Mock wedding ceremony script

Mock wedding ceremony script

Aaaah, you want to officially YESSSSS! say to each other? You want to get married and the whole world will know of Your upcoming wedding? Well, then it is okay, now the one or the other to love people from a family and circle of friends, to contacts, to your joy may be communicated.

But beware: Once is enough most of the time, otherwise it is annoying! Perhaps channeling your positive energy into the wedding planning. Because planning and preparation for marriage is not only fun, but a lot of work, patience, and care. Exciting weeks and months in front of you.

The following 71 points and tips to support you with your wedding planning. When you consider our checklist to plan Your dream wedding, you will miss out on any of the Detail in the preparation. Our Wedding checklist is perhaps the most comprehensive guide in the Form of a structured list, you can find.

Checklist wedding 12 most important To-Do’s

  • Wedding date set
  • Budget plan
  • Part of a wedding set
  • Guest list
  • Wedding location select
  • Save-the-Date-send out cards
  • Marriage register
  • Wedding service providers set
  • Honeymoon book
  • Invitation cards ship to
  • Prenup confer
  • Wedding to enjoy
A Bridal pair comes in a jubilant celebration of the Church
Image: © Kathleen John

In any case, wedding planning couples with our To-Do list, wedding to be as effective as necessary and as stress-free as possible. Of course, our check list does not include to the wedding, only all the functions of the wedding planning.

“Good planning, beautiful wedding – step-by-step! Proper Planning the perfect Wedding day checklist is not everything, but facilitates a lot of things.”

Our planning help deepen individual planning points with links to special tips and check lists in Detail. So you can beautifully sequentially, point for point, Your plans to tick off, service providers for service providers. Then everything runs like clockwork, when the big day finally comes.

How long do you need to plan a wedding in advance?

The helpful schedule

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Who organized what at a wedding?

The ultimate Overview

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Wedding checklist – Even a year or longer until the wedding day

1: wedding date has been set
First of all, once you seek from you, when you just want to get married. Matches the desired wedding date in the closest circle of the most important guests. For this, you can you, after the first cry of joy, of course a second Time within a short period of time to bother.

Ideally, you’re giving a year’s time, but at least 9-12 months, the Feast of all feasts to plan. In the short term, it is, of course, also. But then, the risk increases that you have to take in planning a compromise. In addition, more things are easy to do at once.

This may increase Your stress level significantly. Yard to have a quiet look at our checklist to your wedding! This check is happy to point-by-point and you will certainly quickly discover: more haste, less speed is recommended when wedding planning is all!

When is the best month to get Married?

The ultimate wedding calendar with the advantages and disadvantages of each of the months

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2: the overall framework of the Bridal determine
Will you clear about how your Wedding will take place. Agreed, as to the Form of the marriage is best for you. To the wedding Ceremony in a registry office, Church, both, or as a free ceremony take place? This is a Central point of the Wedding checklist.

To celebrate the Feast after the wedding Ceremony rather large frame, or in a small group? The wedding ceremony magnificent or dignified, romantic, or modern, more urban climbing, or rather in the country is? How do you like it on Your big day particularly well?

3: Budget plan
Your wedding deserves the Best, is clear. But how much money would you like to be quite realistic for your wedding to spend? Determines Your wedding budget. Thinking well, what kind of stuff you are in program and design is particularly important. This list is a very important point in Your planning and check.

The ultimate budget planner for your wedding

All of the wedding costs in Detail

What is the cost of how much the wedding-planning

Here is the link to the article: the cost of a wedding

Sure, there are points where you can, it is rather a bit simpler and cheaper things. Not everyone has an unlimited Budget. As clever-saving tips to the wedding planning advantage. The focus should be on the Essential. And who needs nothing, has also spoilt for choice.


The budget-planning of Your wedding you should give at least a margin of ten per cent. Because of unexpected Items can quickly lead to higher spending.

4: the First guest list
To get an Overview of the approximate number of persons to plan your wedding like, created a preliminary guest list. The approach is realistic. Added here to safety as well, once again, ten percent reserve capacity. Surprises are the rule.

Check list for wedding planning, with the most important To-dos

5: wedding location select
If you have approximately set the date, frame, Budget, and the rough estimate of the number of guests, you are on the search for Your wedding venue. Often you will need to have two Locations – one for the Ceremony and one for the wedding celebration.

Rather the exception of places where both celebrations spatially to each other connect. So you can, for example, in the Church or chapel is hardly your noise in the end of the wedding party afterwards to celebrate. Verify that the Location at Your desired date is available and what costs are incurred.

It is advantageous, in the same course for suitable Accommodation for foreign guests to look around. Particularly suitable are within walking distance of attainable housing solutions, such as in the adjacent Hotel. So you have less to work with the organization of guest transport between the two Locations to celebrate.

In our Podcast episode “So you can find the perfect wedding location” you will receive valuable tips for finding Your dream location.

6: framework programme plan
The best Band, the most popular of the sole holder or the coolest DJ are fast and long booked in advance. Here, too, we tend to talk about months than weeks. If date, Budget, number of participants and Location are, you should immediately to your favorite artists and service providers to take care of.

At least the Research of musicians, DJs, Bands and artists is important to characterize the framework program of Your wedding ceremony largely is. Catches up with you in time offers for the wedding planning and makes sure that all the organizational Details of the performance spectrum are included.

Wedding couple is celebrated after the wedding Ceremony on the beach
Photo: @ hat and crown wedding programs

7: wedding folder
By now, you realize, slowly, that a regular flood of information come flying out with the planning for you. Offers, research, dates and background information to begin to stack up in documents everywhere. It is high time for Creating a themed wedding folder. Otherwise, the Overview is lost quickly.

Everything that is Important to the wedding it belongs in the wedding folder:

  • Offers all the service providers
  • Research
  • Dates/Sample Dates
  • Telephone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Ideas
  • Talk
  • Invoices
  • other documents of the wedding planning

The best is, you created two wedding folder – a analog to the classical Filing of the papers, a digital to Sort of Online communication. Anyway you should with any provider you Bay, a written contract to sign.

Even when there are friends to support you. And for the thoughts that occur to you on the go to places you on top of that, at best, a small notebook. Tips and ideas are good, information is better. The best guide is here: a bit of structure helps a lot!

Wedding checklist – Even 6-12 months up to the wedding day

8: Wedding planners engage
If you already fixed that you could grow the variety of preparation details, maybe over your head, then you get the support of a wedding planner.

Start with the search of a Wedding planner also from time to time. It is the service that controls all the other service providers in a professional manner.

In the ideal case, makes it as close as possible to the beginning of the preparations of Your wedding. So avoid your duplicate and unnecessary in the organization of work or organisation margins in the planning. Also, the best wedding are fully booked planner similar to how good artists, as well long in advance.

9: the location of your wedding book
From Your choice of Locations, you decide for the one that fits best.

The wedding location about a year in the run-up to the book, is now available in many Parts of Germany Standard. Who wants to ensure his dream of a location to the request, the date of his wedding, Bay early on and binding.

10: rooms quotas for overnight guest book
On the basis of Your coarse guests estimation of your next concrete room contingents reserved in the Hotels and pensions, have you researched beforehand. Different sizes and price categories selected according to Your guests calculation.

The guest accommodations are located in the direct vicinity of the location of your wedding.

Besides, there are free reservations for a relatively long time to maintain. Thus, it does not-in the absence of one or other of the room to more costs can be difficult to plan, inform you on the cost-free cancellation deadlines. Which differ from Hotel to Hotel.

The bride with her Friends a photo
Image: © Kathleen John

11: groomsmen and bridesmaids set
Agrees with each other, whether and which of your best man or maid of honor you want for your wedding. Speak to this personally, if you want to take on the task. As one of the most important wedding guests, is an early vote is advisable.

Also are your favourite wedding helper can later be surprising due to illness or of other uncertainties in the short term.

It is therefore advisable to have an alternative occupation in store. Communicating the transparency among all Stakeholders.

12: Save-the-Date cards to send
In order to ensure that your can celebrate dream day with all the important guests together, you should inform your visitors in advance of the appointment. Sent like well-designed Save-the-Date cards.

These cards are already on the upcoming wedding,and are but not having a wedding invitation to equate. Your wedding guests can enter the date of Your wedding is already thick in the calendar and the date before which a detailed invitation will be sent to you with all the information.

Great pattern cards for your wedding

Everything from the Save-the-Date card up to the thank you card can be found here

Now look at cards

13: wedding website to create
If your Details’d like to share Your wedding planning and your wedding memories to be interactive, or at least online, you can set up a Wedding website. Think about which Features to include your wedding website and the content you want to share with Your guests.

14: bride-to-be dress choose
Searching for the perfect wedding outfit can’t start early enough. Especially Finding the right wedding dress velvet wedding veil is a key task.The wedding dress are usually placed very high expectations, it can take some time.

Often, the wedding dresses are manufactured not by the rod, but individually. As the cutter adopts first level. The production in solid manual work will also take a while. Since the early Start is worth double. Otherwise, the involuntary Styling-compromise is imminent.

A bride with Prince wedding dress of your senses in the room
Image: © Kathleen John

15: wedding suit select
What is true for the Queen, the lords, the same validity.

With the search for the perfect clothes man beforehand should begin. Finally, a man should leave Yes on the big day with a good figure, in addition to his lady of the heart. The wedding is for the masculine fashion high time.

The Lord of the creation, even more and more back to the tailor. The suit, not by the rod comes, it’s just more Lord. If it is in Your Budget fits, should the groom tailored suit to wear. One that matches the style and colour-the perfect wedding dress, and wedding veils.

16: Official documents to apply for
Be informed to you in time for the wedding Ceremony of the necessary paperwork and deal with the authorities.

Gives you an Overview of what, when, to apply for where and how to wedding Ceremony and wedding. Some documents may take a little while. Other documents are received faster.

Some documents such as baptismal certificate (sometimes baptismal certificate), and the confirmation of testimony in the case of ecclesiastical wedding Ceremony or the capacity to contract marriage certificate, any personal documents and the necessary registry entries, in turn, must not be older than a certain time.

17: Dancing (re -) learning
Some women and even more men have neglected the home of the classic pair of dance in her youth, something.

The wedding, however, would like every bride and groom, the wedding dance is a success.

The dance arts with the patient dance teacher, or the indulgent dance teacher refresh offers. Appropriate dance schools and dance classes near to you are determined to find. With a long pair of dance-abstinence, we recommend using the Practice sooner rather than later (re -) start.

Wedding couple dancing a wedding dance in a Meadow
Photo: @hat and crown wedding programs

18: wedding rings choosing
If the dance floor is gaining momentum, is also worth the Look for the matching wedding rings.

Search of the best wedding ring you should take very seriously. Finally, are you the good piece in the future, day-to-day on Your ring finger.

The wedding ring should fit from the Design to the seat. Often goldsmith or jeweler will need to create again the Hand and the fit of the ring is a little change. If your engagement ring would like to continue to use as a wedding ring, is usually sufficient, an additional engraving.

Checklist wedding – another 3-6 months up to the wedding day

19: marriage register
When you Overlook all the necessary regulations and the obtaining of all necessary documents, you have certainly already in:

The mandatory registration for the civil Ceremony at the earliest, six months before the Wedding possible.

Some of the very popular offices take but earlier reservations. Use of this possibility to the reservation, if possible. Then have your safety in the planning of the civil Marriage. And don’t forget, all of the documents needed for a Marriage to be valid and fully submit.


The notification for the civil Ceremony at the earliest, six months prior to Your desired date. So, you have a specific date for your wedding in mind, it makes sense to go to the day, six months prior to the registry office and to register.

Your opportunities are the greatest, Your absolute desire to get a date for the Wedding said.

20: Church Wedding sign
Maybe you have the issue when you Select your fixed speaker torn. For example, if you have decided on a Church Wedding in Your wedding. So, after the civil Ceremony and before the Feast, of course, the Church ceremony, instead.

Sign up for the Church Wedding. With the theologians, pastors, or master of ceremonies of Your choice, the exact process and the content of the Church books and the musical accompaniment of Your Church ceremony, to discuss. At least once you should be very specific with the master of ceremonies have spoken.

A Bridal couple will be married in the Church
Image: © Kathleen John

21: the wedding of the speakers or theologians choose
If you are a Trauredner wishes of your love story, the official vows or your free wedding Ceremony by a beautiful speech highlights, then get in touch with a professional wedding speaker or free theologians and makes a Traugespräch with them.

Matter-of-factly and with a heart he presented the lecture part of Your dream-wedding worthy. Also, the Moderation of various guest speakers from family and circle of friends can forward the Trauredner so that your guests will remember for years later to the beautiful Speeches.

22: Details of the wedding location to the vote
Those of you already booked the Location for your wedding need more information for Your wedding date. Check with the operator the Location of all the important Affairs of the Venue affect. This is a very important aspect of the entire planning.

Discuss, for example, the main points with the Restaurant because of the catering and Table decoration. The children’s menu, alternative dining options for Allergy sufferers and vegetarians/Vegans, the table decoration place cards and Table decorations or, more generally, of the event flow.

23: External Caterer commit
If you booked your wedding venue doesn’t have an own gastronomy, addiction, and Bay the appropriate Caterer. For the is in terms of the coordination of a range of meals, food and Alternative for Allergy sufferers and vegetarians/Vegans are the same as for a restaurant supplier.

Really good Restaurants and party services on offer by the way more and more often, a rehearsal dinner to the wedding menu. Take the true. Because you can advance yourself to gain the impression, whether the pleasures of the palate really such experiences are, as you had requested.

24: transport companies
The modalities of arrival and departure should be in Detail defined. As the guests come from the Registrar’s office to the Church, and then to the event location? There is plenty of Parking?

Or an additional Shuttle Service and a guest transportation of greater advantage? Finally, it is served at almost every wedding alcohol and every guest should be kept according to the ceremonies back to his quarters for the night can get.

25: wedding car or wedding carriage rental

Many Bridal couples want to marry in the Church or in front of the wedding location very particular row of the grid. The arrival at the particular wedding car or in the Coach is not only on the later photos of the Highlights.

At the latest, when you ascend as a bride and groom to the elegant, vintage, or as Sissi from the magnificent Carriage with preloaded white stallions down progresses, all eyes are only on you. A feeling for the real happiness of children.

Wedding couple is married by a Trauredner
Photo: Honeymoon Pictures

26: honeymoon book
Recommendations for honeymoon, there are a lot of.Since the leaves in holiday catalogs can be really fun. But your honeymoon Bay in any case, in a timely manner. And directly on the new name. Then there’s at passport control after the wedding later, no problems. Even the small details in the wedding planning important.

The honeymoon in exotic climes plan? Then a quick check on the remaining validity of the passport does not harm! Some travel the Review of one’s own vaccination status goals is also advantageous. Perhaps or a new vaccination booster dose is required.

In the honeymoon seriously ill to be, is a horror scenario. Nobody would like to. This can affect the fun of the wedding, in retrospect, pretty.

And thinks, of course, at the same time to apply for Your love of the holiday with the employer.

27: wedding table create
If the bride and groom want the wedding guests know that wedding gifts is desired, we recommend the creation of a wedding table. The classic and analog hand, for example, in a local business.

Time in accordance with the creation of a digital Online-wedding table. This Service many traders now have to offer. Of course, should be in the map for a wedding invitation for the guests of the note is missing, where the wedding table, the gift wishes and the

prayers of intercession specifically to find.

28: the final guest list set
Before her, the invitation cards to Your wedding, and print let us to sent the lucky recipients, sets binding, who is invited. Complete your guest list.

29: wedding graphic designer pick
Also with this theme are you may have come during the first steps of the planning is to be in contact, such as when Creating Your Save-the-Date cards. Now, however, it is high time you get your graphic designer to the wedding with regard to all other printed matters wallet.

Not only the Design of the official wedding invitations’s design.

Matching menu, table and thanksgiving cards, a guestbook , and program booklets for the Church ceremony, the wedding party as popular as it is useful. Graphic designer or Wedding planner to give you the best tips and know the best Paper for your ideas and wishes.

Pattern cards for your wedding

free of charge and free of shipping costs

  • Your Name
  • Free Delivery
  • Choose from 4 styles

30: Druckerei select
If all prints are designed, they need to be, of course, still printed. This is a task of planning, you can also to Your graphic designer or wedding planner delegate.

Or are you looking for you using the recommendations themselves, the suitable printer for your Wedding printed items.

Wedding couple is enjoying the togetherness after the Ceremony
Photo:@ Maiores Photography

31: wedding photographer book
Now the time has come to choose a suitable wedding photographer and commit should. Videographers to film documentation of Your wedding are the same, if more and more of a Trend.

Agreed with the photographer, or the photographer exactly what services are desired. Depending on your Budget and claim to find a service provider either to easily close to the event location. Or you decide for the photographer from further away. For just the fee is, however, more expensive. An Overnight stay may zubuche on top of that.

32: hire an artist for the framework programme
If you haven’t done so already, you should by now you desired artist for the program of Your wedding book. As already mentioned, are full of the best Bands, the most popular of the sole holder or the coolest DJ quickly.

The song list for the wedding you should have with the musicians discuss. The songs for the Church ceremony is defined, where applicable, the theologian, preacher, or Pastor. Make sure in the Book but not only on the artistic performance spectrum, the duration of the game, and the direct costs.

The technical Details such as the sound system and the size of the stage are important for the Planning of Details. To listen to only if the Band is good and the magician is good to see you succeed in the show act at the end really perfect.

33: invitation cards to send
The invitation is printed cards, they should be immediately sent. Six months prior to the time of the marriage is punctuality. So far have kept your guests the date thanks to the Save – the-Date cards free-But you already want to know, officially, to whose wedding you when and where invited.

In addition, your foreign guests want to plan of course, your Accommodation and travel. To do this, you need information about Contacts, rooms reserved quotas, transportation, wedding, and dress code. Have fun Sending wedding invitations!

A wedding invitation is on the table
Image: © Kathleen John

34: wedding website-live
If you in addition to the invitations for Setting up a Wedding website have decided to be and this is turns now live. As soon as the invitation cards sent, you can immediately your guests through this Online channel to the state of the wedding planning keep up to date.

35: flowers, jewelry, and wedding decoration order
Select Your florist for the Bridal bouquet and the high temporal flowers and floral decoration for all of Your celebration locations. Remember that you are different flowers for the wedding Ceremony and wedding reception needs.

The bride’s bouquet and the table decorations are traditionally part of the package. But the wedding car or Carriage, and the pin of the groom’s look with floral jewellery refined simply beautiful. And, of course, the flower children will also need floral ammo.


For the choice of Your wedding flowers you should note that not every Plant blooms at any Season of the year. You choose the flowers of the month of Your wedding in your full flowering time, saves your money. Outside of their flowering time flowers are usually much more expensive.

36: wardrobe for flower children and bridesmaids choose remote
The wedding dress is already in the works. The Search for it is done. But of course, the small and large women should fit on Your page, stylistically as well into the overall picture. Selects, perhaps, itself the clothes for these.

Ordered the desired wardrobe already in the appropriate sizes, at the retail store, Online retailer, or with the needed money at the tailor of Your choice. Safety is recommended to order each wardrobe piece or Outfit more for reserve cases. In Unigröße of course.

37: tasks for the wedding party set
A lot of you have done already. However, the hot Phase is slowly moving closer. Schedules the tasks for all the helpers in the wedding Ceremony, and wedding reception. Provides appropriate Information leaflets or manufactures small to-Do lists.

Send this information to the wedding helper. Then, your return can answer questions and concerns quickly. Often the Feedback of Your loved one helps you to discover gaps in Planning.

38: prenup confer
Marriage contracts are nowadays already no sign of mistrust and more. The marriage contract gives both partners, tips and info for more security. Get advice from a professional. A lawyer informs you about the legal background of the possible Unions.

There are different shapes, such as community property, separate property or marital property. If you go to a lawyer, makes two appointments. A first for advice and a second for the formalities, if you have decided.

39: Trauspruch set
Thinking of you, what Trauspruch your wedding vows want to usher in. Suggestions for verses, there are a number of ideas. To the Church Wedding is part of usually a Verse from the Bible. Looking for you a Trauspruch in advance, and discuss this with the priest.

Bear in mind that Your knot will be on the duration of this is the Motto! The Trauspruch should fit you well and at the same time companion for Your whole life together to be. Here it is to Search more about Find.

40: marriage vows formulate
Regardless of the appropriate Trauspruch many marriage formulate the end of your promise also individually. After all, a wedding is a highly personal matter. Sure, you could just repeat the priest, Pastor, or by the civil Registrar of predetermined words.

Beautiful usually, however, to give his Partner the promise of marriage, in your own words. Words to Express what you feel deep in your heart. Finally, vows are a feeling of expressions and not a mere formality.

A naked Cake is on the table
Image: © Kathleen John

41: wedding cake to order
If this is not agreed already with Your caterers, Restaurant or Caterer, you should order the wedding cake. Notify Your pastry chef wishes for your perfect wedding cake and clarifies the concrete delivery and installation.

42: beauty dates for the lady and the Lord agree
So on the day of the wedding the hairstyle is really, as you should, agreed at an early stage, the appointments at a hair salon for both of you. If you were not Your face to the Barber’s, agreed to a date a month earlier for a test cut.

For the bride and groom is also recommended yet another beauty appointment at the manicure. Just the hands and fingernails, including those of the man! – stand at a wedding, especially in the spotlight. Popular photo motive, you are on top of that.

The bride-to-be should if should not aim to be at the hairdresser’s appointment, including, in the previous week to the wedding, nor a date when makeup artists and estheticians. The recommends of the bride best, how the bride-Make-Up succeeds perfectly.

43: fit of the bride dress and wedding suit check
Wedding dress, Bridal veil and suit, the should now be a long time to finish, will be ready for you at the tailor. You are desperately waiting for the sample to wear. Slips into it and see if any Changes can be made to. Not much time remains.

bride-to-be holding her wedding dress in the Hand
Photo: @ Katarina Fedora

Wedding checklist – Even for 1-3 months until the wedding day

44: Official documents in the case of a change of name change
Informs you had you a long time ago. Done the paperwork for the name change. Are rewrite all official documents or customer data. This concerns, for example, the identity card, the Bank account, any and all insurance contracts or lease.

45: guest list update
Now, where the invitations are already sent longer, you can better see what the guests to come and what is not. The guest list is updated from the sum of the Commitments and Cancel Your wedding.

Send the guests, not yet reported back to have a personal memory. A bit of a guilty Conscience hurt not. It’s your nerves. It’s your wedding planning, and Your schedule. Using such memories in a General Form, or with Status Updates like your Wedding website.

46: Reservation of the hotel rooms quotas level check
The overnight stay in a controlled situation, at the Hotel or in the Board that have recommended you close to the wedding location. Now should your guests have agreed, and a Bed in need of their rooms booked.

It may be that younger people, even children, visitors have otherwise put in a guest room-from the family circle. Especially with older guests who arrive from abroad and far away, should, in the meantime, have you made use of.

47: table arrangement and Seating set
With the updated guest list, you should now also have a Seating plan for the wedding party to take care of. This usually takes longer than you would think. Who sits with whom is a table? Sit together Ex-Partner is unfavorable?

Have at every table with enough entertaining personalities placed? Sitting in Singles alone among couples? To have a good mood to the Festival to compose, are some of the cliffs at the Seating and the Seating plan to avoid. Every beautiful wedding benefited from a successful Seating.

A wedding in a hall
Image: © Kathleen John

48: Own work out
If one wants to keep one of you in the lecture part of the Celebration, even a wedding speech, is now slowly. Just for the speakers, which is not present not commonplace and often in front of an audience, it needs to have a little more time. Composed the speech in a lively and authentic words.

49: bachelorette party wishes
You should be a bachelor party or bachelorette party before the wedding, celebrate, share this to Your groomsmen with. With them, you can discuss your wishes and ideas for this small Ehevorfeierlichkeit. And let you then, of course, duly surprise, when it is ready.

50: hen night announce
Invite to rumble, if that’s Your family Tradition. Is celebrated on the eve of the rule of the house of the bride, or their parents. An explicit guest list is traditionally not needed. Who can, come. Deadline has equalized the custom in modern times, it is beneficial.

The hen night conventionally, literally on the eve of the wedding to be celebrated, to be one or two weeks in advance of the strong, the good old porcelain and earthenware bust of Meissen.

51: last vote with the theologian, priest, or Pastor
Logged in for the Wedding you’ve already. The exact schedule of the ceremony, you have also been discussed. Then please enlighten one last Time with Your theologians, whether you have questions, or if everything fits.

If you haven’t already, also explains whether you own a musician brings to the table, or whether the Organist of the Church to accompany your wedding Ceremony music. In the latter case, the Church is happy mostly about a small donation of 50-100 Euro.

52: accessories for wedding buy clothes
Wedding dress, Bridal veil and suit are organized and have the perfect fit. Now only the matching accessories are missing? Then buys the bride’s shoes, men’s shoes, cuff-links, and whatever else to Your wedding styling should be part of. Slowly, the last fine begins to cut Your wedding planning.

The bride comes with your dream wedding Stumble or blisters on the feet holt, should be run wedding shoes for some time before gently inserted. The same applies to the entry of the Lord galoshes. To limp on the wedding day is no fun, and also not a good picture.

53: Small wedding gifts for guests and helpers to get
Look around you, what little attention you for all the hard-working helpers and guests of Your wedding thank you. Buy small gifts and wrapped them nicely. You can then, at the end of Your lavish wedding celebration is to provide each guest with on the way home. As the small attentions to be grateful and present, is entirely up to you.

54: child employment organize
You have at Your wedding planning already thought of that, what does it mean that some of Your guests are traveling with children? Children love to play! You can’t play and you have to sit still for very long, the earlier or later wrong. Active employment organised for the children.

A bride and groom hugging on the Lawn

Checklist wedding – Still 1-4 weeks up to the wedding day

55: wedding rings pick up
Don’t forget, the goldsmith or jeweler’s your wedding rings to pick up. Meanwhile, the wedding should be adjusted rings, engraved and finger to be finished.

56: Last General check
Sit down briefly with all the volunteers, service providers and stakeholders Involved. Checks if all goes according to Plan. Everyone has to do its job properly understood? Everyone knows the schedule? Everyone has the right address? Someone needs directions?

Inform the organizer of the Location and Restaurant, or the Caterer the final guest count and the final sequence program. Ensures that all service providers have time access to the Location. If you would like to decorate for yourself and also be allowed to, asking for access in the evening in front of it.

57: Virtual General sample hold
Not all of it, especially under real-life conditions, you can like the Theater in a General sample test. However, there is much already. For example, the test runs for all of the Styling stations in the large day. Exercises again and again in Your marriage vows. For So long, until you make it in your sleep present, you can.

58: Loves You!
With all the organization and Stress, the latter slowly its peak, don’t forget you to love. Take, despite the hustle and bustle necessarily have time for each other. Not a Plant planning-free rest days into Your schedule so that your wedding is drowning in work.

59: bachelorette party douse
Surprise! Even if you’ve forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the preparations almost: The farewell Eures bachelor existence rips you out of the madness of the months of the wedding planning. Celebrate with Your closest friends and groomsmen due account of the farewell to the single life.

60: hen night celebrations
And the celebrations before the big celebration, there is no end. Celebrating with friends and family for the hen night. Porcelain and earthenware broke neat. Let it rock! The best, of course, delicious chicken soup according to the old custom.

Chicken used to be a Symbol for fertility. Wedding couples, they received as a gift on the eve of the wedding. The female variant of the premarital drinking binge (more similar to the bachelorette party) is, by the way, in the Anglo-Saxon Hen night).

Wedding check list – Less than 1 week until the wedding day

61: logistics for the wedding gifts rules
Take care assistance in the removal and storage of all the wedding gifts. The need to be taken in, as a rule, on the same evening or in the morning. A member of the family is responsible for this task will surely like.

62: suitcase for the wedding night pack
Grab your stuff for the wedding night together. Very popular on the like a toothbrush, Make-Up remover or a change of underwear for the day after. The pajama, however, you may quietly forgotten.

63: emergency Set for the wedding couple together
Prepare an emergency kit for little misadventures. Included, for example, pain pills, sewing kit, Make-Up, should be plaster, glue, hygiene items, small mirror, toiletries, nail file, tissues, Shoe Shine stuff, and bubbles.

64: Luggage for the honeymoon vorpacken
A little more than the suitcase for the wedding night Luggage for your Honeymoon should be included in the honeymoon already. If you this work largely before the wedding is done, you can shortly after the wedding stress-free in the love holiday nozzles. Remember your passports and Visa where applicable!

65: Cute to make!
The groom is done just before the wedding of his appointment with the hairdresser. He makes the manicure, the finger nails beautiful. The bride takes your appointments at the hairdressers, makeup artists and beauticians.

66: One last Time to sleep?
Forget it! Your alarm clock at the best in duplicate. But don’t be surprised if your night’s rest ends up in deep sleep. Often the bride and groom will find-even if you are traditionally separated spend the night, the night before the wedding in the best case, the

Then, something Useful but in time. The marriage vows, you can now in three different languages and in all keys of A-flat minor to C major? Prima! Making a cheat sheet. That’s for sure.

Puts on the wedding dress, the wedding suit and all other accessories of your wedding outfits. Checks dear triple, if everything is complete. Handbag bride-to-be should also be Packed. And not sweaty, the rings and all the necessary paperwork to pack!

Wedding – The wedding day has come!

Just marry and be happy!

Take a deep breath and let it out now just run, as you did it to the best of our forces organized. The expiration of Your wedding adds now, some change you can now eh not much. Say to yourselves and Your families, that you love her. Thanks to you and Your guests for everything. Stares at you, and enjoying every moment of it!

Don’t forget, your breath in between. Let the day not to you over the noise. Delight in every Detail. And even if something should go wrong. This resulted in the great stories you will tell you later, for a long result.

Wedding couple hugging in love at the wedding day
Photo:@ Maiores Photography

Check list wedding The days and weeks after the wedding

67: In married life, and arrive in the honeymoon stand out
Yesterday, excited Single, today lucky spouse – it goes so fast. The first months of planning, the wedding is in a day. And almost as quickly, the daily life back again. But wait, not yet! Soon we go on the honeymoon.

The Luggage is already largely prepared for the Council of Europe. Previously, we recommend that the bride dress and the wedding suit of any stains of the wedding celebration to clean. Then both can be immediately mothballed as a souvenir or for other occasions. And then, after two nights with very little sleep once Sleep fashionable.

68: nameplates exchange
After you’re out of the honeymoon and beautiful geflittert you, has given you the real everyday life now, but really. Exchanges the signs on the door and letter box, if a has changed from the name.

69: Collecting of the photos of the wedding guests
And while your geflittert have, and maybe the one or other holiday snapshot about your wedding website with Your Loved ones could have accumulated plenty of other photos. In the Era of the Almighty Smartphones the remains.

So that Your mailbox does not explode, you hopefully have a wedding website with photo upload function. So take you to be with the guests a few of the work from. And everyone has equal access to the recordings. Except, of course, you want it in advance rather moderate.

Then you wait for activation. Done the same in one go with the Upload of the official wedding photos of Your wedding photographer. You pick out the most beautiful photos and thank you again sincerely for Your guests.

70: Open bills to settle
So beautiful the wedding Ceremony, the Feast and the Flitterei have of Your wedding. Please also remember, all open invoices to pay. Then you have the check list wedding almost completed. Only one thing remains to be done.

71: thanksgiving cards to send
The many personal the thank yous on the Party, at the wedding site, and Yes, even the little guest gifts to the Feast, nor too little of thanks. Your Love, your families and your friends have a very personal thank-you deserve it.

Sent, for example, small printed folding cards with the most beautiful wedding photo. Says with a hand-written dedication to again personally Thank each guest. Highlights perhaps the one or other of the special experience of the wedding planning. This is all for a long time in the most beautiful memories.

Your check list for the wedding to Check off as a PDF Download

Our ultimate 71-points-Wedding checklist for wedding planning you liked? The check needs list, however, in a handy table format to Add, Fill in and Tick off? No Problem! Our check list wedding you here PDF free download.

Our experienced wedding planners created a checklist wedding downloaded have, it provides you two functions. You can in front of the Computer next to edit and save as a document. Or you can print it for you on the Wedding checklist in its entirety or in individual pages and in Your wedding folder stitching.

Wedding check list

We WeddyPlace bring the wedding planning to a whole new Level. Our vocation is our pure passion for weddings! The great happiness in the eyes of our satisfied brides and grooms inspires us on a daily basis to Your wedding to give the perfect frame. Behind our wedding concept.

With the check list of all the check will be the best day of the lists in Your life perfect in every way. And if you are looking for, even after the appropriate service providers for your wedding? Then provides us with a free and non-binding enquiry about the free wedding planner. Your wedding is guaranteed to succeed!

What you must not forget at the wedding?

The most important points at a Glance

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