Budgets for weddings worksheets

Budgets for weddings worksheets

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The wedding budget calculator is associated with each planning tool to assistant for wedding planning, so that you can always check the total picture with your planning team. You can see it in action

How to define a wedding on a budget?

The cost for the organization of the wedding day are one of the most pressing issues for the future newlyweds. The wedding planning wizard helps you to set priorities, to forget nothing and distribute your holiday budget. You will start with the preparations for your important event, without a physical and mental Problem distracted.

Of course, it will help you, your wedding planner to determine the exact amounts to calculate the final cost estimate and the cost of the items detailed breakdown. However, we recommend using our wedding budget planner, to make in advance an approximate example of the wedding budget you are willing to spend money. And do you worry about the amounts, so that you can call in an interview with the organizer of already approximate Figures, and the final cost not to surprising to you. You can do this with our wedding budget make use of computer, and type, how much and for what you are willing to spend, and our tips will give you the answer to the question how to create a wedding budget can create.

Illustration Of Wedding Budget

Where do you start?

In spite of various financial possibilities, the percentage breakdown of the wedding budget is mostly the same. Personal requests can increase the total amount or decrease, therefore, there is, of course, not an optimal wedding budget. You can follow but at a certain cost ratio by dividing spending the entire vacation in the main. We take a look at a typical wedding budget-section.

Illustration Of Wedding Budget

Look of the bride and groom

It is not easy to speak about some of the amounts, because it all depends on your Wishes and preferences. You can wear a Vintage wedding dress you have inherited an Outfit from a little-known brand to choose, or Vice versa, is one of the luxury brands. Also, do not forget the suit of the groom, shoes, accessories, jewelry and of course the wedding rings in the spreadsheet for wedding budget.


Write down the pressure in the cost of the items: invitation cards, place cards, programs, menus. The price depends on many factors: how many guests you will have, whether they manufacture the cards themselves, and the sign or in a print shop, print them on what materials you choose and so on.


The state fee for the registration of marriage should be a registry office included, as well as the cost for an official starting ceremony or a unofficial application. In the latter case, the final price will include the master of ceremonies, the rent of the ceremony space, the decoration, the decoration of the altar, or of the flower arch.

If you dream of a beach ceremony, it will be easier for you to calculate the cost: Many of the Hotels in popular resorts offering wedding packages with a fixed price.

Rental of premises

If you are planning to host a gala dinner in a Restaurant, can be painted this article will probably most of The Restaurants at the time of booking a Banquet hall available for free. If you close the Hotel and all rooms pay, you do not need to pay for the Banquet hall extra.

In all other cases, the lease of the site must be included in the table, for the wedding budget, and the amounts depend on the size, the equipment and the popularity of the site.

Decoration and floristry

Next tip, we want to have a typical breakdown of the wedding budget. You decide what type of Design you choose. If you are planning tables, decorate with flowers, a Podium, to arrange a bow for the registration and set the decorations, it will grow the amount for an indefinite period of time. It all depends on the size, complexity of structures and the number of specialists needed for Installation.

Wedding Reception & Banquet

At this point, it is easier for the average Figures for the wedding budget specify. The cost for the Banquet depend on the number of guests, the category of the restaurant, or catering services, the number of food and beverage, and whether your venue furniture, tablecloths and chair covers, utensils, equipment for the dance floor and artistic performances, etc ready. In the maximum amounts of the beverage (including alcohol), which included festive decoration of the hall, all the necessary equipment, and the work of the waiters are usually.

We should also talk about alcohol. Some Restaurants allow you, your alcohol to bring, but they charge a corkage fee on each bottle. If the prices for drinks in the Restaurant too high, this can be an advantage.

How do I calculate the number of drinks bottles for your guests? In our example, the wedding budget you are going to need so many of the drinks:

Strong alcoholic drinks – 0,5 bottle / Person

— Wine – 0,6 Bottles / Person

— Champagne – 0,3 Bottles / Person

— Non-alcoholic drinks – 1.5 l / Person

Many are women among their guests, it is worth more wine and sparkling wine, and less spirits bring. If the guests are predominantly male, is the opposite: more strong alcohol and less wine.


The wedding cake is the main dessert of the Evening, therefore, it is worth it to be incorporated into the output planners for the wedding budget.

It is not difficult to calculate the size of the cake for each guest, there are 150-200 g Dessert. If you think that this is too little, don’t Worry: you must remember that in front of these guests, Snacks, salads and a few hot dishes to try. In addition, it will undoubtedly be other sweets to your wedding table.

We get that, for most people, and you have no idea what a wedding cake costs, but it helps with the fact that a wedding cake for 100 to $ 6 per Serving to start easily. It all depends on the filling, the complexity of the execution, the presence of the décor and the popularity of the master.

Entertainment for guests

You can add the wedding budget estimator for another Item of expenditure – the wedding entertainment. In addition to Workshops, photo booth rental, DJ work, guest artists, special effects (fireworks, etc.).


The wedding budget list should also include all of the contractor, with whom you intend to work on the shield. In General, the following professionals are present at the wedding, so it makes sense to include them in your wedding budget:

— A wedding planner or wedding organizer (the cost of work depends on the experience, the skills and the size of the company)


— Flower shop


— Master of ceremonies


— Waiter

Of course, the prices for all professionals vary greatly, depending on the city, the duration of the event, the popularity of the selected date and day of the Week, as well as category and experience of its professionals.


They take into account in the checklist for the wedding budget rental car for you and for the guests, and train or plane tickets (if you will pay the price for guests from other cities of the trip), a Taxi from the airport to the Hotel and from the Hotel to the place of the ceremony. You should also consider how the guests move between the venues, if the ceremony and reception take place in different locations.

Accommodation of guests

You plan to host guests from other cities and countries, at their own expense? Then you have to factor in your cost estimate for the wedding of the cost for the room of the selected Hotels. If you have selected a country hotel for your wedding, and intend to remain there a few days, add a room for yourself.


And do not forget seasonality: spring and summer are the most popular seasons for weddings. Therefore, the rent of the venue, hotel accommodation, Banquet, and the work of professionals in this time, they cost more than in the autumn and Winter.

What is the result?

The most important percentage of the wedding budget are as follows:

— 41% for a Banquet

— 12% for entertainment at the wedding

— 12% of clothing and accessories for young people

— 11 % are Video and photography

— 7% Hochzeitskorso

— 8 % other expenditure, for the wedding ceremony

Congratulations! Now you know how to create a wedding budget!

It is an excellent example of the wedding budget, the key was a prerequisite for the success of your wedding. To get started, we recommend to identify the most important cost items and their approximate cost for the wedding with our wedding budget to calculate Tool. Wedding Budget Planner is a wedding budget Tracker helps you collect all the information about your wedding in one place and to save you from chaotic diary entries and a lot of paper. You plan pre-wedding Affairs, and tasks, control the Budget, create lists of contractors and guests, etc.

Can I have my wedding budget in Excel Format?

Yes! In order to capture the actual costs, we recommend that you use our calculator and then export a Budget in an Excel spreadsheet. You can mark all of the latest editions to reflect the data and the amounts of advance payments, fees and Final billing. Such a Excel spreadsheet, wedding planning-wizard calculator, allows you the breakdown of your wedding budget and the control of all expenditure.

The wedding budget for the bride and groom is very clear, the expenses are divided according to the main groups, all the names, dates, and notes can be marked here.

Such a table will be a good help in the process of wedding preparation and will help to not miss a thing. You can download your budget list in PDF Format. The second possibility is to Export the wedding budget list in Google Sheets. Or you can make it by yourself, by using our wedding budget template in Excel after the Export.

The modern way to keep your wedding budget in the Cloud. It is reliable! But you can print your wedding budget, at any time and it is literally in your hands.

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