Promise rings ideas

Promise rings ideas

Exchange of rings and ring promise can take in Your marriage Ceremony an important place, regardless of whether You give Your Yes-word at the registry office or in the Church or a free wedding Ceremony. After the vows, and before you kiss – if you choose – the exchange of rings. You’re putting each other in the Ring on the Finger. While you push the Ring on the Finger of your Partner:in, can you say something about it: the ring oath, or the ring of promise. If You don’t have long, custom wedding vows want to make, You could consider the ring a promise of something more individuality in your Zereonmie to conjure up.

This can make a very impersonal, more bureaucratic wedding Ceremony in the registry office to something very special.

You can these vows either of the line Your ceremony audition or phrases to speak individually and freely. The ring promise should be short and meaning full. If You make it particularly personally want to, here are a few tips:

What should You look for when self-formulated ring promise?

Your promise to the ring exchange should not be longer than three, in the highest case, four sentences long. You’ve already given Your vows. With the ring promise You besiegelst only symbolically again your connection.

The classic It can be so much more beautiful. The examples you find below.

Please Your promise, practice beforehand. You’re going to be busy, to put the Ring on her/his Finger. You are free, therefore, no Hand to hold cue cards. It is so important to learn these phrases actually memorize. (or you can get Your celebrant:in the prompt to leave.)

Please don’t think about what you tell Your Partner well. Your ring promise must not be the same. Most probably, if everyone uses their own words to Express feelings.

If You don’t do a lot to a lot of words, You could promise a part or Your entire Ring on the inside of the ring to Your Partner:in the engraving.

With a laser engraving of what is possible today. So, You cling to the oath for the eternity.

How do You find the exact right words for Your ring exchange at the wedding?

Probably the following questions help You to figure out, what are You in exchange of rings want to say.

  • What it means to You in Your wedding ring?
  • How deep is Your love?
  • How will You show that You is Your marriage important to you?
  • What do You want to promise Your Partner?
  • What is Your Partner for You?

15 suggestions for Your ring promise

The following examples show You what can You say when the exchange of rings. You can Orient Your promise, or one of these spells to modify or use. I have collected for You and written.

  1. Take this Ring as a sign of my enduring love. Your desires and dreams are from today, my desires and dreams. Hand in Hand and heart to heart we will cope with everything.
  2. My heart is your. My love is yours. This Ring is yours, as I am. I love you.
  3. I give you this Golden Ring, because it is a symbol of how precious you are to me.

    To see him in your Hand, makes me proud and happy. You are mine and I am yours.

  4. Your love is a precious gift. Please take this Golden Ring. With this Ring, I give myself to you. It is intended to remind you how much I love you and how happy I am that you want to share your life with me.
  5. I am the proudest man/proudest woman, if you wear this Ring. I promise to make you happy and to be always at your side, on the good days and the bad days. For always. Because I love you.
  6. With this Ring, I thee________ (Name) to be my husband/wife. You’re my safe haven, my anchor, my sail and my compass.

    Without You I am lost. With you I’ll go anywhere. Mind you this Ring to remind you. I love you.

  7. Love(r) _______ (Name), You’re my safe haven, my anchor, my sail and my compass. With you, I want to dare any adventure. Because you and me this Ring to remind you. I love you.
  8. I’m here for you, from now until my death. Every day you this Ring remind you of our happiness, and our collective strength.
  9. You ________ (Name), you share my life, my love and my dreams, I give this Ring full of joy and Pride. As a Ring has no beginning and no end, forever our love is.
  10. You are my strength. Your tenderness, your patience and your dedication to making me the person I want to be.

    Me, you, Your friend, lover, husband, drop what you are to me:. I love you.

  11. With this Ring, I give myself to you. Hold me, hold me gently, and don’t let go of me, as I hold you gently and never going to let go. We were two now we are one, forever. I love you.
  12. Here in front of all these witnesses, I give you this Ring. I promise to do everything possible so that our love grows. Every day from today until death do us part.
  13. With this Ring, I give you my heart. I promise you my trust, my dedication, my passion and my love.

  14. Today, I give you my present, my past and my future. Let us work together to reach for the stars. Please accept this Ring as a sign of my vow. I love you today and tomorrow and forever.
  15. No matter, whether we are together or oceans between us, this Ring will remind you every day, every hour and every Minute that I’m in love and Faithfulness be with you.
  16. The love between two people alive from the beautiful moments. But it grows through the difficult times, the both of them together. Remember us should remember this Ring.
  17. I am happy I am that we found each other and together want to stay.

    Mind you this Ring to remind you.

  18. This Ring to remind you of my promise to you: We can together are everything.
  19. With this Ring, I give myself to you. Today, for always.
  20. You’ve won my heart. Mind you this Ring to remind you.

FAQ on the subject of the exchange of rings

Why be exchanged rings?

The wedding ring is a Symbol of your bond. A Ring has no beginning, and – most importantly – no end. That’s why he is such a good Symbol for marriage.

The wedding ring is a Symbol of the binding nature of Your relationship. You should conduct your life, and everyone is allowed to know about it.

The wedding ring is made from durable, quality materials. He is the durability and quality of Your relationship. The traditional Gold wedding bands is proverbial for durability and reliability.

Previously, only the bride-to-be got a Ring. This is different today.

Do I have to wear the wedding ring?

Through Your Ring, You’re always reminded that You’re married. Your environment will be reminded that You’re married. Everyone who meets You for the first Time, know immediately that You’re married. That many brides-to-be as a bad sign, if the husband decides after the wedding to wear the Ring.

Says it’s uncomfortable.

If You’re not planning to wear Your Ring always, You should – even if You’re the bride-to-be – before talk about it.

Some wedding couples dispense with wedding rings. You can choose a different icon as a visible sign of their relationship. Sometimes you can’t see these characters at all. They are only for the bride and groom in there.

Personally, I think a lot of visible signs. They remind us in the moments, in which it is not easy to decide the relationship, and why we entered into this relationship.

For me, this is the purpose of a character. Fortunately, this is allowed to decide, but really every one of you.

At what point of the ceremony to exchange rings?

You can make the exchange of rings directly after the or as a part of the wedding vows or separately. At best, you should say something: The ring, promise.

Usually, the exchange of rings is the last thing that happened before the kiss of the bride and groom. Dramaturgically speaking, this is an important Moment. It also pays very well thinking about what you want to say to the ring exchange.

What is the procedure when the exchange of rings?

The exchange of wedding rings from running typically as follows:

Moderation: I ask to bring the rings to the front(Otherwise, the rings are ready already.)

Then the ring transfer (to an out of the wedding couple or the Moderation), which is surrounded by music, and with a spell can be accompanied follows. (More on that below.)

Moderation: /

Then, the groom speaks (in a classic way first) his ring oath, and his partner puts on the Ring and then it goes Vice versa.

Moderator: So you’re married. You are allowed each other to kiss.“

Who comes first to the exchange of rings?

Typically, even when the exchange of rings, the groom the beginning. If you are at the registry office, nothing else says, you assume that you want to stick to the traditional order of the ring exchange.

On which Finger the Ring is?

Traditionally, you wear in Germany, the wedding ring on the ring finger of the right Hand. The engagement ring you are wearing instead of the more left.

The wedding ring is worn today, increasingly, on the left Hand, to write some of the American films. Others point out that the wives in ancient Rome wore her Ring on his left Hand. The wedding band should be – so it was believed at the time – the vena amoris , a direct connection to the heart. Interestingly, had the Romans in this respect, law, and as our heart is actually on the left side of our chest.

For the Wearing of the wedding ring on the right Hand is cited as a reason the fact that the left Hand is considered unclean.

The fact is, you can decide for yourself, where is your wedding ring wish to wear.

Who will bring the rings to the front or passes you?

Classic the Trauzuge taking care of your rings. You can, but also very different. You can wear the rings with you, the celebrant before type, or the rings of a family member, Your child, or maybe Your dog to the front area.

What looks so cute, it is actually not a good idea. Anyone who has looked for between the Church benches for rings understands. If your dog or a child, want to include in the ceremony, then do as if you bring the rings. It’s safer that way. The rings should be in this case to a justice of the peace,. Or use pillow for a special ring each Ring is individually tied. With such a ring, you can play pillow theoretically football and it can happen still, nothing.

Ring box for the stylish Delivery of wedding rings prior to the ring exchange

I like it very much if someone from the family (grandparents, parents, godparents, siblings) passes by the rings in front of the exchange. In this case, you could think about to hand over the rings Your ring bearer in a beautiful box. This boxes you can then after the Handover ceremony to open. This approach has the advantage that the rings are not lost so quickly and it just looks better than if you press the rings in the Hand.

If you let the rings of someone who is old enough to pass, you could let them in the framework of a free wedding Ceremony something to say. This could be, for example, something like this:

  • I present you with the rings in the names of the guests (family/friends), because we’re so happy that you two want to stay together.
  • Dear (Name) dear (Name), please, accept these rings our blessing for your marriage. We, the guests/family will be happy for you and wish you all the luck in the world.
  • These rings will remind you of the promise of Your groomsmen to be there for you and support you, that this marriage will be happy.

Exchange of rings and patchwork family

If You’re marrying into a family with children, or even children bring into the marriage, you could ring the handover of the children wonderfully include:

  • Dear (Name), and dear Papa, (Name of the children of the couple) and I look forward to Your decision, that we should be a family. Please wear these rings for you to remind you that we belong together from now on, all.
  • Dear (Name), and dear mother, (Name of child) and I are very happy that your getting married today. We want to do everything, so that we can be a happy family. These rings will remind you that this is a happy day for us.

If it is a special celebration, you could ask the guests (or group), for the ring, surrender to stand up.

Have to say both spouses during the exchange of rings the same?

Of course, you can decide to say both the same when the exchange of rings. But you can also decide that each contributes something of your own. Just see what feels best for you. I like it best if everyone uses their own words.

How do I get to my ring promise?

There are three ways how You ring approach can promise.

  1. Something to write! Give In To Your Pleasure. Don’t forget to say,
  2. Use a quote or a poem.
  3. The management of the ceremony, please say a few words. If You’re getting married in the Church, would be before the exchange of rings, the rings blessed. At a Wedding You could replace these blessings through the involvement of Your family or the wedding guests.

Exchange of rings and the photographer

Not always allowed or the photographer can get close enough to you to be able to the exchange of rings photography. Maybe you are just not in the mood disturbed. Thus, there is still a picture of the rings, you can, for example after one adjustment.

If you are the photographer accompanied the preparations for the You give the rings simply then Your ring bearer more. Best you let assume that the best man or the maid of honor. Your self should have to do on the day of the Wedding, as little as possible!

What do we need to speak prior to the ring exchange?

Please, tell Your Partner:in which Finger You will be wearing the Ring would. Then he is not insecure/you at the Wedding. Also, You should know which Finger Your Partner wants to wear the wedding ring.

Wedding couples turn to, especially on me, so I found your vows writing. Now, especially for couples that are not married in the Church, a very important point. Of course, I would help You in Your ring, promise. This may very well be involved in religious ceremonies. Please contact me like this!