An Epic Destination Wedding Celebrating Summer In Italy

An Epic Destination Wedding Celebrating Summer In Italy

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[field title=”Wedding Colors”]Shades of Elegance – A Symphony of Pink, White, and Gold. Picture a world where romance dances with sophistication, as delicate hues of pink and pure white intertwine with subtle touches of radiant gold. This carefully curated palette is a testament to love’s timeless allure, capturing the essence of tenderness, purity, and luxury. Our Shades of Elegance theme is more than just colors; it’s a journey into an ambiance that transcends trends, crafting a wedding experience that is both enchanting and unforgettable. [/field]
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Design: A Fusion of Cultures and Timeless Elegance Step into the world of Chenyi and Gou, a young and dynamic couple whose love story spans continents from Shanghai to Zurich. Their wedding, hosted at the historic Villa Grabau, unfolded as a masterpiece of cultural fusion and timeless elegance. Vibe: Harmonious Blend of Traditions The air was filled with an enchanting blend of traditions as guests from around the globe gathered under the Tuscan sun. The Villa’s Arancera, a beautifully renovated structure nestled amidst a lush garden of olive trees, citrus fruits, and fragrant blooms, provided the backdrop for an unforgettable weekend celebration. The venue itself whispered tales of history while effortlessly accommodating the mingling of diverse cultures and backgrounds. “We had our dream destination wedding in Tuscany, and it wouldn’t be possible to realize without Benedetta. We were onsite two times only to scout the locations and to taste the menu. The rest was coordinated by Benedetta. Most importantly, she understood our taste. Hence, she made sure everything was implemented according to our wishes. At this point, I’d like to quote our wedding guests «It was by far the most magical wedding we’ve ever attended.» – No need to say more”, says Chenyi.

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[field title=”Wedding Gown”]Chenyi’s wedding gown choice encapsulated the essence of sophistication and minimalism. The gown elegantly accentuated her physique, highlighting her natural grace and beauty. This carefully selected attire perfectly mirrored her refined taste and added a touch of understated allure to the entire celebration.

However, the magic didn’t stop there. After the cake cutting, the bride underwent a captivating transformation, slipping into a beautiful short ruffled red dress. This change allowed her to fully immerse herself in the festivities, dancing and celebrating alongside her loved ones.[/field]
[field title=”Bridesmaid Dresses”]The bridesmaids graced the occasion in a harmonious ensemble of elegant long dresses. While each dress showcased a unique design, they shared a common thread of sophistication and a mesmerizing shade of mint green. [/field]
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Following the ceremony, a delightful on-tray service of Franciacorta was offered to the guests. Later, they transitioned from the fountain area, where the ceremony took place, to the Limonaia zone, where exquisite food and beverage buffets awaited. For beverages, Italian Spritz, the Tuscan gym tonic known as Frida, Virgin Cocktail Belle Epoque, and infused water with rosemary and lemon were served to refresh the guests, along with an array of fruit juices. Attentive waitstaff served a variety of appetizers, including baccalà mousse, melon Bavarian with black pepper and Parma ham, kataifi-wrapped prawns, and crispy panzanella made with Tropea onions, multi-grain bread, and Italian tomatoes. Velvety pea cream, squid ink coriander, and vegan-friendly crudités with pinzimonio were elegantly presented in shot glasses. Banana cones filled with seasonal fried delicacies, such as shrimp and vegetables like zucchini blossoms and artichokes, delighted the guests. An inviting rustic gourmand corner showcased freshly cut Tuscan ham and an assortment of cheeses accompanied by various sauces, jams, and honey. These savory treats were enjoyed alongside a selection of bread and focaccia prepared by the chef. For dinner, the first course featured pappardelle with quail and blueberries, as well as ricotta and spinach ravioli with charred tomato and basil breadcrumb crumble for vegetarians. The main course consisted of a succulent Florentine-style beef tagliata with roasted potatoes. Vegetarians were treated to eggplant Parmigiana. Throughout the meal, guests savored Tuscan red wines and Vermentino whites. An exquisite dessert corner beckoned with fresh fruit, panna cotta, mini tiramisù, pistachio mousse, and macarons, providing a sweet finale to an unforgettable culinary journey.

[field title=”Florals & Decor”]A Symphony of Modern Elegance: Anthuriums in delicate shades of pink stood as bold statements of passion, while an array of roses, each unique in its color and character, symbolized the diverse facets of love. The graceful presence of pampas grass added a touch of whimsy, swaying gently with every breeze, and lush foliage lent an earthy elegance to the arrangements.

These compositions, meticulously curated, stood as living works of art, enhancing the elegance of the historic Villa Grabau and harmonizing effortlessly with the Tuscan landscape. Through a thoughtful interplay of form, texture, and color, our floral design set the stage for a celebration that celebrated both the present moment and the promise of a shared future.

Witness the story of each bloom and the emotions they encapsulated in the vibrant tapestry of Chenyi and Gou’s union.[/field]
[field title=”Wedding Cake”]This two-tiered masterpiece is a true testament to the artistry of culinary craftsmanship.

Dressed in a pristine white, adorned with delicate touches of edible gold leafs, the cake stands as a work of edible art.[/field]
[field title=”Readings, Ceremony Music, Reception Songs”]The melodies of Chenyi and Gou’s wedding were nothing short of enchanting. As they exchanged their vows, a talented singer accompanied by a skilled guitarist, set the perfect emotional tone. The celebrant was Brigitte Stetter (

However, the rhythm continued to captivate during the post-dinner celebrations. Guests and newlyweds alike danced the night away to the beats of DJ Fabio Mago.[/field]
[field title=”Special Detail #1″]One of the standout features was the enchanting canopy adorned with a myriad of twinkling lights above the imperial tables set outdoors in the beautiful garden of Villa Grabau. This captivating setup added a touch of magic to the evening, creating an unforgettable ambiance under the stars.[/field]
[field title=”Special Detail #2″]Adding to the romance of the occasion was the stunning floral arch before which Chenyi and Gou exchanged their vows. Two half arches, varying in height, adorned with anthurium roses and pampas grass, created a mesmerizing backdrop for their heartfelt promises. [/field]
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Photography: Giuseppe Giovannelli | Event Planning: Wedding Planners in Tuscany | Floral Design: L’arcobaleno Arte del Fiore | Stationery: Laura Mazzetti – The Wedding Letters | Ceremony Venue: Villa Grabau | Reception Venue: Villa Grabau | Catering: Olivia Catering & Events | DJ: Fabio Mago | Beauty: Suely Menichetti | Rentals: Preludio Noleggi | Rentals: Il Giardino Delle Fate

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