Behind every great wedding venue is an even better team

Behind every great wedding venue is an even better team

Mill Pond Estate outdoor wedding venue in TampaPhoto: @justindemutiis

We’re going to say something controversial–wedding planning doesn’t need to be hard. In fact, it can even be enjoyable…with the right team behind you. That’s why when we find a team like this we just gotta share it! Just a little ways east of Tampa Bay, Florida sits a truly stunning 18-acre estate that’s all about this area’s natural beauty, Mill Pond Estate. This unique event space was specifically designed with outdoor weddings in mind and has multiple spaces and vignettes to choose from. But the best part–THE TEAM!

tented wedding reception at Mill Pond EstatePhoto: @moonstonephoto

garden wedding photo op at Mill Pond EstatePhoto: @moonstonephoto

secret garden wedding at Mill Pond Estate in TampaPhoto: @justindemutiis

You probably recognize the name from some of your favorite blogs (oh hey there!), they also won a Best of Zola award in 2023, but despite their reach on social media, this is a boutique venue. They only accept a limited amount of weddings each year to be able to devote all of their time and energy to their couples. What does that look like? Well, unlike some of the other big venues that function more like wedding factories, cranking out a few weddings every weekend, Mill Pont Estate spends months working with their couples to curate a truly unique event that feels like them. They provide monthly check-ins via e-mail and even have open office hours that can be used for vendor tours, design meetings, and more. And they’re super hands-on! As in Toni, the owner herself, is also the lead floral designer for the space!

custom bar setup at Mill Pond EstatePhoto: Ruth Terrero Photography

In addition to having one of the best on-site teams that we’ve come across, they also know and have worked with the best wedding vendors in the area. Chances are if there’s a bakery, caterer, or rental company you’ve found and liked…they’ve worked with them. And this is a huge plus because it helps everything run smoothly if the vendors have worked at a venue before your big day–take it from us!

beautiful glass greenhouse at Mill Pond EstatePhoto: Ruth Terrero Photography

Because it is a natural space, it’s like a blank canvas. The team at Mill Pond Estate will work with you to build your dream wedding from the ground up–literally. Exchange vows under the shade of the “Broken Oak”, a sprawling ancient oak that has seen many a love story in its time. Then, the Flower Garden, with its adorable glass greenhouse has to be our favorite space for cocktail hour lounges. Then, treat your guests to an unforgettable meal in a tented reception in their Grand Meadow. Can’t you just see the photos already???

Glass Greenhouse bar Mill Pond EstatePhoto: @justindemutiis

Rustic Tented Reception at Mill Pond EstatePhoto: @justindemutiis

Book your tour today and, who knows, maybe you can check everything off your wedding planning list in one go. Congrats on finding your venue!

Check out @millpondestate on Instagram to see this dream team in action.

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