Unique wedding card boxes

Unique wedding card boxes

If you want to give your wedding ceremony a personal touch, is the Crafting of a private Box is a great Option. It enables you to take your creativity and to Express their individuality. By the design of a self-made Box, you can ensure that it fits perfectly to your wedding vision. Here are some DIY ideas and instructions to craft your own Box for the wedding:

DIY ideas and instructions for self-made letter boxes for the wedding

  1. A box made of cardboard: Use sturdy corrugated cardboard box to create the basic structure of your Box. Cut the cardboard pieces to the desired shape and size and use glue or double sided tape to assemble.

    You can wrap the boxes with fabric or paper, in order to obtain a more appealing surface.

  2. Decorative elements: Decorate your Box with various decorative elements that match your wedding style. You can use ribbons, lace, bows, flowers, or even photos, for a personal Touch add. Remember that sometimes less is more and that she should bring her own style.
  3. Lettering and decorations: Add a label or a sign with the words, You can also use stencils to create beautiful lettering or symbols apply. Do not forget to add your initials or the wedding date to add, in order to create a personalized touch.

Box wedding vintage: Romantic nostalgia for your special day

For couples who love the charm of yesteryear, is a Box for a wedding in Vintage style is a wonderful choice. The nostalgic Flair and the romantic atmosphere, perfect for a wedding celebration in a Vintage or Shabby Chic style. Here are some ideas to make your Box in a Vintage Look:

Vintage-inspired Designs and materials for an authentic Box

  1. Vintage treasure box: Turn an old wooden chest or box in a charming Box. You can also substances with a Vintage or lace wrap, in order to achieve a romantic Look.

    Use antique locks or a Vintage key, with a hint of mystery and nostalgia to add.

  2. Retro letter box: An old letter box in Vintage style can also serve as an original Box. Make sure that it is still functional, so that your guests can drop their letters, in fact. You can embellish with Vintage labels, old stamps or hand-painted ornaments.
  3. Vintage suitcase: A vintage-inspired suitcase can be a unique and stylish Box to the wedding. Select a case with a Retro pattern, or a special Patina. You can decorate with ribbons, flowers, or Vintage labels, to complete the Look.

Box wedding glass: elegance and transparency for their wedding wishes

A Box for the wedding of glass will give your Party elegance and transparency. It allows your guests to have a look on the love to throw a full of messages and congratulations, and at the same time creates a stylish atmosphere. Here are some creative ways to use glass in the design of their Box are:

Creative uses of glass as a Material for the letter boxes for the wedding

  1. Glass box with engraving: Select a Box made of high quality glass and they leave you with the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date or a special saying engraving.

    This gives her a Box with a personal touch and makes it a memorable keepsake.

  2. Glass vase with slit: An elegant glass vase with a narrow slit can be used as a stylish Box. You can decorate with flowers or green elements to create a romantic atmosphere. Your guests can insert your letters and greeting cards through the slot.
  3. Transparent photo frame: Use a large, transparent photo frame with an Opening at the upper side of the original Box. You can fill in with different pictures or wedding motifs and their guests are encouraged to place their cards between the images.

Box wedding acrylic: Modern elegance and clear accents

A Box for the wedding acrylic will give your Celebration a modern elegance and clear accents. The transparent Material allows you to put your wishes and monetary gifts in style to the Look. Here are some ways to use acrylic for the design of your Box are:

Transparent beauty – acrylic as a stylish Material for your wedding box

  1. Clear acrylic box with a personalised insert: Select a rectangular acrylic box with a personalised insert plate with your name, wedding date or a special saying engraved. The transparent Box allows your guests to admire the greeting cards and letters from the outside, while the personalized insert plate provides extra individual Touch.

  2. Acrylic box with lock: Give your Box to the wedding with an elegant touch by mistake castle, an acrylic box with a decorative. The castle symbolizes the importance and the protection of the contained desires and makes the Box a real eye-catcher. Your guests can put their letters safe in the Box and at the same time, the aesthetic Design to admire.
  3. Multilayer acrylic box: A multi-layered acrylic box offers you the possibility of different elements and Details in your Box insert. You can place photos, flowers, small decorative objects, or even LED lights in between the layers to create a fascinating and unique presentation.

Box wedding wood: a Natural charm and a rustic Flair

A Box for wedding wood exudes a natural charm and a rustic Flair. The warm Material gives your wedding ceremony a cozy atmosphere. Here are some ideas to make your a Box made of wood:

Rustic wedding letter boxes made of wood – design ideas and decorations

  1. Wooden box with engraving: Choose a rustic wooden box and leave it with the initials of the bride and groom, the wedding date or a special award be engraved.

    These personalized Details to make your Box unique and individual.

  2. Tree trunk with drawer: Transform a small tree trunk into a charming Box for the wedding. Cut a hole in the trunk of a tree, in which your guests your letters to interject. You can provide the tree trunk with an engravable plate for a personal Touch add.
  3. Wooden letter box: Use a rustic wooden letter box as a Box. You can embellish with flowers, lace or decorative ribbon to accentuate the rustic Look. The letter box can also be used after the wedding as a decorative Element in your home.

Box wedding castle: romance and security for your congratulations

A Box for the wedding with a castle give your Celebration a romantic atmosphere and providing security for their good wishes and gifts of Money. The castle symbolizes the importance and confidentiality of the stored letters. Here are some aspects that you can consider in the design of a Box with a lock are:

Symbolism and design of letter boxes for wedding with lock

  1. Ornaments at the castle: Decorate the castle of your Box for the wedding with beautiful ornaments. You can use small flowers, beads, bows, or other decorative elements to emphasize the castle and create a romantic Look.

  2. Personalization of the castle: Leave the castle of your Box with the initials of the bride and groom or the wedding date engraving. As a result, the castle is a unique and important Element of your wedding decoration.
  3. Key as a Symbol: Place a decorative key in the vicinity of the Box to the importance of the castle to highlight. This symbolic key can also be used as a decorative Element and a romantic atmosphere.

Box wedding eucalyptus: Fresh and natural accents for your wedding decoration

A Box for the wedding with eucalyptus give your Celebration a fresh and natural Touch.

The delicate scent and the green Foliage of eucalyptus make for a relaxed atmosphere and blend in with your wedding decoration. Here are some ways how they can integrate eucalyptus into your Box:

Use of eucalyptus and green elements in the design of letter boxes

  1. Eucalyptus garland: Wrap a eucalyptus garland to your Box, in order to achieve a natural and elegant Look. You can also add small flowers or bows to embellish the Arrangement.
  2. Eucalyptus as an ornament: Attach a single eucalyptus branches to your Box, to put to a subtle green accent. These little ornaments give your Box a fresh and natural Touch.

  3. Eucalyptus as a fragrance source: Put dried eucalyptus branches in your Box, in order to spread a pleasant scent. The subtle eucalyptus scent will delight your guests and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Box wedding Amazon: A variety of options for their wedding box

If you are looking for a wide selection of wedding, letter boxes, Amazon is a great place to go. There you can find a wide variety of options in different styles, materials and Designs. Here are some tips and recommendations to find the perfect Box for your wedding on Amazon:

Tips and recommendations for the purchase of a high-time box on Amazon

  1. Read the reviews: read reviews of other customers to get an impression of the quality and the Design of the letter boxes. Experience of other customers can help you make the right decision.
  2. Material and Design: Choose a Material and Design that fits your wedding vision, and your personal style. Consider whether you prefer a rustic wooden box, an elegant glass box, or a modern acrylic box.Budget: set a Budget for your wedding box, your selection on Amazon to restrict. Letter boxes in different price categories, so you can find a Box that matches your financial opportunities.

  3. Shipping times note: Check the shipping times to ensure that the Box is delivered on time for your wedding. Plan for a sufficient time to allow for any delays.
  4. Additional Features: Superior to you whether you want special Features such as a castle, personalized engraving, or additional embellishments. Make sure that the Box suits your requirements and preferences.


Choosing the perfect Box for the wedding is an exciting task, as it will help to make your wedding celebration even more memorable. Whether you opt for a self-made Box, Vintage prefer, on glass or acrylic or a natural eucalyptus note to add – the possibilities are endless.

Amazon offers a large selection of letter boxes for every taste and every Budget. Please take the time to read the reviews, the Material and Design to choose carefully and to take into account shipping times. Your Box will be not only as a collection for all the good wishes of your guests, but also serve as a decorative Element that enhances the style and the atmosphere of your wedding. Choose a Box that reflects your personality and your wedding style, and enjoy the magical moments, when you have the heartfelt messages and wishes to your Loved ones to discover.