Serious doubts about marriage

Serious doubts about marriage

Find out now, what time is doubt as to the relationship are normal, and under what circumstances your relationship doubt are an indication that a separation would be better. 30-Seconds-Summary

  • If you’re in doubt in a relationship ever in your feelings, this is normal – you’re not alone.
  • We all sometimes doubt our relationship, whether at the beginning or only after some time.
  • No doubt that’s not always a Negative thing: it is Only when we have feelings and questioning, we can make our lives according to our ideas.
  • It is important for you that you can find in Doubt open with your.

  • Talk to your partner or your Partner about it: you Can overcome the doubts that shows your relationship stronger from this Phase.
  • It is also: listen to your gut feeling – doubt you permanently over a long period of time, you should pull the emergency brake.
  • Open discussions have brought nothing, it may be better for you to separate you.

Doubt as to the relationship: What is normal?

As humans, we are constantly developing further. For relationships it can mean both partners:in different directions to further develop. The result: It doubts as to the relationship wide, but the significance of these concerns the relationship end?

No matter if you are fresh, you’re already some time of your lives with each other or the relationship between you two not yet officially: the doubts at any time of the partnership to occur. And this is quite normal.

Each of us questioned their own living conditions from time to time. We doubt ourselves, our goals and expectations, to the Paths we take and the choices we make: Whether on the Job, in our friendships, family relationships, or in love.

Doubt is a part of being human, and that is a good thing. Because we doubt, we reflect:

Doubt cause us to pause, remember and reflect. They prevent us from race-blind in blind alleys, and can make us aware of danger. Doubts are, in principle, nothing Bad, but a sign that we are on Eight of the type.

However, when a doubt, something productive, the us mindful and fuel for new ways to be and when to take them instead of a destructive Mission? To detect, can be in relationship issues can be a real challenge.

The answer to this question to come a little closer, we should look at why people doubt at all in relationships.

Why we doubt relations

Common reasons for doubts about relationships are for example:

  • Everyday: One of the common reasons for doubts in a relationship is monotony. At the latest after a few years in any relationship the everyday wide. Adventure and excitement take over, and we ask ourselves: Is it already been?
  • A lack of AffectionWith the daily grind it comes to the acceptance of emotional expressions. We feel safe in the relationship, give us as much effort as still in the learning phase. The result is that We no longer tell us so often that we are in love, or miss. Also in the sexual sense, it is sometimes a lack of Affection, varied and fulfilling.
  • Hardly any space: Who is after some time to move in together, spending very much more time together than in the past. Often this time is no “Quality Time”, but characterized the rut of everyday life. The result is that We miss our freedom and independence, feel concentrated, emotionally dependent and doubt of the relationship.
  • Other people are interesting: Take the to be in love after some time, we are suddenly no longer immune to the “deal of the Single market”. Even if we know that we would not have our:cheating Partner:in: Many people know the feeling that other people are more interesting – and take this feeling to the occasion to doubt the relationship.

As doubts arise

Doubt causes, but not all of the causes is a good reason for doubt. However, as these doubts arising in the first place?

With the Doubts and in a partnership it behaves this way: usually arise when our perception with our expectations and ideas of love match.

Collide with reality, and claims to each other, we begin to ponder the thoughts of the carousel picks up speed. We doubt not the little things in life, but see them as a small sign of a larger Whole. From a .

This is due to the fact that we have

relationships nowadays due to the representation in the media and Social Media überideal authorize.

We have the idea of love and partnership, the straight a disney film to come from seems to be: Our:Partner:in to the lovers in and best friend:in, care for, and to us in new worlds, for us to be there, but they also have a private life, to be successful, but for our needs sacrifices – all at the same time. Phew. Quite a lot of tasks, or?

Unfortunately, this claim will think away from any reality. And we know that actually. Finally, we see us with the same roles and expectations faced.

Nevertheless, doesn’t stop it from us, this expectation to our partners and to ourselves.

The result: as soon As the crumbling facade, mix the doubt in our sense of entitlement. Thus, we forget what love means: The closer we get to a Person and the more intense the connection between us is, the more room there is for our Fears such as the fear of rejection or jealousy – Classic symptoms of the fear of loss.

It is important that we ask how we are to love and be loved want to. Doubts about the relationship give us the Chance to rethink our perception of the love or our claims to adapt.

If we succeed, we can see the doubt in the relationship productive use and strengthen our relationship. If it does not succeed, however, because we come to the conclusion that we are in our relationship to be happy, this is a clear warning.

These thoughts are the warning signs

You doubt your relationship, would you go these feelings and thoughts on the reason. Maybe there are external influences that you doubt – maybe it is but also the emotional Basis between you two falter or you feel that your e Partner in your needs or set boundaries ignored.

Zweifel an Beziehung_Warnsignale

The following questions and thoughts that you can be warning signs that your doubts about your partnership ernst. You will serve but as a guide, to help you, your feelings better to classify it.

“My love”takes

Who is his relationship doubts, automatically generates a distance. This distance can be caused by the question of whether you, your Partner in really still love. Maybe some things happened, like a fling or frequent extreme dispute. May be the question of sneaks but also for no apparent reason in your thoughts.

Attempts to get to the bottom, because it is important for you to find an answer to this question. Although you can choose love, but if you have the feelings to your Partner constantly questioning, you should also make it clear whether or not you might already have decided to go.

A deep affinity to feel, is perhaps the most Important thing in a relationship.

“We fit together”

We will pair really? The answer to this question is the Foundation of a long-term happy relationship. You ought to due to this issue, a relationship, doubts, it is important to you, with the possible responses to address.

It may perhaps be that you found someone to have or a really great person, but your expectations and claims in a long-term Partner not met? If this is the case, you see, mostly, when the first Phase of the infatuation is over.

Ask you once, be honest, if you found the right Partner did (in the linked article you will find a suitable Test: “Who’s fit to me?”).

“I doubt our future”

You doubt your relationship, because you ask yourself, whether you are with the Person for ever can be, it helps to take the pressure out of it. Release yourself from the ideal image of a happy relationship until the end of your life.

This does not mean that it gives you. If you have this Ideal under severe pressure, but there is a risk that you you’re sabotaging your relationship at the same time.

If you do certain things in the relationship to interfere, trying them on the go. It bothers you because of your:removes Partner in the dishwasher never or anywhere clothes lying around can? These things can be with good communication to solve the problem.

When it comes to fundamental, such as common values, it becomes more difficult. Results of the study showthat long-term relationships benefit from it, if the partners:inside the same or at least similar world views and values have.

It may also be that the doubt of your relationship due to the fact that you, the fear sets in, something not to miss. Maybe test were afraid of you, that there is someone out there that fits better to you. This could be a typical warning sign and a sign for an existing bond afraid to be. Are you binding anxious to have your doubts about the relationship, perhaps something with you to do it yourself and not with your or the relationship itself. Read my post fear of Commitment, overcome

“The relationship is bothering me”

Should you feel that you for your partnership first and foremost sacrifice and your own needs the rear of the line have to, this is not a good sign.

A stable relationship is characterised in that, by and Large, prefer to be with your or your Partner:in are, than to be alone – even in the moments and times in which the relationship of exhausting feels, than the Single life.

Your relationship should be for your life as an enrichment. You feel it as a burden, you will need to deal with it, whether it would not be better to go and the relationship to end , even if it hurts.

If you’re wondering whether you , as a Single happier were: Read the following post to clarity to gain: Is a life without a relationship better?

“My Ex-relationship, it was better”

Comparisons are a stab in the back for relationships. Of course, the partnership with your or your Ex-friend in different than your current relationship. Finally, it is also to different people. It is a particularly dangerous and widespread patterns of behavior, different partners:inside each other to compare.

Who is constantly on the current partnership with the past compares with his old love is still not completed. Constant comparisons are a breeding ground for doubt. A happy and stable relationship with your new partner or your Partner is not a good star.

It is important that you learn to let go. It is not always easy, but your relationship deserves to be at ease – and so are you.

Doubt as to the relationship need not necessarily be a separation result. You should, however, be an Option, if the doubt even after several conversations with your Partner or your partner stop and chronic dissatisfaction on both sides.

Repress your doubts, is not easy. Because that solves your problems, but will only cause you to drift apart and alienated. You wait passively to the fact that the doubts dissolve, will change little.

If you and your Ex-Partner or your Ex-partner partout ‘t let go can and your current relationship suffers from it, and is probably a sign that you take the old pain of separation is not yet fully processed did. Give yourself time, and don’t put yourself under pressure. If you support this wish, I recommend you use my to let go.

“I’m afraid of loneliness”

You doubt strongly to the relationship and you can’t solve, because you are afraid of loneliness have? This is a definite warning sign. Because it means that you know already, that a separation would be the right decision.

Perhaps this behavior is a fear of loss basis. You’re afraid of, something to lose that important to you – even though you may not be more happy. Maybe you lack the Belief in the separation process , and a new beginning after the separation can start.

A common cause for this is a lack of self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is the Belief, even difficult situations in life is to master to be able to.

Only out of fear of being alone or of the imagination, on the eternally Single to stay in a relationship to stay, is not the right way. It arises generally more misfortune to the fact that people in destructive Compounds (for example, toxic relationships) remain as the fact that you draw a line under it and separate.

If you here alone stuck, you can a:e therapist:in or a good Coach to help you more self-confidence to win.

Doubts about the relationship to overcome

Doubt alone are not an automatic sign that you are incapable relationship are. You let the feeling of fluctuations compared to your Partner or your Partner in, they can help you make important decisions. Behind it lies the question: Should I go or stay?

If you choose, to the partnership, and your relationship to save, you may see the following strategies to help your doubt to overcome.

Find your “Why”

Your relationship to strengthen, it is important to similarities to build. Especially if its been a while are you and the everyday life caught up with it, it can help you on your common desires and goals to reflect.

Consciously take time and talk about (perhaps forgotten) desires:

  • Where do you see yourself in a few years?
  • Do you want to make a certain trip together, a Hobby together, exercise, or in another town?
  • What is your common “Why”?
  • What love language do you speak?

It doesn’t have to be necessarily so profound. It can also help with the common “Quality Time” to work. You can, for example, a fixed day in the week where you have a Date.

This can be both a classic Date in the cinema or a restaurant visit, be – you can be to a romantic Date at home date.

Discover even more tips for a strong relationship in the post: What makes a good relationship?


It should at the same time to physical intimacy, emotional intimacy and security, lack, it is understandable that you doubt. It does not need to be present automatically the warning signs of a relationship without love.

The doubt in yourself, talk to your Partner or your partner. There are many ways to ignite your passion again. The prerequisite for this, however, is that you communicate both of your needs.

Often arise doubts as to the partnership, if there is no good communication, there is no room to their own desire to Express. From the psychological research of knowledge we have on the one hand, that communication is not everything in a relationship. On the other hand, is a crucial factor for the two of happy to be able to.

When couples are open to talk to each other, you can relationship of doubt, in many cases, quickly overcome and build trust. Not infrequently they are based of doubt, namely, misunderstandings or incorrect assumptions about the Opposite.

The misunderstandings can be, for example, the difference between a man and a woman. Men to understand is for many women is a mystery, since they are less about your emotions tell as women and different to fall in love.

Change your focus

Relationships are complex. You’re insecure in the relationship, you may ask yourself: Am I in a good or bad relationship? It is important that this binary classification critically.

Although life would be easierif everything neatly into these two categories would fit, so, however, it is not. As the world is not just black and white, it’s not your relationship. Often relationships run in phases.

Try to change your focus. Instead of good-or-bad-categories, it can for example help, even on a scale of 0 to 10, to think: How do you feel in your relationship and be seen?

Most people answer this question with 0 or 10 – usually, the answer lies somewhere in between. And that is exactly what the potential is to work on relationships, and doubt in a partnership to address it.

If your focus is so changeable, you don’t have to keep your relationship in question – but can Overreact to minimize , and your partnership is clear to see.

Take the distance of idealizations

Anyone who has doubts about his relationship, tends to compare the partnership with others. How happy other couples are? Why do other supposedly better relationships?

If you are new to the familiar, let me tell you: what from a distance looks perfect, is mostly seen close-up anything other than flawless.

Widespread beliefs to the “ideal” relationships:

  • “Arguing is a sign that the relationship is broken”. That’s not true. When couples can, therefore, argue constructively, it is even a strength of the relationship. Not healthy destructive dispute, in which partners:take some real emotional damage
  • “If you are to each other fits, it is not always easy”. This belief is so widespread as it is wrong. Relationships run in phases – some of these phases are associated with a real relationship work. These do not need to feel always “difficult”, but also a challenging stages of a healthy relationship.

The uncertainty in the own relationship is often through the Social Media point of view on others couples encouraged. But do you really think that Instagram & co. even come close to the reality of these pairs reflect?

No – because the edited photos reflect at best a small cut-out of reality again. Even the seemingly perfect couples argue – it’s just that this dispute’t hold a input in your Social Media Feed.

Do you want to doubt your relationship and overcome negative beliefs dissolve, you should as soon as possible distance from these idealizations take. Social Media shows, in many respects, an unrealistic Standard. This also applies to partnerships. Under certain circumstances, can you have a Social Media Detox can help.

Practice mindfulness and gratitude,

Some studies showthat the partners:inside the for each other grateful are also more satisfied with their relationship in General. Do you regularly aware of what you are to your Partner or your partner to be grateful. Incidentally, it is normal, if it annoys you, your Partner or your partner changes.

There are effective strategies that can help you in General to incorporate more gratitude into your life. One of them can be a Gratitude diary to be.

In this, you can write down before falling Asleep every day, what you are today, your or your Partner:in grateful. So besinnst you not only to Negative and relationship doubts, but on the small and beautiful things in your relationship you make.

Talk to your Partner about, whether he is a Gratitude diary would like to – then you can mutually from it read aloud. This in turn strengthens the mutual respect and a feeling of togetherness.

My Partner has doubts, What to do?

If your Partner or your partner to doubt the relationship, this is not an easy Situation for you. Perhaps you wish for, in fact, that he or she would be just as secure with your relationship as you are.

In this difficult Situation, only three strategies to help General:

Search the conversation

Search the open and clarifying conversation. Consider your Partner:in the not as an opponent:, in, even if he or she addresses a problem that you might be hurt.

It may be that he or she makes you responsible for the doubt. To let it out and take it. Trying to find a way, with the Doubts deal.

Make a decision for you

If someone does not know what he wants, can be a very stressful Situation to be. Perhaps you feel hold you down, or you have a hard time with conflicting signals to deal.

Not infrequently lead to such a relationship constructs in the busy On-Off relationships. When you realize that you have much on the Back-and-Forth emotional, you have to make a decision. This is especially true if you feel that your To again and again withdraws and you are unhappy in love, stay back.

Focus on your needs. If a man is serious interest in you, and he is serious with you, says, he is for you not to unnecessarily wait to leave.

Be patient

Your counterpart just needs a little more time and, therefore, has doubts about a partnership? If you like, you can give him or her the time and patience to practice.

The emphasis is on here: “If you like”. It is important that you never lose to someone to hold. Otherwise, you run the risk of emotional damage.

Don’t lose the red thread from the eyes yourself to find your inner balance to maintain.


Doubts in a relationship is not Unusual. None of us is immune. Sooner or later, in each relationship, the probing questions of the future and doubt: Are we compatible? I don’t miss something? It should be the now all been?

It must not even be that these questions only after a few relationship years to make. Also at the beginning of a relationship, it can lead to uncertainty and Doubt.

Many people look for the reasons in the other Person, but not for himself. If we have doubts about a partnership that is the cause, however, often in the case of us – very common phenomena fear of Commitment and fear of loss are.

You doubt your relationship, you should search for open conversation with your Partner. You can the doubts overcome, your relationship will be strengthened for it.

If all the tips, strategies, and conversations don’t help and you feel like you permanently have to be unhappy, it is time for you to disconnect. The doubt in your relationship to have become long-term condition, you should admit that it is better to go our separate ways.

In this case, it is important that your boundaries to set: A separation is not nice – but it can be liberating to be.
If you are due to strong relationship in doubt for a separation’ve decided to help you right now my free of the pain of separation-a course more.