Father of groom speech examples

Father of groom speech examples

Faith plays a Central role in your life? He should be mostly reflected in the wedding again. It must a Christian wedding but not necessarily the dusty act. We have stuttered for you the nicest ideas of how your Faith can integrate in a beautiful way in your wedding. These articles are divided into the following sections:

  1. Wedding in Christianity
  2. Ideas for Christian wedding Ceremony/wedding
  3. Music pick: 21 Christian wedding songs for the wedding Ceremony
  4. Christian blessings wishes to wedding
  5. Wedding Bible verse – the most beautiful Bible verses for the wedding
  6. Christian Symbols Wedding
  7. Decoration idea: Bible verses as a part of the wedding decoration
  8. Christian Wedding Gifts
  9. More beautiful ideas for a Christian wedding
  10. Photo story of Katherine and Daniel – A Christian wedding full of emotions

1. Wedding in Christianity

Heart Pendant Decoration
© Alla Robeyko

The wedding in Christianity, is one of the most beautiful frets, there is. On this day, the bride decides couple aware of a common life together. A life in which for each other in honor, love and respect.

The Christian wedding reflects the beautiful Covenant that is between a man and a woman.

The wedding and the marriage is seen by Christians as a beautiful mirror image of the relationship between God and people. The love of a married couple, as they supported each other, love by wear and unconditionally – a reflection of God’s love to us again. He is ready to give the most precious in order to have a relationship with us.

Blessings Wedding
© gesang-photo.com

I interpret this word on the connection between Christ and his Church. It is also for you: A man should love his wife as himself. And the wife should respect her husband.“

Ephesians 5: 32-33 (ESV Bible)

Just as God gave his life for us, to allow to be in a relationship with us, so also the man is to love his wife. It’s about the unconditional love for each other. The willingness to fight for each other, to respect each other and to honor, and to decide each and every day for each other. So it is with the relationship with God, and this reflects a marriage in a beautiful way.

Christian wedding Outdoor

The ceremony of Courtney and Jeff included classic songs, a beautiful speech of their Pastor, and ended up tied with a cord of three strands – a beautiful Ritual.

Christian Wedding Ceremony
© J. Richard Photography

The parties Involved: photographer: J. Richard Photography // Location: Heyward Manor // bride’s dress shop: David’s Bridal // Groomsman suits: Mens Warehouse // Catering: Laurendas restaurant & catering

2. Beautiful ideas for the Christian wedding Ceremony/wedding

Christian wedding Ceremony ideas
© Critsey Rowe Photography

A wedding is something very special. To celebrate you beautiful, there are a number of ideas for the Christian wedding. We have selected for you the most beautiful inspiration.

The Lord’s Supper

Sacrament Wedding
© Depositphotos.com/ingridhs

Like the Lord’s supper will be celebrated in a Christian wedding.

The sacrament is kept as a reminder of what Jesus has done for us. Here, the bread for his body that he has given, and the wine (or grape juice) for his blood that was shed for us. is

Thus, it symbolizes the Covenant and the unconditional love of God.

For more program ideas in our guide.

Ring Warming

Ritual-free Wedding
© Carrie Reagan Photography

This beautiful wedding ritual for the Christian wedding Ceremony is quickly and easily implemented, but all the more romantic!

Your love let your wedding rings will bless and love and Prayers So you have an even greater importance so already.

In addition, your guests still feel related to your Wedding and the happiness for your marriage.

The sign can stand, for example: If we exchange the rings in our ceremony, they contain not only the promise we make to each other, but also the love and support of each of you!“

The three-piece line from Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12

Christian Bible verse wedding the three-piece cord
© Jasmine White Photography

People are so important in our lives, as well as the relationship to you. To have a Partner is so valuable, even if it is sometimes difficult. And if God is also an important part of the relationship that is extremely strong and tear resistant.

Christian Wedding Candle
© gesang-photo.com

Of the Bible is Ecclesiastes 4, Verse 9 to 12, and this describes very clearly:

“Two are better than one, because together they can achieve more. Crashes one of them, then helps the other to him on the legs. But how bad is it to the one who is alone when he falls! No one is there, will help him again! If two out in the cold together, warms the other, but how can one alone be warm? One can easily be overwhelmed, but two are the attack grown. You wouldn’t say:

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 (ESv)

This Bible verse is very often used as a Trauvers. But regardless of whether this passage from the Bible, your Trauvers is or is not, could you nevertheless, this idea in your Christian wedding ceremony embed.

Christian verses for the wedding
© Etsy/WillieAndDollyDesign (from 150€ incl.


Here are directly intertwined after the Ceremony, the three ropes together. This symbolizes a cord of God, and the other cord to the bride and the third string of the groom. All three remain a unit, this rope is extremely strong and will remain strong. This picture is a beautiful reminder of your big day, your marriage vows and your Cohesion.

Ecclesiastes 4 9 - 12
© Etsy/WillieAndDollyDesign

Christian verses for wedding Ecclesiastes 4 : 9 – 12

This Board is in addition to your name and your wedding date can be personalized. A larger image of them you can see in the picture above.

Price: from 150€ incl. Shipping

Christian decor
© Etsy/WillieAndDollyDesign

Christian Deko – cord of three strands

The same idea of the three-piece cord was implemented in a different Design. Here are the cords of the right and left, as well as from above. They are intertwined with each other, they form a cross.

To the right of the braided cross of the Bible verse. On the left side of her with the initial of eures last name and your wedding date, you can leave the Board in addition to personalize.

Price: approx. 230€ incl. Shipping

Are you interested in this idea to build one? Everything you need, is a beautiful wooden Board, white paint and brush, as well as three of the same long, thick cords, and something then Connect.

In order to bring the three holes in the top right of the cords in the wood, a drill is still advantageous. Do you want it similar to the picture in your Wedding set up, you can in addition a beautiful easel use.

3. Christian wedding songs – 21 music tips for the Christian wedding Ceremony

Christian Wedding Songs
© Sonja Schulz

Whether moving in or out of the Church, the worship, or for the wedding dance there are many Christian songs beautiful for a wedding fit. We have compiled a selection of the most beautiful classic and modern songs.

Classical Christian wedding songs

Wedding songs Christian
© gesang-photo.com
  • Amazing Grace – the German Version of
  • Thank you for this good Morning by Martin Gotthard Schneider
  • As a deer longs for flowing streams – English Version of by Martin J. Nystrom
  • Great God, we praise you by Ignaz Franz
  • Lord, before thy face two of Viktor Friedrich Strauss and Torney

Modern Christian wedding songs

Contemporary Christian songs for the wedding
© gesang-photo.com
  • This I believe (the faith) by Hillsong – English Version of
  • The lion and the lamb – English Version of by Bethel Music
  • Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin – German Version of

  • God, you’re bigger (You do test the water to wine) – English Version of by Chris Tomlin
  • In Christ, he is my whole Holding – English Version of by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend
  • Light of this world (I want to worship you) – English Version of by Tim Hughes
  • Boldly I come before the throne – the English Version offrom Rend Collective
  • Father in heaven, by Albert Frey
  • Waymaker by Michael W. Smith or Sinach
  • What a beautiful Name by Hillson … … – the German Version of “what a beautiful Name”
  • Ten thousand reasons (Come on and bless the Lord) by Matt Redman – Engl-proof Version of

  • To your throne (Neither High nor Low) of outbreak tape
Christian Wedding Song
© Paul Carrier

Newer songs of the modern Christian wedding songs

  • New Wine by Hillsong
  • Reckless Love by Cory Asbury – German Version of “Daring to love”
  • Tremble by Amanda Cook and Bethel Music Worship
  • So will I (100 Billion X) by Hillsong – German Version of “I”

Tip: Usually come in at the wedding for several generations together. There’s a good mix of modern and classic songs is a beautiful way to keep the wedding guests to accommodate. Would you like one of the beautiful English songs include, you can show a parallel to the German Translation.

The guests who do not understand English are able to read, at least, what is sung.

4. Christian blessings wishes to wedding

Christian blessings wishes to wedding
© Critsey Rowe Photography

On the beautiful day blessings wishes are of course very welcome. Whether in his Congratulations after the Ceremony, a birthday card or a prayer and Intercession. Therefore, you can find here a few examples.

Christian blessings, wishes for Christmas cards or personal Congratulate:

  • “To the wedding I wish/ we wish you all the best and God’s blessing.”
  • “A lot of luck and many blessings on all your Ways.”
  • “I wish/ We wish you God’s blessings on your way into the marriage.”

  • Quote: (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)
  • Proverb from Brazil:

Intercessions for the wedding – examples and tips

Intercessions Wedding
© Critsey Rowe Photography

Who would like to pray a prayer and Intercession in the context of the Marriage or of the Free, for example, can refer to the following points:

  • Love and patience for each other and each other
  • Protection for marriage
  • Focus on God
  • God always remains the focus of
  • That the Holy spirit to guide you and give you wisdom
  • Healthy Family
  • Financial Supply
  • Joy in everyday life
  • Respect each other
  • Each other to honor, love and respect

  • Growing confidence zueinande
  • Strong cohesion, even in difficult times
  • You use the hard times to grow together
  • You remember, again and again, why are they each other have decided

For more inspirations, there are also books with the most beautiful intercessions for the wedding.

An example of a prayer and Intercession for the wedding:

“Dear dad / father in heaven / God, I thank You for the two (with the name of the bride and groom). I thank you that you have found each other, and today this big step. We will give them into your hands. I pray that you bless them and protect them.

That you remind you every day why you have chosen each other. I pray that you help them to stand in the heights and Depths of each other and fight for each other. Please prepare for what is to come and let you any time with a thankful heart on the back look at what you’ve already done for you. I thank you, for everything you do for you, have done and will do. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.”

Christian Wedding Wishes
© gesang-photo.com

Christian poem for the wedding

To have your wedding Sonja and Raphael get a beautiful Christian wedding poem. The wedding poem we do not want to share with you. If you are looking for a Christian wedding poem, then you will be able to help this poem certainly.

From now on, you go through life together. As a team of two strong partners allows it to climb the highest mountains.

To the second one inspired the other, when the breath changes.

The two of – you give each other (re-) Stop at steep rock walls.

Stability and security, so we have to allow ourselves to be a mountain climber to say, granted to rope only through the combination of three components. Three separate pieces of Rope are woven into a tear-resistant cordage.

The third in the League, so we want to wish you from the bottom of my heart, is Jesus Christ.

Christian congratulations to the wedding
© gesang-photo.com

Third – may come what may, you are safe in Him.

To third – is a progress, and shows the way to the goal.

Third – the Federal solves no one.

We believe that a great time is in front of you, the good and the wonderful works that God has prepared for you.

To the fifth to fourth,… This Chapter we complete a different Time. We can you tell us in advance so much: it’s worth It!

God’s blessings, protection, peace, strength, love, patience, gentleness, Faith, Persevere – for your future together.

This wedding poem was written by a Christian couple and should be given, therefore, more likely a couple more that can identify with the wedding poem.

As with other Wedding congratulations should the poem to the wedding come from the heart.

Therefore, you should take some time and a custom wedding poem write the perfect match for the wedding couple. A great idea to have a wedding poem beautiful packaging, for example, is the gift bottle with cavity.

5. Wedding Bible verse – the most beautiful Bible verses for the wedding

Wedding Bible Verse
© Etsy/PurpleHeartUK Etsy (around 40€)

Whether as a Trauvers for a birthday card, or as a decoration idea – there are so many Bible verses that match the wedding.

Here you will find a few examples.

1. Corinthians 13

Christ Of Verse Wedding
© Paul Carrier

This Chapter includes verses many popular wedding Bible. It describes the importance and characteristics of love, and therefore fits perfectly to the beautiful occasion. Very popular Verse 4 to 8, as well as Verse 13, for example.

1. John 4: 19

This Verse is very well known and is also for the wedding. It reminds you of God’s unconditional love, which model this is for the love of the bride and groom to each other and how the future married couple draws its strength.

Preacher 4, 9-12

Ecclesiastes 4 includes a beautiful Illustration of how valuable it is to have a Partner. It reminds you of what you can create second-and why it is good, if you stick together in hard times. The three-piece of string (or the three-piece cord) is a very powerful image for the unity of the couple with God. It reflects the strength of this unit and fits wonderful to the big day.

There is a beautiful idea of the three-part rope. This we have presented you above.

The idea of the three-piece cord …

Song of songs

The book This song of Solomon 8: 6 – 7a include, for example,.

Christian texts for the wedding
© Depositphotos.com/simbiothy

More Bible verses you can in our guide article

find. The Bible verses you can include in your wedding decor, we will show you below.

6. Christian symbols for the wedding

Christian symbols wedding
© Depositphotos.com/LiliGraphie

There are numerous Christian symbols that you can incorporate in your wedding. A few of which we now introduce, together with their meaning and a few examples for the integration.

Christian symbols of the cross – Symbol of faith

Christian symbols cross
© Depositphotos.com/LiliGraphie

One of the most widespread sign of the Christian Faith is the cross. It stands for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and is used to symbolize the Faith.

For some, the cross is the sign of unconditional love.

Thus, in both cases, a beautiful symbolism for a Christian wedding. Therefore, we show you in the Following, such as the cross part of your wedding can be.

Wedding candle set with cross
© Etsy/Wax Worker

Personalized Wedding Candle Cross

You want at your Wedding with a personalized wedding candle have? Then, these handmade wedding could favor candle with the carved cross, your initials, and a gold heart.

Price: approx. 87€

Heart: 13 colors to choose from

Ring pillow for the wedding with cross
© Etsy/invite goals

Ring pillow for the wedding cross

This charming ring pillow is decorated in a classic White and with a beautiful lace decorated.

The elegant cross gives the Whole look.

Price: approx. 35€ incl. Shipping

Cufflinks Cross
© Etsy/Lustrous Element

Cufflinks Cross

Stylish accessory for the groom. They are also a beautiful gift for the bride and groom’s father.

Size: 14 x 14 mm

Price: approx. 84€ incl. Shipping

Gift-Maid Of Honor Necklace Cross
© Etsy/Bloomgart

A very nice idea with the cross necklace and bracelets, for example. They are perfect as a gift for your groomsmen, bridesmaids and potentially for your flower girl. As a bride and groom, you can wear it, of course.

Tip: you are a very beautiful reminder and can also according to the wedding to be worn.

Gift-Maid Of Honor Necklace
© Etsy/Bloomgart

Gift-Maid Of Honor Necklace

Personalized silver chain lends itself beautifully as a small gift for the maid of honor. It has three charms: a cross, a Swarovski and a personalized name engraving.

For the Swarovski from 12 different colors you can choose.

Price: about 50€ incl. Shipping

Cross Bracelet
© Etsy/Saucer Jewelry

Beautiful Cross Bracelet

Beautiful gift idea for the Bridesmaid:in, or the bride and groom themselves.

For the bracelet, you can choose between the colors gray, coral, Lemon, and Pink. The cross itself is in rose gold.

Price: approx.€ 15 incl. Shipping

Bracelet Cross
© Etsy/mevavida

Bracelet Cross

The cute cross bracelet with a cross in silver, Gold, or rose gold and the ribbon in 12 different colors.

Due to the closure of nodes, the size is adjustable. As a result, it can be to fit any wrist made. So it could also be a gift idea for your flower girl.

Price: from 15€ incl. Shipping

Necklace Cross
© Etsy/SantoriniGreeceCo

Necklace Cross

This beautiful necklace is wonderful as a subtle Bridal jewelry. It is available in silver and in Gold. Additionally, you can choose from two different lengths.

With the beautiful cross you can your Faith in your wedding outfit integrate. The necklace can you wear of course later on in everyday life.

Price: approx. 34€ incl. Shipping

Christian Symbol of a heart – Symbol of love

Christian Symbol heart
© Depositphotos.com/LiliGraphie

The heart is one of the most common symbols for love. This is an important part of the Christian faith. Therefore, the sign of the love fits very nicely into the framework of a wedding.

Also for the heart we have found for you great ideas on how your icon, you can install and show you where to find them.

Wedding candle set with heart
© Etsy/Printsonalities

Wedding Candle Heart

This sweet wedding candle is decorated with a beautiful heart in watercolor look.

It is with your names and your wedding date can be personalized. In addition, numerous colors, you can individuali delivery available.

The saying

Price: approx. 47€ incl. Shipping

Ring Pillow Heart
© Etsy/invite goals

Ring Pillow Heart

Romantic ring pillow with two little hearts and a big bow. The combination of the lace and the slightly shimmering bow makes it look very noble.

Price: approx. 35€ incl. Shipping

Ring Dish Wedding
© Meine-Hochzeitsdeko.de

Ring bowl for wedding

The rings will find in this sweet ring bowl of wood slices-optics in the heart space. With this Ring, thou shalt be my wife/my husband is the inscription says to be.

To put the perfect place to have your wedding bands in the scene.

Price: approx. 32€

Wooden Heart Wedding
© Etsy/InkesWorld

Wooden Heart Wedding

This romantic heart-wood can provide your with your wedding date and your name. It is about 18cm tall and is perfect as a wedding decoration or for the Save the Date shoot.

Price: from€ 20 incl. Shipping

Papeterie Wedding
© Cariñokarten

Also very beautiful: wedding card with heart symbol. It is immersed in a uniform stationary in your wedding concept.

This stationery for the wedding with heart you will find in our map shop (from 1,39€ per card) with different colors for selection.

Stamp personalized wedding
© etsy.de/DerkleineSperling

Stamp personalized wedding heart

Super sweet stamp your names are connected in this wonderful font with a romantic frills of the heart. It is perfect for Decorating invitations and other wedding stationery and other wedding decor.

Price: 28€ incl. Shipping

Stamp Heart
© etsy.de/DerkleineSperling

Stamp Heart

Super cute – who wants to leave small hearts, you will love this stamp. Whether you are on a guest gifts, name badges, invitation cards or decorative elements – so you can, anywhere, the Drawing of love to spread.

Price: around 10€ incl. Shipping

Finger Food Skewers Honey
© Depositphotos.com/Greentellect

Finger food kebabs with honey

Also, when you eat you can incorporate the Symbol of love. These sweet finger food skewers not only look great,. They are also made super easily.

Here is the DIY tutorial for DIY heart finger food skewers.

Christian Symbol anchor – a Symbol of hope

Christian Symbol anchor
© Depositphotos.com/LiliGraphie

The anchor has the beautiful symbolism for hope and support. He is wonderful as a style element in a Christian wedding Ceremony. Maybe here is something for your wedding.

Wood Lettering Wedding Anchor
© Wedding Shoots

Wood Lettering Wedding Anchor

This large wooden anchor-you can leave with your wedding date and your name to personalize.

He is ideal as a decoration for the wedding, for your home or as a photo accessory.

Size: 41 x 54 cm

Price: 55€

Decorative Anchor

Decorative Anchor

This sweet decorative anchor is personalized with your initials and is present in up to 20 different colors available. Due to its size it is perfect as a Caketopper or as an accessory for the Candybar.

A sweet Detail the little heart at the top (in the Ring) is also.

Size: 9.2 x 12 cm

Price: 19,99€ (free shipping)

Anchor Cufflinks

Anchor cuff links in Gold or silver

Very precious looking cufflinks with an anchor Symbol. You can personalize even with your initials and your wedding date. Different Design variants to choose from.

Furthermore, you can choose between three different gift boxes, in which the cufflinks will be delivered. So perfect for when you want to schedule as a morning gift.

Price: from 70€ (free shipping)

Cufflinks Anchor

Cufflinks Anchor

These chic cufflinks with your wedding date and your initials personalized.

Colors: Silver, Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold

Price: about 50€ incl. Shipping

Anchor Decoration
© Etsy/DrawingBirdy

Anchor Decoration-Wedding

Beautiful expression with your wedding date and your name. Super suitable as a decoration in the entrance area as a sort of welcome sign. But it can also be well integrated into the table decoration on the candy bar or gift table.

Price: approx. 16€ incl. Shipping

The picture you can by the way also in DIN A3 Format order. Please note that both the frame is not included in the price received. But there are also, for example, on Amazon from 10€ will find.

Bracelet with anchor
© Etsy/Lilly Ville

Bracelet with anchor – maid of honor gift

A small thank you, In a beautiful envelope, which can be chosen from 10 different colors. To do this you if you wanted a personalized Text print.

Strap / bracelet: gold, silver, rose gold

Price: 16,90€

For more decorating ideas, For more decorative options, you can also make small anchor made out of craft cardboard punching (anchor punch are 4,99€) or small wood anchor as a table decoration scatter. So you can even with a small Details in red thread went.

Christian symbols for – Faith, love and hope

Christian symbols Faith love hope
© Depositphotos.com/LiliGraphie

It will not only love quotes, but also fits great to a Christian wedding: Faith, hope and love.

Combined with the already shown above symbols, the popular combination of characters for it. The most famous passage in the Bible is in 1. Corinthians 13, 13.

Faith Love Hope
© Sonja Schulz from Amazon, about 10€

1. Corinthians 13, 13 is a very popular Trauvers, as well as the verses in General from the 13th century. Chapter of the first Epistle to the Corinthians. So why not this in the wedding decor to incorporate.

Faith Love Hope Deko
© Sonja Schulz

Faith love hope decoration for wedding

The popular Bible verse as a beautiful wall and still image. The Verse itself is arranged in the shape of a heart and flowers, and leaves, are framed.

Size: approx. 15 x 20 cm

Price: around 10€

Faith Love Hope Bracelet
© Etsy/Malika Shop

Faith Love Hope Bracelet

This sweet bracelet is wearing the three symbols as a handmade pendant. The Band itself is available in different colors.

Colors: black, pink, turquoise, lilac, cream

Price: approx. 9€ incl. Shipping

Followers Believe Love Hope
© Etsy/Schluesselundwort

Followers Believe Love Hope

The key chains are perfect as a gift for the Groomsmen. The pendants are available in three different colors.

Material: leather and metal

Price: 30€ incl. Shipping

Tattoo Wedding
© Sonja Schulz

Christian Symbol fish as Ichthys, fish

Christian Symbol Fish
© Depositphotos.com/LiliGraphie

A widely used Symbol is the fish. He is also a Ichthy fish known as a sign of the followers of Jesus.

Ichthys Fish Decoration
© Etsy/HouseofSophy

Ichthys Fish Decoration

Beautiful Ichthys fish as a deployable table decoration. The fish can be purchased in 3 or Set of 6. You can, but also in the individual size to buy. This is even to choose from, whether you White or in a color graded in Ombre style you’d like to have. A total of ten different colors to choose from.

Fish-large: approx. 10 x 3.5 cm
Fish means: approx. 7 x 3 cm
Fish small: approx. 5 x 2 cm

Decorative Fish
© Etsy/ChriSueMuenster

Christian decorative Half-and-White or Blue

Beautiful Ichthys fish that are great as a table decoration. A Set includes 12 fish from wood.

Price: 16€ incl. Shipping

Decorative fish out of wooden
© Etsy/ChriSueMuenster

Decorative fish out of wooden

Perfect as a table decoration. A Set includes 6 fish.

Price: 28€ incl. Shipping

The Table Decorative Fish
© Etsy/Cellar Colourful

Table decoration fish – personalized for guests

Hand-lettered concrete fish are great as a personalized decorative elements. They are also the tiles a nice idea as a

Material: Concrete

Price: varies

A Gift Of Fish
© Etsy/PapierTraeume123

A Gift Of Fish

An ideal packaging for small gifts. You can make four different main colors and two different labels together.

Size: approx. 9 x 6.5 x 2 cm

Price: approx. 12,50€ (5 PCs) incl. Shipping

Christian Symbols Dove

Christian symbols dove
© Depositphotos.com/LiliGraphie

The dove stands for hope, and for the Holy spirit. Here are a few ideas on how the Christian Symbol can happen in your wedding.

Packaging Guest Gift Wedding Pigeon
© Etsy/PapierTraeume123

Packaging Guest Gift Wedding Pigeon

This is a hand-made packaging that are perfect for small gifts.

Size: 5 x 11 x 5 cm

Price: 6€ incl. Shipping

Guest Gift Ideas, Wedding Pigeon
© Etsy/PapierTraeume123

Guest Gift Ideas, Wedding Pigeon

The hand-made packaging is also available in other colors.

Size: 5 x 11 x 5 cm

Price: 6€ incl. Shipping

Wedding Decor Dove
© Etsy/PenthasDreamland

Wedding Decor Dove

A lovely idea for table decoration: little pigeons as a stray decoration. Of course you can also use them to decorate the wedding stationery in order.

Size: 1.5 x 2.4 cm

Price: 3,40€ (includes 50 pigeon)n

7. Decoration idea: Bible verses as a part of the wedding decoration

1 Corinthians 13 Wedding
© Etsy/Mulberry Market Design

Very popular are also Bible verses on wooden signswhich as a decoration can be used. A very nice idea is 1. Corinthians 13 on several wooden signs to the right and to distribute to the left on the way to the Altar.

8. Christian Wedding Gifts

Christian wedding gifts
© Sonja Schulz

For the wedding, there are numerous gift ideas, if you would like to the Christian Faith into the mix. This includes, for example, the sweet .

Christian Wedding Gift
© Geschenke24

Gift with a Christian wedding wishes

This wood Board-you can print individually with a Christian saying of your choice. Very personal and a wonderful Christian wedding gift!

Price: 24,99€

Christian gifts for the wedding
© Etsy/Moss, Oliver Designs

Christian gifts for the wedding – blessing sign

A beautiful gift for the common home of the newlyweds: The sign is available in different colors and different spell variations available.

Dimensions: approx. 86,36 x 17.78 cm

Price: approx. 135€ incl. Shipping

Wedding gift Christian
© Etsy/Moss, Oliver Designs

Wedding gift – Christian wood sign

This beautiful wood sign with the saying It is also a beautiful reminder for the married life. The sign is available in two color variants.

Dimensions: approx. 50.8 x 3.81 cm

Price: approx. 28€ incl. Shipping

Christian gifts
© Etsy/Moss, Oliver Designs

Christian Gifts – Spell On The Plate

Deployable wooden sign with the Bible verse A nice gift idea for the common home of the bride and groom.

Dimensions: approx. 50.8 x 3.81 cm

Price: approx. 23€ incl. Shipping

Key chain for couples
© Sonja Schulz

Key Chain

Faith – love – hope these are three elements to one of the most popular Trausprüche. On a key chain, make it particularly well!

Price: 9,50€

Christian wedding gifts – The Bible and other beautiful books

Wedding Bible
© Sonja Schulz
Bible Wedding
© Sonja Schulz

This modern wedding Bible would also be a beautiful Christian wedding gift! The chic and fresh Design of the Bible to the wedding is sure to inspire and also the memory book the wedding days is a great Extra.

Size: 1864 pages, approx. 15cm x 22cm

For more lovely books for Christian wedding:

In addition to the wedding Bible, there are also many other Christian books, with which you can, the future married couple support. It was a devotional book for couples or a counselor with relationship advice:

Are you looking for even more inspiration? Then maybe you’ll find it in our blog article found.

© Depositphotos.com/AntonMatyukha

In every marriage, there are UPS and Downs. It is important that you remember why you are together and that it holds together. To help with this, there is the

In the case of a This will be filled in accordance with the Yes-word with two letters, each of which has written one Partner to the other. This can put a bottle of wine with two glasses. You can also choose something else, such as, for example, a bar of chocolate.

Then this Box is with a few nails and a Hammer closed. You have your first big fight in your marriage, you can open it again. Take out the wine, chocolate, etc., as well as the letters. Sit in a corner and read them to you. Remember your big day, why you are and why you loves.

If you’re ready, you can put you together again, and the Situation from a new perspective re-consider.

More information can be found in the blog article .

9. More beautiful ideas for a Christian wedding

For the JGA of the Christian wedding

How would it be with these beautiful For the bride-to-be is, of course, selected the white T-Shirt. For the bridesmaids for more colors, such as Blue to choose from.

The nice thing about the Design is that the T-Shirt can be easily worn in everyday life and, thus, no output for a one-time Event.

Simply blessed T-Shirt

  • This is a great gift for anyone. Kids, Teens, boys or girls, college graduates, adults, men or women. It’s a great birthday present or just a present for your friends. Get this great looking…
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Super cute characters for the wedding cake

If you want to have cake for your wedding, something other cake figures, is perhaps something here for you. The figures not only look super cute, but also a wonderful familiarity to each other.

10. Photo story: A Christian wedding full of emotions

Christian wedding
© Critsey Rowe Photography

A wedding full of emotions, appreciation and love – this is what the beautiful Christian wedding of Katherine and Daniel radiates.

With the wedding colours, silver White, dark blue and Green the bride and groom, a miracle has placed in the nice concept of color. Let the great Details, and the Christian ideas of wedding Ceremony inspiration.

The preparation for the Christian wedding

Full of anticipation, all ready. Especially the bride-to-be Katherine can’t believe your luck. Together with her mother, the bridesmaids and other loved ones she makes for her big day.

Christian wedding Getting Ready
© Critsey Rowe Photography

Katherine is wearing a beautiful, flowing wedding dress with wrap-around look. To the makers of this is embellished with beautiful sequins details. The floral ornament is the perfect addition to a Bridal bouquet made of white roses, and white orchids. White hydrangea, and white freesia are to be found in the Bridal bouquet – the Whole is interspersed with accents in various shades of green.

Your silver wedding shoes are the icing on the cake of the bride outfits. Rounded off by a subtle silver necklace and matching earrings, the bride looks absolutely beautiful.

Christian wedding, the bride-to-be
© Critsey Rowe Photography

The groom and the Groomsmen

Daniel, the bridegroom, Christian wedding, wearing a stylish grey suit with a refined Plastron. With the white cloth and white Rose wedding boutonniere wedding outfit is complete.

The sweet ring bearer and the Groomsmen are dressed in grey. In contrast to the groom wearing a dark-blue tie and the adult men wear a dark blue cloth in your Jacket.

Christian wedding, the groom
© Critsey Rowe Photography

From Generation to Generation – What’s a wedding without the family?

The family is one of the most important things in our lives – so for our newlyweds Katherine and Daniel. The anticipation and the loving, respectful treatment is not to be overlooked, as well as their uniform clothes. All done up for the big day, chic, and in silver, and Blue dressed.

Christian wedding, the family
© Critsey Rowe Photography

Have you seen the embroidered handkerchiefs? They are sweet and very appreciative attention. A beautiful and very personal gift to the parents of the bride and groom.

Christian blessings
© Critsey Rowe Photography

The beautiful bridesmaids emotional wedding

To match the wedding colors the bride-to-wear bridesmaids beautiful dresses in dark blue. The pretty necklace and the matching earrings complete the Look.

In addition, the bride-to-fit virgin bouquets great to the bride’s bouquet – also, they have white roses, and white hydrangeas.

Christian wedding the bridesmaids
© Critsey Rowe Photography

The Christian marriage Ceremony – When love and Faith are at the heart

A Christian wedding need not necessarily take place in a Church or in a Church building. Our sweet bride and groom could be, for example, in the Botanical garden Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Belmont, trust.

Christian wedding Ceremony
© Critsey Rowe Photography

The whole Ceremony is of the emotions that are influenced by the anticipation of joy tears to cry of joy. In the context of the Christian wedding Ceremony, the bride and groom abundantly blessed.

Faith is your Foundation. When Christians marry, plays to the prayer and blessing a Central role in the Ceremony. Another beautiful idea in this Christian wedding, the last supper, followed by a blessing it was.

More ideas for a Christian Marriage you can find above.

Christian wedding Ceremony
© Critsey Rowe Photography

After the wedding Ceremony

After the Ceremony, the luck may wish to not lack. Blessings wishes to wedding pronounced and full of Pride, the bride shows off her wedding ring.

Christian blessings wishes to wedding
© Critsey Rowe Photography

The wedding decoration in White, silver and Green

The Wedding Christian wedding reflects the wedding colors White, silver and Green. With the sweet little table lights and small lanterns beautiful accents can be set.

The Centerpiece attacks wonderful the colors and structure of the Bridal bouquet to the. The white roses, orchids, and more, you can also find them again. All in all, the table decoration is very precious, without cluttering to be. The mirror plate with the beautiful edge to hold everything together well and form a beautiful frame for the various Details.

Christian wedding decor
© Critsey Rowe Photography

The Celebration of the Christian wedding

Have you ever seen such a gorgeous wedding ceremony? Great wedding speech with respectful words and loving anecdotes to loosen the whole evening. It was a lot of dancing, and the community enjoyed.

Another Highlight is the elegant wedding cake in White and silver gray. Together as husband and wife to cut Daniel and Katherine of your wedding cake.

a Christian Celebration
© Critsey Rowe Photography

The parties Involved: photographer: Critsey Rowe Photography // wedding decorator: Mecklenburg Bridal Gallery // Mr facilities: The Tuxedo Shoppe // bridesmaids Shop: David’s Bridal // Venue: Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, Belmont // Caterer: Best impressions Caterers // DJ: Z Brothers Entertainment

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