15 Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Nothing resonates with hearts of today’s brides and grooms like personalized wedding services. More and more, we see personalized touches everywhere— from hand-painted wedding flowers on custom invitations to designer welcome bags and place settings with the most exquisite calligraphy. Of all the ways to personalize a wedding, nothing could be more personal than writing your own wedding vows.

A union is created with words and wedding vows, insists Laura of The Paris Officiant, “are the heart and climax of every wedding ceremony.” But how do you pull off personal vows with style and grace? How do you write clear, beautiful vows that contain real promises and elicit real emotion? How do you make those vows sparkling, sincere—and not the least bit sappy? We promise those perfect-for-you vows are just within reach, and we might just make you fall in love with the writing process, with the help of some very talented wedding insiders who have all the best tips!

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