Quotes for father of the groom

Quotes for father of the groom

You don’t know, what have you to do on your birthday card for wedding letter? Then you are right here. We have 75 congratulation ideas for congratulations on the wedding.
Our article provides you with versatile congratulations to a civil wedding. From the classic original and a modern and fun pattern of the texts and sayings here for you. Getting married, for example, your colleague or your neighbor, suitable quotes. Do you have a personal relationship with the bride and groom should also be the good luck wishes to a civil marriage Ceremony in person and to be original.

Congratulations to the wedding

The civil wedding marriage between two loving people officially. It is a reason to celebrate and to give an occasion to the bride-to-be few nice words and quotes along the way. In the Following you will find many good wishes for the fresh vermehlte couple.

Classic Congratulations

Classic congratulations to the wedding

In the first Chapter, we have collected many classical congratulations to the wedding together. No matter how close you are to the bride and groom stand, these wishes are for relationships of all kinds.

  1. Dear bride and groom,
    all the best for the civil Ceremony. I’m so happy for you and I am grateful that I can be in this important day.

  2. Love _________,
    Today, you’ve officially “YES” to each other said.
    I hope you say in the future, every day is “YES” to each other and your shared future. May it be marked by love and happiness.
  3. Now forged by hand
    , the marital happiness – the two of us.
    My wish: It is resistant
    and durable all the time!
  4. Love wedding couple,
    may good luck always accompany you on your way.
    I hope all your plans be fulfilled and your a happy marriage.
  5. Congratulations to the marriage.
    I am very happy for you, because I’m sure both of you go together!
  6. Dear bride and groom,
    Today you will officially be made and to you in front of the German state, the Yes-word given.
    For your future together as a married couple, I wish you much happiness and understanding of each other.
  7. Love _________,
    together, you have already experienced a lot and been through, are in your partnership by heights, but also to Deep left.
    Always you stayed faithful to each other. Today it’s the Covenant of marriage. I congratulate you very warmly and wish you only the Best.
  8. Today made it official,
    is getting married very quickly.
    You’re happy I see,
    all the best for the marriage!
  9. Love _________,
    congratulations to the wedding and all the best for your future together. I look forward to your marriage with you today to celebrate. It’s nice to see how happy you make each other.
    Like you and your marriage, love, health and happiness accompany you on always.
  10. Today, an eternal life Covenant between you is through your marriage emerged.
    I wish you that flame goes out, your love never.
    Let us work together to make your marriage celebrations.

Modern wedding wishes and original congratulations

Modern and original congratulations on the wedding

Your happiness, wishes for the wedding to be a little more modern and detached phrases of the Standard?
Then have a look at the cool happiness wish in the following list.

Here you will find modern and original congratulations on the wedding.

  1. Your Love,
    for your marriage, I wish you: happiness, health, mutual understanding, good Sex, a lot of exciting adventures, nervous arguments, the force of problems, lots of cute babies and everything what you still want.
  2. Your civil wedding, the Happy ending, but the beginning is not!
    I wish you for your personal love story, only the Best!
  3. At the beginning I thought you only the rose-colored glasses. However, with time has become of your love really serious. How nice that you are married now!
  4. Congratulations to a civil marriage Ceremony
    , we Make it nothing: marriage is not always easy. You will surely have differences of opinion, and you argue.
    The king’s discipline, but in spite of the difficulties of understanding for their Partner and stay together.
    Therefore, I wish you, that you retain the ability to solve conflicts as well as in the past, and to trust each other.
  5. To go together through the world is more beautiful than being alone. And to give it the word of the most Beautiful in life.
    It’s nice that you made out of love, the decision to marry each other.
  6. Dear ones,
    today is your modern fairy tale come true.
    Although there is no Carriage and no fairy dust.
    For this, however, you are now an official document that proves how much you love each other.
    For your marriage, I wish you that you are a fairy tale and a dream, and that you are always in love with each other.
  7. Today you said you “YES” at the registry office,
    at the time I made you known to each other,
    many years lie between them,
    in which it sometimes sucks,
    but often did you do each other good,
    that you are now married, nevertheless, requires courage!
    I wish you all the best for the marriage,
    that they may forever and your love will never pass away!
  8. Oh your love, lovebirds,
    today you have for each other decided,
    now begins the marriage.
    For you I have only the best wishes for the wedding!
  9. I hope that the honeymoon will lead you to your dream destination, and the marriage is your goal in life!
  10. For your common path I wish to have you, that he is always uphill, and if he does not change, not on the stumbling blocks fall. All the best for the wedding.

Funny sayings and congratulations to the wedding


Funny congratulations on the wedding

If the bride-to-be is a few humorous, it can also make a funny saying about the difficulties of marriage for the congratulations card for the wedding.

You should have the following spells but in any case, even with a personal greeting to expand.

  1. You know, the abbreviation of
  2. It is said:
    It is only in the marriage, the vision comes back.
    I hope that you guys also like it when your eyesight comes back.
  3. Congratulations, you are now the wearer of the smallest handcuffs in the world – your wedding rings! May you live long to each other to be bound.
  4. The marriage is not to solve problems together, you would have alone.
  5. Out of love you do the strangest things. Some even get married!
  6. The happiness of the married man is in one of the many women he has not married.
    (Oscar Wilde)
  7. Marry or do not marry, you will regret both.
  8. The Wish has helped, you’ve found the pot for your cover. A great dish that makes your marriage, I’m with you always with recipes on page!
  9. Marry is his right half and doubled his duties.
    (Arthur Schopenhauer)
  10. Love is the light of life, it is only in the marriage, the electricity bill.
  11. Have a sun in the heart
    and Pizza in the belly,
    then your marriage happy
    and tired of you too!
  12. A good marriage is when both of you are wearing the pants. In a very good marriage neither of them has frequently a pair of pants.
  13. You should not marry, the man has not been tested previously in a traffic jam.
  14. Love is a great disease – there’s always two have to go to bed.
    (Robert Lembke)
  15. The love is so unproblematic as a vehicle. Problematic only the Handlebars, the passengers, and the road.
    (Franz Kafka)
  16. A good husband does not need to speak much. Rather, there are three important words in his vocabulary and never:
  17. A happy marriage is to forgive to each other and married.
  18. Marriage is a stupidity, which is always committed to the second.
  19. Marriage is a battle that starts with the wedding.
  20. A man to Hohzeit, decides then that is the last decision that he could not believe himself.

Short Congratulations

Short congratulations on the wedding

In this Chapter, we have particularly short congratulations to the civil Ceremony for you. You can use, for example, if you give a birthday card, on the other side of a line is printed, and thus are not so plenty of space to Write.

If you have a Wedding coming, you don’t need to write to the wedding so much.

Even if you don’t know the bride and groom as well, may be your good wishes for the civil Ceremony a bit shorter.

  1. Congratulations on your wedding.
  2. I wish you all the very best for the civil Wedding!
  3. Congratulations on your marriage!
  4. Everything is Good to civil Marriage and to your common path!
  5. How beautiful is that your together with your Partner have found for a lifetime. Love everything to a civil wedding Ceremony!
  6. All the best to the wedding, and I wish the two of you. Love, trust and security may always accompany you.
  7. Our warmest congratulations to the civil Marriage and all the best for your joint way.
  8. Today, you’ve officially YES to each other, said drum let’s celebrate!
  9. The marriage of all that is Good. Today we celebrate your Yes-word.
  10. I send wishes to the newlyweds Couple of my most sincere congratulations.
  11. Good luck to you, dear bride and groom!
  12. To civil Marriage and I pray that your love will never expire.
  13. My warmest wishes for your future together.
  14. All the best for the wedding!
  15. Oh, how glad y’all found each other!
    All love to the wedding.

Personal Congratulations

Personal congratulations to the wedding

If you are the couple near the stand, you can send us your good wishes for the wedding also a personal design. There are some ideas and templates for touching personal happiness consequences of wishes for the civil Ceremony.

Of course, this will not always fit the individual bride and groom, but they provide you a first point of reference for the design of your own personal greeting card. You can also congratulations to modify and extend.

The wishes are suitable for neighbors, friends, or family members.

Mr. and Mrs. _________,
I am delighted that two such wonderful people as you have found.
Go out into the world, experience wonderful adventure and give a little Laugh to your and your love to your fellow man ab.
For your future I wish you all the luck in the world!

The best friend of the bride to the groom

Added: When you guys met, I could not suffer you that well. Because you have spent a lot of time with my best friend. Suddenly, there was a second important Person in your life.

As I have noticed then, how good you are to her and how happy she made you, also I started to like you.

Now you as a friend, and not only this is you, even as a husband for ___ approved!

I’m happy for you, y’all found each other and forgive you, that you stole a part of my best friend.

For your common path, I wish you only the Best. I’m glad to be a part of your life, and I love you.

The sister/ brother of the bride or of the groom

Wedding wishes of the sister/ brother of the bride or of the groom

I can hardly believe it! – Hach, how time flies.

It feels like it was yesterday:
I can still well remember, as we do with Barbies, played, and guys have spoken/ how we foosball and girls have spoken.

Always been you had an accurate idea of your dream Prince/ Princess of yours is in. You’ll find your dream partner so quickly, I had not thought of at the time, however. The more I am pleased that you have now married to such a great Partner.

For your marriage, I wish you only the Best.

For sports lovers, spouses

Dear Couple,

how nice that you are now officially a Team.
In marriage, it is a little bit like in a team sport. You strengthen each other in the back and provides a performance that wins together.

I hope you remember, remember always that you are a Team – Strengthens your back on each other and win together the struggles of life.

For the co-workers/ colleagues

For the co-workers/ colleagues

  1. Us as a colleague, you couldn’t pick and choose only the boss has decided, in the office plugged in.
    We hope that your marriage will last a lifetime and wish you all the best for the civil Ceremony.
  2. Dear bride and groom,
    how nice that you have found!
    I am of the opinion, to her super fit! And with you I always have the feeling that you give this Latin phrase meaning:
    Yes, I’m almost a little jealous, because I want what you have for my future marriage.
    In this sense, we Are glad that you have each other, and let it rip.

Of the parents of the Bräutgams

  1. Today is a special day: Our son is in the Covenant of marriage.
    We always have wished that he finds his better half.
    He chooses a great woman, we could have, however, ancestors never.
    We are so glad to have you as a daughter-in-law in the family, love _________ .
  2. Love _________,
    We are very pleased that you are such a great Partner as _________ ‘ve found.
    We are glad that you are doing it now officially and wish you for your common way is only the Best!
    May you muster always understand each other and respect each other.

Of the parents of the bride

Wedding congratulations by the parents of the bride

Dear _________,

we have a good feeling about going to hand over our daughter in your hands.
Of course, it is difficult for us anyway…

We wish you all the best for your future!

We also want to let you know that we are behind you and your decisions.

Of the (Grand-)parents

  1. Full of joy and Pride that we celebrate today, your civil wedding with you.
    Don’t let the (Grand-)parents some advice along the way:
    Have patience with each other,
    have understanding for the needs of others,
    give to you and to the children of planning time,
    give you freedom,
    and, most importantly, Enjoy your own personal adventure!
  2. All love to the wedding to my favorite couple! I am very pleased that you have for each other, decided, and now together, she goes through life.

Of the parents of the bride

  1. All the best to the wedding,
    We are pleased with all my heart, such a great son-in-law into the family welcome to the our daughter happy!
  2. Who says
    No Jive
    Your marriage brings with it many exciting things to tell her Some of them are maybe even for the compromises can be found there too. On your way, I wish you that your

From the neighbors

  1. All the best for the wedding!
    We are pleased that there is now a husband and wife lives next to us.
    Please contact us if you need anything. We want to be as neighbors like to be a part of your shared married life.
  2. Now it’s getting serious, now it is married!
    May you not lose your all of the Serious, the life, always in your Laughter.
    Like to accompany you love and happiness for a lifetime.
    P. s: you guys make a great Couple!

Quotes for wedding

Quotes for wedding

You can do the bride and groom with a suitable quote or wisdom on the topic of marriage, or love, to congratulate. Often quotes give exactly what you want to say to yourself, just Packed in nicer words.

Quotes that are suited to congratulations to the stand to pronounce the official wedding, you can find in the following list. Maybe also a quote is Yes, and meets your expectations.

A nice idea can be to choose a quote of a personality, like the bride and groom or to look up it.

If you missed the awards, you can also, of course, to have a few words to add.

  1. The happiness of love is only in the marriage.
    (Germaine de Staël)
  2. You are now one, both of you, and we are one with you. To drink, the duration of the joy of a glass of real wine!
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  3. Love always wins.
    (Don Bosco)
  4. Love knows no reward. Love is for the sake of love there.
  5. In marriage you have to fight sometimes, because we learn something from each other.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  6. No one is so crazy that he can’t find one more more mad, understands him.
    (Friedrich Nietzsche)
  7. To hear of a happy marriage Of both sides of real love and to both sides of a truly noble character in two ways:. On this Basis, all disagreements can be overcome.
    (Paul Schreckenbach)
  8. The great fortune to be in love is to find peace in another heart.
    (Julie de Lespinasse)
  9. Love is the Greatest thing in the world.
    There is nothing but love.
    (Oscar Wilde)
  10. Love is not only that you look at each other but looking together in the same direction.
    (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
  11. The marriage follows love, as the smoke of the flame follows.
    (Nicolas Chamfort)
  12. Love itself is second to worship.
    (Germaine de Staël)
  13. Love looks magical.
  14. The fate provides for the love, and so certain, because love is frugal.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  15. All the luck in the marriage consists in the mutual trust and come to meet. The foolish love passes soon, but you have to respect each other, and serve.
    (Maria Theresia of Austria)
  16. Love can not describe the
    love you have to practically drive.
  17. Marriage is the most important journey of discovery, the company and the remains of the man.
    (Søren Kierkegaard)
  18. When love is not madness it is not love.
    (Spanish wisdom)
  19. In love, it is sufficient to please each other, by his amiable qualities, and its amenities; in marriage, but you have to love, to be happy, to each other, his fault, or at least adapt.
    (Nicolas Chamfort)
  20. The marriage between two people in love, is a the sky, like the sky should be always clear?
    (Peter Rosegger)
  21. The Only thing that can justify the marriage is love and the only true marriage is the one that is sanctified by love.
    (Leo Tolstoy)
  22. Where to sows love, joy grows up.
    (William Shakespeare)
  23. A good marriage is founded on the Talent for friendship.
    (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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