New trends in engagement rings

New trends in engagement rings

You have seen enough of the classic models of engagement rings? Then you are at the TRAURINGSPEIZALISTEN.DE exactly right. Because we have a great selection of modern engagement rings that stand out from the crowd, and old traditions are forgotten. Engagement rings have always been one of our greatest Strengths – and, of course, we go in TRAURINGSPEZIALISTEN.DE with the time, to be able to give you a fancy and modern engagement rings to offer. We combine the popular classic with a new Touch of Modernity – through-witness yourself in our extensive Online range and find your own modern engagement ring.

We like to convince you of our modern engagement rings .

No limits to your modern engagement rings

At the modern engagement rings, we detach ourselves from the traditional Norm and invent a new way. Yes, you can find in our Online store, of course, also in the category of modern engagement rings including solitaire or Pavé rings. What makes it modern and special? Instead of a normal, white diamonds, we use the solitaire ring, for example, a rotfunkelnden brilliant. Combined with a cool white gold , or platinum is her contemporary engagement ring is something very special and stands out from the General mass.

Your Future will surprise you with such an engagement ring is definitely and ultimately convince. Alternatively, you can also select a diamond-encrusted ring rail, which uses the classic white stones, but in a variety of shades, shimmers. Definitely an eye-catcher on the Finger of your loved one! In addition to these more traditional forms, which are interpreted in a modern way, we offer alternatively, it is also quite unusual, new shapes for your modern engagement rings, you’ll see certainly rarely on a different Finger. Curved engagement rings you can find in our Online Shop as well, such as engagement rings Modern with refined Details that bring that certain Something and the marriage to be something special leave.

Convince yourself and you can even surprised at all the fancy shapes, we keep for you in our Online range.

Modern combination of different materials

Modernity is often reflected in the selection and combination of different materials, so that wonderfully exciting Bicolor rings arise. Also for your modern engagement rings, you can draw from this combination of possibilities. Combine the warm yellow gold with a cool silver or platinum. Or, dare one step further of modern and paste to your modern engagement ring, parts of dark

Carbon or titanium is added. You will be amazed how Varied your modern engagement rings suddenly, therefore, can come entirely from the old classics to distinguish. Of course, we also offer modern engagement rings in rose gold, Palladium , or stainless steel. You decide rings for that certain Something in your modern engagement – we can assist you throughout the selection process, so that you can score points with your Future application.

Modern engagement rings for every Budget

You want to set with your modern engagement ring is a Highlight, a certain price range, but not to exceed, because you want to keep the icing on the cake for the actual wedding ring? No Problem at all. The wedding ring specialists will find you the modern engagement rings to suit any budget – from cheap to expensive. No matter which category you choose, you can be always sure that all of our modern engagement rings to meet the highest quality expectations and give you a lifetime of pleasure. But if you want to use a cheaper modern engagement ring, then we can offer you the opportunity in the selection of the precious metal or the diamonds to save your wallet a little and to convince but still modern!

And if you’re wondering whether or not your modern engagement ring rot after the wedding in the jewelry box: no, Far from it! Because of the Trend for some years, then, the former engagement ring with the wedding band to combine the modern engagement ring, then as a locking ring to wear. To wear a Statement of Modernity, her engagement ring, even after the marriage. On our years of experience and Expertise, with the help of that we can guarantee your modern engagement rings to the eye catcher make trust

Your Competent Partner only modern engagement rings – The wedding ring specialists

You count on when you purchase your personal modern engagement ring, the wedding ring specialists. Your personal desires, needs, and ideas are our focus. Our personal advice will be directly on the ground in selected Partner stores in Germany, or via the Online Shop are as individual and unique as their modern engagement rings. The design possibilities are endless and we make your engagement ring according to your Wishes. We guarantee the best quality and best Service for you personally.

Try our Online Configurator, you will be creative or let one of our experts in search and selection for your modern engagement ring advice. With our large network of partners throughout Germany, we are the consulting directly in person with them – for example, in Frankfurt, Kaiserslautern, Germany, Dresden, Leipzig or Munich. Please feel free to contact to us, we will be comprising by us in relation to your modern engagement rings advice. Of course, you can also order matching modern wedding rings your engagement ring.