Rings ceremony wedding

Rings ceremony wedding

free wedding Ceremony rituals

Many bride-to-be couples can celebrate in addition to the legal, civil Marriage, not a wedding in Church or want to opt for a solemn ceremony by a free wedding Ceremony. These can be made completely free. For this reason, the question of rituals is one of the most frequently asked questions. What is it, and these are necessary? It is necessary nothing and everything desirable. That’s the beauty of a Wedding, and probably the reason why more and more couples decide to. We have selected the best ideas for you.

Free Trauredner know very many beautiful ways to the story of the bride and groom, the family and friends in the ceremony to involve.

This personal touch that makes a wedding Ceremony in the first place. On the one hand this may be due to the individual speech of the Trauredners communicates to the other, it is also a lot of beautiful rituals for that little Extra.

In addition to the well-known rituals and wedding customs, such as flower children in the catchment, soap bubbles or Confetti in the statement, the exchange of rings and the cordon are the guests after the ceremony, however, there are a couple of special activities, which during the wedding Ceremony to be performed.

1. Wedding candle lighting

The common Light of the wedding candle is an old and beautiful Tradition. At the Wedding the bride gets candle pair, in the framework of the blessing of the Candles, the light of the Easter, which then, together, the wedding candle is lit. But also for the free wedding Ceremony this is a suitable Ritual. The candle can be brought up by the groomsmen, or flowers children during the feeder to the trust table. Or you draped just before the start of the Ceremony on the front of the table. During the ceremony announces the Trauredner the Lighting of the candle and speak to may a

beautiful saying or a poem. The most well-known poem to this was made in the 70s and is called You can then either of the parents of the bride, the best man or by the bride and groom lit the match. The choice is entirely up to you.

The light beam is symbolic of the end of and warming love between husband and wife. Also, evil spirits to be expelled by the brightness. After the Ceremony of the burning of the wedding can candle decorate the Bridal table at the feast. On special occasions, such as wedding day or even after a quarrel, as a sign of reconciliation, you will always be ignited again.

Tip: the Wedding held Outdoors, we recommend a wind of light so that the flame is not suddenly a gust of wind extinguished. Think of a nice lighter or great matches.

2. The Sand Ritual

The sand ceremony is one of the most famous wedding rituals for the free wedding ceremonies. For this you will need three blood vessels. In the two smaller vessels, you give each of a variety of colored Sand. This offers the possibility of your wedding colors to be addressed. In the third, larger vessel you filled in during the ceremony, the two grades of Sand.

Sand Ritual Ceremony

A further possibility is to let others know about the ceremony involved.

For example, can be formed in the first layer of sand of the groomsmen, so to speak, as a solid Foundation for marriage. The middle layer can then be used by the parents, or even of the children of the bride and groom (as the center of your life) is laid. Finally, the bride is then pair in the series to combine the grains of sand to symbolize that she can no longer separate.

3. Unity painting

Similar to the sand ritual you can also paint together an image by two different color pours bucket of a blank canvas. The colors will run and then on the image to the bottom to create a unique pattern.

Especially beautiful it looks, if you stick to the blank canvas before, a vinyl sticker with your names and the wedding date. After Drying, the color of the foil can be removed, and the label comes in White to the fore.

Tip: the color spectacle you should have a very good watch, so dress and suit gesudelt be. Best covers you in advance.

free Wedding Ritual

4. Sow seeds or tree plants

A tree is a Symbol of love and Loyalty. You can, for example, during your ceremony an olive tree from a small to a larger pot transplanting. At home, you can put the Plant either in your garden or pot on your balcony set.

Here you can be quite creative, and personal preferences to incorporate. In the case of the double-wedding of Johanna & Jerome / Maike & Jan , for example, were common seeds used later, the ingredients for the brewing of beer should be.

5. Handfasting

The Handfasting is an ancient Celtic custom that is popular with modern outdoor weddings becoming more and more popular. Not least because he has such an incredibly strong symbolic power. Here are the new beginning is celebrated as a married couple and at the same time the old life passed. In this case, the bride to be, appropriately enough, directly after the vows, the left Hand and is then bound either by the Trauredner, the groomsmen or other loved a Band and knotted.

Here, there are several ways to associate the tapes, such as, for example, with an infinity knot.

And here it is: anything is possible. In the choice of bands to your imagination. Whether you choose now a you a particular color, a stripe from the bride’s dress or the Favorite of the deceased father, any kind of Band or cord is possible.
This Ritual is also the possibility of your guests involved by any of your heart, people, adds a loose Band, in braids, or ties, and thus symbolically a part of your Association, and for is always with you connected.

6. Ring Warming: the blessing of the rings the guests

The Ring Warming, or A long cord is clamped through a series of all the Guests. When In thoughts all good wishes can be your way on the journey given. When This Form is very interactive and especially emotionally.

Instead of a string, you can allow the rings to wander in a box from guest of a guest.

7. Trust – or a protective circuit

Are you celebrating this great day with people who are particularly important. Let them, therefore, your most important Moment from the close by your guests form a circle around you, while you give the Yes-word.

You should, in the run-up to plenty of space and a little time schedule. Your remote can either be your closest circle (groomsmen, bridesmaids, Groomsmen) and close to the Ceremony, part of or the entire wedding party around you gather by arranging the chairs in a circle.

Rituals Wedding Ceremony

As an Alternative, you can also Trauredner before saying YES to a circle of Protection from the flowers and herbs you to spread – similar to a magic ritual. In doing so, he or she can explain that the rose petals or the Myrtle stand for eternal love and the rosemary for Loyalty.

In addition, a pleasant fragrance surrounds you during the entire ceremony.

8. Fire ritual

In this tradition, guests write down during the Ceremony, the wishes of the bride and groom on a piece of paper and throw these in conclusion, in a fire bowl. Even the wedding couple may be added to his desires, and/or the promise of fidelity. The desire is rising as the smoke in the sky. If your some twigs to the fire give up, they produce a pleasant aroma during this Ritual.

9. Streitbox

This Ritual is not only very beautiful, but also incredibly practical.

There promises to be Yes, eternal love, in good times and in bad, is thus for the latter advanced. Here, we stowed everything in a Box or crate, which is designed to help a first marital fight when the reconciliation. A mutual love letter, a good wine or favorite movie – everything is Packed you will want to, and at the Ceremony together, nailed it.

10. Wedding Wands

This mood loosen up after a romantic, and often sentimental wedding Ceremony, you can give your guests the opportunity to celebrate your wedding kiss bell and cheer. From easy to the beginning of the ceremony called a Wedding Wands, and someone gives the guests at the right time and a sign to Ring the bell.

Also when you move out and trellis, the bell can be used.

free wedding Ceremony

For more tips and ideas for the wedding Ceremony

Own and individual rituals

The YES-word in the outdoor wedding Ceremony can be designed according to your personal Wishes are free, so you can, for example, your own rituals, and symbolic acts including bring. In the Blog of gold florets and we have a beautiful, very personal Ritual found called photo album of The lifeA photo album was during the Ceremony created from photos, which took the guests for the purpose of the Ceremony.

Selected images, which represent for the guests a very special connection to the bride and groom or a favorite memory. So, the wedding company was immersed in a very Grand manner in the life story of the bride and groom.

Rituals in the Church or civil Ceremony?

Unlike the outdoor wedding Ceremony, there are certain requirements and the bride and groom is restricted in the design. Of course, it depends on the pastor or the state officials themselves, and the extent to which this or this permit personal design. Therefore, costs nothing to ask.

In the case of a civil Ceremony in the open air or in your Location, you will surely be more possible, as in the ceremony hall of the civil registry.