Modern wedding bands for couples

Modern wedding bands for couples

There are wedding sayings in all kinds of variations. Your greeting card is perfect and the bride and groom fits, we have selected the best sayings to the wedding for you. They are also suitable for the guestbook, or a speech. There is something for you is certainly in the process.
Wedding sayings can upgrade your congratulations to the wedding and personalize by selecting a great spell with pictures that really fits to the couple.

The most beautiful wedding sayings for your wedding card

The most beautiful wedding sayings for your wedding card

In the Following you will find wedding sayings for your wedding card, your speech, or the guestbook.

We have compiled a large selection of sayings, images for you.

Cast off the spells, which you are not sure that you fit the bride-to-be few and work your way slowly. If you can think of during your search your own sayings, or you have an idea for a complementary Text, write it down immediately. Exercises to Write better, you’ll find here.

Cool Wedding Sayings

For modern and young couples, cool wedding sayings are particularly suitable. They radiate a certain looseness and you can use both WhatsApp to send in a wedding card writing. The most Important thing is that the saying fits to the Couple, and they can identify with him.

  • Who’s in love, asks for the meaning of life.
  • The secret to a good marriage is to ask for forgiveness when you are wrong and shut up when you’re right.
  • A good husband does not need to speak much. Rather, there are three important words in his vocabulary and never:

  • In a successful marriage requires falling in love again and again, but always in the same Person.

  • A good marriage is a promise for a lifetime of happiness. That’s why it pays to work every day and love will never be forgotten.


Modern wedding sayings with images

Modern wedding sayings for cards, and text messages

For cards or as a WhatsApp message, modern wedding contradictions are. They are decorated less and is wonderful for couples who are in the midst of life.

In addition, the spells are designed to be more realistic, rather than dreamy, and are therefore also suitable for couples who are not exaggerated feel. Nevertheless, we are all looking forward a compliment to his relationship.

  • In your job, you are already successful, you’re now also a dream team. Want your wedding of your colleagues you all the best.

  • Without marriage, the man is everywhere and nowhere at home.
    (Bogumil Goltz)

  • Man is not created to be alone – what a joy that you are the perfect Couple!
  • We hope that the honeymoon will lead you to your dream destination, and the marriage is your goal in life!
  • The great fortune to be in love is to find peace in another heart.
    (Julie de Lespinasse)
  • Life is a constant Learning and Growing. Now you will Best wishes!
  • To go together through the world is more beautiful than being alone. And to give it the word of the most Beautiful in life.


  • The happiness of the married man is in one of the many women he has not married.
    (Oscar Wilde)
  • The mind can tell us what to do. But the heart can tell us what we need to do.
    (Joseph Joubert)

  • It is a single person can be a whole-of-Paradise.

Modern sayings to the wedding are also suitable for couples who are Acquaintances rather than friends. With good friends you should always have a few personal words.

Classic, short sayings to the wedding

Classic, short wedding sayings

The classic sayings to the wedding is that they are suitable in principle for every Couple.

Thus, you can use them for colleagues, Acquaintances, or even friends. You sayings are often romantic, but not corny; modern but still timeless; realistic, but not melancholy.

  • We look forward to hearing from all my heart to you about your decision. For your common life, we want love you all and all the luck in the world. Together you can do everything.
  • All the love defeated.

  • Often, only one person is enough to bring the world to Shine.

  • May you always be so in love like today is the day! A lot of luck, love and health for your common life we want you to be.

  • The easiest way of one human being to another a Smile.
  • Marriage is the most important journey of discovery, the company and the remains of the man.
    (Soren Kierkegaard)

  • The greatest gift of life is when a great love is true.
    for This, I congratulate you from my heart.

  • A good marriage is founded on the Talent for friendship.
    (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)
  • There are a lot of little things in marriage,
    the unimportant, when they are respected
    and important to be ignored.
  • Before the discovery that people do not need to share only what they don’t know each other, but also what you don’t know by yourself.


Classic sayings to the wedding, ranging from wisdom to General wedding happiness wish. If you are unsure about which type of spell, the Pair of you to give a gift to want is always the classic wedding toast.

Funny Wedding Sayings

Funny wedding sayings for the wedding

Do you know the bride and groom well, you can also write funny wedding sayings in the wedding card. You can use the marriage ironic light on the roles of the spouse, make fun of. So make sure that the bride and groom the same

Humor as you.

  • The happiness of the married man is in one of the many women he has not married.
    (Oscar Wilde)

  • You should not marry, the man has not been tested previously in a traffic jam.

  • In marriage, screenplay and direction come from the man, dialogues and sounds of the woman.
    (Federico Fellini)
  • A woman in love, you can do everything you want.
    (Gustav Klimt)
  • Who wants to drown an unhappy love affair in alcohol, is foolish. Because alcohol preserved.
    (Max Dauthendey)
  • The man has a head, so that the woman can twist it.
    (Jacques Prevert)
  • Three types of men have a hard time to Understand women: young men, middle-aged men and old men.


  • Who keeps his mouth shut when he realizes that he’s wrong, is the way. Who keeps his mouth shut, even though he is married.
    (George Bernard Shaw)

  • No one is so crazy, that he would not provide a more even mad, who understands him.
    (Heinrich Heine)

  • Now begins the marriage,
    but to really be happy,
    rejoice your Being
    and don’t take anything too important.

A funny saying should not be alone on a card. Although it is funny to give him the seriousness of marriage, should not be bypassed.

After the funny wedding saying a few sincere words should follow from yourself, in which you, the Few from the heart wish her happy birthday.

You are still looking for more funny sayings?

Romantic Wedding Sayings

Romantic sayings as a congratulations to the wedding

Many couples like it classic-romantic. The most romantic kind of wedding sayings are not only timeless, but sometimes a little cheesy. Even if you don’t know the bride and groom as well, will fit a romantic spell actually getting to a wedding.

  • Because only the rich are loved and can love.
    (Adalbert Stifter)
  • Your love is like a fairy tale.

    You fit together like the

  • Nothing is more romantic than what we usually call the world and fate. We live in a colossal Roman.

  • Real love stories never go to the end.
    (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

  • True love comes from the harmony of the thoughts and the contrast of the characters.
    (Theodore Simon Jouffroy)
  • Because where I am thine, I am my very first.

  • Love is a chemical nature is woven and the fantasy embroidered.

  • Marriage is one of the most beautiful and strongest buildings in the world. It withstands any kind of force of Nature.
  • Happy alone is the soul that loves is.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  • Love is not only that you look at each other but looking together in the same direction.
    (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Instead of a spell that you could use here is also a short love poem. Eighth select for romantic couples it no melancholy sayings – for romantics like to dream.

If you are not sure whether a romantic spell is suitable, you can also the Motto of the wedding-oriented. If you are in our selection are not able to find will, we have been here for more love quotes and love sayings for you.


If you are not sure what type of wedding toast to the bride and groom fit, stick to your wedding invitations. The Design can help you in your decision.

Christian sayings for the wedding

Christian sayings for the wedding

Believers couples love to live in a Christian wedding toast in your map. To write but in any case, a small personal Text. Otherwise, one might get the impression that you took no further thought.

  • Also, the mighty waters will not be able to delete the love, even floods drown it.
    (Song of songs 8,7)
  • So they are no longer two, but one. What therefore God has joined together, man must not separate.
    (Matthew 19.6 in)

  • Everything you do should be determined by love.
    (I Corinthians 16, 14)

  • All the things you are accomplishing let be done in love.
    (Corinthians 16,14)
  • Let during the marriage, kindness, and Confidence to prevail and justice, in addition to peace.
    (Psalm 85,11)
  • God has not given us the feeling of fear, deep fear, no, he has given us the opportunity to regain strength, to feel love and to show prudence.
    (2 Timothy 1: 7)
  • In you the freedom to live, which you can use in order to love and serve through this love to each other.
    (Galatians 5.13 in)

  • Let you from the peace and joy be your guide.
    (Isaiah 55,12 a)

  • Respect each other and encourages you to mutual love and good deeds.
    (Hebrews 10,24)
  • It is the Faith, hope, and love remain. The love, however, is the largest and strongest of these Three.
    (see 1 Corinthians 13,13)

In addition, it is nice, your Interpretation of the award to write in. You should select the spell only if you’re a little bit with him can identify.

Here you will find verses beautiful Bible and Intercessions for the wedding.

Wedding sayings about UPS and Downs

Wedding sayings about UPS and Downs

If the Couple had a difficult past, and, for example, illness or death together has mastered, you can up your performance with a wedding saying about the heights and Depths of appreciation and recognition.

Such a spell awakens in the bride and groom memories. So if you want to show your appreciation to convey without sad vibrations, you should write something of my own to do this. Emphasize the joyful occasion, and directing the view towards the future.

  • Before you get married, keep both eyes open, but after one to press.
    (From the USA)

  • Love is more powerful than destiny.
    (Giovanni Boccaccio)

  • The marriage of two people who are connected to each other in love, never comes to rest; she lives is of fundamental disagreement.
    (Jean Giraudoux)
  • In marriage you have to fight sometimes, the only way we can get to know each other.
  • Marriage means rights to halve and obligations double!
    (Arthur Schopenhauer)
  • The love between two people alive from the beautiful moments. But it grows through the difficult times, the both of them together.

  • Love and marriage are full of honey and Woe.
    (German Proverb)

  • Marriage is one of the Banquet, which begins with the Dessert.
    (Tristan Bernard)
  • Your love is strong, keeping you in the past, prove,
    now rejoice all the more on your common journey.
  • I’m proud that you’ve managed:
    proud, because it was so much are
    you my friends are, and
    proud of it, because the most difficult time of your life overcome you.
    I’m proud of, because ye are become my role models.
    For your future I wish you all the luck in the world.

A spell on UPS and Downs in the marriage can also be jokingly refers to small dispute relate to. On a tragic past, you shouldn’t joke, but some aspects of the marriage are wonderful for a spell with a wink.

This kind of wedding sayings you’re only for good friends to use your sense of Humor can be assessed. Sayings about UPS and Downs in the marriage are also a nice idea for the guestbook.

Wedding sayings for themed weddings

Cool wedding sayings for themed weddings

Themed weddings are for modern brides and grooms to be very popular. It is the most diverse themes are suitable to make a wedding. In General, the Motto in the invitation card again to find – either you recognize it’s the Design or there is a note in the Text.

If you give a wedding toast suit the theme of the wedding, and white is the Few that you know you thought you and appreciate your Motto. We have gathered some wedding sayings for popular topics that can help you.

  • Music:
    Your heart a melody to your favorite song, and your song was to her.

  • Fairy tale:
    There was once a Prince on a white horse. He fell in love with the castle in the Princess in the white. Their wedding was so incredibly beautiful, I would not go at all. And yet, eventually, the time comes … and so they lived happily ever after.
  • Vintage:
    Sometimes, I imagine, both of you comes from a different time – as respectful as you deal with each other, the romantic Gestures, the power of you. Something you can experience today is not more often, and I thank you for the past upright hold me still the romance of faith is.
  • Carnival:
    Helau, a high on the jecke Couple!
    Today you are here and tomorrow.
    Your wedding is how you two are so spontaneous and colourful,
    and is celebrated, of course, up to a later hour.

  • Star Wars:
    May the force be with you.

  • Spring:
    Your love is like a budding flower, which is reached after the wedding of their most beautiful Form.
  • Summer:
    I look at you – you shone like the sun.
    I wish you for the future of a blue and cloudless sky.
  • Autumn:
    Like two leaves in the Wind you went through life, but, in spite of your freedom, you wanted to stick only to each other. Now you will continue your journey together. I wish you only the Best.
  • Winter:
    Pure as the snow, so is your love.
    As rigid as the lake you are, if your looking at you.
    An icy touch you feel you are missing.
    Your future is bright, like a Christmas tree.
  • Casino:
    Not only do you have luck in the game, but also in love. After the wedding, the cards are shuffled, even for that, I wish you a good hand.

Proverbs for the Silver and Golden wedding

A wedding toast to the Silver and Golden wedding

If the wedding is celebrated a second or third Time, this is definitely a good start for a wedding spell, which praises the long marriage.

After 25 or even 50 years, the spouses know in and out. They represent what can be achieved with the wedding, and you deserve it, that your guests will compliment you.

  • Marriage is not always Blend a bit.
    Two become one.

  • Love has no age, it is constantly born anew.
    (Blaise Pascal)

  • The common happiness of two people is nothing more than two small, side by side, carved lines into infinity.
    (Robert Musil)
  • Happiness is love, love is the happiness.
    (Adelbert von Chamisso)

  • When two people are in love, stay young for each other.
    (Paul Ernst)

  • Real love stories never go to the end.
    (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)
  • Green wedding celebrations, many
    silver there is in the country,
    but to the fifty-year goals
    are the fewest in the state.
  • Always floating on cloud nine,
    friends living together,
    a Long time ago for the heart to forgive
    what you have,
    I’d like to also experience it.
  • Time passes, love remains.
  • In the case of the Silver wedding, you don’t know what a marriage is.
    (Wilhelm Georg Alexander von Kügelgen)

Things to know about wedding sayings

Things to know about wedding sayings

As best man, or a parent, you can wedding sayings even in the wedding speech can be installed. If you don’t know the couple very well, you can also individually in your map, or on a gift tag at a time.

If you have your own wedding spell, want to write, can you examples in guidance and Inspiration help.

It is important, the type of award to select carefully in order to fit the bride-to-be couple. If you’re looking for without having to think of a popular wedding toast from the Internet, there is the danger that he has nothing to do with the Couple or the wedding motto to.

So would quickly become clear that you took no thought. We give you a small Overview of how spells can differ, and what options you have.

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