Free wedding vows

Free wedding vows

The promise of marriage is often the most touching moments of your Wedding. Hand in Hand, swears to keep her Faithful and to live in health and illness is a common life. 15 of our ready-made vows to you to your individual vows inspire you.
For this beautiful Moment, it is important with ideas for marriage vows, your personal words to find. The desire a wedding vows renew to want is gaining more and more popularity. Whether you are in a Wedding or for the first Time, your love in words touch. Take a lot of time!

>Tip: If your on the question “Is it right for me?/It is the right one for me? think about often come automatically inspirations, why you had for the Person to be decided.

Table of contents

  1. FAQ

  2. Instructions | wedding vows letter

  3. 26 Short Templates

  4. 21+ Ready-Made Wedding Vows Examples

  5. Funny

  6. Registrar’s office

  7. Church

  8. Free Wedding Ceremony

  9. From Movies

  10. Wedding vows renew

  11. 10 questions for their own wedding vows

  12. Conclusion

2 ring boxes wedding vows to cry, wedding vows mylocalwedding Wedding vows

The most frequently asked questions

When you look at the vows?

Traditionally, to give couples the wedding vows between the vows and ring exchange.

How long should a wedding vows?

Wedding vows to write and say – you have to pay attention

The tone makes the music, and the length

You want your vows to your special relationship reflects? Ultimately, it is about celebrating who you are as a bride and groom. Therefore, you should tune you in which direction it should go.

You can be humorous, serious, romantic, or religious be – whatever for the both of you feels right. In order for your vows evenly to the touch, we recommend that you determine how long you are supposed to be.

2-3 minutes per Traurede is the average.

Get inspired

How to start the best way, what can-and should-be inspired?

Here are a few tips:

We recommend that you do not copy more than two lines. The Rest is usually all alone, once in the Flow.

>Tip: below in this article, you can find a wide variety of examples for wedding vows and templates for vowsfrom which you can inspire it.

Use reminders and notes

Before you pen and paper on the attack, take a Moment to consider your relationship to think about. Your favorite memories, moments, and milestones.


  • at the first Meeting with your/your Partner:in

  • the feeling after the first Date

  • in joint trips and times when you are around each other took care of you

  • to hurdles that you have mastered

  • what made you both Laugh

  • what you admire about your Partner and estimates

  • to your hopes for your future

From all of these key reminders, you can now draw, to write your vows for your wedding.

> So you are guaranteed to all the thinks: wedding planning checklist | PDF download

2 men in front of vows to cry, wedding vows mylocalwedding Wedding vows

Take your time

You have your notes, you have your promise – now ready to go! Further down in this article you will find

10 questions to help you set your personal marriage vows to write.

In General, you should answer the following questions

  • What has brought you together?

  • What do you love about your Partner?

  • Your personal promise and a look into the future?

Start on time with the Writing of the draft to you without the Stress and pressure to have a creative outlet. Your Trauversprechen write at least three weeks before your wedding – and then you have to practice enough time.

Please no Insider in the wedding vows

You want to be funny? Good. Lovingly? Yes, of course. Silly? Why not?

Just keep in mind that your vows are also your families and friends is read.

To make this Moment also for the guests entertaining, we recommend to refrain from inside jokes.


Ring exchange Marriage vows to cry, wedding vows mylocalwedding Wedding vows

Wedding vows practice, practice, practice

Your Trauversprechen to read aloud is important to the appearance of the s-ramp to miss, and your self-confidence, to strengthen. What’s in your head, well read, can, according to the bad to listen to. Therefore, you will find it easier to fall, the Bodies concerned to adapt.

Your best man/bridesmaid dress is perfect for this. Come along to our Trauredner:indoor

Plan B, that’s for Sure

If you’re not in your home to marry you on your wedding day in your wedding vows is not at Hand. Therefore, you should have provisions and a few copies of it. One for you, one for your maid of honor/best man – then it belongs to, among other things, the duties of the Bridesmaid:in, the extra copy to take with you.

This can be:

Whatever you decide, make sure that you and your Partner have the same Format.

Tip: turn your vows after the wedding in a gorgeous art piece of your frame, you can. A gift to yourself.

26 Short wedding vows to cry to examples

Stereotypes are somewhat more difficult to detect.

Finally, are you not without a reason clichés – they are beautiful, but exaggerated expressions. If you have a few clichés want to use, then walk just a little to.


So you could, for example from the cliché, May you decorate it with a reminder and write:

  1. “When I realized that I want to marry you at some point, did you just completely tangled from a hard day’s work to go home – you came through the door, as it has done for me.”

  2. “I love you, and that is the beginning and the end of everything.”- F. Scott Fitzgerald

  3. “You are my sunshine, my greatest gift, my love and my life.”

  4. “I’m lost in your midst. Make me a fighter without a visor. All the senses are turned, as if in a daze.”

  5. “I want to challenge your Strengths and your weaknesses, be patient.”

  6. “What would be a dream without the fulfillment, a journey without a destination, a life without you?”

  7. to honor

  8. “I promise you, that we support each other in what we do, and we Grow to help.”

  9. “… always be your:e best friend:in”

  10. to be “… is always at your side and stand with you”

  11. “We will build a common future, as we want to you.”

  12. “… you unconditionally love…”

  13. “… comfort you when you need to survive hard times – we’ll get through it together…”

  14. “I’m always here for you!”

  15. “I can’t promise that we will never need to solve the problems in our relationship, but I can promise you that I will always work with you, never against you.”

But don’t worry – a cliché does not make your marriage vows less meaningful.

21+ Ready-Made Wedding Vows Examples

Wedding vows funny

A few jokes to ease the nervousness when Trauversprechen. We have gathered some ideas that you can use as spells for your promise can. Also tips for marriage that are funny, always look good.

  1. “We look pretty good. What have we attracted us again so chic?”

  2. “I’m going to open jars for you, and so do, as if you’ve opened them.”

  3. “I promise to love you forever, even though you’re obsessed with Britney Spears and other girly pop music – with you, I would even go to a concert.”

  4. “This Ring is a Symbol of how you got me wrapped around your Finger.”

  5. “I swear to you, to beat you in beer Pong in front of your boys.”

  6. “I promise to let you in Mario Kart always win.”

  7. “I swear to inspire you every single day and surprise – did I mention the magic tricks I learn?”

  8. “You’re the fries in my chocolate shake.

  9. “Actually, it should come with a self-written love letter to my husband, but always when I want to merge my love for him in words, I need to cry.”

Wedding Vows To Stand Velvet

The Registrar’s office is the official, legally binding marriage Ceremony. Although this means a lot of paperwork, it can be designed in the Yes-word romantic, for example, with these ideas:

  1. “Together, we will dream, and sometimes stumble, but we will help each other and quickly reach for the stars.”

  2. “I take you as my life partner:in – in the Knowledge that you are my forever:e one true love, and friend will be.”

  3. “I promise to always work on our love, and that you will always be my number one, will.”

  4. “I will not marry you today only because we save about 1076€ tax – which is also a nice advantage – I’ll marry you, because I don’t want to take with you and only you, the eternal Covenant of marriage.”

Wedding Vows Church

Who is to be married in the Church, you can also bring in one or the other religious allusion in his love vows. Here are some examples of the vows in the Church:

  1. “I’ll give you before God and all those present in the Holy promise to always be by your side.”

  2. “I take you as my wife from the Hand of God.”

  3. “I want to forgive take care of you for the help and you, as God forgives us.”

  4. Where You die, as die, I too; there I will be buried. (…) Only death will separate me from You.“ – The Book Of Ruth 1, 16-17

  5. Hospitality do not forget; for thereby some have angels without Knowing it. Remember-Bound as the Mitgebundenen which suffer adversity, as yourselves also in the body. Marriage is honourable in all and the bed undefiled; (…) The conversation be without covetousness; and be ye content with what is there.“ – Letter to the Hebrews 13, 1-5

  6. What do you so swear, to the hold. Better is it that thou shouldest vow and not pay anything, because you don’t think, what do you so swear.“

    – Ecclesiastes 5, 3-4

Promise of marriage-free Marriage

The best Moment has come! To speak when you’re at the range,

  • take a moment to collect yourself.

  • Take a deep breath, standing comfortably and look your Partner in the eyes. The loving gaze will give you courage and make you relax

  • The first few words will be the most difficult, being nervous is normal

Before the Start, you might help a breathing exercise or to enjoy a quiet Moment alone. Remember all the beautiful moments you have experienced together, the fear takes you.

> So you are guaranteed to all the thinks: wedding planning checklist | PDF download

A free Wedding has the most freedom in his wedding vows – it’s not a Church shaped and the paperwork makes it often at another appointment in the Registrar’s office. That is why you can be in the vows for the free Wedding really creative and personal. We have collected some of the world’s examples of marriage vows for the free wedding Ceremony:

  1. “I want to share my life with you and my dreams, my Fears, my happiness and my pain. I trust you blindly, and I hope your confidence in me to justify every day.

    I promise to share with you, even if I would actually want to keep everything, and to speak with you, if I actually to be Silent would be. I promise to strive together, when to stop would be easier. This Ring is for all these promises. I will love You, honor and respect for all times!

  2. “You’re the love of my life. Thank you darling for everything you give me.”

  3. “With You, I want to go through all of the deepest valleys and of any height clearance.”

  4. “Love is the force that can forgive.” – Fritz Services

  5. “You’re my best friend, my teacher, my Confidant, my playmate and my biggest challenge – but above all, the love of my life.

    You make me happier than I could ever imagine. You have made me a better person. I’m incredibly grateful that we are at the same time on this earth, and our time together will be able to spend.”

Wedding vows from movies

If you don’t know, you can of Vows and Trauversprechen from movies or series for inspiration, the bring often a very special amount of schnulz nature. For this, we have searched for some of the most beautiful wedding vows from movies:

“I could promise you to love and honor. I could promise to be there in health and in sickness for you.

I could say till death do us part. But I won’t. That would be a promise for optimistic couples. For people full of hopes. But I stand here on my wedding day not optimistic, and full of hopes. I’m not optimistic. I’m not full of hopes. I’m sure of it. I’m ready. I know it. I am a heart man: I’ll take the heart, and I put them back together again. I hold them in my hands. I am a heart man. Therefore, I know: You’re my Partner, my lover and my best friend in the world. My heart, my heart, beats for you, and to this day, the day of our wedding, I promise you this: I promise you my heart is in your hands.

I promise you me.” – Grey’s Anatomy

“I carry it in my heart.

I never am without it.

Wherever I go, You go my dear.

And what is being made only by me is Your doing, my darling.

I fear no fate, because You are my fate, my darling.

I don’t want the world, because You’re my Beautiful, my world, my love. Here is the deepest secret is that nobody knows.

Here is the root of the root.

And the Bud of the Bud.

And the sky of the sky of a tree called life.

Which grows higher than our soul hope that our mind can hide.

This is the miracle that holds the sky together.

I carry Your heart.

I carry it in my heart.” – Shoes of my sister

The heart is not a Box, sometime full. It will be bigger, the more you love.” – Forth

“One, alone, wanders aimlessly. Two together, and usually have a goal.” – Vertigo

Love is not a feeling; it is a skill.” – Dan-in the Midst of life!

It is no matter whether he is perfect or whether it is perfect, as long as you are perfect for each other are.” Good Will Hunting

Wedding vows renew

Promise to love without a wedding to come to any wedding day but also in between, a good – a love letter to cry you can give happy times in between. For wedding days like the silver wedding, the Golden wedding or iron wedding is romantic, if you from the bottom of my heart the wedding vows renewed. So on the special moments of looking back and the soul mates:n on a new future together promises – even after only 10 years, marriedfor the rose wedding, renew some of the couples in your wedding vows

Matching items for more Inspiration:

> Congratulations to the Golden wedding

> Congratulations to the wedding

Bride-to-cry - wedding vows to cry, wedding vows mylocalwedding Wedding vows

Idea for your marriage vows

Do not let yourselves in front of a blank page in front of you to be intimidated! Write down all the keywords that comes to you for love, marriage, wedding, and partnership.

10 questions for their own wedding vows:

  1. What do you love about your Partner?

  2. What you welded together?

  3. What are you grateful?

  4. Why are you so happy that you have each other?

  5. Which little (loveable) quirks

  6. What compensates for you?

  7. What are your similarities?

  8. What are the interesting differences?

  9. How do you imagine the future?

  10. What is the meaning of love and marriage for you?

The conclusion of the marriage vows and the wedding

A vow to write – and a vow, promise – is as special as each relationship itself. Don’t let issues, stereotypes, Humor, wedding vows from movies & already finished the vows inspire you. But don’t forget to leave your personal touch to it.

After all, it is your Declaration of love for your free wedding Ceremony. In a Moment you will not forget. Start in good time to ensure that you will say everything you have in your heart. Some points can also be the Trauredner/the Traurednerin leave.

Whether it’s a Declaration of love, without marriage or Declaration of love with a wedding – it’s a very intimate Moment for both of you. Enjoy it!

>Tip: You’re as an accompaniment to the wedding? Then let our congratulations to the wedding inspiration.

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