Country bride entrance songs

Country bride entrance songs

Many couples looking for a Church ceremony, after the civil Ceremony. First, the question of whether the registry office and Church, in one day, is celebrated, or on different days. In addition, there is a special feature, if the bride-to-be couple of different denominations has: This is called Ecumenical Ceremony. So you can strengthen Faith, and have the opportunity to receive the blessing of God. In this article, we give you practical advice, if you Ecumenical want to symbolically marry.

What is an Ecumenical wedding?

An Ecumenical marriage takes place when the bride and groom at the same time a Catholic and a Protestant to marry. For example, the fiancee belongs to the Catholic Church and the future wife is Protestant.

In total, you have three options:

  1. A Catholic wedding Ceremony
  2. An Evangelical wedding Ceremony
  3. An Ecumenical Ceremony

The Ecumenical service connects the two denominations. Here, you can either be in a Catholic Church with an Evangelical accompaniment before the age trust, or the other way around.

For the registration of the marriage, you must contact both the parish office, to request the Ecumenical wedding. And also when Traugespräch both priests are present.

For one of the two members must be at the Church. If this is not the case, you can first recording, or a re-entry request.

The hands of the bride and the groom one another on the bride's dress, while both wedding bands wearing
Ecumenical Ceremony: The fresh married couple with the new wedding rings

The end of the worship service

Although your Traugott service takes place with two pastors, you have to at the end to decide. Either you celebrate the ceremony, according to the Catholic rite, or to the Protestant. Your wedding Ceremony will take place in the respective municipality.

This is also from the Church legal reasons important! Is your Wedding Catholic celebrated, it is regarded as a Catholic Ceremony, with the

sacrament of marriage. At a Protestant Ceremony, you must decide whether you want to let the Marriage as a sacrament in the Catholic Church to enter.

The Ecumenical Ceremony usually lasts between 45 minutes and an hour.

The expiration of the Evangelical Church

The Protestant wedding Ceremony runs as always. The Evangelical Pastor has accompanied the line and the Catholic priest of the ceremony.

This is a typical procedure in the Evangelical Church:

  • Opening
    • Reception of the bride and groom by both pastor
    • Entering the Church (with music)
    • Welcome
    • Song / Village Song
    • The entrance to vote
    • The entrance of a prayer or a Psalm-prayer

  • Preaching, confession and blessing
    • Speech Trauspruch
    • Song, music or organ piece
    • Reading
    • Prayer for Marriage
    • Grape knowledge
    • Exchange of rings
    • Blessing of the bride and groom
    • Song
  • Shipment
    • Prayer and intercession
    • Our father
    • Final blessing
    • Excerpt from the Church (with music)

The expiration of the Catholic Church

The ceremony in the Catholic Church runs as a purely Catholic word, in worship, i.e., without the sacrament. The Catholic chaplain of the line, and the Protestant Pastor accompanied the wedding.

This is a typical sequence of a Catholic Church service for the Wedding:

  • Opening
    • Reception of the bride and groom (pastor receives bride and groom at the Church entrance)
    • Entering the Church (with music)
    • Opening prayer
    • Welcome to the community
    • Introduction (Transition to the worship)
    • Kyrie
    • Daily prayer
  • Word-worship
    • Reading and singing
    • Song / Village Song
    • Homily (Address)
  • Wedding ceremony
    • Survey according to the willingness to Christian marriage
    • Blessing of the rings
    • Marriage (decrease of the Trauversprechens)
    • Confirmation of the marriage
    • Solemn Ceremony Of Blessing
  • Intercessions
  • Our father
  • Closing prayer and song of thanks

  • Signing of documents (by a best man and a priest)
  • Excerpt from the Church (with music)

Raising kids: baptism of the children of

Previously, the children had to be baptized to an Ecumenical wedding in the Catholic Church, and educated. A conversation with the Catholic priest was, where he asked the parents explicitly.

Nowadays, this will not be seen as strict. The parents have the opportunity to baptize the children of Evangelical and later on, you will receive the communion.

For the Catholic Church and the spiritual Success and peace of the marriage of Tauffrage and the education of children.

The hymn-book is added to the table. On the left side of songs and the right to the song, 'the Church year is added'
In praise of God have you an Overview of the most beautiful songs for your ceremony, [a]

Songs and Trausprüche for worship

The singing of spiritual songs and hymns creates a special Moment of community and cohesion. That is why, the selection of songs is not an easy task.

Basically, you should Orient you to what is rite your wedding Ceremony is performed and what are the parish accompanied the ceremony. You have the choice between the two song books:

  1. The Evangelical hymnal (EC) in different Land issues, and contains 535 songs.
  2. The Catholic hymn book is Gotteslob (GL). The stem part is made up of three main and contains 280 songs.

Currently, 90’s songs, in both the vocal books and in the praise of God 145 Ecumenical songs – So you’ll definitely find one you are!

Alternatively, you have the opportunity to use, other songs. This you have previously with the Pastor to clarify and don’t forget the song in your Church Bulletin to include!

Special Trausprüche from the Bible

The Trausprüche play an important role! For the Ecumenical Ceremony in the Bible and in the gospel a number of Trausprüche on the theme of partnership, love, and Faith. Especially beautiful we find the

trauspruch generator of the Evangelical Church.

These are different blessings and Trausprüche for your wedding vows:

  • ‘re with each other a warm and friendly welcome and forgive one another, even as God hath forgiven you in Christ.
    Paul to the Ephesians 4,32
  • Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. The love never stops.
    Corinthians 13 ,7+8a
  • Saith the Lord, I send an angel before you, protected you on your way.
    2. Moses 23,20

Don’t forget, the Trauspruch into the Church Bulletin to include!

If you followed our instructions and ideas that will be your Ecumenical Ceremony a great success!

If you have another question, or Inspiration, just leave a comment.

Competent service providers you can find in our catalog. We wish you that your marriage for many years and her numerous wedding day celebrates.

Feedback: what is your opinion on this?

Runs your Marriage according to the Catholic Church or the Protestant Church? What is your Trauspruch for the Ecumenical wedding?
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