Songs on engagement

Songs on engagement

Judging by the musical of the publication of important or less-well-known Bands and soloists, it is not always about longing, love, Heartbreak , or Sex. There are also political issues are represented without the musician/notice on the inside as political agitators. It is not easy to separate those Songs thematically from each other, because in most of the presented pieces of music of all themes will be touched.

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Songs about the environment:

Peter Gabriel – Red Rain

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Peter Gabriel has multiple addresses environmental issues, including

This environment the song was first released in 1986 on his successful album It was one of his most successful solo albums. Originally Red Rain The Film was never realized, but some composed Songs dealing with the cinematic theme. Therefore, people should be punished with bloody rain for their sins. The Song reflects two basic Fears of the people who dominated in the eighties, the headlines of the reports in the press.

John Mayall –

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Anno 1970 dealt Blues guitarist John Mayall with the theme of the environment.

In his blue song Now is the time to Act – but if there is someone interested? Rivers and landscapes would be devastated, waste is not recycled, if there is no Thinking at the onset. He speaks to those who are now living, would be guilty of, to destroy the environment and nature. Nature, land Blues songs such as this is not in the Charts. They show, however, that such topics are burning, regardless of the musical Genre on the nails.

The Cranberries –

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Cranberries singer Dolores O’riordan sang 2002 on the force with which people pollute the environment in the world.

The now-deceased lead singer of the Indie rock band, described environmental Disaster such as the nuclear accident of Chernobyl, the ozone hole, or nuclear radiation. The Band condemned in their Song the inaction of the policy, but also the phlegm of the people who populate currently, the earth. To live on a poisoned earth, according to the cranberries not an attractive Option for our descendants.

Jimmy Cliff –

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Reggae artist Jimmy Cliff, presented these simple knitted lyrics in 1989, on his eponymous Album. Despite a Reggae Groove, the message comes across clearly.

Cliff addressed clearly, what is the legacy of the works of man, the coming generations behind. He sees it as a criminal, the climate or the environment such things to yourself. In addition to a lot of ding-ding-ding, and whoa-whoa Cliff asks in the Song, therefore, no more forests to cut down, kill no more animals, and the Survival of all. He also talked about the ozone hole and the air polluted on earth. In the solution, to colonize easy to Mars, sees Jimmy Cliff, even then, no Alternative.

Midnight Oil –

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For Midnight Oil, an Australian Band, was the subject of the environment is a matter of the heart.

As the first European immigrants to the Land of the Indians collected and shamefully treated, have taken over, in Australia, White the Land of the aboriginal and indigenous people to the social marginalization. The man shows her Suffer as adamant, and the environment to be just as indifferent. The Band expresses at the end of the piece that things will work out for the aboriginal people and the environment at some point to the Good.

Don Henley –

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Don Henley, formerly the distinctive voice of the

He should be washed away by the arrogance of mankind towards nature. Henley adopted in the Text of straightened rivers, or in their place rejected lakes. Henley reports of environmental toxins that are carried by these rivers all over the world. In the process, they contaminate strokes Fields and country as a whole. Henley asks the question, what should he tell his child. The years had also diluted its meaning is increasingly, but he wanted to remember how it used to be. Was inspired by this eco-song of a book by John Graves. Was published in The Album made it to number seven in the US Charts.

The Beatles –

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In 1968, the Beatles were concerned in this Song, to see an Idyll disappear. Lennon and McCartney supplied the text always content to the Songs, the humorous content had. Covered was that of McCartney stem end of the Beatles Song, John Denver, Sherly Crow, and Harry Nilsson. McCartney felt to be In addition, pulses of Nat King Cole’s

Bob Dylan

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In 1962, the environment and climate protection were a topic for Bob Dylan, for example, in his Song It was released for the Song on the Album

Has been covered among others by Ann Wilson formerly the singer of the US rock band Dylan explores injustice, environmental pollution, and war. The trigger for the Text – like Dylan in his memoir, After reading Dylan felt overwhelmed by gloomy forebodings. His Song was a funeral farewell to the mankind.

Songs on the topic of climate change:

Bruce Cockburn –

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This Song is on the topic of climate change dates back to the 1988 onwards Cockburn Album We see how old this topic is, without notable successes in terms of global warming and climate change were achieved. Cockburn’s not hiding behind diaper soft formulations, but is very direct. He addressed the felling entire forests as one of the greatest human atrocities, which contribute to climate change. Cockburn reported later, many of the critics would have liked this Song. You found the Text to be pedantic, to direct and far-reaching metaphors equipped. The important environmental and saw guards, such as David Suzuki, however, is quite different.

Beastie Boys –

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With this Song, the Beastie Boys turned against the climate policy of US President George W. Bush. The Song was released in 2004 on the Album The Beastie Boys make a clear Statement about the fact that commercial self-indulgence and greed cause the planet to do irreparable damage. The Text of this song has existed until today. You could replace the name of Bush against Trump.

Bad Religion –

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It goes in the Song to student protests, which have looked at many U.S. universities with the topic of climate. Here, too, the so-called Although it is well known that the amount of environment-damaging emissions to climate change, are always compromises negotiated. The listener must understand the Song as a direct support of the student protests of the time. This is no coincidence, as a member of the Band has studied at Cornell University. From here, the protests were at the time.

Radiohead –

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Thom Yorke of Radiohead has taken the climate change already several times in the Songs of his Band but also for his solo projects – the grain. For example, were found on his Album In addition, the Song Here Yorke remains somewhat cryptic, rather than directly. Nevertheless, the message is clear. The apocalyptic Sound does the Rest, in order to support the effect of the text. Yorke would like to do with this Song, be aware of what will happen if we continue on.

Breaking Laces –

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Also lesser-known Bands that never had a Hit, devoted to the climate change, a Song with a matching Video. In this Text, it is bluntly to the point. It is described, what are the effects of climate change: That the people are not baked when you finally change something. God the man will take but it was the endless and painful history. In the end, people were disposable goods. Clearly, you can say it.

Songs on the topic of Planet earth:

Michael Jackson –

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Michael Jackson threw again and again, to be naive and childlike-playful – not to mention other things. However, Jackson has recorded, therefore, probably the most successful Eco-Song that was ever to be found in the Charts. Jackson’s Vision of He refers to global dimensions. Also, because of the pathetic kind, as Jackson has presented the It comes to issues such as environmental pollution, war, or the exploitation of the resources of our planet. To make the message more impressive work, a sang Jackson this Song with children of different Nations. Jacko asked bluntly, when it was time to repent and change course. Social Engagement Jackson was important.

Jamiroquai –

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Also Jamiroquai themed 1993, his debut album everything the humans do to this planet. The Song deals not only with the climate change, or the increased littering of the planet, but also with the greed of the businessmen. He takes the view that environmental issues need to important to be taken, in order to save the planet. Instead, a large part of the politicians remain in apathy, and the interests of the economy and their lobbyists draw. The content of this song is a protest song is similar, but the music of Jamiroquai, is still danceable. Another Song by Jamiroquai showed that it was subject to an alibi moderately published a flash in the pan. Also, the Song

Neil Young –

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Neil Young with his Band Crazy Horse again and again, environmental issues, on-grain, is many of his Fans are known. This Song is from his album This Album dimensions followed, and several concept albums on the same topic – for example, the 2003 Album In addition, Young addressed the situation of the planet once again in the 2015 Album, With the Song

Marvin Gaye –

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Self-soul singer Marvin Gaye in Songs with what will become of this planet. Gaye addressed in his usual style questions that moved him. It comes to Overpopulation, to abuse crimes against this planet, or the climate. In an Interview with the magazine Through letters to his brother from Vietnam social issues were conscious. He understood that he had to try to such topics, if he wanted to reach the people with his Songs.

Cat Stevens

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At first glance, this title is of Cat Stevens is anything other than a Song about our planet. However, the song title, Stevens reveals’t worry what we leave behind people, to our descendants. Appeared in Cat Stevens has been always see something more closely, is no secret. Still, he was a Hip-Poet, who was deliberately less directly than others. This was also the time, in the Cat Stevens his biggest Chart successes celebrated. The Song became a much-played and catchy. Its effect will persist to the present day.

Joni Mitchell –

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When Joni Mitchell Song Mitchell outlined in this 1970 appeared for the first time Song highly ironic that the felled trees are now admire in a tree Museum, and the people have to pay a Dollar and a half, to admire them. The Farmer should use Mitchell’s Song that less is more-DDT (insecticide), to produce edible Apples. The man did not know what he had until he lost it. In Although the Song was already published in 1970, for the first time, he was only at the time of its re-release in 2003, a huge hit for the American song of a poet.

Depeche Mode –

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On their third Studio album “ Construction Time Again“ deal Depeche Mode again, with existential Fears and loveless relationships. In the usual ultra-cool sound of the synth-Popper present a Song that is about poverty, nuclear threat and national revolutions. The Song according to the changes of the landscape. She cries, and thousands of acres of Land are doomed to Die.

More songs about the environment, climate change, earth

Each song is linked to the title, the accompanying music video.

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