Best father daughter wedding dance songs

Best father daughter wedding dance songs

A wedding is a very significant event in the life of a couple. It is a day to celebrate your love for each other and this Moment will be remembered forever want to keep. A very emotional and touching Moment during a wedding, the father-daughter dance. It is a dance that symbolizes the close relationship between the father and his daughter, and it is a Moment in which the father can show his love and support for his daughter.

Choosing the right song for the father-daughter dance is of great importance, since the song should the special relationship between father and daughter to reflect, and both touched emotionally. In this blog post, we introduce you to some of the best songs that are suitable for the father-daughter dance at weddings. You made the decision easier, I have from the wedding DJ Garunoff Spotify list of my absolute favorite songs for the father-daughter dance is selected.

Father-daughter dance happy father leads his daughter to the Altar

What is the father-daughter dance is?

The dance between the father and the bride herself is often regarded as a symbolic Handing over of the bride-to-be from the salvaged parents ‘ house in the married life. This custom is especially prevalent in America. Earlier, the father and daughter were the first that were dancing at the wedding ceremony, symbolically, as the last dance of the bride with her father, before she was handed over to the groom. Nowadays, most couples opt for the father-daughter dance after their opening dance, and to connect it may also be the mother-son dance.

Father-daughter-dance of the bride and parents wedding portrait

Father-Daughter Dance

The father-daughter dance is an important Moment for many weddings. There are many traditional songs, which can be used for this dance, but there are also many modern songs that are suitable for this very special Moment.

Some of the best songs for the father-daughter dance:

These songs are all very emotional and have a special meaning for fathers and daughters. They are also very popular at weddings around the world.

Songs for the father-daughter dance at weddings

There are a lot of different songs which are suitable for the father-daughter dance at weddings. Some of the best options are These songs are all very emotional and have a special meaning for fathers and daughters. They are also very popular at weddings around the world.

How to choose the right song

Choosing the right song for the father-daughter dance can be difficult, since there are so many great songs to choose from. However, there are a few things that you should consider to find the perfect song:

  • Personal meaning: Choose a song that has a special meaning to you and your father. Think of shared memories or experiences that you have shared with each other.

  • Emotional connection: Select a song that has a strong emotional connection between you and your father. Remember the special moments you have shared together and what emotions they trigger in you.

  • Musical taste: Choose a song that represents her, and the musical tastes of their father. If you both have the same taste in music, is the song all the more important for both of you.

  • Suitable for wedding: Choose a song that fits the theme and atmosphere of your wedding. If your wedding has a rustic feel, select a song that fits this theme.

Father-daughter-dance memories portrait photography father with his daughter
Father-daughter dance, father of the bride, walks with his daughter down the aisle

Father-daughter-dance without a father

The father-daughter dance is not limited exclusively to the bride’s father, but can refer to any father figure, and other significant Person in the life of the bride-to-be. The father can be replaced, for example, by a stepfather on the dance floor, or from a brother or uncle, when a dance with you is important. If the father can not be present, can also be taken from the mother, grandparents or other family members.

In the symbolic sense of the father-daughter dance is a thank you note from the bride to her father or your parents or to those with whom they are connected by their Childhood and education.

Father-Daughter Dance

My Top Father-Daughter Dance Song Selection

Let my Playlist inspired and find the perfect song for your father-daughter dance.

It will be an unforgettable Moment that you will carry forever in your heart.

Father-daughter dance wedding songs in English, German and Russian

Michael Bolton – Daddy’s Little Girl

In the first Version, he sings:

Bolton, incidentally, is the proud father of three daughters: Isa, Holly, and Taryn.

Originally, exactly 70 years ago by Robert Burke and Horace Gerlach written, the sing-along song until today. Famous The Mills Brothers did in the year 1950. Frank Fontaine has revived in 1963, Al Martino, 1967. 35 years later, in 2002, Michael Bublé, released the song on his Album Dream, and a year later, the song is the eighth Track on Bolton’s Vintage Album.

This charming song is still being played by DJs at weddings.

In fact, iHeartRadio has ranked it at number 8 on its list of the

Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely

The lyrics celebrate the birth of his daughter Aisha Morris. Wonder collaborated on the Song with songwriter and Studio owner Burnetta

The Song opens side 3 of the A recording of Wonder bathing Aisha as an older toddler, is placed in the last section of the song, and Wonders extended chromatic harmonica solo mixed. All in the Song included instruments are played by Wonder, except for some Keyboard Parts were played by Greg Phillinganes.

The Temptations – My Girl

Written and produced by the Miracles members Smokey Robinson and Ronald White, it was the first American number 1 Hit for the Temptations, and is currently her best-known Song.

Robinson’s Inspiration for Writing The Song was released on the Temptations Album In 2017, the Song from the Library of Congress and was selected for preservation in the National Recording Registry, because he was

Sonny Boy Mick – Father Daughter Wedding Dance (Daddy’s Little Girl)

Just a beautiful father-daughter dance song

Sheryl Crow – Sweet Child O’ Mine

Sweet Child o’ Mine, or in English The Single was released on January 17. August 1988 released and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. It was the first and only number-one Single of the Band in the United States.

In the UK, the song peaked at number six. In 1999, Sweet Child o’ Mine by Sheryl Crow, and with the former members of Guns N’ Roses was recorded for the Film Big Daddy, new. Crow’s Version won a Grammy in the category Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.

Celine Dion – Dance With My Father

It was released in may 2003 as the first Single of the album. With Richard Marx, Vandross wrote the song based on his personal experiences. The Text is reminiscent of childhood memories with Vandross’ father, who used to dance with him and his mother. Despite the lack of advertising, due to Vandross’ hospitalization Dance with My Father

At the 2004 Grammy Awards Dance with My Father

Here I present to you a beautiful Version that has covered Celine Dion!

Mariah Carey – Hero

Hero by Mariah Carey – It’s true!

Mariah has, in fact, recorded music, which has nothing to do with This is a great melody, and it is for all the fathers out there, to be regarded in the eyes of their children as heroes.

Joe Cocker – You Are So Beautiful

A beautiful Track with beautiful words.

Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me

A very popular choice for father-daughter dance, in fact!

Beyoncé – Daddy

Originally, the song was not intended for the final track list of the album.

Beyoncé was able to record the song, however, since the release date of their debut album had been postponed. June 2003 as a digital Single on Columbia Records in the US iTunes Store. Beyoncé explained that the development of the song was motivated by the devotion and loyalty of her father/Manager, Mathew Knowles, compared to his family members. Many of the songs on the Album examine aspects of relationships. Music critics, the song is generally a positive recordings, commented that the song was a way for Beyonce to pay tribute to her father tribute.

Helene Fischer – You made me strong

A very emotional Song with an incredibly powerful gesture.

Definitely a good choice to dance with dad!

So beautifully touching!

Gunslinger – The Largest

A very emotional, very personal and authentic Declaration of love!

Wow what a work!

Торнике Квитатиани – Доченька

Tornike Kvitatiani is an actor and singer of Georgian origin.

The song that he has sung hits right to the heart and evokes a sea of emotions!

Март Бабаян – Папина дочка

Mart Babayan with the song

My heart and my daughter, who I appreciate so very much.

You’ll understand if you’re the father

Humidity eyes are pre-programmed!

Ernest Ogannesyan – Доченька моя

A positive, bright and beautiful song that will definitely linger in the memory!

Аркадий Думикян – ПАПИНА ДОЧКА

Great Song and a great vocal performance!


The father-daughter dance is an emotional Moment for many weddings. Choosing the right song for this dance is very important because it is a special Moment for father and daughter. In this blog post, we presented you some of the best songs for the father-daughter dance at weddings. We hope that these songs will help you in choosing the perfect song for this special Moment.

No matter what song you choose, the father-daughter dance will be an unforgettable Moment on your wedding, you and your guests will always remember.

At the end you will find a Link to the complete Spotify Playlist of my recommendations!

Have fun!