Ring styles 2020

Ring styles 2020

Individual and unique – so to summarize, while the Trend for engagement rings this year. The marriage proposal is one of the most important moments in a couple’s life and love for each other is also the individual selection of the engagement ring to the out-of-print. We present in this article is very special, but also classic engagement ring styles and explain what rings are currently popular.

The question of all questions

The classic engagement of it is common that one of the partners surprised the lady of his heart to the marriage proposal with an engagement ring, is becoming more and more popular.

Here is a big Portion is asked by the groom-to-be fine, because the Ring is designed to delight at the request, of course. To find out in advance what type of jewelry she likes the best, and if the Ring fits also to already existing pieces of jewelry, is not necessarily advisable. Girlfriends or mother of the bride-to-be can be just as helpful as a secret view into the jewelry box. The correct ring size, and the available Budget are determined, you can start the search for the perfect application ring. Different types are, in principle, to choose from. The most common, we introduce in the following sections.

Engagement Ring The One

The Solitaire Ring

This is the classic among the various types of engagement rings! A large diamond, usually around to the brilliant ground, sitting on the ring rail and is held in place by four or six prongs secure it. The solitaire ring fits particularly well to women, the elegant and classic style prefer and all Trends resisting never go out of fashion. Instead of diamond you can also color gems to request a ring and use other shapes than the popular brilliant cut are possible.

Solitaire ring in Gold

The Clamping Ring

A bit more fashionable than the classic solitaire ring, and very straight-forward and almost minimalist the clamping rings. The diamond floats rail almost in the open ring, no need for additional, as amended, and is held in place by the tension. Especially women who like a modern and understated style, are excited by the clamping rings. An advantage is that the stone in the case of clamping rings, not about the ring rail protrudes. Thus, you can wear this kind of engagement ring without problems in everyday life and does not restrict.

Precious clamping ring 0,04 ct white gold

The application ring as a stack ring wear

As beisteck ring, you can these models after the wedding, together with the wedding ring on the ring finger of the right Hand wear. Therefore, these rings are quite narrow, but often elaborately decorated with many diamonds. Also, there is a narrow solitaire ring can be worn as a stack ring. If you decide for this option, you should not have the selection of the engagement ring already the future wedding rings in the head, so that the Material and style to suit each other.

The Memoire-Ring

Eternity rings are completely or at least to a large part with small diamonds. Subsequently, you can enclose to particular events such as the birth of a child, other stones. In the case of the jewelry at the end is neither a beginning nor present, whence the alternative name, eternity ring, which goes hand in hand with a very strong symbolic power, which is desired in marriage.

These narrow rings can be also very well as a locking ring to the wedding ring.

Eternity Ring in Gold

What is precious metal for your engagement ring?

If a request white gold ring most commonly chosen, you should always taste and skin tone of the wearer concerns. Who wears on a daily basis jewellery from the metal, yellow gold, is sure to be delighted from a engagement ring made of this Material. Thanks to the ring Configurator, you can get all types of engagement rings from various collections in the precious metal has ordered to be the best like.

For high-quality and long-lasting engagement rings it is used today Gold depending on your taste, gold, yellow gold or rose gold – or platinum white. Those who opt for a Ring with diamonds, you should know that these are available in a silver-colored Material, such as white gold or platinum are particularly well, and her charming Glitter full potential. The higher the alloy, the more valuable the Ring. In the case of a small Budget is a request for the ring of silver,

a possible Alternative, but has the disadvantage that the metal is somewhat sensitive to damage as well as resistant to tarnish and is very regularly polished to be.

Engagement Ring Types

The trendy engagement ring types in 2022

Each year brings new Trends in fashion, and jewelry is no different. Let yourself be inspired by the engagement ring types that are in this year in fashion!

Ring in rose gold – this year Trend

With her gentle and warm color request rings cast from the precious metal rose gold, very soft and yet always fresh. This type of rings will fit to almost any complexion, especially good but rather lighter skin, and can be tones without problems also with other gold and platinum combined.

A flush ring in rose gold fits wonderfully to a wedding ring made of platinum or a model in a two-tone look. Ideally, a request to ring in rose gold, even if the lady loves jewelry made of this Material, the Lord preferred but wedding rings platinum or white gold – both types fit together perfectly.

Engagement rings in rose gold

Request rings trilogy-style

Sometimes more is more – this is true in the case of engagement rings with three stones, definitely. In the case of trilogy rings, the three stones are symbolic of the past, the present and the future, a symbolism that fits to a request ring is really excellent.

Thus it is not necessary to use diamonds. How would it be with a centrally placed diamond that is surrounded by two emeralds? Also the other way around, the arrangement is possible, and a color precious stone can be in the center. Who would like to follow the current ring mode, which is sure to please three different stones

Triology clamping ring 0.20 ct.

Engagement rings

For lovers of modern jewelry long been popular over spills the Trend to curved rings in this year also to the request of rings. Here, a gemstone will be integrated in a curved ring rail, most of the models are very delicate and extremely elegant on the Finger.

Please note that these engagement ring styles cannot be worn due to its curved shape, after the wedding as a stack ring. In the case of the engagement ring-materials of personal preference to decide all alone here.

Emeralds bring color accents

True to the Motto that a little bit of color never hurts combined stones 2022 amendment rings with colored gems with a metal of choice in the fast Lane on the road. Especially green emeralds are very popular and seem elegant and modern at the same time. A really unusual eye-catcher at the Hand of a woman!

Emeralds have a very high charisma, if you are right-ground rectangular Emerald-Cut. Combined with white gold, yellow gold, or platinum combined and are predestined to wear them together with diamonds.

Emerald Princess

Solitaire rings are as Evergreen

Last but not least – the classic engagement ring-species has lost none of its popularity and is appreciated by many women as a gift for an engagement, is particularly high. Those who opt for a solitaire engagement ring in rose gold or in place of a traditional diamond a emerald in emerald cut selected, is equal to double in Trend.

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