Father dance songs

Father dance songs

The father-daughter dance can be a very emotional Moment at your wedding. Usually it takes place right after the Bridal dance with the groom. Here we have 15 emotional song suggestions for you!

Father Of The Bride Dance
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As with all of the wedding traditions it is also this custom is not a Must!

You have to decide for yourself whether the father-daughter dance that suits your wedding. Through this dance, your father is aware that his daughter is not a little girl anymore, and a family of my own builds, the father is but still have an important role in the life of the bride-to-be.

If your dad can’t attend your wedding, you can, emotional Moment with a special wedding song with your brother or grandpa parts.

You have besides your biological father, a stepfather, so you can dance with both of them to share and simply with each dance or for a private wedding song to pick.

Songs for father daughter dance
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Don’t forget about mom!

Also, the mother of the groom will be very happy to share the wedding a special Moment with her son. Some of our song suggestions for the mother son dance in question.

Top 15 wedding songs for the bride-to-be-father-or the mother-son dance

Songs For Father Daughter Dance
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1. The Heartland: I loved her first

Your father was the first man who has loved you. Through this song your dad can show you, to the point that it is simply his daughter go. He also makes sure to remind me that your husband has to watch from today, well to you!

2. Bon Jovi: Thank you for loving me

With this song you can thank your dad that he has always loved you and always will love. No matter what was or is coming, your father will support you. Through this song your father can give to a Slow Fox a beautiful Moment!

3. Adele: Make you feel my love

In this music, no eye remains dry! No matter what will be you and your father will always be there for each other and you support each other. You can dance to it together Blues!

Father-Daughter Dance
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4. Celiné Dion Dance with my father

Declarations of love are there on your special day, quite a lot, but with this song, you will have the possibility to your father to make a Declaration of love. Simply to say Thank you, for everything, what did your father for you!

5. Michael Bublé: Daddy’s little Girl

With this song your dad can show all of the wedding guests again, that you’ll always be his You can dance a slow waltz.

6. Joe Cocker: You are so beautiful

For your dad, you’re the most beautiful woman in this world and the Best for him. And that will never change! And that is exactly what this song can convey your common Rumba… just beautiful!

Father-Daughter Dance Songs
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7. Bob Carlisle: Butterfly Kisses

By this wedding song, common ownership is determined. In this Moment, it is to let go of your dad is even more difficult for you, but the memory of his little girl forever.

8. Mariah Carey: Hero

Your father is and will always be your Hero?

Then this song to the dance tells him. For this song you especially good at dancing a Rumba!

9. Westlife: My Girl

No matter what is to come, you’ll always be Daddy’s girl. On this day, your father will be proud of you, and that Pride shows in your wedding dance!

10. Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus I learned from you

What we have not learned it all from dad, and now is the time to say, by a common dance on a special day, Thank you!

11. LaFee: I love you

Groom Mother Dance Songs
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12. Helene Fischer: You made me strong

Now you have to choose only one of these Songs, dance practice, and your father can give you an unforgettable Moment!

Groom Mother Dance
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13. Westlife: You raise me up

14. Elton John: Circle of Life

15. Music: Under your flag

Father-daughter dance differently

Of course you can, as well as your wedding dance as a couple, dance with your father something spectacular make a choreography rehearsal. For dad’s with dance talent for sure an interesting Variation, as in this Video:

Cost-DJ wedding
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