Trendy promise rings

Trendy promise rings

You are looking for inspiration in terms of wedding traditions? We have for you a great collection with the traditions and customs of the wedding compiled by the classic trellis stand up to modern traditions, such as the Wedding Wands. Some wedding traditions are regional differences, and are sometimes also referred to differently. So, the bride kidnapping is forgiven for example, in lower Bavaria Bride-to-be and bride-to-be to steal.

What are the wedding traditions you want to implement your wedding, you’ll, of course, up to you. Please do not feel pressured to any traditions, it is and remains YOUR wedding!

To customs with our in-depth article and traditions around the wedding, we have divided into the following areas:

  1. Wedding customs before the wedding
  2. Wedding customs around the clothes
  3. Wedding ceremonies at the wedding Ceremony
  4. Wedding customs after the Ceremony
  5. Wedding traditions in the Celebration
  6. Wedding customs after the Celebration

Appropriately, the interesting results of the study of map-making:Wedding Customs Statistics

Hint: Questioning traditions – fit to you?

Wedding photographer Patrick told here, as he has a variety of traditions and individual variations seen:

1. Wedding customs before the wedding

Engagement & Engagement Party

Engagement Ring Marriage Proposal
© Sergej Khackimullin – Fotolia

Sooner was the wedding custom of the engagement even more important than it is today, because in front of witnesses arrangements for the marriage, dowry and celebrations contractually and financially, except as may be stated. Was at the beginning of the last century show a Couple until after the engagement together in Public. Romantic encounters of every kind were without this official vows to be a taboo.

The custom of engagement rings dates back to ancient Rome. With him, the Romans promised, his chosen wife to marry and to provide. In the 14th century. Century came the promises of mutual Fidelity, which had until then only the bride.

The favorite stone of the engagement ring is a diamond that combines with its properties, purity, rarity and strength on the values of the real and true love. If for you a diamond ring is out of the question, can you in our article on wedding bands with diamonds with our best tips and recommendations to get.

Wedding date

Wedding date

In some areas, it means that one will only lead to a happy marriage, when, according to the wedding tradition on waxing moon is married. Because when the moon is waning, the happiness decreases. Just as you should get married at the rising sun, before 12 o’clock.

Practical tips for the Date you receive our blog article about the best wedding dates.

Wedding loader or Bridal bitter

Wedding pictures fun with balloons

The wedding custom of the wedding bitters or high-time loader, you know, in Germany, in many regions, under a very different name. Wedding bitter or wedding loader is probably the most commonly used names.

The wedding is bitter a Person is, as the Name suggests – the guests for the wedding invites, or invites. The wedding passes bitter or wedding loader’t just the invitation, but the invitation in a fun way – often with ancient spells.

In General, he has often fun accessories that will make the guests feel like the wedding and the fun of promise. The are, for example, a decorated bitter floor and alcoholic beverages. This Tradition is alive today only rarely (mostly in Bavaria), and is a unique idea for your wedding invitation.

Hen night

Hen night
© Robert Kneschke – Fotolia
Hen night organize
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Before the wedding, friends and relatives of the bride come to smash crockery, because shards finally bring happiness. In addition, the noise of this high-time to keep the custom of evil spirits.

However, there is no glass may be shattered, because the glass symbolizes luck and is supposed to stay in one piece.

Traditionally, the fragments of the bride-to-be to be swept pair with an embellished and decorated broom together.

Our tip for the bride and groom: Used lockable Container for the pieces. It should be already happened, that Container at night flips out again.

In addition, the groomsmen can provide a small program or Play games for entertainment on the hen night, but also the celebration location with a playful decorative items such as baby clothes embellish.

Hen night games for guests and Bridal couple

In Northern Germany, there is also the hen night-a Tradition that the bride’s shoes are nailed to the walls, so that the groom can’t run anymore. In some regions present at midnight, the bride’s veil and Myrtle wreath, and the groom’s Friends a pin from Myrtle for the lapel.

In our chat corner on Facebook a bride-to-be told that in Berlin, the colleagues in the evening, invite before the wedding itself to the hen night. As you can see, there are a lot of ways. More info and tips you find in this article, hen party – tips & ideas.

Bachelorette party and Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower
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What is known in Switzerland as a hen night, in Germany and Austria bachelorette party. This bride and groom celebrate once again as a Single omitted with your friends. Of course, we have the JGA all important info and tips for you.

The best way to start with the article .

The Bridal Shower is not widespread in Germany yet. This trendy wedding custom has its origins in the Netherlands and the USA, where there is no bachelor party.

According to Tradition, a woman was showered in the organized Bridal party with all sorts of Household goods, today it is more of a woman the evening before the wedding.

Great inspiration and tips can be found in our blog article .

Bride-to-be song to sing

Mother of the bride dresses for the wedding

In Austria it is customary that on the evening of the bridesmaids or female Relatives in front of the house of the parents of the bride, the bride-to-be song as a farewell to the life of the parents, and as the virgin sung. We find, this is a beautiful Tradition from Austria.

Wedding night separated from each other spend

Wedding traditions separate night

Wedding night is spent separately Since the majority of bride-to-be couples living before the wedding together, it offers to sleep, at least the night before the wedding is traditionally separated.

So the anticipation is increased to the big day.

Usually the bride the maid of honor, or the groom to the groomsmen the night. In our Instagram poll came out that more than half of the couples spends the night before the wedding separately.

The bride to Wake up

Wedding custom Austria bride-to-be awaken

In order to expel the evil spirits, is made in Austria on the day of the wedding starting at 4 o’clock in the Morning riot in front of the window, the bride-to-be. Of firecrackers shots to brass band music is nothing to the unmarried men, which are then usually only on the way home, too loud.

The bride-to-be to pick up

Wedding custom Austria bride-to-be to pick up

A wedding custom from Austria: On the day of the wedding, the groom (from holt with his entourage of family, witnesses, etc.), the bride-to-be in your parents house. There is to be offered to him, but first of all, some of the other ladies, The sooner the evil spirits should be confused.

Together, then it goes to the registry office/the Church on the way, possibly even some of the road waiting for the lock, in which the bride has to fulfill some tasks. In some Parts of Germany, the

First Look before the wedding Ceremony

First Look Custom
© Paul Carrier

As a This Moment is so exciting, because both of them see in your Outfits and you can marvel at. This moment was always in front of the registry office or in the Church, there is still a lot more opportunities.

More tips on this topic may be found in the article .

Wedding photos

Wedding Photographer Prices

Ask your grandparents to your wedding photos, you will be able to show you just a very few. Earlier it was usually only a photo of the bride and the groom and the guests.

Nowadays wedding photos important and to enjoy a greater significance for the bride and the groom. Wedding couples often throughout the day from the wedding photographers accompany the commitment Shooting the Getting Ready to the Party. Also funny wedding pictures are always popular.

Increasingly, the Trend also comes the wedding videography. It is quite wonderful, the most beautiful day of your life in moving picture to look at.

2. Wedding customs around the clothes

Old, new, borrowed, blue

Wedding what Blue
© Brandy Angel Photography

An old English custom that you surely know from American movies and series, stating that the bride’s

The Old and New symbolizes in this wedding tradition is the Transition from the old to the new life. The Borrowed should be treated as love and friendship, for which it stands, carefully. This wedding custom Blue is for Loyalty – Our top 10 tips for the Something blue.

Something Old and/or Borrowed could be a piece of jewelry or a inherited veil. New is the easiest part, such as the dress and the shoes for sure. With a blue garter belt you are fulfilling the spell completely.

More to the wedding custom of reading in our blog article


Pennies in the Shoe of the bride

Wedding custom penny in the Shoe
© Anne Hufnagl

Earlier, the young bride division as a girls pennies for the purchase of the Bridal shoes. You could make a very beautiful shoes, it showed that she was good with money. This wedding custom

However, we have a great photo story to English weddings on our Blog, where this old wedding tradition is to be seen.

Garter belt

Garter Need
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Nowadays, the garter belt is more of a traditional accessory for the bride that the groom is meant to inspire. He wants to get to the garter of his wedded, this happens mostly in the framework of funny wedding games to wedding ceremony.

More tips on this wedding tradition and a great buying recommendations to read in our blog article about the garter.

Wedding dress is not self-sewing

Wedding dress tailors in Cologne
© Mr C Elwell

If you are superstitious, you should have the bride dress in any case, self-sewing. This would mean that the married life is tedious and difficult for her to work.

Bridal veil

Hairstyle with a veil
Bridal Veil
© Melissa Fe Chapman Photography

The bride-to-be schleider is according to the Christian Tradition, the Symbol of virginity.

The bride wore for the wedding veil to hide themselves from evil spirits.

Another story, according to a deficiency prevailed in the middle ages Woman. That’s why the women have been abducted from her parents ‘ house and behind a cloth veil hiding.

Around the Bridal veil there are many well-known traditions, such as the veil dance, or the removal of the veil of midnight.

According to our Instagram poll, more than half of the brides want to wear a veil.

Bride veil

Wedding Custom Wedding Veil Bridal Veil
© WavebreakMediaMicro – Fotolia

Traditionally, the bride wears the veil in front of her face, until the husband lifts him to the vows.

A beautiful Ritual in the celebration, when the man sees, for the first Time his Beloved as a wife.

The special Moment through the back of the veil beat perfect – maybe this wedding ritual charm is for you (the photographer should then be included!).

If you are not sure what veil to your wedding dress fits, read our article Bridal veils – long or short?

3. Wedding ceremonies at the wedding Ceremony

The couple is close to each other

Wedding Traditions Bridal Couple
© Sonja Schulz

Expectant couple standing or sitting in the wedding ceremony very close to each other, to show your togetherness to the outside, and so it is, according to the old wedding tradition – so that no evil spirits in between, you can push.

For this reason, the chairs of the bride and groom are decorated often with a garland of flowers or glittering mirror shards and red ribbons.

Bridal bouquet

Bridal Bouquet Lilac

According to the old wedding tradition also tried using flowers and accessories in the bride’s bouquet evil spirits from the bride to distract. For example, a very popular Herb, rosemary was taken after the wedding from the bride’s bouquet, planted, and of his wife just as lovingly maintained as the marriage itself.

It was believed that the better the Plant flourished, the better it was ordered to the marriage.

In the 17th century. Century. replaced the rosemary as the The Myrtle was dedicated in ancient Rome, the love goddess Venus, and was regarded as a symbol of chastity, fertility, purity, and virginity.

Sprig of rosemary wedding boutonniere for the guests
© Sonja Schulz

Also the choice of colors was taken deliberately. Often red flowers for the protection of the bride-to-be were in a traditional bouquet for the bride from evil spirits involved. The more colors and the flowers of the bouquet contained, the more varied, the marriage was.

Did you know that the groom was traditionally for the bride’s bouquet is responsible? We have in our Bridal bouquet gallery many inspirations and examples just for you, no matter whether the bride or groom to the bride’s bouquet to the Florist of the trust ordered.

To ensure the selection to the traditional meaning of the flower.

Flower children

Basket Of Flowers Wedding
© Eric Limon – Fotolia

A beautiful custom is that when A and/or excerpt from the Church of one or more children with a basket of flowers in front of the bride and groom go. You can throw in flowers or petals on the path of the bride and groom.

Just ask the children in your family and circle of friends. Many are very proud to take on this role – but you should also not a child of the wedding compel the exercise of the tradition when it has not in the mood.

More info and tips is in our detailed article about flower children.

The Scatter of the flowers should be applied to the bride and groom wealth and fertility. This old wedding tradition that goes back to Roman times.

We need flowers kids?
Hochzeitsportal24 Instagram-survey image: © wedding with a view

Bridesmaids and groomsmen

Bridesmaids Hairstyles

Traditionally, Friends of the bride to take on this task.

The bridesmaids are similar to the bride-to-be to be dressed in order to confuse evil spirits and of the bride-to-be distracting.

Meanwhile, there are more and more bridesmaids dresses in colorful colors.

The friends of the groom
Hochzeitsportal24 Instagram-Survey ©

The difference with the maid of honor is only in the fact that the witness testifies to the wedding with your signature.

While groomsmen in Switzerland are still compulsory, it is in Germany more of a Friendship.

The maid of honor assists the bride at the wedding preparation, while the bride, bridesmaid, the bride-to-be are mainly on the actual wedding day to one side.

The male equivalent of the best man or Groomsman is. So far, not this Tradition in Germany, but still.

To enter in the Church or ceremony location

Wedding Outdoor
© Michael, Ireland – Fotolia
Speech at wedding of daughter
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It was a few years ago so that a bride-to-ride, couple, together, Hand-in-Hand on the way to the Altar dam brings today – American wedding tradition – often the father of the daughter to the Altar, where the groom is waiting eagerly.

In this way, the bride’s father wants to make sure that his daughter really comes in

Unfortunately, is not seen by some pastors, this custom for wedding, since he could speak out against women’s emancipation.

Are you planning a Church wedding, then our article on our Top 10 songs of – a-glance value, which is also in the catchment can be played.

The second important task of the bride’s father is the father of the bride speech, if you want to keep.

Sand ceremony

Sand ceremony for wedding

A very beautiful and romantic addition to the actual wedding ceremony is a ceremony in the Sand. After the exchange of the rings, this is explained, first of all, the bride and groom get a Vase that is filled with Sand.

The color of the sand has to be different, so, for example, Rosé for the bride and light blue for the groom.

An intertwining sand pattern that the closeness and togetherness of the bride and groom symbolizes. And the Vase is a wonderful reminder of these great wedding ceremony – if you like, you can still individually with name and wedding date on the label, and receives a right wedding vase with sentimental value.

More about this you read in article. By the way, you know, in some regions of Germany, the sand ceremony as the need for a hen night.

Wedding tree plants

Wedding custom tree plants

A beautiful custom for sustainable joy of the plants of a wedding tree. The family/friends or the bride and groom organise themselves sometimes.

Wedding vows

Wedding Custom Wedding Vows

You want to make these three words your personal, you can have an individual promise of fidelity in your marriage ceremony to install. This is at a Church, a state official and only legal in a free Marriage possible. Applies best to your pastor or Trauredner and discuss the Details.

In our article on the vows we will give you a lot of helpful tips to make this Moment a particularly nice and romantic.

Wedding Wands Wedding Bells

Wedding Wands for weddings
© Etsy/MySoulmateWedding

Wedding Wands are a new Trend from the USA. The happiness chopsticks are made of small wooden sticks, decorated with colorful ribbons and little bells. The sound of the little bells, sounds goosebumps are guaranteed. However, since in most of the churches and registry offices rice, flowers and Confetti are not often seen, Wedding Wands is a unique Alternative to the celebrations of the bride and groom.

According to the Motto are the fortune sticks to every opportunity around swinging. A warm idea of the flower girls Wedding Wands equip.

Even very small children can swing to the fortune sticks without adult help cheerfully. On the chairs, spread, or in a pretty glass provided, the Wedding Wands is also a nice Element to the wedding decoration.

In the Etsy Shop, there is this pretty Wedding Wands to buy (50 PCs for approx. 36€).

More information and ideas about Wedding Wands can be found in our article on Wedding Wands – an enchanting wedding ceremony.

Exchange Of Rings/Wedding Rings

Wedding Ring Pillow

The Ring is a symbol of everlasting Fidelity and constancy, because he had no beginning and has no end.

The love of a bride and groom should just be a long one. You wear according to Tradition, the wedding ring on the ring finger, because these fingers, the vein runs to the heart. All of our tips, ideas and recommendations to the ring purchase, we have in the article for all of you combined.

For the exchange of rings is mostly used as a ring pillow, which is served by the groomsmen, or flower girl.

Discovered the most beautiful ring pillow, ring bowls, and more Alternative for the ring exchange.

Wedding candle

wedding candle wedding ceremony

The custom of the wedding candle goes back to the Christian custom to light the Easter candle.

The couple receive their light and hope of Jesus Christ to strengthen you on your common journey and accompany.

Everything about the very old custom of the wedding candle, make sure to read our blog article about custom wedding candles.

4. Wedding customs after the Ceremony

Immediately after the Ceremony, it is a popular wedding custom: the freshly baked couple can work together. There are very many variations of the traditions that may also have something to do with the Hobbies of the couple. Here are a few examples:

Trellis as a wedding custom

Wedding Trellis
© Vanessa Martins Photography

If the bride-to-be comes a couple from the Church or registry office, it is also quite common that friends, team or work colleagues trellis are.

In some regions of Germany, the Trellis is also known as the wedding ceremony before the ceremony.

As the bride walks down thugs couple then through a corridor with, for example, high-held tennis, riding crops, skis, paddles, etc. At this wedding ceremony very great memory images often arise.

Cut out the heart for the wedding

Wedding Games, Wedding Gift Sheet Heart
© Jörg Fietkau

A large heart is painted sheets on a white bed. Around, it can also be decorated with the names of the newlyweds and/or wedding date.

If the bride-to-be comes a couple from the Church, to keep the power of two (large) persons in the sheets. The bride and groom each get a pair of nail scissors in Hand, and now need to cut out the heart. When the heart is cut out through the groom to his bride.

More info and tips in our article wedding heart cut-out.

Antenna loop for the wedding cars

Antenna loop Tinker
© braut.TV

By the way, to and from the wedding Ceremony, some myths: Encountered the society of a chimney sweep, this means luck to meet a funeral society rather misfortune.

A Must-Have for any wedding antenna loops for each car in the wedding column.

The brightly decorated cars to accompany the car of the Bridal couple. With pleasure horns and cheerful is made Waving at the wedding of society and the solemn mood of the ceremony makes an exuberant party atmosphere of space.

More ideas can be found here: car bands and alternative car jewelry ideas plus DIY antenna loop instructions.

The trunk of a tree saws

Wedding Game Tree Saws
© Yantra – Fotolia

Also, this old Bavarian tradition is to test the ability of the newly minted couple’s cooperation. A not-too-thick tree trunk is on a Sawhorse in front of the Church or the civil registry office.

When the Bridal couple comes out, it must, together with a saw (with handles on each side) of the tree trunk by sawing. Don’t forget the wedding to decorate the Sawhorse.

What is her custom to keep everything in mind you must find out in our in-depth article to the tree trunk saws to the wedding.

Fire delete

Fire Basket For Wedding
© Metallfuxx

It is lit a small fire, for example, with a flammable Material wrapped Metal hoops. The bride and groom must then syringe, either with a old fire Department (as determined owns the local Voluntary fire brigade) or a garden hose to extinguish the fire.

Here, it should better be a skilled fireman (or woman) to the side. And the guests are better so that you will not be sprayed when you Delete all wet.

This customizable fire basket is also a great fire bowl, and is at Amazon (approx. 165€) available. It can also be made with this great fire basket in the evening, a great fire for the wedding party.

More on this and other wedding traditions you can read in our article .

Helium balloons with Wishes

Wedding Gift Helium Balloons Surprise
© – Fotolia

The Helium balloons are often distributed after the Ceremony, the guests and a common command in the presence of the bride and groom left to rise.

Ideal congratulations are connected to it by way of the cards and thus, the wedding custom with individual Wishes or vouchers provided.

BUT What many don’t know is that this Tradition is extremely bad for the animal and plant world. However, there is a beautiful Alternative to a helium balloon and let it rise, threaten nobody. More on this below.

Everything about the practice you will learn in the article helium balloons wedding greetings.

Tree plants

Wedding custom tree plants

To plant a tree, am one of the tasks a man is said to be commonly known. For many couples but it is a very ancient Tradition, which is integrated on the day of the wedding in the festivities.

Many couples plant a tree seedling in the garden, a certain place in your community or close to the ceremony location.

An absolutely cool and perfect gift idea we have with our Partner Geschenke24 seen: Pflanzset mammoth tree (about 30€). To the love of the bride and groom will be so big as this tree.

Wedding tree

Wedding Custom Wedding Tree

There is a wedding custom with a similar name (not to be irritated): According to the old Bavarian Tradition of a wedding tree is a reminder of the spouses the obligation to ensure that young.

In General, a spruce root is planted in front of the window/the house of the wedding couple and baby clothes decorated. The top is decorated mostly a stork figure, and there are also accessories that indicate the Hobbies of the bride and groom. The wedding date and the names of the spouses should also be at one point held.

Pigeons can fly

As a Symbol of peace and happiness that it fits the lovebirds perfectly for the wedding and excited visitors of all ages. Also in this wedding tradition is not necessarily the photographer should capture the special Moment.

Important: although pigeons for the wedding Tradition, we would like to explicitly point out that you are a good breeder is looking for, if your in your wedding doves fly like. Because only then, the animals are well trained and can find your way back again!

Rice throwing or bubble blowing fly

Soap bubbles for the wedding

Some friends throw the Bridal couple, if it comes from the Church or registry office, with rice. The rice in this wedding custom for fertility. In Asia, rice is the basis of life and happiness is a guarantee for the money and the blessing of Children.

To clarify, but before that (with the pastor, the municipal administration, etc.), whether the rice to throw at the respective location is allowed.

Alternatively, it is also beautiful rose can be leaves or biodegradable Confetti used as a rain on the bride and groom patter.

General tips & ideas gives’s in the article, soap bubbles for the wedding.

Wedding car with tin cans & wedding column

Car Just married
© unopix – Fotolia

On the way to the Location of the wedding ceremony an awful lot of noise needs to be made. A honking column, and in front, a chic vessel of the bride and groom. For the normal Clatter, some empty tin cans that are attached to the car.

The noise is not only fun, but distributes according to the pagan custom of evil spirits, so it will be a happy marriage. Similarly, the firecrackers shoot or Wedding fireworks at midnight.


Customs Of The Wedding In A Box
© Sonja Schulz

A relatively new among the wedding customs in Germany is the Box. She is originally from Australia. There is only This is a so-called This is a beautifully decorated ton or box, where the guests of your envelopes can interject.

In any case the future spouses are to be fulfilled in every respect their wishes.

Great ideas & a special design for the Box in the Blog.

5. Wedding traditions in the Celebration

Water and dry bread

Wedding Custom Switzerland, Bread, Salt

A wedding custom from Switzerland: The couple shares after the wedding Ceremony, as of now also in the common life, a symbol of water and a piece of bread with salt. It is usually passed from the host to the wedding location.

Wedding soup

Wedding soup-need to eat together
© Half Point – Fotolia

In many areas of Germany is traditionally enjoyed after the Wedding, together, the wedding soup. The clear soup (seasoned with chicken meat, dumplings, or what is the bride and groom else tastes), the prelude to the wedding menu.

Its origin has the wedding soup in Bavaria, where she was eaten in front of the aisle to the Altar. Finally, you don’t get married on an empty stomach. The bride and groom had to spoon the bride soup from a plate. The ingredients of the bride soup were of great importance, for example, the vegetable was a Symbol of fertility.

Wedding speech

Wedding Speech Example Pattern
© MNStudio – Fotolia

This wedding custom in almost all cultures of the world: the wedding speech. Most of the Talk will be held by the father of the bride, the bride and groom or the groomsmen.

Especially the father of the bride speech is very emotional and is expected by many guests. So this wedding tradition is really a beautiful Moment of the wedding, we have written a few tips:

The cake kiss

Custom wedding Switzerland kissing on cake

Popular in Switzerland: Before the bride and touches on some of the wedding cake, it must kiss on the (multi-storey) cake borders – of course, in the best case, without overturn.

Wedding cutting the cake (and the top cake to freeze)

Wedding cake two storey

Wedding cake cutting traditionTraditionally, the actual wedding ceremony starts with the Cutting of the wedding cake by the bride and groom. All eyes and cameras are focused on the Couple, when both of the incision together with a knife to the cake.

The multi-tiered wedding cake that everyone knows today, goes back at an English wedding tradition where the guests cake brought, which was on top of each other built up to a high tower and the bride kissed couple about it.

Often times, the Supreme pies days frozen, so that then at the baptism of the first child or the first anniversary of snacking can.

The wedding cake many myths: They say, who has the Hand-Cutting up in the marriage,

In addition, you put the knife in front of the gate on the table and then it takes the couple in the Hand. Allegedly, those hits, otherwise, the next disaster, had handed over the knife.

On our website you will find even more information about the Cutting of the wedding cake.

Champagne glasses throw away

international wedding customs

After the Ceremony, the wedding guests are often the champagne reception asked. The newlywed couple are due to the first glass, according to Tradition.

If both have emptied your glass, throw it over the back to the ground. Shards bring good luck, however, no broken glass, but only clay pot shards. Therefore, it is not necessary in most weddings on this custom, as shards of glass also mean a security risk!

Wedding bells are ringing

Wedding custom bell ringing
© Jaren Wicklund – Fotolia

Nothing the wedding guests see at a wedding rather than the kissing bride and groom. Therefore, may be rung bells on this beautiful day of the wedding, because each ring has to kiss, according to the wedding ceremony the newly married Couple. How beautiful!

Small wedding bells, the is also great as a table decoration to look, there are approximately at Amazon ab 6,95 €.

Also at Russian weddings, this romantic is the custom. Instead of the bells, is invited to the bride and groom with a loud More Russian wedding traditions can be found in our photo story, .

Not to be confused, this custom is a bell with the Wedding, the Wedding Wands, which we have described above.

Bride kidnapping

Bride And Groom Wedding Games
© Kzenon –
Bride Kidnapping Tradition
Hochzeitsportal24 Instagram-Survey

The most well-known wedding traditions, the bride kidnapping in some Parts of Germany, also as a bride-to-be forgiven and bride steal is known certainly. This wedding tradition is the fact that because of the lack of Women in earlier times, very often, women were kidnapped. (In ancient Sparta, the woman was married to a successful kidnappings with the thief.)

Friends or relatives of the bride use a Moment where the groom is distracted and kidnap the bride-to-be. In most cases it’s traditionally made with you in a pub or a Café in the vicinity. Now it is the task of the groom to see his bride.

In the case of a bride kidnapping, the following points should be observed: Has expressed the bride and groom in advance that the kidnapping is not desired, it should be omitted! If the abduction takes place, there should not have been the groom but difficult – if the search of the bride-to-be takes about 2 hours, it can destroy the whole Celebration.

And nice to know: If the bride takes the bride’s bouquet for their abduction, and do not need to pay the man the kidnappers. Therefore, the kidnappers should always be two – a kidnapped the bride-to-be, and the other is the bride’s bouquet.

For more tips and ideas for the tasks are waiting for you in our article for bride kidnapping.

Bride-to-be bouquet toss

Customs and traditions to the wedding

One of the most famous customs and traditions to the wedding: All the unmarried female guests stand or dance in a circle around the bride then throws blindfolded the bride’s bouquet on the left shoulder in the round. The Tradition says that the lady who catches the bouquet will be the next bride. However, there are no statistics to prove whether or not that’s really true.

Bride-to-be bouquet toss Tradition
Hochzeitsportal24 Instagram-Survey Image: ©

Modifications: in Order to preserve the bouquet, it can also be a second-Strauss used the can to keep the Catcher and then as a keepsake. Or the ostrich is not thrown. Instead, the bride-to-be blindfolded to the in the circle of gathered women.

Funny, also the Bridal bouquet, just before the throw in a plush bouquet of exchange. Your such a such a guide to throwing ostrich.

This Variation can then play in all fairness, the men and the garter belt catch – emancipation of a different kind.

More Alternatives to the traditional bouquet for the bride to be can be found in our article on bride-to-be bouquet toss differently!

The wedding present newspaper

Texts for the wedding newspaper
© Cariñokarten

It is often created in the run-up in painstaking work of the groomsmen or the immediate family members of a wedding newspaper. This will then be passed on at the wedding celebration the bride and groom solemnly. Additional copies can be purchased with the proceeds going directly to the Newlyweds.

More information on this wedding tradition’s in our detailed article of.

Wedding Waltz/Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance
Opening Dance Bridal
© – evaluation of our Instagram poll

Traditionally opened by the bride and groom dance the Bridal waltz, typically, is a Viennese waltz (maybe you should advance a dance course documents).

As with other already described, wedding customs, a guest is formed to protect against the evil spirits circle around the bride.

The dance floor is released in the rule for all guests if the groom’s mother-in-law and the bride asks the father-in-law to dance.

Sometimes, the bride must dance until all the male guests before you want to with your loved one dancing. And in Poland, the guests are going to buy a dance with the bride and groom. So will be created, with the money made, a first financial Foundation for the common life.

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Father-Daughter Dance And Mother-Son Dance

Father Daughter Dance Wedding Songs

The second dance after the first dance, and then belongs to the bride and father of the bride, and the groom and his mother.

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Wedding almond and other guest gifts

Guest Gift Almonds

The Tradition of wedding almond is native to the Mediterranean countries, where the bride and groom to his guests happiness almonds gave. Three to five almonds were tied up in a small cloth, which should be a piece of the bride’s veil, and therefore are often made of tulle fabric.

To give a Give Away at the end of a wedding ceremony, the guests on the way, it is an American tradition and is becoming increasingly popular in Germany.

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Guest book and photo booth for memories

Guestbook Wedding Idea
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A guestbook is a great memory for the newlyweds. There are countless ways to design and it doesn’t have to be always a typical spell, with the wedding guests vererwigen.

An idea that is becoming popular is the use of a photo booth. With the right accessories turn succeed in the Hand of great photos that really fun memories will be connected.

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Wedding games

Wedding Game Ehetest
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Wedding games and other program points are used for entertainment for the guests. After all, a wedding is a happy together. In addition, the various games also promote to get to Know the guests, each other and all will learn more about the bride and groom.There are an infinite number of opportunities for guests and bride-to-be to entertain the couple.

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Wedding pranks or apartment beautify

Surprise Wedding Night
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A very controversial custom is that friends and relatives of the bride and groom snuck away during the Ceremony in secret, to the apartment of the bride and groom something to The imagination knows no limits.

Popular-filled plastic water Cup on top of the stairs, hidden key, balloons in bed, hidden alarm clock that over the course of the night, one after the other ring, Confetti in the apartment, clothes line with baby clothes, a stork or baby carriages on the roof, etc., In principle, anything that makes the bride and groom, the wedding night.

But be sure that the Whole remains a fun and don’t overdo it. It should not be dirty or destroyed. Of all mischief, should be solved with fairly little effort. If you have concerns that the bride cannot take a couple of such small Steiche with a sense of humour, then you can have the bride and groom, for example with rose petals on the bed and chilled champagne in the fridge for a surprise.

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Master of ceremonies

Customs for the wedding master of ceremonies

If you are afraid, the Overview to lose it, you can ask a friend to take over the office of master of ceremonies at your wedding. The master of ceremonies is responsible for the organizational part of the wedding, and ensures a smooth flow of the Celebration of welcoming the guests on the coordination of service providers on the feast day to the Moderation of the wedding celebration.

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Parting with 1000 lights

Giant sparklers

Sparklers for the wedding are a culmination of the wedding party. Guests say goodbye with the Sparklers for the wedding couple and in the evening you gorgeous in the evening. The miracle can candles in the wedding as a photo highlight the schedule.

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Promise of friends

Wedding customs

At the end of the wedding celebration, the friends of the groom carry the bride and Friends of the bride to the groom. Is that supposed to mean, that the friends will also be after the wedding, always for the couple since.

6. Wedding customs after the Celebration

Door sill not touch

Wedding customs doorstep, do not touch

When the bride enters after the wedding for the first Time, their new home, not allowed to touch the threshold of the door. Because that’s where the evil house spirits lurk. The groom has the task to carry his freshly baked wife over the threshold.

Morning gift

Morning gift
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In this wedding tradition of the groom and his newly wedded wife in the Morning after the wedding, a gift. Today, it is common practice that the bride-to-be gifts for your groom, and both of these small wedding ceremony implement. If you like, you pass the gift on the Morning of the wedding, if it is something that should be borne by the Partner on the wedding day.

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Bridal bouquet dry

Bridal bouquet dry

After a wedding feast, full of great experiences, overwhelming emotions, and funny moments every bride wants few of the day would take forever. This is the reason why bride-to-people today place a lot of value on great photos, hiring a Wedding videographer and features a beautifully-filled guestbook.

In order to get the flowers in the wedding, you can conserve the bride her bouquet and for a long time as a reminder of the beautiful day in the life store. This sounds interesting?

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Honeymoon cheap flights

Very popular for wedding couples, the honeymoon, or even shorter spangle days (mini moon) directly after the wedding, from planning and party stress to recover. But do you know the origin of the word It has its origins in middle high German, where This is very suitable!

By the way, the honeymoon is not to be confused with the Honeymoon, the first month of the marriage. Allegedly, the newlyweds every night drank during the first month of a glass of honey wine. This should help to overcome inhibitions and to come closer to each other. As mentioned above, allowed the bride and groom until the beginning of the 20th century. A century before the wedding can hardly be alone with each other. The Honeymoon is not an American invention.

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Thank you card

Thank You Cards Wedding Text
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Thank you cards are a beautiful reminder for your wedding guests and wedding custom is very popular. You have the thank you cards after the wedding as a bride and groom a Chance to let all the experiences alone to reminisce, and to say a few personal words to your Loved ones. In most card shops can all wedding cards, invitation, menu card, to the thank you card in the same style to order.

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International Wedding Customs

Wedding customs international

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Wedding traditions
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