Try your ring before you buy–you deserve to shop With Clarity

Try your ring before you buy–you deserve to shop With Clarity

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If there’s an engagement in your future, then you know that these days, ring shopping is pretty much all done online. And yes, that does open up your options far more than going to your local jeweler, but buying a ring is different than buying clothes–like a lot different! So, we don’t blame you for wanting to see the ring in person before you make what is probably the BIGGEST investment of your life to date (both literally and figuratively). That’s why we love With Clarity! Like many other popular jewelers, they are direct-to-consumer but with a twist–their Home Preview Program. Like their name says, they believe that for their customers to shop “With Clarity”, seeing a ring IRL needs to be part of the equation.

There’s No Place Like Home

With Clarity at home try on program

With Clarity’s Home Preview Program allows customers to request up to two realistic replicas of their desired rings to be shipped directly to their door. Then, from the comfort of your home, you can try on the ring, experience the beauty, and feel the design before you commit. If you’ve been going back and forth between wanting the proposal to be a surprise, but wanting to make sure they love the ring, this is the perfect compromise. You can pop the question with the two replicas and let them choose the one that speaks to them.

Leave It To The Experts

customize your engagement ring With Clarity

Ready to pop the question and don’t want to wait a moment longer? Good news! With Clarity has a beautifully curated collection of the finest quality engagement rings. And with 100+ styles, you’re sure to find “the one”. Their easy-to-use website allows you to shop and sort by style or by shape, so start with what you know and explore from there.


With Clarity is the best custom engagement ring brand

If you have something specific in mind or just want to have a hand in the design of your ring, With Clarity can also help you build your own engagement ring. Whether you just want to select the diamond and the setting separately or you’re looking for a completely custom ring? With Clarity has you covered. With Clarity’s designers and gemologists will be with you every step of the way and help you design a bespoke ring that speaks to your love (and your budget).

“I wanted something specific for my wedding band and I was having trouble finding it at a jewelry store. I reached out to With Clarity and we were able to create something perfect.”–Allison & Tim

Feeling Extra

luxe collection from With Clarity

We couldn’t help but take a moment to gush about With Clarity’s new Luxe Collection. With rocks starting at 3cts these babies were made to turn heads. And that’s just the center stones! Yeah, each center stone is surrounded by generously cut diamonds, front, back, and side–diamonds everywhere you look. With Clarity designed this extravagant new collection with fashion connoisseurs and luxury aficionados in mind. Sound like you or your soon-to-be fiancé(e)? Then we say Luxe all the way!

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