Country walk down the aisle songs

Country walk down the aisle songs

All hail the King of Country! Johnny Cash, you simply must like, even when you otherwise, there is little for the great American Genre left. Not Johnny Cash was in vain, early on, to a Star far beyond the Country-the world – his Songs, his style and his personality made him a figure of identification beyond the scenes and flavors. In 2003, Cash in Nashville, died after a long and serious illness, but in his last years of life, he was once an artistic monument. In addition to many of the old Cash-classics of the Songs have found a place in our Best-Of list.

1. I Won’t Back Down (2000)

We start directly with a double-legends-charge.

The Especially shortly before his death incurred American Recordings are Packed with such Highlights. Among other things, find out I Won’t Back Down, a classics by Tom Petty, rest in peace! Tom and Heartbreakers acted as the Band on Johnny cash’s Album Unchained (1996), and this cover version played Petty, along with Cash. Thus, the Song is a memory of two great musicians.

2. Flesh And Blood (1970)

With this Song, Cash made it not only to the top of the Country Charts, but also wrote one of his most beautiful love songs. In the same year John was born, the child of Cash and June Carter, whom he had married two years previously.

There is no doubt that it had inspired his new-found happiness in love to this number. The Lyrics on the tongue: a Sincere and pure you can’t write a love song.

3. A Boy Named Sue (1969)

It was written this Song by Shel Silverstein, but his recording was not particularly great success. So he turned to Johnny Cash. Just his legendary concert at the prison of San Quentin, Cash received the Song and played it relatively unprepared – the Text he had read. The Live Album At San Quentin (1969), however, was a massive success and

A Boy Named Sue , one of cash’s biggest Hits. In many parts of the recording you can hear the Cash and jail audience laugh in equal measure – an incredible piece of history.

4. I Walk The Line (1956)

With love songs knew the Cash has always been, even before he fell permanently in June Carter. I Walk The Line refers to his first wife, Vivian Liberto. Actually, the Song was supposed to be a slower ballad, but at the behest of the record company, he was a little accelerated – with a great result, as we all know. I Walk The Line – influenced at the time, not only the development of the modern Country music, but was to become the icon: Two movies have been named after him, one from the year 1970 with Gregory Peck in the lead role, and the Cash-Film with Joaquin Phoenix in 2005.

5. Man In Black (1971)

This Song really needs to know every Fan of the The Song also expresses the social commitment, has always been an important part of cash’s career: He was oppressed, and Marginalized a voice.

6. Jackson (1967)

As the thing between Johnny and June Carter really was serious, took both of their first joint Album, Carryin’ On With Johnny Cash And June Carter, 1967. Although there are many subsequent duets, in which the two your love without restraint celebrate, but

Jackson is very special in this respect: One senses the sparks fly, but it is but everything is still left unsaid and the innocent. Apart from this, the Song is a summit of two of the greatest Country musician of all times, that is something.

7. Folsom Prison Blues (1957)

Johnny Cash, the brother-in-law! Although he was arrested several times, gotta Cash never sit even in prison. He recorded two of his most famous Live albums in the jail, as mentioned above, is more than just a soft spot for gangsters and criminals: Cash wanted to give the people in the jail, hope, and wrote such Songs such as this for you. He was all for a reason of many an Ex-con, he was determined not care.

8. Sunday Morning Come Down (1970)

For many experts, this Song is considered to be one of the most powerful pieces of music ever written in Nashville. He comes from Kris Kristofferson, but first – who else – Johnny Cash made him a Hit. And Sunday Morning Come Down is, of course, also a number that concerns all of us: the story begins with The heavy head, the man after a long night, and switches between the high points of last night and the Suffering the day after. That’s the price you have to pay for a good life, Mr. Cash just knew it.

9. Ring Of Fire (1963)

This is the number that burns and burns and burns, for always. There is a more unique Country Song? With his Text, and the brilliant trumpet Parts is the Ring Of Fire hard to surpass. Merle Kilgore and June Carter wrote the Song in 1962 and by Johnny Cash in urgent need of a new Hit – sometimes everything fits together just perfectly.

10. Bridge Over Troubled Water

The most famous Song from Johnny cash’s late work is actually Hurt, a Cover of a Nine Inch Nails Songs. But this Song is not to always have to serve, he is also fragile and will wear out so easily. It also lacks not at all the Highlights on the American Recordings. Cash interpreted on American IV: The Man Comes Around (2002), for example, the Simon & Garfunkel classic Bridge Over Troubled Water. Who gets here, no goose bumps, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Johnny Cash, Paul McCartney, Aerosmith: The Simpsons, they had it all!

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