Cute lesbian wedding ideas

Cute lesbian wedding ideas

Since 2017, same-sex couples in Germany have the right to marry. Since there are no partnerships, but the marriage for all. Austria 2019 tightened, Switzerland has voted on 26.09.21 for marriage for all.
Somehow you don’t already notice also in the language that is in the German-speaking area still so long ago. In contrast to English-speaking countries, we have a problem in German with terms for queer weddings.

We clean up today with the jungle of terms and show you what is going on and what I’d rather not.



gay wedding – a little trip to the English

Same sex wedding is probably the most frequently used term for LGBTIQ+weddings in the English-speaking world. Similar to often find gay wedding and more and more queer wedding.

But regardless of whether same-sex wedding, queer wedding, or a gay wedding – all these terms are used freely and naturally.

What are the terms for lgbtiq+weddings in German?


We translate the English terms, but simply one-to-one:

Same sex wedding – same-sex wedding

Gay wedding – gay wedding

Queer Non – wedding-hm…-hetero wedding? Queer Wedding?


Then the wedding would be there wedding, gay wedding, gay Lesbian marriage, lesbian wedding, gay wedding, wife, wedding, men’s wedding…

The head smokes you?

We try to bring a bit of order in the term and to share our assessment. What is okay, what has a taste and what we should better keep your fingers?

By the way: This is just our view and opinion. We will not remove us, to speak for a whole Community, and so for all queer people! Because there is no generally valid queer spelling! There is no fundamental self-designation, there is no General Naming, which is suitable for all people. What we are trying to collect experiences, assessments, and reports from the LGBTIQ+ Community and summarize.

marriage for all same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage – as a queer wedding is called officially. The term He has a quasi-synonym to the advantage of this: ALL people are included.

The focus is on these two concepts, of course, the marriage, and less on the wedding. According to value-neutral, it fits the same-sex marriage for gay, lesbian, or Bi-couples. Problematic, the term is, however, for non-binary people.

gay wedding or gay marriage

Therefore, the combination of a wedding or marriage is for a lot of queer people is still difficult.

Also He is also controversial, because the focus is very much on the sexual content.


Gay wedding or lesbian wedding

And it gets more complicated. When people refer to themselves as Gay or lesbian, is the term for a completely hassle-free. However, there are also those who say: This is not something that defines me.“ These people are lesbian terms, or a gay wedding, it’s more of a semi see.


Lesbian wedding, or a gay wedding

The difference compared to lesbian and gay wedding may not seem all that great, but he is definitely.

Lesbian and gay as an adjective describes, for many queer people are only a part of their identity and not defined you as a whole Person.

That’s why they say

Accordingly, the description also applies to the lesbian or gay wedding.



What options are there?

What do you think because of men couple or woman, couple? Thus, the focus would be the way of the sexual orientation, and more in the people.

Brides-to-be few or groom couple is a similar variant with the focus clearly on the wedding theme.

These options do not exclude but, again, very clear-binary people.

Gay wedding would also be a possibility, however, only for the friend:the inside of the Denglischen.

Our favorites: Queer wedding or queer marry

Queer is a word that the LGBTIQ+ Community has reclaimed, and has also found its way into German.

This collective term for LSBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, inter, queer, and everything there is in the spectrum) does not include all of the, also-binary people.

Unlike many of the other terms, Queer is in the German value-free, neutral, and without the negative connotation due to non-queer people.

Therefore, the concepts of Queer marry and queer wedding of our absolute favorites, when, in fact, a specific Wording for LGBTIQ+weddings is useful. Because actually….

or how about this?

How about we talk not so much about what Gender what gender is getting married?

How about if we focus all the more on the people. And then there are wedding couples, dream couples and lovers – and that’s exactly why it should go at the end but actually only!

That is our goal! We are committed to ensuring that it is simple only wedding and queer couples as a matter of course in the wedding world to find them again, like the bride & groom.

Because love is love.