Italian wedding cake with fruit

Italian wedding cake with fruit

As varied as the continents and individual countries, the customs, the find at a wedding celebration habitual use, of course. But this is true not only for games, clothes, and Location, but also for the various forms of wedding cake.
In the Western world wedding cakes are regarded as a sign of honesty, and a tender and sweet handling of the bride and groom to each other as well as to a happy future. The wedding cake as we know it in this country, is also widely used in many other Western countries. To recognize this is to your levels, and the mostly white look. This is accompanied by various decorations like fruits and flowers.

Not to forget the well-known bride and groom, the forms in the Form of figures, the top of the wedding cake, of course.

Other continents maintain different traditions and customs, which are also reflected in the appearance of the wedding cake to reflect that.

The United States

In the US, is a cake pomp needs to look full, huge, and all things kitschy. The larger the Structure of cream and embellishments, the better. The pyramid form as we know it in this country, is also used there, like, in a degree, which would be hardly any of us to imagine.

The taste wedding cakes recall in the United States to German creations, in which fruit, chocolate and other sweet decorations, hardly to be missed.

However, the Sweetness of the pies in the United States is to surpass similarly to how the lush Coatings made of Marzipan, sugar and cream.

The bride and groom to cut in the USA with the cake together, to push the first piece of each other in the mouth. At this point, the community of the couple is symbolized, while the parents of the bride and groom back a little in the Background.


Photos: Chelsea Nicole Photography, Easy Dreamer



The Also in this unusual creation part is sponge cake in the main, to the vanilla and chocolate sauces find their place.

Usually, Italians mix this sauce creation with Sambuca or Alkermes. A Flowers and other decorations may not be missing at this point, of course.


The bride and groom in Greek lands symbolizes his connection with a blend of quince, sesame seeds and honey. These three ingredients are a Must for a Greek wedding cake is an absolute must. However, there is an Alternative – the wedding of bread in Greece. Instead of the typical wedding cake, the wedding company eaten a sour dough pastry, which is similar to the one in Germany is decorated with flowers.

Great Britain

As the UK shares in the three countries, there are also different cake creations. Typical for England, the loose-airy cake that is extremely juicy. The reason for this in Cognac-soaked fruits, such as prunes, dates and raisins are not the last.

Alternatively, Englishmen like to use orange peel strips as a filling for your wedding cake. A case of butter and cream or, alternatively, Marzipan makes this a very special wedding cake, a perfect taste experience for the British palate.

The Scots prefer, however, to have a higher alcohol content in your wedding cake.

Each cake layer is rubbed with brandy or Scotch Whisky in. The flavor is a Scottish wedding cake really is a Highlight, because it is precisely the mixture of sugar, Marzipan, and alcohol makes this creation unforgettably delicious.

Irish cakes are almost compare to wedding cakes in Austria. The only difference is that the Irish whiskey, in which the fruits are usually soaked.


Photos: Jose Villa


The wedding cake, which is served in France, the most common, bears the name of A pyramid of cream puffs, which are filled with a caramel cream that is presented in the wedding party in a wonderful way.

In front of the guests, the bride-to-be has, of course, some self-priority and consumed the first two wind bag. Typical fillings for the wind-bag-pyramid next to chocolate and vanilla, by the way, under the influence of alcohol creams.


Butter cream or whipped cream are a Must for every wedding-cake – at least when it comes to Tradition. Sweet treats, such as nuts, Nougat, or fruits may be included and complete the taste experience. The typical serving a wedding cake in Germany from the finest Marzipan. Finally, the cake decorated with flowers, fruit, or other real eye-catchers.


Norway waived, in whole cake on the wedding. Here is the wedding party is served instead, the This Tradition is born, when wheat was scarce – bad weather and failed harvests were the reasons for it. At the time, the wedding bread is more expensive and a very special gift to the newlyweds. This Norwegian delicacy is topped with cheese. A coating layer of syrup is. When folded, the guests, the popular wedding of bread taste.


Photos: Miranda Laine, Ophelia Photography


This cake creation out of chocolate and other candy reminds pie a little bit of Danish wedding.

The pyramid-shaped almond pastry case provides the Grand finale of the cake.


In addition to fresh fruit, sweet treats, and almonds, Fruit and even use in Danish wedding cakes. These fillings to make for a truly refreshing taste experience. Coatings of Almond paste or Marzipan are typically Danish. Of course, it is also omitted in this country is by no means an extensive and magnificent decoration as well as on wedding figurines in the Form of the bride and groom.


Oh Tannenbaum, oh Tannenbaum – the cake, the Lithuanian wedding. In the Form of a fir-tree and decorated with herbs and flowers, stands out the cake in Lithuania, from all what you’d expect under the concept of the wedding cake.


Also in the Ukraine instead of a wedding is a wedding bread cake served. Here it bears the name Traditionally, the families of both bride and groom seal the deal with the consumption of their new togetherness.


Decorative wedding cakes are available in Japan really is. Unfortunately, you can’t eat this because it is fake from a variety of materials, such as Styrofoam. Typical of the artistic works of Japan’s additional Special Effects are.

Despite all of this, even the Japanese, of course, a wedding cake to eat on the table – however, a rather unassuming variant.


Koreans love wedding cakes with a bottom from cooking rice and spices. The frothy cream and modest ornamentation is not clearly indicate that it is Sweet.