Elongated cushion cuts are the next big thing in engagement rings

Elongated cushion cuts are the next big thing in engagement rings

elongated cushion cut engagement ring from Goodstone

We love a cushion cut–the facets, the wow factor, THE SPARKLE. What could be better? Well…have you ever heard of an elongated cushion cut? It’s everything you love and MORE, literally. And who doesn’t love more when it comes to diamonds? GOODSTONE, a jewelry line famed for their re-interpretation of timeless classics, has introduced the elongated cushion cut and we’re obsessed. Just look at these rocks!

unique elongated cushion cut engagement ring from Goodstone

And before you panic about falling in love with a ring that’s way out of your price point–think again! GOODSTONE has always prided themselves on using only ethically sourced diamonds and materials in their jewelry and now they offer lab-grown diamonds. What does this mean for you and your ring? It means a lot more bang for your buck.

affordable cushion cut large diamond engagement ring from Goodstone

Lab-grown diamonds are physically and chemically identical to mined diamonds but because they are created in a lab, they require a lot less manpower to source and have a fraction of the variables that surround their counterparts. Because of that, you’re left with a more reliable, quality diamond every time and at a much better price. Like WAY better! And to put your mind at ease, lab-grown diamonds are recognized by the FTC and GIA as “real diamonds”.

large pear shaped engagement ring from Goodstone

oval cluster engagement ring from Goodstone

So, back to that elongated cushion cut…yep, it’s in your budget! And like all of the rings from GOODSTONE, it was crafted by dedicated artisans who take pride in creating heirloom-quality jewelry. At GOODSTONE, they believe that luxury isn’t defined by a price tag but by authenticity and craftsmanship–and it shows.

unique marquise diamond engagement ring from Goodstone

more than rings

affordable diamond jewelry from Goodstone

It’s definitely worth mentioning that while GOODSTONE made their mark with their engagement rings, they also have a collection of other STUNNING fine jewelry pieces. So, if you need earrings or a necklace for the big day, it’s a one-stop shop. And remember, with GOODSTONE’s lab-grown diamonds, wearing real diamonds for your wedding is actually affordable!

diamond necklace from Goodstone

drop diamond earrings from Goodstone

affordable diamond bracelet from Goodstone

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