Best engagement rings 2020

Best engagement rings 2020

To the question of what is the precious metal of the engagement ring to buy it should, there is no definite answer, since the election of the rings from the taste of the engagement pair dependent. Each precious metal has its own characteristics that promise a number of advantages. Of course, every precious metal also has certain weaknesses.

I want to buy a classy, but very robust engagement ring. What is the best Material?

Want a rugged and elegant engagement ring to buy, then 950 platinum is a good choice for you. The white, lustrous precious metal is surpassed in hardness and stability of other precious metal.

In addition, 950 platinum is hypoallergenic. This means that even strong people with allergies can safely wear platinum engagement rings. The only disadvantage of platinum is that rings from this precious are perceived to be metal to be extremely difficult. They are Allergy-free, we have in our booklet wedding rings-buy and allergies: What you should pay attention!helpful tips for ring purchase.

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White gold – and silver-engagement rings I like quite well, but I am afraid that the rings oxidize, what Alternatives do I have?

Wedding rings made of white gold and silver are just the thing you fear, however, that the engagement rings are very fast to beauty would lose? Palladium rings are a good Alternative. Palladium visually, it looks white gold is similar, but loses even after years of wearing nothing of its natural color scheme. This is exactly the case of white gold, but not necessarily the case. Here, it may even lead to significant changes in the ring patina. Especially when the Rhodium layer of white gold rings wears off slowly. But, some couples like the.

Good to know: Palladium engagement rings are not cheap, but a better comfort than gold rings on and can not oxidize.

So you can say, here it is worth to save some. More information to 585 Palladium wedding rings.

I am allergic, I can buy white gold-engagement rings?

Even if white gold-engagement rings Gold with Nickel is alloyed, it may be that some people can wear these rings. But that need not mean that at all, no Allergy symptoms. In General, there are exceptions in the case of the rings, which were made sensible.

Tip: Who engagement rings in a darker grey, should, in any case, once white gold rings view, the surface of which is not rhodium plated was.

The Patina looks really great.

What do I need when buying a classic yellow gold engagement rings concerns?

You don’t want anything Extravagant, but an engagement ring in classic yellow gold, then there is only one thing that you should keep in mind. Make sure that the diamond is not in the color nuances D, E or F, because he knows the Golden yellow Background, but also yellow looks like.

Silver engagement rings to buy – Should I really?

Want the engagement ring only in the short term, then you can choose a engagement ring buy silver. The Ring is designed to accompany you over a longer period of time, then this precious metal is not necessarily recommended.

The Reason? Silver oxidized with time and changes its color. A silver engagement ring, it must be cleaned on a regular basis. Furthermore, silver is very susceptible to damage caused by mechanical stress. A delicate engagement ring for the many small scratches on the perhaps overlooked, is the width of engagement rings can look but very quickly get messy.

I want to buy a light, but robust engagement ring with high wearing comfort, which can also be from an Allergy worn

Are you in search of a precious-looking engagement ring that is not only beautiful, but also extremely robust, then titanium rings are a good choice.

Titanium shows a simple elegance, the stones, but in connection with sparkling precious a certain charm with it. Of course, it is also the bride-to-be, despite higher costs, much easier to have your loved one out of titanium engagement rings and titanium wedding rings to convince. The stronger sex knows how to appreciate the unique properties of titanium. Titanium engagement rings are to expensive, there are still stainless steel engagement rings as a fallback. In more detail in our guide titanium-wedding bands: titanium, a Material with amazing properties,