Toast to son at wedding

Toast to son at wedding

Soon, Valentine’s day, which means many weddings. A father has for his daughter’s wedding two important roles. “Pay the entire Banquet” and hold a short speech. Sometimes it is referred to as a Toast, but the essence does not change – for the father of the bride, this is one of the most important moments in his life. The Problem is that men are the expression of your feelings, sometimes as something And such a service will be for you to a serious test. The five-time father and Power-Dads-best-selling author Wayne Parker does not share this cliché. Who wants to say of his own daughter, a little Warm, but the words can’t find, he offers three ways for a father speech. And he adds: Each of them can be used as a basis for the construction of your own.

First Speech. Protocol.

When I look at this cute girl in a stunning white dress, I remember, what a girl she once was, and wonder what has become a beautiful woman. From the day of her birth, she was the daughter of my father, and remained for me a Princess.

She has my mother and me are always a delight to use. And although not every day was perfect, our love perfectly.

Today starts a new life with a wonderful young man. I see joy and love in your eyes I’ve never seen before. And I want all of you present here, as I did, the bride and groom the very best of luck wishes, the long years of a joyful and happy life as a husband and a wife.

Second Speech. Sympathetic.

This is the Moment I’ve been waiting over 20 years. I can’t say that I have often thought of him. Because I’ve tried most of the time, to do everything in order for my daughter to so great decisions. But I always understood that such a day would come, and every Time I thought about what I would want my little daughter, and your chosen one.

During all the years of her school life, she was surrounded by love. She always took care of other people. She always tried to find something Good in people and helped them to understand how important they are. Now all of your wonderful feelings to concentrate on the man she has decided to spend your life.

Now, the love, the empathy and the energy that you shared with your Loved ones and to your husband. Their Association is going to be a really strong partnership and friendship. Now and for always.

Over time this Association (bride’s Name) and (groom’s Name) will bring kids to the world and in your family. (Bride’s Name) will be a great mother, who will give you empathy and determination of the children.

And who wouldn’t love to have such a beautiful, talented and loving mother?

This is a new Couple in front of you – two amazing and together they are personalities to a new family. Love one another always, don’t hurry assignments with debt, hurry to forgive, and share everything with each other. Best friends with each other. If at least something is threatening the importance of a partner, to underestimate, to reject it immediately. Each other, open your hearts, and remember that the family should always come first.

May God bless your Union and will give you great pleasure. Now and for always.

Third Speech. The best

Weddings like births a new line in the life of every. The day that I (Name of the bride) from the hospital picked up, was the beginning of a new phase in my life. To feel like the father of a girl, is an amazing and a little scary feeling. But then the love I felt for you has helped me to overcome all the doubts and Fears, and to be a father, such a daughter was worthy of it.

Now we are back to a new limit. . (Name of bride) and (groom’s Name) … start your new Chapter in life. As I do, you will be shocked likely to be of this new reality, but all the Fears and Worries will dissolve gradually, as the relationship builds.

A relationship, I believe that you will pass the Test of time.

You were always honest with each other. Share your joys and sorrows. Love each other. Laugh more often. They are the best friends of the other. You always speak politely to each other, even when they are alone. And if something goes wrong, forgive, whenever you’re asked for it. The family life is a great adventure. And you have just begun. Although each of them is an individual, and make your vows to your Association more important than each of them individually.

One day, when you have as much luck as I do, you’ll see how new life in your family shows up. And this will be the beginning of a new phase of life – full of expectations and Fears. You bring in this new relationship, the love they have for each other, and you will find an indescribable joy.

Now, surrounded by their families and friends, to start something New and Amazing. Remember your promise, keep it with all my heart, and you will be destined to experience joy and a sense of wonder that you did not know before. From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you and wish you all the best for this last adventure has to offer you life.

In the life of every father for a time, to marry his daughter decides to come. It’s very hard for him to have his own little blood in the house of another flow, but at the same time, he is madly glad that she has found her happiness, and just can’t give differently than your your blessing. And even if he is sure that no one is better than the one who can take care of his angel, he must still go.

Finally, it is time for you, your own family. The blessing of a father means each daughter a lot.

Finally, she was headed for her whole life in the choice of her future husband exactly from your father, and it is very important to her that he approves of your choice.

Most likely, the bride is presented to her fiancé before the wedding when Matchmaking their parents. In spite of all of your Concerns about the upcoming event, be polite with the groom, approve it. Finally, the blessing of the bride’s father to the groom of no small importance. This will help him unnecessary Stress before the wedding to dismantle and to serve as a guarantee of good relations.

Rite of blessing

Immediately before the wedding, mostly for the ransom of the bride, pulls back the young Couple with the parents of the bride-to-be in a separate room.

And then there are the parents blessing. Depending on your religious beliefs, this ceremony can take place in different ways.

If the bride-to-be to comply with some Church traditions, should be the corresponding icons in the hands of the father and the mother and the boy himself should kneel in front of their parents.

Traditionally, the bride should speak to father. Its meaning is: The father turns to the groom and says that now the whole care of his beloved daughter, falls on the shoulders of her future husband.

If religious traditions for the bride-to-be have no special meaning, you can listen to the blessing speech by the father, simply by tilting slightly in front of him, and the head.

Speech by the bride’s father at the wedding

A wedding is not just for the bride-to-be an exciting event, but also for their parents. And you can’t tell that the excitement of the mother is much greater than the experience of the father. In fact, his little girl comes out on this day, under the wing of her father, and begins a family of my own build. The wedding speech by the father of both the daughter and the rest of the guests will long be remembered, you decide prior to the wedding, what should be said. A pre-trial detention center in front of a mirror helps to cope with excitement in a crucial Moment, rehearse Gestures and facial Expressions.

What is the congratulatory speech of the father to the wedding of his daughter

A father can keep his congratulatory speech, both in its own name and in the name of his mother. First of all, the bride’s father with gratitude should contact the guests and Relatives that you came to share the joy of this day with the newlyweds.

You may remember a funny or touching Moment in your daughter’s life, tell the story of how you look life has influenced how proud you are to your daughter.

There must be an appeal to the parents of the groom, with gratitude, that you have pulled such a wonderful person.

You bring your joy about the fact that you win with the groom a new member of the family, tell us how concerned they were about their own matchmaking and how worthy of the groom, this test has passed. You can give your own marriage as an example, but only if it is successful. They tell how they have managed to preserve the love after so many years, and you give to a young Couple of a few discreet pieces of advice in Comic Form.

You Express at the end of the speech her father’s wishes and congratulations to the bride and groom.

Examples of wedding speech by the bride’s father

  • I would like to begin my speech, not only on my own behalf but also on behalf of my dear wife and the guests who came to share our joy with us. When I went today with my daughter to the Altar, I felt an indescribable Proud of you. I’m sure that your chosen one, giving her many years of supernatural happiness, and therefore, I give you my blessing.

  • In my speech, I would like to mention first of all the groom. Of course, it is for us men can sometimes be quite difficult to understand women, but I need you to always love, protect and support, and then your family will be as strong as mine.
  • I am very happy that my daughter was able to meet her ideal man on this planet. And I wish you that you hold the love of many years, the fulfillment of all hopes and dreams.

  • Before the wedding I was Worried sick about my girl, even though I realized at the Dating service that their Chosen one was able to make my daughter one of the happiest. And now that I see how happy she is, all my Concerns disappeared.
  • My dear children, nothing ends with a wedding. This is only the beginning! And a strong family, I wish you that they are tolerant of each other, respect each other and, of course, to the awareness of love.

Beautiful congratulations on the wedding of the parents of the groom

A wedding is always a very bright and unforgettable holiday for the bride and groom, the guests of the event and of course for the parents. Lovers who choose, the gear to go down, I would like to congratulate, of course, in the best possible way.

And the newlyweds, in turn, to wait not just gifts and presents, but also on the parting words of their parents. Our Website aims to help you in the selection of the most important words you will say to your children. Congratulations to the wedding anniversary of the parents of the groom for a young family-a blessing and a Start in life, a promise to support and help in difficult times.


Wishes for a happy family life with love, warmth, care and everything what can give the heart of one of the parents will be fulfilled–.

We have dressed up such desires in a beautiful poetic Form, which will make your words more memorable. Choose the verses you like, congratulate the newlyweds to the main holiday of your family, and believe me, you will wear your parenting words through the years. Happy anniversary to our dear son,
With the marriage, dear daughter-in-law,
May it be in your life for the future happiness!
Common light of day, with no problems to know!
Your family’s stove is now destiny,
to Keep his light, keep it warm.
Let you next to the other house work
the fire of passion and love does not cease to exist. We are pleased that you have found
You, our son, have a wonderful wife,
you have exceeded our expectations
Preserves Loyalty and love for one another.
Congratulations to the bride and groom from parents of the groom
We wish you children that you are in a Couple’s life,
prosperity in the house, a lot of laughter,
you will Retain the love for each other
In all beginnings you success.
Appreciate the kitchen of the wife, my son,
daughter-in-law, wait with passion on your man. Let the best dreams come

The speech with Wishes for the wedding Ceremony can be different. Congratulations to the wedding of a son of a father can be instructive. You should prepare a few weeks before the wedding day, to such a speech, to consider all factors and nuances, and forget not all solemn and wise words. Congratulations of this type are quite serious and preachy, they should be listened to, without the wise parent to interrupt. The parents should prepare, in turn, to the parting word and the celebration to remember speech best for you to read during the ceremony no tags from a sheet of paper. It will not be superfluous to practice the speech and rehearse it, then the voice will sound at the wedding in a self-conscious and not Stalled. Page 1 of 5 He is big and strong and become. But thank you before the wedding
, He showed us the wedding…
Was a faithful husband, you son of
a Caring and gentle.

Congratulations to the wedding of the son from the father

Children will form their own families, and parents should help them in every possible way and, for example, congratulations on the wedding of her son from his father to prepare. This Moment is truly memorable, because it is these fathers are words that give life to the youth parting words. At the wedding of the head of the old family should be his heir prices, for all the bright and joyful moments of your life to thank for the opportunity, the elect and the future mother of his grandchildren. A father can remind his son of his most important duty in life – to make his women happy, a mother, a wife, and possibly a daughter.

Such heartfelt words will surprise the bride-to-be few enjoyable and a pleasant impression on all the guests leave. My son is getting married today. Related froze in anticipation. Yesterday, it seemed, was chasing the Ball,
And now, look, now he is a husband become.
At the wedding we will walk from the heart,
How well our boys are!
As a father, I would like to wish you
have Love for one another knows no Worries!
On your wedding for a long time
, We all wanted to go for a walk, but
they had it a long time not in a hurry with this case,
I decided to be a decent woman to find.
You have a very serious step, son,
Now married, now you’re not alone. You, with your sweet half
, I wish you many, many happy days.
Of excitement you can barely hear,
What to wish for your guests that day?
You are not to lazy, Toasts for you to collect.
Let the Celebration rejoice, and sing
of it May be, my son, you only love and happiness to expect,
you Know, father is always willing to help,
I will always support.
How many congratulations and gifts,
And for the love to light up the eyes bright,
And all have it today, in a hurry, you say
That you respect each other has to
take Care of the love that fate has blessed.
I, my son, I will give you a secret to reveal – So there is always peace and harmony in the family,
Appreciate your woman like a precious treasure. Wedding, today’s remote
To this day, our bride-to-be
Find it more and more beautiful.
It fits our fiance,
Silence excitement.

Original congratulations on the wedding of the parents

Editor: Oh, this wedding.
Congratulations to the wedding of the parents, regardless of whether a son or a daughter, a very touching Moment. On this day, parents should say words of farewell and all the best wishes. It is not necessary to say much about 4-5 sentences from the rich, but those that touch the heart. Prepare in advance to this touching and solemn Moment. Our article will help you to facilitate this task. On the Internet there are many good wishes in the Form of poems, and often a lot of these are long-stamps. In prose, you can congratulate beautiful, because you can feel that these words come from the heart. Congratulations to the wedding of the parents are the most important parting words for the bride and groom. Choose for yourself exactly the congratulations, the everything, what you want to say, to reflect on the best.

Congratulations to the wedding of the parents should be a blessing and a word of goodbye for a long and happy life. Congratulations options
love our children!
On this solemn day, we would like to you from the bottom of my heart to congratulate. Love and care for each other, respected and supported. Today you have become a family, have become the closest people to each other.

Never forget that. You bring children into the world, and we in turn will help you to always love and take care of your crumbs!
And remember that the family work hard daily work!
Dear Newlyweds!
We wish you many years of married life. This day may for the Rest of your life to be remembered. You can in the most difficult of days, you will be. You swim like two inseparable swans through life and protect your family hearth in front of the Wind!
Our dear and beloved children!
I wish you long love, beautiful and clever children, prosperity and respect for each other!
Don’t be afraid of problems, you’re not afraid of you, if you’re. They support each other in all endeavors.
We want you to be a role model for other young families. A stand for each other!
Today you become husband and wife, our kids love!
And we, as parents, bless you for a happy family life. Today, they have taken a very serious step – you have founded a family. But it was only after the birth of children, the family is complete!
Give so blue-eyed or black-eyed girls and boys to the world, and never forget that you each other are not responsible!
Bitterly! Wedding wishes from the parents of the groom
, Our dear son!
We are very happy that you have your soul mate have found. We promise you that we’ll love your woman and respect and believe that you are for the marriage to be responsible and your lover will never offend. We wish you, that you build a big and comfortable house, in the small mischievous legs will run. We hope that we will find a place in it. Bitterly!

Congratulations to the parents for your daughter’s wedding
, Our dear daughter!
How is it that you have grown up? How is it that we not have noticed this? Today you are going into someone’s house, this is sure to be your own, for your lover beside you.
Be to him a faithful friend, wife, and sister. You can create a lot of cosiness in the house that her husband would like to return home. Appreciate him for what he is. Like love and romance never leave your home. The presented Version of the congratulations on the wedding of the parents is suitable both for father and for mother.

The most touching wedding of all time. Alexander and Olesya.mp4

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Congratulations to the wedding from mother to son

Every mother understands that a child is a guest in the house. Sooner or later, children grow up, get a family of their own and offspring.

If the girl’s parents are from the beginning, ready for it, are the mothers of their sons often jealous of the future spouses of their children. On the wedding day of their son, it is a woman’s important to show the couple that they accepted their marriage, bless and from the bottom of my heart loves. A sincere congratulations will help to Express these feelings.

congratulations from the parents to the wedding of the son

How to congratulate the mother of your son on his wedding day?

If a woman congratulates her son to his wedding, can you be proud of the fact that he grew up as a wonderful person, had success, and such a beautiful girl has found. Mom’s no need to Worry that the Text sounds original or unusual.

At work before the wedding is the time to find the right words for congratulations’t always remains. The most spiritual of those farewell will be words truly spoken from the heart.

For example, a mother wishes that a young family is tolerant to each other, the difficulties of life in prison overcomes the love in every Situation. The congratulations of the mother will be touching if it succeeds, your feelings about what happened, be as honest as possible Express.

During the wedding the hearts of the guests will certainly bring the words of excitement and concern about the fate of the child to the melt, and at the same time, confidence in the chosen will be selected that will certainly help to overcome adversity, to be able to make her son happy. It is believed that it is mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law is extremely difficult to find a common language, and a beautiful congratulation, not bypass the Dignity of the heroes of the occasion, is the best way to prove the contrary to those who believe in it.

Wishes in prose

Not always and not everyone succeeds, his feelings in verse Express. The congratulations and words of farewell from the mother to the son be not less sincere, if you are in prose.

Some examples of such farewell texts below are designed to help you, your Worries and desires to the head of a new family Express. You will be on the festive table is appropriate:

To be honest to the guests of this amazing wedding, I’ll Worry about my son, because I raised him, and educated’ve fed. Now, much has changed, my role is to help where I can, to give advice, if necessary, to be a true friend of the new family.

Please accept my congratulations on your wedding day, dear newlyweds, be happy, successful, in love with each other. Let
God will be with small children reward, to please you, like you like me. You can much for so come, as you wish. Congratulations!

Dear bride-to-be, daughter, I am pleased that you have become the Chosen one for my son. Like any mother, I am proud of my child, love, trust his choice. If he has fallen in love with you, then surely there is nothing Better in the world than your soul.

I hope that you will be live from today’s wedding day to old age peacefully, help each other, always a shoulder of support, and together, reaching heights that can be achieved. And I will do my Best to help if needed. Happy wedding for you!

Congratulations to the 50-year anniversary to dad from his son. Slideshow. Part 3

touching wishes

Mom’s love is always admirable – there are people around the world, which would be closer? Each maternal congratulations to affect the present, Thought provoking and remember their own parents.

Here are some examples for a surprisingly warm, sweet and sincere wishes from mother to son on your wedding day: a Lot of fun are buzzing, during the wedding, while the happiness of the guests wish to interrupt each other. But when the Celebration is over, you begin to work hard, because you have become the head of the family. You’ll not only have to work to earn money, my son, but you also have to constantly work on relationships. When love is not maintained as a flower that fades you. You are not afraid of difficulties, not to go boldly to the adversities of life, do not hesitate to ask your beloved wife to support.

From the day of the wedding, this girl is going to be your mother, sister, and best friend, but don’t forget your roots over me and dad. I wish for you is that you will be a worthy husband, since you were your mother will always be a worthy son. Protect your family, kids, wife, and then you will be happy.

Let your life be a real adventure that you and your spouse will experience up to the end together. Happy Wedding!
Good luck!

My mother’s words at the Meeting of the newlyweds with the loaf

To the traditional wedding ceremony of the blessing of the Bridal couple, the mom and dad say with a loaf of Bread belongs. Modern people rarely use the traditional ceremony, to meet the heroes of the occasion with this product, but the congratulation still looks beautiful and interesting.

As the bride and groom, the mother of the spouse approaches, she says the following words: This bread is not only a delicious dish, but a Symbol of the fact that they are rich and prosperous life and all prosperity. Break off a piece of a delicious cake and they present themselves to each other. Warm bread is served at your wedding, leave it always in their hearts stay warm!
I wish that you never go hungry have you always got something, so you guests can enjoy. Advice Yes
The day such a wonderful wedding, I would all of you good health wishes, future children, the incessant fire of love, peaceful happiness under the roof of the house.

My son, my heart is always happy, I feel honored that our family also has a daughter!
I am sure that we all in love with each other life can be, because kindness and understanding warm our hearts. Merry wedding, the young people!

The most touching relationship in the family is the love of a father to his daughter. No matter how strict the father is, no matter how much hope, he relies on his son as his heir, to his daughter, he behaves quite differently. For every father, his daughter is the only pleasure. This is his luck that can be spoiled and loved, not embarrassed by his paternal love. Any dad who takes his Baby for the first Time in the Arm, falls in love at first sight. He delights in touching on the little Princess and tries to put the whole world on the legs so you don’t need anything, and be happy.

Congratulations to the father of the daughter to the wedding

Men tend to have their feelings very reluctant to Express. And even more, when it comes to public speaking and good luck wishes to a daughter or a son. The presence of a large number of people made the Situation worse, the wishes of the parents are more reserved and mysterious. For this reason, the wishes of parents for an anniversary or happy wedding anniversary to their children are often quite dry and short. At the same time, the son will still be less tender and warm words than the daughter.

You should blame the parents no immunity: If you show your true feelings, don’t cry, only women, but also men in the hallway.

The wedding of the daughter of a severe shock to the parents.

Therefore, it is not for a father to be particularly important, a congratulations for his daughter for the wedding or anniversary prepare to fall in one of the Extreme – to be official, but not to worry, even without a specific reason.

Important Points

A happy anniversary to both of importance for him and for his daughter. It makes it possible to understand the depth and strength of the tenderness and the feelings with which a father takes his child to adulthood.

  • Make sure that you prepare a small congratulations and wishes to the wedding. The poems in contact with, but also a few words of prose. The Text can be learned, or you can’t read it from a sheet, not to get Los.
  • You do not suffer, do not Worry and do not worry – let the daughter of a self-confident and strong father to see and you know that she has next to her husband’s constant protection and support of their father.
  • Set a positive effect: The wedding of a daughter is a joy, and a daughter, in front of the Altar, is the greatest happiness for a father.

What to say to congratulate his daughter?

By setting a wave of love and happiness, can you say a father several times in thoughts: “My daughter is getting married and I’m very happy.” It’s fine if you start your speech with these words. You will agree to the request immediately in a joyful Note and the bride calm.

In the case of congratulations for a wedding or anniversary, it is important to note, that a girl in every life can return to location in your parents ‘ house, where she is always welcome. It must also be said that every dad wants to see his child happy and ready to do everything in his Power to make it so.

You can describe the Situation in a few words, how unusual it is, if little Prince to grow up your senses and young people appear in your life that will change the whole life of the family. They tell of the experience, as the daughter started to give her friend more attention, she was tied up every day more and more attached to him, and mom and dad seemed as if she would fade into the Background. You can admit what a shock it is for a father to know that his girl is all grown up and soon children of their own will. Now it will be next to your daughter and other beloved husband, you as well will love as their father.

For the groom, it is important that the bride’s father treated him like his own son.


In the case of congratulations for a wedding or anniversary, fathers often say how difficult it is for parents to accept the fact that children grow up and try to escape under their wings and start a new independent life. You can only imagine that their daughters to be independent and you don’t have to be with a variety of sweets and toys pampered. It is absolutely necessary to fulfill the sacred duty of the parents on the wedding day to bless their children for a happy life together.

Every father accompanied his daughter down the aisle, remembers many joyful and happy moments from your Childhood. They can be expressed wishes of luck – it will be interesting for everybody.

In short, the Situation is


Our family is famous for their intelligence and beauty,
And our daughter is the first beauty!
Today, I trust your man forever
, And I will bless your strong Association!
It is a pity your daughter to let go, but that doesn’t matter!
Let it be now, Once and for all.
I would like to without anger life without resentment and anger,
And only for the visit to her parents ‘ house to go to.
Was a daughter, an obedient and faithful wife,
And let your husband be a mainstay on a wall.
Leave it in front of adversity to protect!
Let the family from year to year to grow!
Have the children full house to be
Let, the love with passion and fire, burn!
I’m going to the boys more than once to say:
mom and I are very happy for you!
We wish you, your family, save like we
In love, voice, grey hair to life!
May your cherished dream come true
in order for the husband, for always faithful to and loved!
Today, it radiates all around everything from happiness,
You’re getting married, dear daughter.
You’re in love, respect, Affection, grew up,
Always in a good mood and willing to help.
To Raise, Maintain, Save,
And he invested his soul – and that’s a lot,
that you’re there and in the lives of help.
Today, step into a new life
, Our dear, beloved girl,
Let difficulties, but hold on,
You’re smart, strong, you’re not beautiful.
May your love to your husband, does not fade,
In the course of the years is it stronger, stronger.
And let the husband loved and highly sought after!
Hot nights, for you,, happy days to you!
Your mother is that you, daughter, alone.
No longer a Baby – a bride, a wife!
As Mendelssohn’s March began to play,
Believe me, I was secretly a tear is wiped.
I thought, as my Baby grew
, she is now a different family,
But you’ve got me under the veil of a smile,
And suddenly I realized how happy you are.
And the tears dried up, the eyes lit up,
The storm went to the side of the rancour over.
I wish for you is that you always smile!
And the happiness of love never ends!


Dear daughter! They say that every man of a son dreams. And I’ll tell you all a big secret. When I took my beautiful Baby for the first Time in my arms, melted I just unprecedented happiness then. I taught her the first steps, loops, bound and dolls bought. She has shared her school secrets with me. And then my little daughter was suddenly an adult, and incredibly beautiful woman, and today she marries. My heart is full of contradictions: It hurts me a lot to let you go, daughter, but at the same time I’m incredibly happy and proud of you, my little girl! I know that you will be happy in life, and your husband will be your genuine support and reliable support! Love one another, to be without your love tired!

My dear, dear daughter! Today, you glow like a star in the sky, all the flowers that were given to you, fading in front of your beauty, and Freshness. Mom and I can’t Thank you get enough to look at you and tell you to: Thank you that you’re smart and beautiful. Thank you that you have given me the happiest Moment of my life – to have my beloved daughter to the Altar led. Thank you that you gave your mother and me, a beloved son in our family. And a huge I will say this, if I take my grandson or my granddaughter in my arms. All love for you, gentle and strong family. Bitterly!


Congratulations, by whom:
| | |

congratulations format:
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happiness wunschtyp:

Congratulations to the wedding of dad

Congratulations from your father
In these wonderful moments!
A wedding is a gift from God
In their love is insane heat!
I congratulate you, children,
I wish you understanding
To your home is warm to keep
the happiness in it lives!

Congratulations to the wedding from father to daughter

You’re incredibly
White suits you.
And I’m a little lost
your man you now.

For me you’re always, daughter,
You’re going to be young.
I wish a very
happy Always have been.

May your luck tree
problems do not grow, bad weather,
And always, the fruits of which
you seem to be the most delicious is to be.

Congratulations to the wedding from father to daughter

It is not easy, I tell you direct
A daughter getting married.
A father is, finally, not a mother, but
emotions are difficult to reveal.

My daughter, my blood
, My white angel
I have the dust you blown…
And as you’re wife has become.

Only I will not follow
In another house are you now –
I’ll have my son in my to
Leave my family to grow!

You, my son, take care of yourself
Via my dove,
Be patient and don’t fight
Be careful, as the light of the eyes.

Do you need help don’t be shy
just say it how it is!
I’ll help you, do not hesitate
, After all I am now father-in-law!

Now, they live together
And extend my blood
grandchildren will want and need!
Now, advice to you and love!

Congratulations to the wedding from father to son

My dear son
, He has suddenly a woman.
Can’t see everything
envy gnaws at me.
I agree with your choice
And with all my heart I wish
, Therefore, that with such a beauty
Lived before the Golden wedding.
I won’t let you down
If required I can help
But let them not deceive
you Save the honor of the family.

Congratulations to the wedding of the father of the bride

I have a son dreamed of
But God only gave me one daughter.
Today, thanks to fate,
I have a son of your own.
My son-in-law, I ask you for one,
Was always a fighter in life.
Family services increase
And do my daughter’t hurt.

Congratulations to the wedding of the father of the groom

My son, once I
Stand like you at the Altar.
I was looking for the happiness with your mother,
And the life was like a Melodrama.

But in spite of all the obstacles
mom and I are very happy
What is the best son
We have a Dandy raised.

Today we get a daughter
beauty, as in the movie, is exactly the same.
You love you always
, Finally, she is your wife.

Congratulations on the anniversary of dad

Men are not to cry
But today I’m going to my tears don’t hold back.
A wedding is a day that brings you joy
I’ll give my daughter in marriage.

Forbid you to, son-in-law, in front of all the difficulties and misfortunes,
Give you warmth, love and care.
And may the luck in your home settle down,
And as a father, I’m going to follow all of!

Papas congratulations to the wedding

Love Newlywed! Marriage is a gift of fate, she is a peaceful and cozy island in our chaotic world. The marriage depends on the Talent of the youth, your love, your mind and your heart. We wish the bride and groom in the best sense of the word, is the best marriage in the world! Trust each other, look out for each other! Take care of your love and your happiness! May you have a smart and healthy kids!

Congratulations to the wedding of dad in prose

Our dear daughter and son. Today, we see the endless happiness and Smiles on your faces. Let this Smile never their faces, and their happiness is really endless. All the best and Brightest for you in her new, as yet unexplored, but such an interesting life. Advice to you and love!

Congratulations from dad at the wedding in your own words

Our dear and beloved children! Today is a Moment in your life, it is only once in life. Remember to always to this day, and if it is for you, one day, hard to remember, how good and joyful it was for you today. And then sadness and sadness will leave you immediately.

Congratulations from dad to a wedding in verse

On your wedding day I congratulate you
And I will hide my joy
For this wonderful Couple.
Let fatherly advice:

Don’t lose your love
Give each other a shoulder.
I give you this poem
, And good luck to you – a hundred streets.

Touching congratulations to the wedding of dad

Our dear children
, you’re getting married today!
Every hour of every day
to Change your life.
Always be happy,
love life and more
, you respect each other
God bless always!

Congratulations to the wedding of dad

Makes me great joy
, The light of a smile on your faces to see.
Let the wonders in your world play,
on the Outside everything is so difficult and uncertain.

As a father, I wish you soon
to Give you joy in the Form of grandchildren.
By your Laugh we all are warmer,
Finally, I make it for you really to life!

Short wedding greetings of dad

Father-in-law wanted to wish you
the Same as the mother-in-law
, He could not say
, And he answered easier.
The main thing is to love
don’t Look at the little things.
Everything in life, to succeed
In small things and great things.

Congratulations to the wedding from the father

Like dad, I wish my family
the family treasures and cut you.
Although the youth, as the smoke of white Apple trees offense is,
Against Mature I wish you, that you laugh!