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Of course, only the price when you buy a engagement ring individual limits, however, to many a piece of jewelry from the the own hands flatters and a like. It is important that you feel comfortable when you wear your engagement ring, and there is nothing wrong to find a style that complements your best features.

If you want to buy an engagement ring, but your finger length and hand size of the account you want to, we’ve compiled a helpful guide to which Ring is the most suitable for your choice:

What should you consider when selecting an engagement ring

There are some important things to consider when it comes to choose the right Ring for your finger size.

Many of us are looking for a Ring Design that flatters our hand shape and Finger.

Make a note of the following points:

  • The shape and size of the stone – the larger the stone, the larger the Ring appears to be ideal for longer fingers.

  • The width of the ring band – with shorter fingers, a thick ring band takes up more space, causing the Finger or shorter can act. To avoid this effect, one should prefer a thinner bands.

  • The typical length of Her nails – long nails give the Illusion of longer fingers, which means that they can wear larger diamonds and thicker bands well.

    Even if it can seem a little overwhelming to draw in addition to the Design and specifications of the ring, the hand shape and finger length into consideration, it pays to find a style that complements your Hand harmoniously.

For tips and useful information to select the correct version for an engagement ring, we have also a practical guide prepared for you.

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The best engagement rings for long fingers

If you have long fingers, you are not limited in your choice. The best engagement rings for long fingers are those that emphasize the already existing length. Ring forms, which seem to be wearing more difficult to perfectly fit long hands and fingers. These include:

  • Princess-shape – the square shape can Finger shorter effect, but long fingers looks simply great.

  • Halo rings with lots of diamonds and lots of sparkle to complement long, slender hands wonderfully.

  • Emerald – this linear diamond shape looks stunning in long fingers, even in the case of larger stones

Ring width

Each ring width looks to long, slender fingers well. Wider rings are ideal for anyone who would like to have more Ring for your money, and something stands out.


In combination with the long fingers of each metal can be worn, from a darker yellow gold to the very trendy rose gold.

The best engagement rings for short fingers

If you have short fingers, you may wish to an engagement ring, makes your Hand a little longer to appear. In this case, are the following diamond shapes your best choice:

  • Marquise – the pointed Ends and the sleek shape make fingers appear longer

  • Drops – the pointed Ends deceive the eye

  • Oval – the elongated round shape visually lengthens

    Engagement rings

Ring width

Wider rings for short fingers plenty of room, which acts shortening – a narrow Band, is the best choice.


Bright white metal is the best choice, grab it, therefore, white gold , or platinum. Of these metals, which draw the eye away from the Finger. In addition, they are very suitable for all who love fashion and jewelry with many different Outfits you want to combine.

The best engagement rings for small hands

Small rings are best suited to small hands to overload you underline Finger-delicate without you.

The best diamond shapes for little hands:

  • Round brilliant – this classic stone shape is to small hands is not dominant and is ideal for all the classic engagement ring.

  • Small oval diamonds – this shape fits perfectly to the narrower rings, and extended as mentioned above, the fingers visually

    Engagement rings

Ring width

Narrower rings are the best choice for smaller hands, so that the metal takes the Finger and the Ring with smaller diamonds still looks dainty.


An easy-to-carry metal color like white gold emphasizes the size of the Hand and is therefore a good choice for all who want to distract you from your small hands rather.

The best engagement rings for big hands

In the case of larger the range is much wider when it comes to ring the width and the diamond shape.

If you like it fancy, you can grab here quiet to bold Designs.

If you want to distract from the size of your hands, it can be a great Ring for you, as it draws the eye to themselves.

These diamond shapes are well suited for large hands:

  • Asscher – Large Asscher and cushion-shape diamonds see on great hands, great.
  • Black diamonds – darker stones work well on larger hands, because it has a larger surface area to Wear.

  • Trilogy diamond rings – the three diamonds in this ring design glitter to bet and are therefore perfect for large hands.Engagement rings

Ring width

A wider Ring will fit perfectly with large hands, there is more space for a larger amount of metal is present.


Each metal looks in great hands if you choose a fancy Vintage Design in yellow gold or opt for a classic solitaire in white gold-decide – it ultimately comes down to your personal taste and preferences.

You now have a good idea of the engagement ring, the things that might lift them out of their hands, to love and caress?

Then take a look at our selection of engagement rings , the perfect Ring for your Hand to find. If you then have the perfect Ring, have found, we recommend a further article to learn how to make your engagement ring to wear properly.

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