Half up half down wedding hair shoulder length

Half up half down wedding hair shoulder length

Ann-Christin Bush

by Ann-Christin Bush

Fast hairstyles are worth Gold. Ponytail or bun are made quickly, but sometimes it may be something more. Here are ten ideas for simple hairstyles that are absolutely not boring

Who does not know this? In the morning in the bathroom is the time for an elaborate hairstyle often scarce, there’s a simple ponytail or a braid pigtail have to do. After only a few minutes for the perfect Styling before the Date. Quite simple tweaks and Tricks that boring hairstyles aufhübschen leave.

Quick hairstyles for everyday life

For a fancy ponytail or Half said Bun, it needs with the right guidance, hardly more than five minutes. Whether it’s Bob, medium-length or shoulder-length hair, hairstyles, which you can easily do it yourself for short and long hair. Whether weaving, stick or bind together: With these ten simple tips for quick hairstyles that will each and everyday Look to eye-catcher.

Quick hairstyles: Long hair easy to style

Straight long hair can sometimes be quite unruly. Quick hairstyles need to work, therefore, in the blink of an eye. Here are a few Styling ideas with which you will be in the morning faster.

1. Half Bun

The Half Bun (half-bun) holds for some time at the top of hairstyles for everyday life. The Mix of open hair and bun get through a stressful day in the office with the left. He is about the length of a Long-Bob’s easy to style. Stars such as actress Margot Robbie , or Topmodel Heidi Klum love this Look.


The top of the hair with a comb compartments and screwing in the back of the head in a bun. In the next step, the bun is secured with a hair elastic and depending on your needs, with a couple of hair clips. The rest of the hair just stay open. Tip: If you have very fine hair, the individual strands of the hair style by Plucking, it is recommended to loosen up a little.

2. Spiral

With the spiral you get the hang of it. This hairstyle is ideal for medium and long hair styling. On hot summer days keeps the spiral fine hair from the nape of the neck and is a fresh Alternative to the



The hair with a brush to back comb and a low ponytail at the back of the head tie. The braid is turned, and folded in the middle. Now the folded braid, twist, and hair clips secure. Tip: Before styling foam in the hair, in order to guarantee a perfect fit.

2. Messy Bun

The Messy Bun or The secret of the hairstyle lies in its simplicity: Whether on the red carpet or in everyday life, this quick hair style is every woman’s. The Stars know. From Duchess Meghan, on Supermodel Gigi Hadid to singer Rihanna, they all wear the trendy hairstyle.


The hair in the first step with a hair band ponytail tie. The horse cock screwing to put a worm and with hair clips stuck. Tip: As you can style the Messy Bun is even easier, we show in the Video Tutorial.

4. Screwed-Braid

The elegant sister of the horse’s tail, the turned braid is.

This quick coiffure is ideal for medium-long and long hair. Whether for the office or evening event, this hairstyle in only a few minutes to do it yourself.


To tie the hair at the back of the head, and a braid. The braid to loosen and the hair above the hair rubber parts. The lower, long a part of these can damage will now be inserted through the gap. The hair tie in the next step, re-tighten the. Tip: if you like, you can wrap the Ends in the gap of these can damage, with braces stuck, and gets a quick updo.

5. Casual Braided Pigtail

quick hairstyles

Salma Hayek demonstrates the

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The braided pigtail is fix dressing and suits both casual Hippie dresses in summer as well as for the turtleneck sweaters in Winter.

The romantic hair style is especially suitable for mitellange and long hair.


A hazelnut-sized Portion of mousse in your hair to distribute. Then, a braided side braid with a hair rubber tie. For the Look of just a few strands out. Tip: To make the hairstyle last longer, can also brackets a couple of hair at the back of the head or a second braid rubber to be fixed at the upper end.

6. Ponytail with volume effect

Long hair in just a few minutes without Extensions? With a double ponytail that’s not a Problem. This hairstyle creates through its two layers of a few more inches of hair length and an extra Dose of volume.


The deck of hair from underneath the hair to separate and retain a braid. To bind the underlying hair in a plait that sits a little deeper below the first.

Tip: For optimum Extension effect the two braids should be at the end about each other.

7. Hair wreath

The hair wreath is the ideal haircut for women Large before but only have a small time budget. In combination with a wall dress, and eye-catching earrings, the hair wreath is equally suitable for Festival Looks and evening events.


For this hairstyle you need a hair band. The Band is placed around the head. Then, the hair, strand by strand, the hair band wrap. Tip: This hairstyle can be worn for the Festival Look for something casual, or evening event with staples and hair spray to be fixed.

8. Braided Bun

quick hairstyles

The braided bun stands for classic elegance. Sienna Miller combined it with precious pair of Earrings and a black dress.

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A particularly refined Variation of the classic DOS, the braided bun. This delicate hair is about shoulder length hair is optimal and fits both cocktail dress as a Shirt Jeans and T -.


In the neck with a hair tie for a ponytail tie and braid.

At the end of the braid is the braid several times around the hair tie wrapped and with hairpins fixed. Tip: For the perfect fit, you can use a little hair spray.


The quick ponytail, with a twist. Anyone looking for a simple hairstyle that keeps the adversities of everyday life, but refined, you should try this hair trick.


To tie the hair into a high ponytail. Out of the braid for a thicker strand of hair pulling. The strand of hair around the hair tie to wrap, so that it disappears beneath it.

Tip: If the strand does not hold, one can attach unobtrusively under the braid with a hair pin.

10. Half Up Braid

quick hairstyles

Romantic and playful: The Half-Up Braid has conquered the catwalks of New York.

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A fairy tale – this phrase aptly describes the playful braiding hairstyle. She calls after flighty dresses, ruffles and lace. Half Up Braid is recommended for shoulder-length hair is a girl’s dream to make your own.


On one side of the head just a thick strands of the hair compartments.

The strand of hair to braid a braided braid around the back of the head to the other side of the head with hair clips stuck. Tip: The most romantic hairstyle is rounded off by einkringelt the open hair with the Curling iron.


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