Interesting marriage statistics

Interesting marriage statistics

01.06.2023 | USA

Survey values of selected presidential candidate of the Republican party in 2024

According to a recent survey for the primaries of the Republican party in the run-up to the presidential elections in 2024 in the United States, Donald Trump expressed as a percentage of respondents of about 53 per cent, well ahead of the other candidate:interior. The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, in the same survey, about 20 percent of the respondents. On average, Trump lies, in most surveys, more than 30 percentage points ahead of DeSantis.

Will Trump run again in the presidential elections in 2024 as a Republican?

Traditionally held in the USA primaries (primaries), and in some States, voting by meetings (caucus), in order to determine the presidential candidate of a party. For the presidential elections in 2024, the primaries between February and June 2024 is held. Trump was in November 2022, the first candidate who has officially announced his candidacy known. So far, seven candidate have:indoor officially advertised, as well as other minor candidate:the inside, have a presence in the media even bigger sponsors (donors). Others, like Chris Christie to be traded as a potential candidate:interior, have known but not publicly to your candidacy.

A large candidate field, however, would be for Trump is probably an advantage, similar to that of the primaries in 2016. Ron DeSantis is regarded until then as the only candidate besides Trump, the serious opportunities are allocated. Also, therefore, he was attacked by Trump already clear. DeSantis had in the a victory in the gubernatorial elections as well as elections to the Senate and house of representatives in Florida won. However, DeSantis is originally from the Trump camp and was able to win his first gubernatorial elections in Florida, thanks to support trump.

In the last few months, DeSantis made, among other things, by its extreme legislation and discrimination against transsexuals, as well as the censorship of textbooks and the legal dispute with Disney negative headlines. Trump, by contrast, was recently convicted in a civil court, accused of sexual abuse of a million penalty. Furthermore, it is currently running four .

What are the Republicans so far have announced a candidacy for the presidential elections in 2024? Until the end of may 2023 seven candidate:the inside of the Republican party in the United States have declared their candidacy for the primaries of the presidential elections in 2024 (Primaries).

Donald Trump announced on may 15. November 2023, his renewed candidacy to. The former Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, announced on 14. February 2023 her candidacy known. In the 21st century. February 2023 gave Vivek Ramaswamy, entrepreneur, and founder of the investment company Strive Assets, his candidacy known. 6. April 2023 started Asa Hutchinson, Governor of Arkansas, his campaign. Larry Elder, the leader in talk radio, and a former candidate for Governor (2021), California, started on 1.

May 2023 his campaign for the primary. On 19. May gave Tim Scott, Senator from South Carolina, his candidacy in the primaries of the Republicans known to be. Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, was on 24. May 2023 his candidacy known. Mike Pence, former. Vice-President, was on the 05. June 2023 his candidacy known.