Latest diamond ring designs

Latest diamond ring designs

No other piece of jewelry, symbolizes the infinite love as much as a diamond ring. Rings are symbolic for love, closeness and togetherness. This is reflected mainly in the Form: There is no beginning and no end, so that the round shape is expressed: infinity! Also of particular importance to the diamond as the gemstone of lovers. As a symbolism for a long time to love it’s called the 60. Wedding day not for nothing diamond wedding. Diamonds are used because of the importance but also because of their purity for the processing of engagement rings. So it gives the beginning of a breath of eternity.

What are diamonds?

Diamond crystals, which consist of pure carbon and is thus one of the hardest substances known to man are. Due to their durable strength is the only object that can cut a diamond or carving is another diamond. The weight of a diamond it is defined by ,,carat”, a carat is equal to 0.2 grams and is divided into 100 points. A so-called half-carat stone, weighs, therefore, 0.1 grams and is then referred to as the 50 Dots. In the case of a carat and over, the ,,carat”, so, for example, a 1.5-Carat stone. It is the Karat number, The higher, the more rare and thus more valuable the diamond is.

However, diamonds of equal weight can vary precious as the other,Cs’ to help determine the value.

Diamond 4Cs

Clarity (Purity) 

The purity (Clarity) of the diamond is determined by the natural inclusions or imperfections, which have been formed over thousands of years in the precious stones. These are often invisible to the naked eye, however, this factor influenced their assessment by a jeweler, as well as the influence of light, brings the stone to Shine.

Colour (Color)  

As a General rule: the more colorless a stone is, the more valuable it is. High fine White is very rare, and therefore also considered to be category of with the diamonds.

Cut (Shape) 

Precisely worked out diamonds have perfect angles and facets. Thus, the light can reflect from the right angle, and for a spectacle of light ensure. The way a diamond is honed, is actually the most important factor to its optimum potential and its value to appreciate.

Diamond rings ShopLC  

Can you find something that you love, with a unique and truly special piece of Iliana or Rhapsody, you are in the center of attention, or are you looking for something elegant and Contemporary with a classic Touch, with a Ring that sparkles and attention attracting.

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Whether a gift for yourself, or for a special Person, choose a timeless piece, the high-quality polished diamonds, amazing clarity, and a memorable .

Diamond rings in Gold 

It is a unrestrained enjoyment and the glistening hues of Gold and the flawless sparkle of the diamonds make it a sight that can be seen. The fusion of Gold and diamonds is so flawless, that she stands out at first glance in the eye. Discover a huge collection of the electrically most Bling out of fine-cut diamond, which goes with the High-End workmanship more. The stunning appeal of the Gold-diamond rings makes them a first choice for a guilt-free pleasure in the jewelry collection of almost all women. The selected Gold can be in Yellow and White. 

Platinum Diamond Rings 

When one speaks of such an expensive metal and a very precious stone, it is believed that only the top wear it should. But no, ShopLC there is no such reservations. Get a stunning piece from the alluring platinum-diamond ring-collection of ShopLC, which is seamlessly stunning and a Shine, which is of the utmost importance.

Platinum brings grace, sophistication, and elements of opulence, which merge with the Sparkle of diamonds. You are the epitome of flawless craftsmanship, and high quality diamonds, that radiate an inexplicable charm. Give it a try and discover it for yourself. 

Silver Diamond Rings 

Who would want to miss out on such an affordable diamonds-Option, if he gets you? Silver diamond rings are the way to accessories with diamonds, as you have never seen before. Since they are made from Sterling silver, you will have a wide appeal and will leave no stone unturned to seduce you.

If you have a heart for silver jewelry might be a silver diamond is the highlight of your jewelry collection. Rings are a great accessory to Spice it up and Give Something a simple style. Silver is an ACE in this game, the accessories, and lends an irresistible gloss. The diamonds Infusion is of a different level, in liveliness and stand out notes of excellence set. 

Rings with blue diamonds 

Blue diamonds, oh yeah! Whether you are going to a evening event or a wedding, this is a piece of everything to give your clothes the greatest charm.

Yes, the blue diamond rings by ShopLC are charming and have been exclusively designed to increase your Glam quotient. The exclusive diamond Blue in color very majestic looks, and gives your whole appearance of a Royal charisma.   

0.5 Carat Diamond Ring 

The true value of a diamond based on its carat weight is determined. The higher the carat weight, the higher its value is. ShopLC to revealing some exquisite 0.5 CT diamond ring for the divas. These are designed and all things beautifully and sent out to steal the heart. With fine cuts, shapes and mounting, they are an incredible Option to get to the Bling-factor at an affordable price. Diamonds are a Must-have for the women of the new age and fit to almost any kind of Outfit. Whether it be a Party or a gala night or for the work commitments, a diamond on your Finger will always attract attention.

1 Carat Diamond Ring 

A 1-carat diamond ring is a dream for every woman, which is studded with precious metal. If you are looking for a 1-carat diamond ring, go nowhere else than to ShopLC to discover the most seductive collection that will draw you in with each piece you buy in the spell. Large, bright and charming balls are not to be overlooked, and when the Karat value of a diamond is 1 carat, he seems to be everything.

To take you to him now in your collection, and experience the glamour in the you always wanted to immersion. This is the magic, we say!

Treat yourself to certified diamonds, mounted in your favorite gold, silver, or super reflective platinum, and you will discover many different styles, from the printed version on the cluster pattern of rings to Solitaire. Whatever you decide, you will discover with ShopLC a dazzling collection of