you a discount.

3. Number of guests reduce

A wedding is celebrated in Germany, an average of 50 – 80 guests. It’s often even more. The aunt from the North-East is of course invited as well as the cousin from North Rhine-Westphalia, with their 3 children. But let’s be honest, all the people on Your guests important heart people to list, really? Or you are landed more likely to be on Your guest list, because you feel obligated to invite them.

“Here’s your wedding, your guests, your decision counts:!”

If your guest list is reduced, can be any amount of cost savings. Because per capita, you have to be on the total cost projected with a 150 – to 300 € to expect. So-called Tiny – Weddings are in Trend, but the big wedding celebration in absolutely nothing!


4. DIY and Leihdeko

Not a wedding without a suitable wedding decor. You don’t have to, of course, all of the decoration for your wedding ceremony extra buy. Who is sent a bit, here can restore some DIY.

Many things you can usually just for the wedding to borrow and have the cost of high cost. There are now a lot of small-to-large decoration rentals, for the most part, the wedding industry is specialized in. There is not only a great decoration ideas, but also a wide range of all sorts of decorations, vases, dishes and Cutlery.

5. Honeymoon around the corner

The first holidays together as a couple is more than just special. So it’s no wonder that it is the Start of the marriage, traditionally, the honeymoon crowns. However, they need to go, but not always to the Maldives, a trip to America, or a cruise will be.


Whether Germany, France or Sweden. For beautiful and romantic honeymoon you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world. In Germany and neighbouring countries can enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon.

Much cheaper it is, if you are a more objective one. Germany and our neighboring countries have very many beautiful destinations. A Wellness holiday with views of the sea, a Road Trip through Ireland or a cosy mountain hotel with views of the Alps. Sounds great, right!?

We promise you, there really are great travel destinations, also for the small purse perfect honeymoon promise.

Image: @ Bring me somewhere nice

In a few steps to your own budget planning

Before you start with the wedding preparations, you should be aware of, which is the financial game room for the wedding. For this, we recommend that you definitely to the heart, to create a cost plan. And promised, as is a budget planner is less complicated than it sounds.

  • Step 1: Budget
    The first step, of course, should always be that you realistically know how much money is for the marriage not available. How much you want to spend on for your wedding? And what is Your absolute Limit? Between these two values at least 10 should be – 20% margin, so you have to unplanned costs sufficient capacity.
  • Step 2: most Important and mandatory points set:
    To some Organization that you do not come around at a wedding-drum. Food, drinks, office or music belong to any wedding. This should write the first one on your list and categories. A point is not absolutely necessary, it can be mentioned separately.
  • Step 3: overview of Costs to obtain:
    Now check prices. Many service providers have their prices on the Website stated, others will let you get a quote. So you get a good Overview of the prices that are waiting for you and you can compare several options, good prices. After that, you can see well, what optional Items still fit in Your Budget, and what to blow up the frame.

Budget planning: Excel, Word, or hand-written list?

An orderly and well-arranged table in Excel, of course, is super handy, and correct application of Excel calculates even everything for you. But don’t worry, you’re planning a dream wedding, a not-for-Excel-professional mutate. Who’s with Excel tables is not so well versed, you can for the budget-of course also for Word work. Lovers of hand-written lists can also be good in a Notepad the wedding budget plan. But there is also a great idea for you!

Easy budget planner made with the WeddyPlace

With our practical WeddyPlace budget planner is planning Your wedding costs are not only super simple, but also really fast!

Our WeddyPlace Budget Planner

In the upper line of the budget planner is your carry is available wedding a stand-up budget. Now the wedding planning you will find each part in different points. In the left-hand column, you write down your estimated cost of the respective points.

In the right-hand column, the actual prices will come later. From actual bookings and invoices with Your service providers. In the upper column of the costs incurred automatically updated and you immediately get an Overview of how much you still have available to you. Perfect for the math muffle among you!

Our budget planner you can, of course, as often as you want to use, and can these again and again, with new Figures of Your wedding feed.

The WeddyPlace Budget Planning

What is a wedding cost?

With our budget planner, you can plan all of the costs of Your wedding easily and quickly.

Here is the link to the WeddyPlace budget planner

Well, then can’t actually go wrong, right? So your else, through the planning of Your wedding and at the end of your dream wedding to celebrate, we have for you in our article with a handy Wedding checklist.

71 points check list for wedding planning

Your ultimate checklist for the wedding

With our checklist, you will not miss any important organization steps in wedding planning.

Here is the link to the article: a check-list wedding

Much fun when planning Your wedding

We wish you a great and exciting time of the wedding preparation, and we hope that we were able to give you a good idea of what costs you Your wedding day should be expected.

Keep your costs at a glance, and updated on a regular basis your budget list. The best service providers in the to communicate with you, always at eye level to Your style of the wedding fit and you are instantly likeable.

There is hardly a day in the life, which is so full of emotions as the day of the wedding. And so this day is just as beautiful as you dreamed of, you should take certain cost to you. Often the cheapest Option is not the best, or simply doesn’t fit to you and Your ideas. At a wedding it is worth to invest.

What is the most Expensive at a wedding?

The largest cost item + How much it cost the most expensive wedding of the world?

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How to plan a wedding?

Tips from our experience of more than 50,000 weddings

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Title Image: © Vasil Bituni Photography