Funny irish wedding blessings

Funny irish wedding blessings

Irish blessings give us positive energy, strength, wisdom, and Motivation along the way. The positive and wise lyrics fit to various occasions. We wish for you 65 Irish and old Irish blessing in eight categories worn together.
In the present day Irish blessing encounter you wish, often on a wedding card or congratulations card, but also on tombstones and funeral cards. Also, as poetry, prayers, or even as the songs they are used.

About Irish Blessings

About Irish Blessings

Irish blessing-century desires-old blessing, sayings, wisdom, and a guide. Therefore, you sound sporadically, sometimes old-fashioned.

Nevertheless, the Irish blessings are timeless and can be well on the day.

The ways of blessing can also provide strength, courage, comfort, Thought-provoking, and overall good wishes and positivity spread.

That’s why they are used nowadays for many different occasions. Irish blessing can you want to align other, for example, love wishes for every day.

Similarly, the Irish blessing and sayings that are perfect for a congratulations card to significant life events such as: wedding, birth, confirmation, first communion, confirmation, or to celebrate but grief. Similarly, in religious songs or rituals they can find their place.

Also of your own life, you can use them as a guide and motto.

Since the Irish blessing were passed down mostly orally, is not their origin clear. But it is clear that they originate from Celtic spirituality. The origin of the blessing is not always mandatory in Ireland.

Irish blessings for strength and Motivation

Irish blessings for strength and Motivation

The Irish blessing in the first list are particularly motivational and strength-giving. You read and let them motivate you or give it to a loved one on the way.

  1. My wish for you is that You bravely go,

    if the high peaks in front of You seemed unreachable,
    and even the light of hope is fading.

  2. Like signs on the road of Your life,
    You say, where are you on the trails are.
    May You have the strength,
    the direction to change,
    if You have the old road can go.
  3. May your path always up,
    even if you deep valleys and deep canyons
    to walk through you.
    May God personally be your guide.
  4. May you warm words on a cold evening,
    a full moon on a dark night
    and a smooth road on your way home.
  5. May turn each work in blessing, and every blessing but a step on the stairway to Paradise.
  6. The Green of the meadows, delight your eyes,

    the Blue of the sky outshine your grief,
    the gentleness of the night make all the dark thoughts are invisible.

  7. May You take the time,
    the quiet miracles to celebrate,
    in the noisy world no admirers.
  8. May God always give you what you need:
    work for your hard-working hands,
    food for your hungry body
    answers for your question ‘ spirit,
    joy and love for your warm heart
    and peace in your soul searching.
    May God neither your health
    nor your supplies
    and your work.

Did you know?

A (Irish) blessing can help you to go positive through life. The fact that you are blessed but also when Blessing on a Positive focus, it triggers your subconscious mind from negative


Irish blessings for every day

Irish blessings for every day

The next Chapter holds Irish blessings for every day. Many of them are more than just good blessing, they are much more than wisdom or guidance to understand. Use the good Zusprüche for every day!

  1. May you awaken in the Morning you friendly and you don’t with a dark message to scare.
  2. Standing with all the good foot,
    but give yourself to yourself not on.
    Say your mind is calm and clear,
    and I also listen to the other.

  3. Get with the times, but come on from time to time!
    Even the Stupid – they also have their story.
  4. The night has me wiped the sleep from your eyes.
    May sharpen the new day, I look for the beauty in the world.
  5. Keep in mind that there are a hundred ways to run to Ruin, but only a road in the sky.
  6. The flowers of the meadow slope are like a breath of God.
    May you feel his breath, so you überströmst of colors, fragrance and joy.
  7. Weave your thoughts to a colorful cloth that pleases you and other warm.
  8. Where happiness resides –
    hope also to be there.
    Where there is always someone friendly smiles,

    hoping that his Smile You.
    Wherever the sun out of the clouds bursts,
    hope for You it seems.
    So that each day of Your life be as bright as possible.

  9. May be after every Storm there’s a rainbow over Your house.
  10. Like your thoughts sometimes, in the middle of the day
    to go on a journey
    to distant worlds,
    alien and tempting, colorful and beautiful.
  11. Go your own way, quietly,
    in the midst of a hurry and hurry, and know
    the peace, the silence giving likes.
  12. Her countless blades of Grass, her grains of sand on the shore of the lake, her Dewdrops in the morning sun: Like the rest of the blessings of the king of grace on all who pass by that once were, are now, and soon will be.

  13. May you, in the life of three Welcome to find:
    in a garden in the summer,
    when the hearth fire in the Winter
    and in the hearts of your friends your whole life.
  14. May the road you’re going with your
    kind words paved be.
  15. May you find peace,
    when the day is coming
    , and your thoughts are the places to go,
    where are you today Good to know you.

Irish blessings and texts on the topic of grief

Irish blessings on the topic of grief

Also, the topic of death, pick up Irish blessings. Therefore, you can set them on a

mourning card to write your condolences to Express. Sometimes it is in such cases anyway, easier to use already existing texts, as to find the right words.

  1. The deep peace of the quiet country
    I wish you.
    The deep peace in the gentle Wind
    I wish you.
    The deep peace in the sound of the waves
    I wish you.
    The deep peace of the shining stars
    I wish you.
    The deep peace of the son of peace
    , I wish you.
  2. Your ways may you upward lead
    – friendly weather take your step,
    and the Wind strength in your back.
    And may you long to be in heaven,
    when the devil finds out that you’re away.
  3. We wish you all the peace of the sea swell,

    the peace of a gentle breeze,
    the peace of the quiet earth,
    the peace of a clear starry night.
    We wish you the peace of Jesus Christ,
    our peace is for all time.

  4. As the light of the moon reflects the sun, may you be a reflection of your loving Creator.
  5. May the road You rush,
    may the Wind be always at your back.
    May the sunshine warm upon your face appear
    and the rain softly on your fields fall.
    And until we meet again,
    may God hold you in the hollow of his Hand.
  6. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
    love leaves a memory that nobody can steal.

Even more sayings for condolences, you can find here.

Irish blessings for children

Irish blessings for children

Some Irish blessings are particularly well-suited for children. A few of the easy-to-understand blessings we have collected in this Chapter.

  1. The blessed rain, the delicious, the gentle rain, flows down on you.
    The small flowers like start to bloom and their delicious smell spread wherever you go.
    The great rain may freshen your spirit, that he is pure and smooth as a lake, in the Blue of the sky is reflected and sometimes a star.
  2. May transform the hardness of your heart, never to stone, when times are hard.

    May you never forget, even when you are surrounded by shade: You’re not alone!

  3. For each petal on the Shamrock
    is A wish your way:
    good health, good luck and happiness
    For today and every day.
  4. May you experience a hundred springs, but only a fall.
  5. And may the luck be your friend
    in whatever you do
    and may Trouble be always a Stranger to you.

Irish blessings for different stages of life

In the Following, we have a lot of Irish blessings worn together, the fit as a congratulations to certain life events.

For the birth and baptism

For the birth and baptism

If you are a child directly to the

birth of an accompanying blessing on the way or want to give, you will get to this Chapter to find it. Also for baptism are the way of life of white in the Form of Irish Blessings.

  1. May God on the path you’re on, in front of you hereilen.
    This is my wish for your life’s journey.
    May You be the light footsteps of luck to find
    them all the way to follow.
  2. May the first step You life to do,
    a walk in the clouds be,
    and may always be a helping Hand to be there,
    and You perish in the way, if You fall to threaten.
  3. God is showing You to your way of liberation.

    God is behind You, your back to strengthen
    for the upright gait.
    God is next to You, a good friend and a good friend
    at Your side.
    God be with You like a nice cloth and a warm Alpaca-blanket
    when it is cold You pale power and unkindness You freeze it.
    God is in You and wide Your heart to love
    , and for the life to fight.

  4. Lucky stars above you,
    sunshine on your way,
    Many friends to love you,
    joy in work and play,
    to Laugh, to be of any concern to predominate,
    A song in your heart
    And happiness all over
    Your whole life is waiting.
  5. I wish you
    always a serene sky
    over all the things you like to do,

    about the things you love,
    God’s blessing surround you.
    The light from above Shine on you,
    and deep satisfaction abundance you –
    today and every day that passes.

Irish blessings for your birthday

Birthday: Beautiful Irish blessings

Irish blessing, wish you very good luck wish for his birthday to use. Who doesn’t love an encouraging spell for your birthday? In the Following you will find Irish blessings, the super on a birthday card to make.

  1. I wish you the joy of a bird
    in a mountain ash tree in the Morning,
    the joy of life of a foal
    in the paddock at noon,
    the Serenity of a sheep
    on the pasture in the evening.

  2. May you live to one hundred years old,
    with an extra year to repent.
  3. We wish you health of laughter,
    a long life, a strong heart
    and always some Liquid in the mouth.
  4. Take the number of your years with ease to
    give your youth with grace back when it ends.
  5. Like every seed that you sow,
    beautiful flowers,
    in the colors of the flowers
    reflect in your eyes
    and you have a Smile on your face.
  6. I wish You…
    that You work as You would not need money.
    You love that hurt You ever.
    that You dance when no one would look.
    that You sing when no one would listen.

    You’re alive, as the Paradise on earth.

  7. May the sun of your mind, brighten up,
    the rain of your mood but are not darken.
  8. I wish You the fond impatience of spring,
    the mild growth of summer,
    the tranquillity of maturity of autumn
    and the wisdom of the sublime winter.
  9. May the year you plenty of gifts
    with Violets in the spring,
    with the released in the summer,
    and with rotwangigen Apples in the fall.
    The Winter’ll give to you the power of silence.
  10. May you live so long, as you want,
    And never as long as you want, how you live.

If you wish even more happiness for your birthday are looking for, you’re right here.

For confirmation and confirmation or communion

For confirmation, confirmation or communion

For congratulations to Christian festivals such as confirmation, communion, or confirmation, Irish blessing, are to be desired. Many of the requests in the next list, refer to the Work of God.

  1. Lead the road that you go
    only to your aim downhill;
    I’ if it is too cold will warm thoughts
    and the full moon in the dark night.
  2. Like the paths in front of your feet, pave,
    may you be the Wind at your back,
    may the sun warm your face dam a,
    may God of his protective Hand over you, to keep.

    Mögest du in deinem Herzen dankbar bewahren
    die kostbare Erinnerung der guten Dinge in deinem Leben.
    Das wünsche ich dir,
    daß jede Gottesgabe in dir wachse und sie dir helfe,
    die Herzen jener froh zu machen, die du liebst.
    Möge freundlicher Sinn glänzen in deinen Augen,
    anmutig und edel wie die Sonne, die aus den Nebeln steigend,
    die ruhige See wärmt.
    Gottes Macht halte dich aufrecht,
    Gottes Auge schaue für dich,
    Gottes Ohr höre dich,
    Gottes Wort spreche für dich,
    Gottes Hand schütze dich.

  3. The Lord be before you,
    to you the right way to show
    the Lord be next to you,
    to get you in the arms to close and to protect you,

    der Herr sei hinter dir,
    um dich zu bewahren vor der Heimtücke böser Menschen,
    der Herr sei unter dir, um dich aufzufangen,
    wenn du fällst und dich aus der Schlinge zu ziehen,
    der Herr sei in dir,
    um dich zu trösten, wenn du traurig bist,
    der Herr sei um dich herum, um dich zu verteidigen,
    wenn andere über dich herfallen,
    der Herr sei über dir, um dich zu segnen.

  4. At the first light of the sun today – be blessed!
    When the long day is gone – blessed be!
    In your Smile and in your tears – be blessed!
    Every single day of your life be blessed!
  5. God give You
    for every storm a rainbow,
    for every tear a smile,
    for every care a view
    and a help in every difficulty,

    for every Problem life sends
    a friend to share,
    for every sigh a sweet song
    and an answer for every prayer.

  6. My wish for You:
    Your gifts are expected to grow with the years.
    God has given you, and you will fulfill the hearts of those you love, with joy.
    And in every hour of joy and of suffering
    , God will be with You, bless you;
    and may you stay in its proximity.
  7. May all your dreams come true,
    may all your skies be blue to be
    like all your friends are truly friends,
    may all your joys be perfect,

    like happiness and Laughter, all your days fill.

  8. The light of the sun
    tickets on Your window ledge.
    Your heart is full of Confidence,
    that after every Storm
    is a rainbow in the sky.

    Der Tag sei Dir freundlich,
    die Nacht Dir wohlgesonnen.
    Die starke Hand eines Freundes
    möge Dich halten,
    und Gott möge Dein Herz erfüllen
    mit Freude und glücklichem Sinn.

  9. May the Lord have You in his Hand,
    but never close his fist too tight shut.
  10. May the night wind never to be stronger than the storm in the Morning.

Even more sayings and wishes for confirmation, click here.

To communion sayings we have written, incidentally, is also a contribution.

To The Wedding

To The Wedding

Also for the wedding Irish blessing wishes to be packing in a congratulations card.

  1. May joy and peace, both of you surrounded,
    and the satisfaction of your locking door,
    and happiness be with you now,
    and God bless you for always.
  2. God’s blessing be with you,
    may the blessing of the radiant light.
    Sunshine light and warming your heart
    up to you to glow start
    and the others to come
    to you to get warm.
  3. May God be with you and bless you,
    May you be the children of your children will see,
    May you be poor in misfortune and rich in blessings be.
    May you nothing but happiness
    from this day on.
  4. My good wishes for you I have written to the sky.
    May you have a long ladder to find,
    to see, how many levels of happiness.
  5. May your Arm does not stop,
    if you offer the Hand of friendship stretch.
    May your feet never get tired of,
    if you are on your adversary walk.
    Like you angel’s wings to grow,
    if you have this gear back.
  6. May the path you lead,
    the storm you don’t divide,
    and the sun’s warmth to your heart.
    The rain was a blessing to you and the world.
    Its Freshness may bring you good luck.

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