Country wedding vows

Country wedding vows

Updated: 20.11.2019 to 12:10

Paradise for couples getting Married abroad: Fast, non-bureaucratic and simple!

By Friederike Ostermeyer

Wedding on the beach: This is also in Germany, but in case of doubt, faster, less bureaucratic and cheaper abroad. Read on to see where.

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Wedding on the beach: This is also in Germany, but in case of doubt, faster, less bureaucratic and cheaper abroad.

Read on to see where.

Marry – preferably immediately without a lot of bureaucracy? In some countries, the Marriage laws are much more straightforward than in this country. And the money can even save some money.

Sometimes it has to go really fast, even when Married. Even if this step should be well thought out – after all, every third marriage fails statistically. But who in the run-up not with bureaucratic obstacles, time and cost, and the struggle would like to, should a marriage abroad think. In some countries, there’s palm trees and beach with this…

Getting married abroad: Las Vegas – the classics for Lightning weddings

Nearly one hundred thousands of couples every year in Las Vegas, trust. The city is full of Chic Wedding Chapels in glitter-Kitsch and Elvis. To be able to marry one of them, does not need to formulate the Couple as a valid passport and the ability to The license to the Yeah-pick up Say you in a Marriage Bureau, where without an appointment insured for a small fee of about $ 80 only orally, is unmarried.

Birth certificates or other documents are not needed. After that, we can go on. In the wedding chapel, of course, it takes a full year’s best man, who can, if necessary, will also be made.

Back in Germany, however, it is not without the authorities. Which brought the marriage certificate must be subsequently recognized. But it can also have its advantages. Sometimes after the intoxication, that the marriage was a not-so-good idea. And if it is, you have to cope with the common response to the home office also.

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Get married in Denmark, no hurdles for Binational couples

In Europe, Denmark is considered to be the wedding Paradise. Not in the romantic sense, but because of the unique legislative saves a lot of Stress and nerves. Specifically Binational couples are placed in Denmark, no stones in the way, while the bureaucratic hurdles in Germany, the marriage of desire of two people from different backgrounds quickly for the ordeal to be.

This also applies to same-sex marriages are not recognized in Denmark by law fully. Even Church weddings are here for gay couples, no Problem.

Also, there is no mandatory waiting periods, so that a notification is not sufficient, a few days before. Please bring valid passports, certificates respective registration certificates from the place of origin and birth. Meanwhile, there are numerous agencies that make Lightning weddings directly behind the limit of the possible, on request, also in German language. In the morning, and in the evenings married back. And that is partially a total of 200 Euro.

In Denmark, the marriage is worldwide legal, valid, and thus recognized in Germany. Same-sex marriages, however, are treated by law automatically as a registered partnership. But as soon as you enter the Danish soil, is to get back as a full-fledged couple.

Is there actually such a thing as the right time to get Married? According to a study, at least for a period of time, to define, within which a wedding usually leads to a stable marriage. You can read more about it here.

Jamaica – unbureaucratic wedding and dream honeymoon in a

Jamaica makes it marriage, consent and agree to foreigners is also relatively easy. Non-Jamaicans need to have prior to the marriage for at least 24 hours in the country stopped. In addition to passports, birth certificates and, where appropriate, a certified divorce decree or death certificate of the deceased spouse for Widowed, it needs only a marriage license, the Jamaican justice requested the Ministry.

These will be handed in the next day. Is the managed stands of a romantic beachwedding followed by a honeymoon, nothing in the way.

Church marriages are only for pairs of Protestant denomination possible. Then from the Jamaican Ministry of foreign Affairs certified marriage certificate is recognized in Germany. Many Hotels in Jamaica, specializing in wedding tourism, and of course, in the relatively non-bureaucratic preparations and Arrangements are the perfect ceremony to help. And thus also in the planning nothing is slipping, here’s the check list for the wedding.

A similarly simple way it behaves on the Fiji Islands, the Seychelles, Bali, or


Sunny, fast and cheap wedding in Gibraltar

Actually, it is in Spain to marry Non-nationals is almost impossible. The only exception is the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, which is just 7 square kilometers, although, somehow, to Spain, but to continue as a British colony is considered to be forms. The residents want. Therefore, the marriage law, according to British jurisdiction, which means that the issued marriage certificates are everywhere in the world valid on the southernmost tip of mainland Europe.

Although the need for the usual documents and it is only civil marriages are possible (here, there ), but will take the resolution of all formalities, usually not longer than 24 hours.

Who can afford to pay for a large Party or want to, have to reckon with not more than a total of 150 Euro fee. The romantic sunset on the beach there are free at the top.

Because of Gibraltar, with its rugged rocky coastline also a gorgeous Mediterranean climate, the Mini-colony for decades as uncomplicated Wedding Hotspot. These benefits also, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, who were here in March 1969, the Yes-word.

Then it was time for the prominent Peace-Couple in the honeymoon to Amsterdam, where it held her famous public Happening in the hotel bed of the Hiltons.

Whether at home or abroad: as soon As guests are loaded, you will also need the appropriate place to celebrate. How to find the perfect wedding location. The wedding is over and then? How do you manage to stay happy into old age? 3 couples reveal the secret of their love.

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