Trending wedding rings 2020

Trending wedding rings 2020

Since some years there is a clear Trend to personal expression in the wedding industry. Nowadays, weddings are supposed to tell the story of his own love. Traditional rules of how a white dress or identical wedding rings are becoming more frequent broken. Today, there is so much to discover New things.

Diamond engagement ring - KLENOTA

What is this year in fashion?

But that is not to say that the Tradition of “out”. At your wedding, it is scheduled to go to you and your taste. There are a lot of possibilities: from simple Designs to more unusual or extravagant wedding rings. Nevertheless, you should make the choice of your wedding rings a little longer time than if you select other jewelry. They will see your wedding ring every day on your Finger for the Rest of your life. Therefore, he should fit you and your style, and you should be sure that he will like them even decades after the wedding.

Ladies and Mr wedding rings must no longer only in size to distinguish from each other. Women’s wedding bands are often stronger decoratedwith precious stones, and sometimes in a different gold color made.

Here you will find an Overview of the trends for this year, you should not miss. We have the latest sensations, Trends, keep longer, and models that never go out of fashion for.

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Exciting News

Minimalist Rings

Traditional wedding bands are often wider and bigger, but one of the biggest current Trends is the narrowing of the ring band. A narrow wedding ring acts on a woman’s hand in a particularly discreet and elegant, and can be smooth or semi-precious stones to be.

Wedding rings with diamonds, particularly Eternity wedding rings, are currently very popular. They are completely encrusted with diamonds and a unique Symbol of eternal love. This Design has its advantages, because it can work perfectly with an engagement ring, with a thinner ring band, or with other favorite rings, the wedding still would like to combine. Even women with shorter, or wider fingers will appreciate this Design, because it detracts from and extended the fingers visually.

Wedding ring for men and women with diamond KLENOTA

Rings with precious stones

If you colored gems to love, we have some good news for you. Because you are in wedding rings becoming increasingly popular – and they look great! Since the wedding ring is worn every day, is, are especially precious stones with a higher degree of hardness, such as sapphires, rubies or colored “Fancy” diamonds. But you can choose your stone according to other criteria, such as after birth month, or the month of the wedding.

In the case of KLENOTA jewelry you can also use a stone instead of a clear diamond select, and the Ring made. So you can be sure that your Ring is unique.

Large Diamonds

Maybe you want a wedding ring that is not only a confirmation of their love, but also an impressive piece of jewelry. And why should your wedding is not the luxury of the accessory of your dreams? Rings with a number of larger diamonds are exactly that. They are versatile and therefore suitable for everyday wear, you can, but on important occasions rays, since their dazzling Sparkle especially under artificial light, to the fore.

Luxury wedding rings with large diamonds - KLENOTA

Persistent Trends

Rose gold

These gold paint keeps for a long time as an interesting Alternative in the manufacture of jewellery and the signs are good that it’s not a passing Trend. Also if wedding rings made of white gold , as before, in the first place – rose gold for wedding rings. It is romantic, delicate and suits all women and men alike , and a wedding ring in rose gold with one engagement ring made of White or yellow gold combine.

Wedding ring and engagement ring with diamonds in rose gold - KLENOTA

Curved Lines

If you already know that your wedding band and engagement ring together on a Finger

want to wear, you can use your Design for this purpose to adapt. A slightly curved wedding ring, which leaves space for the Central stone of the engagement ring, is a very elegant solution. If you are the proud owner of a Halo ring , they are this combination is highly appreciate. The two rings fit together to form a coordinated Ensemble.

Engagement and wedding diamond ring KLENOTA

Immortal Classic

Jewelry Seamless Rings

Smooth, uncomplicated wedding rings from Gelbold are a real classic. You can be narrower or wider to fail, but you are in all variants, the most convenient choice for the carrier. An undeniable advantage is the fact that you don’t have to leave the Ring during sports or other activities, while a more complex Design can sometimes disturb is.

If you are looking for a smooth, shiny Finish to decide the daily Wear over time in the Form of a fine Patina on your Ring sign. This can develop a charm of its own, and also serves as a reminder of the many, many years together. Of course, you can have your Ring will also Polish, so that you will always look like new again.

Unadorned, simple rings are the perfect choice for all those who, with her wedding ring no risks want to go, and a

versatile solution search.

Classic wedding rings in yellow gold in a smooth Design KLENOTA

Matched Rings

Maybe you like the idea of the same Ring as your Partner to wear, but you are looking for a special Design your togetherness emphasized. A good solution for this, is a special surface treatment, such as polishing, the bark of a tree similar to.

You can KLENOTA wedding rings also personally in our jewelry Studio in the heart of Prague, try on and select.

Wedding rings with sandblasting in yellow gold - KLENOTA