Marriage country songs

Marriage country songs

Old Dominion - Happy EndingsOld Dominion – Happy Endings. Image rights: RCA Nashville

It is always difficult to make after the first very successful Album (Meat And Candy) a second, which can be the expectations to meet. Now, Old Dominion , the follow-up album, Happy Endings released.


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The five members of the band have long been as a songwriter in Nashville in search of success, before they came together. Lead singer Matthew Ramsey co-wrote all twelve Songs. Also guitarist Brad Tursi is on some of the Songs as Co-author in the process. Tursi to look forward to for this week about the Song

The Album starts with the current Single,

First of all: is it the best song on the CD!

It may come as no surprise that the songs revolve mostly around the well-known Country-topics: love, loss, hope. But the Whole thing is neatly Packed, with some clever word play. Well, the Song Funny how in the title of Although not on the Album, but in the case of YouTube, you can watch the beautiful Video for the Song.

And even more dramatic sounds

Nine artists are involved in the song Because of Old Dominion have won with a time of Little Big Town four absolute-rounder for the wonderful harmony singing, for me, a highlight of the album.

Then it goes on again in the direction of the well-kept Pop, But then it goes back in the small idyllic town in California, where he still writes Country Songs about the beloved,

Then it goes again Is really loud and rocking, Also rocking, and loud, and even live in the conclusion: The song is supposed to be on the first CD, but the Band liked the live recording better. Yes, quite well.

Conclusion: Old Dominion have an interesting, well-produced Album of songs recorded, in which the texts are almost better than the melodies. The Album will not go down in the history of country music, but to Listen to it is quite suitable.

Old Dominion – Happy Endings: The Album

Old Dominion - Happy Endings

Title: Happy Endings
Artist: Old Dominion
Release date: 25. August 2017
Label: RCA Nashville, Sony Music
Format: CD & Digital
Duration: 38:33 Min.
Tracks: 12
Genre: Country, Rock, Pop
Rating: 3 out of 5 possible points!

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Track List: (Happy Endings)

01. No Such Thing As A Broken Heart
02. Shoe Shopping
03. Not Everything’s About You
04. Hotel Key
05. Be With Me
06. Written In The Sand
07. So You Go
08. Stars In The City – with Little Big Town
09. New York At Night
10. A Girl Is A Gun
11. Still Writing Songs About You
12. Can’t Get You (Live)