How to Describe the Gown You Want – From Silhouettes to Straps!

If you’re like most brides, chances are you’ve been dreaming of your wedding gown since before you even met your fiancé(e). While the vision may have changed over the years, you can still picture it in your head. Now, the question is, how do you get that image out of your head and into words. No worries, that’s why you have us! 

Going shopping for your wedding gown can be as intimidating as it is exciting. After all, you are spending way more than you normally would on a dress and the shopping experience is a lot more hands-on. Usually, appointments start with a consultation. Your bridal consultant will ask you a lot of easy questions at first, like when is your wedding date, what is your venue like, then, they’ll hit you with, “So, what kind of gown are you looking for?”. This is where most of us freeze. How do you put this ephemeral image in your head into words? Trying to describe the gown as a whole can be difficult, so let’s break it down into parts. 

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