Unique engagement present

Unique engagement present

Since the founding Invibes believes that true effectiveness of Advertising from the advertising experience is created for the user, of course, appealing. This led to the development and market introduction of the Invibes technology platform, which is the Power of Big Data, innovative combined In-Feed formats, a wide range and extensive information, services, trademarks effect provide full In-Feed advertising, which helps you to reach consumers. The decision to focus exclusively on In-Feed, arose from the realization that advertising can improve the user experience only if they meet the following criteria:

  • In the reading flow of the content
  • Not pushy
  • Identifiable
  • Visible

These fundamentals not only the Design of the Invibes unique formats, they are also the necessary components, in order to attract the positive attention of the consumer. Measured to the industry-standard benchmarks for attention, the View Rate, dwell time and attention duration, generate Invibes In-Feed Ads proven to 4 times more attention than Standard Display Ads, and 8-times more attention than Social Media.

Through the In-Feed placement in high quality Online media, which is made possible by the extensive data networks Invibes and the direct Integration of Premium publishers, are the Ads not only relevant for the consumer, but also intelligently designed to connect brands directly with their demographic groups.

Since the Ads are placed within the written content will also affect the UX is less, because the user can scroll on the display is over, and no additional inter-actions, such as Closing a Pop-ups are required, which can have a negative impact on the brand perception.

The Viewing Invibes are designed in such a way that they are for the consumer immediately recognizable and the brand’s logo is from the very first second of the display is clearly visible.

In contrast to other advertising partners, the Creative Lab Team Invibes works directly with agencies and brands, in order to optimize advertising, and to increase the brand presence by up to 40%.

The large-centric ad format is designed so that it attracts the attention of the user immediately, while more than 80 innovative advertising formats to the attention of the user through a series of engaging Video and Display features more binds.

Another important factor for the improvement of the effectiveness of Advertising by means of positive attention is the realization that a more efficient advertising is also a more sustainable advertising.

The Ads to the right audience, in the right environment and in the correct Format leads to a more efficient campaign, and in the case of the Invibes the potential to increase sales by up to 40%. If you have less Ads must be switched in order to achieve the same campaign goals, not only reduces the total expenditure on advertising, but less CO2-emissions are generated. Although the campaign emissions from Invibes are already among the lowest in the industry and, on average, 96 % less CO2 emissions than the industry benchmarks, wanted to Invibes go a step further with the introduction of the label Carbon-Neutral 100 % climate-neutral View offer.

We firmly believe that we can change with advertising, which generates positive attention, the advertising industry for the Better by providing a holistic solution for consumers, brands and the planet will benefit.“ – Kris Vlaemynck & Nicolas Pollet, co-CEOs – Invibes Advertising