The Blueprint for Modern Wedding Design That Stands the Test of Time

The Blueprint for Modern Wedding Design That Stands the Test of Time

[section title=”The Planning”]
[field title=”Wedding Colors”]White and gold w/ hints of greenery[/field]
[field title=”Design / Vibe / Vision”]Timeless, Modern & Chic. The bride wanted a clean, modern and chic wedding that she will always love to look back on one day. The white and gold clean aesthetic mixed with hints of greenery & acrylic design allowed the wedding to be just that![/field]
[field title=”Proposal Story”]Jaryn & Malak met 10 years ago in 2013 through mutual friends on New Years Eve and had a long distance relationship for 8 years. On New Year’s Eve weekend in December 2020, Jaryn planned a trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. He told Malak prior that we would be going horseback riding on New Year’s Eve during the day and to wear something comfortable. They had a beautiful horseback riding experience through the jungle and they stopped to take a break & there was a beautiful picnic setup with roses, champagne, and fruit. Malak didn’t think much of it at first and thought it was a great romantic gesture until more than halfway through the champagne, Jaryn asked her to be his wife. Of course she said YES![/field]
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[section title=”The Fashion”]
[field title=”Wedding Gown”]The wedding gown chosen by the bride, Malak, from Van Der Velde exudes timeless elegance. A classic white design is elevated by delicate white embroidery adorning a sheer fabric on the shoulders and arms, adding a touch of ethereal grace to her bridal ensemble.[/field]
[field title=”Bridesmaid Dresses”]The bridesmaids all wore matching dresses from ModaGlaBoutique—a white design featuring a single strap and a side slit on the left. Complementing their attire, each bridesmaid carried a simple yet elegant bouquet, identical to the bride’s but slightly smaller, adorned with long-stemmed white roses.[/field]
[field title=”Groomsman Attire”]Jaryn, the groom, exuded an air of refined elegance that perfectly complemented the occasion. His choice of attire, a sophisticated ensemble by The Black Tux, showcased a tasteful blend of two colors. The classic black and white combination was accentuated by patent leather black oxford shoes, traditional black trousers, and a black bowtie. The white shirt and jacket added a touch of sophistication to his look. It’s evident that Jaryn’s past as a model served him well, as he effortlessly carried the ensemble with confidence and grace. The refined and original style of his attire only served to enhance his natural beauty and undeniable charm, creating a striking presence that was a perfect match for the occasion.[/field]
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[section title=”The Details”]
[field title=”Food & Drink”]To complement this culinary journey, the bartender expertly crafted two signature cocktails. “Bonefield Love,” skillfully curated by the talented mixologists at BeYou, blended the tangy allure of passionfruit and pineapple with the smooth notes of tequila and agave syrup, creating a drink that epitomized romance and adventure. Meanwhile, “Thuggish Ruggish Bone” brought a bold fusion of mango, ginger, and lime, harmonizing with the rich warmth of whisky for a cocktail that invited guests to savor every sip.[/field]
[field title=”Florals & Decor”]In collaboration with the incredible decoration company KL Event Design, Malak & Jaryn’s wedding blossomed into an enchanting tapestry of beauty and love. The ceremony unfolded within the embrace of three majestic golden arches adorned with delicate tulip bloom garlands and exquisite greenery, creating a captivating display of romance and ethereal charm.

Guided by an elevated pathway, the acrylic stands crowned with lush floral arrangements stood as graceful sentinels, welcoming guests to witness a union beyond compare. The acrylic littany chairs beckoned with their elegance, inviting attendees to be part of this extraordinary moment. Along the aisle, floral arrangements of foliage and white blossoms, rising to a height of 19 inches, formed an enchanting pathway for the bride’s entrance. Reflecting the purity of their love, the bridal bouquet cascaded with long-stemmed white Ohara roses.

During the cocktail hour, Ines high tables embraced elegance with captivating centerpieces in wedding tones, accompanied by the gentle glow of votive candles. The lounge sets, adorned in white and green, provided a haven for intimate conversations amidst the celebration. Medium centerpieces added a layer of sophistication to the lounge’s inviting ambiance.

As the sun set, the reception transformed into a haven of refined luxury. Tables dressed in ivory-toned linens became canvases for love’s celebration. Acrylic Tiffany chairs with plush white cushions invited guests to partake in the elegance of the evening. Crystal chargers boasting gold rims, gold cutlery sets, and champagne goblets with delicate gold accents elevated the dining experience. The ivory napkins added a touch of gentle luxury.

The sweetheart table, an epitome of grace, hosted a centerpiece of white florals and verdant greenery, harmonizing with a collection of candles and crystal cylinders that whispered of romance. Round tables showcased tall floral centerpieces adorned with crystal yards and mirrors, accompanied by votive candles that shimmered under the night’s embrace. A rectangular table became a floral masterpiece, crowned by a central vase adorned with hints of greenery, flanked by crystal cylinders and the warm glow of candles.

Every detail breathed life into the atmosphere, as a gold arch adorned with florals framed moments of love, and a contemporary neon sign “The Bones” added a unique twist to the celebration. The seating chart backdrop, combining a gilded frame with acrylic, served as a testament to the journey of unity and love. Floating wax spheres and cylinders adorned the pool, reflecting the starlit night above. A special white shelf, graced by a golden decal, held dreams of champagne and celebration.

With meticulous attention to detail, wood or acrylic signs extended a warm welcome to guests and encouraged them to embrace the enchantment. Above the reception and dance floor, a celestial sky of twinkling lights created an ambiance where love and dreams converged beneath the night’s gentle embrace.

Malak & Jaryn’s wedding was an exquisite masterpiece, a canvas that told their unique love story. A celebration of two souls entwined, their day epitomized elegance, sophistication, and the boundless power of love. In partnership with KL Event Design, every element harmoniously painted a picture of their remarkable journey.[/field]
[field title=”Wedding Cake”]
The centerpiece of indulgence, Malak & Jaryn’s wedding cake was a three-tier masterpiece that not only delighted the eyes but also tantalized the taste buds. Each layer was a symphony of flavors, meticulously crafted to elevate their culinary experience.

The first tier, a marble creation adorned with delicate vanilla cream, was a fusion of sophistication and sweetness. Its mesmerizing swirls mirrored the intricate dance of their love, while the smooth vanilla cream added a touch of timeless elegance.

The second tier, a vision of pure delight, showcased the classic combination of vanilla cake and cream cheese, punctuated by the vibrant burst of raspberry filling. With every bite, guests embarked on a journey of flavors, where the richness of cream cheese merged harmoniously with the refreshing tang of raspberry.

The crowning glory, the third tier, featured the enchanting pairing of vanilla cake with decadent dulce de leche filling. This layer epitomized indulgence, with the velvety dulce de leche infusing every bite with a symphony of caramelized sweetness.

As each tier was lovingly assembled, it mirrored the layers of their relationship, where different facets intertwined to create a harmonious whole. The cake not only graced the reception with its presence but also symbolized the layers of love, sweetness, and unity that defined Malak & Jaryn’s journey to forever.[/field]
[field title=”Readings, Ceremony Music, Reception Songs”][/field]
[field title=”Special Detail #1″]In a whimsical departure from tradition, Malak and Jaryn infused their wedding with a modern touch of innovation and sentimentality. Instead of the conventional guestbook, they opted for “After The Tone,” a unique and captivating way for their loved ones to leave their mark on their special day. This alternative guestbook allowed guests to express their heartfelt wishes and messages through voicemail, capturing authentic and candid moments that would become cherished keepsakes for the couple. Through this creative choice, Malak and Jaryn not only celebrated their love, but also the bonds they share with those who joined them on their journey to forever.
[field title=”Special Detail #2″]
As the celebration unfolded, Malak made a graceful and impactful style transition that left everyone in awe. For the next phase of the event, she donned a different ensemble, a custom creation by Albyna Dyla & Robe. This new attire was a departure from convention, featuring elegant trousers paired with a translucent fabric that tastefully played with white accents. What truly set this outfit apart was the inclusion of a long, voluminous train that added an element of grandeur and drama. While different in essence, the outfit maintained the same level of sophistication, exemplifying Malak’s flair for fashion and her ability to effortlessly radiate elegance in every moment.
[field title=”Special Detail #3″][/field]
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Photography: Diptychstudio | Videography: Champagne Love Stories | Event Planning: Pride Maya Weddings | Floral Design: KL DESIGN EVENTS | Catering: Gourmet Soberanis | Make-up: Artistry by JaTesa Mayberry | DJ: Dj Walt | Officiant: Christian Carballo | Audiovisual: Dj Luca Zannelli | Cake Designer: Pasteleria La Migaja | Hair Styling: Glam Goddess 615 | Location: Villa la Joya | Open Bar: Be You Service | Photobooth: Pic Me Photobooth | Rentals: KL DESIGN EVENTS

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