First look photo ideas

First look photo ideas

The First Look at the wedding, this is the Moment in which the bride and groom to see the wedding day for the first Time. A particularly emotional Moment in which the one or the other tears can flow. You determined to hold on to. We love First Look photos! But where’s the First Look Shooting will take place in the best and what the best ideas are? We have listed all the tips and Tricks you!

First Look Wedding

First Look at the wedding – Yes or no?

The idea of a First Look shoot before the wedding splits bride-to-be couples into two camps. Either you love the thought of this emotional Moment forever, or you can’t imagine, to share intimate time with the wedding photographers or to the family and friends. What you choose to do, the pros and cons of First Look at the wedding:


  • After the First Look, your nerves are calmed for now, the first tears rolling, and you can be left up to the Altar.
  • The wedding photographer can take great photos just of the two of you make.
  • Your First Look shoot can connect with the bride and groom photoshoot. So you have more time later for your guests.
  • It is the most intimate and tranquil time, you will have at the wedding day.


  • Your guests get the First Look to see.
  • You must schedule more time on the morning of your wedding day.
  • First Look photos fake.
  • There are so many other first moments on your wedding day: the first Time your guests will see you in a wedding dress, the first dance as a married Couple, …

First Look Wedding

First Look Photoshoot

At every wedding there is a photo shoot with the bride and groom. Usually this is after the Ceremony and before the wedding reception place. Many brides choose, however, to ensure that the wedding photographer is also when Getting Ready the morning of the wedding present. Enough options, in other words, the First Look of the bride and groom capture. Discuss your wishes and ideas with the photographer, and agreed on a time for the First Look shoot. He can advise you of where and when these photos at the best photography can be made.

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First Look Wedding

First Look Ideas

When wedding planning is the First Look it is not the First thing on your mind. Your attention is much more to the suitable location of your wedding, the wedding cake and the perfect wedding dress. Logically, these things are very important. But after the wedding, you want to be able to remember it forever to remember. In addition to the wedding photos of the Ceremony and the Celebration afterwards, you should not forget the First Look, however. In order to make this Moment perfect, it requires a Plan.

Very popular with brides and grooms is the following scenario: the groom ‘s waiting in the entrance to the house and sees his bride for the first Time, when you coming down the stairs falls. But you can also opt for a more unusual First Look idea:

  1. Bride and groom standing behind a door and come out at the same time of it.
  2. The groom stands with his back to the bride-to-be, and must turn around only if it is directly behind him, and touched him.

  3. The groom’s eyes will be connected, the bride walks up to him, kisses him, and then she takes him to the blindfold.
  4. Also, First Look wedding photos with your bridesmaids are a great idea.

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The bride is led by the father to the Altar

The Location for the First Look

The Moment you look at on the wedding day for the first Time, is both exciting and emotional at the same time. If you want to sticking with a First Look Shooting, the question is, where and when the bride and groom to meet for the first Time.

According to Tradition, sleeps the bride-to-be the night before the wedding in the house of their parents. It is customary that the First Look will only take place on the Morning of the wedding or the parents around the house.

Of course, you don’t have to join this need and can set up your own rules. The first meeting can also be held in a place that has a special meaning, or in a Location for the wedding ceremony.

First Look before wedding ceremony

This Option requires your patience a little put to the test, but how romantic is it when you are at the Location for the wedding Ceremony , for the first Time, you see?

The groom waits at the Altar, your immediate family and your loved ones the friends are present, everything is perfectly planned, the wedding location is nicely decorated and your song runs in the Background. Then comes the big Moment: the bride by her father to the Altar led , and you guys for the first Time on your wedding day to. Alone in thought, our eyes already watery!

First Look Wedding

First Look with your family and friends

Do you want this intimate Moment with friends and family, share or do you want him, just the two of you can enjoy? This is totally up to you. You can also choose to only a few selected people to be a part of.


Many couples decide today that wedding guests the First Look experience may. Because for all those present, it is a special Moment to see the bride for the first Time in her wedding dress. This Moment only happens once.


On the other hand, it may also be the only moment of your time as a couple on your wedding day alone, you. Best to you Prior to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and then you decide for an Option. The First Look is unique and you should never forget him.

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