Vow renewal script funny

Vow renewal script funny

Do you remember your wedding day? The butterflies in your stomach, the Celebration with the loved one and the promise in good times and in bad for each other? With the renewal of your vows, you encourage their decision, and witness their love for each other. Let yourself be inspired, as this particular can make. You will find the romantic ideas, exciting places and important questions for the ceremony.

Couple at the Festival for the renewal of vows

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Ideas for the renewal of vows

The renewal of the marriage vow is characterized by much less tradition than the marriage. This opens you up to new areas of the game, because you can make the Feast according to your wishes. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and Dreams run free.

Couple at the Festival for the renewal of vows


Whether free or ecclesiastical wedding Ceremony, the ceremony for the Renew of vows include:

  • Music
  • a Traurede
  • and the renewal of the Trauversprechens.

But in further developing you can have your own ideas, for example in the song selection, by you to perform a wedding ritual, or the company involved. The decoration you can customize to your Liking.

Free Wedding Ceremony

A free wedding Ceremony, select a Trauredner or free theologians, who leads the ceremony.

Together, they discuss the process and content of the Ceremony, where the ceremony is to take place, and the renewal of vows symbolic fully want to draw. Possible ideas are:

  • a new ring exchange
  • the sign of a Trauurkunde
  • the plants of a common Rosebush

Discover more ideas with a free wedding Ceremony.

Church’s renewal of vows

The Church’s renewal of vows is part of a divine service. Also here you will meet with your pastor and discuss your reasons and desires for the renewal. Ideas for worship are for example:

In our post about Church weddings you can find more ideas for the design of the service.

Parish priest places the stole the hands of a couple

The node with the stole of the priest is a popular Symbol for the renewal of the marriage vow.

More Ideas

In addition to the classic elements of a wedding Ceremony, there are many other creative and inventive ideas to celebrate the renewal of vows. Whether as a couple or with the company plays no role. You, what do you see as the ceremony is important, and you can make it a very personal part of your Celebration, consider:

  • re-exchange of rings
  • Ring warming (to be passed through the rings of the wedding and before they are removed from the Pair.)
  • musical interludes
  • Speech longtime friends
  • Air balloon or lantern action (Here, the society wishes to balloons or sky lanterns attached on the rise.)

Think of a Form, as to them, this special day in the memory will remain. You are planning a photo session, a collaborative work of art or you perpetuate itself in a particular place – nothing can be everything.

Romantic places where you can exchange vows renew

You want to celebrate this special day in a special place? There are a lot of ideas, and unlike the first wedding, in the case of the renewal of marriage usually more financial resources will be available.

Celebrate, for example:

  • on a ship
  • in a lighthouse
  • in the castle
  • in a cave
  • in Disneyland
  • on the summit of a mountain
  • in the football stadium
  • in the case of a parachute jump
  • in the desert
  • or in a hot air balloon
    Pair of Hand in Hand on a sailing ship

    A waltz on the ship? You put in the renewal of your vows sail for the future.

It does not have to be exotic. Where you feel comfortable, is the best place to renew the joint Federal. Book your favorite restaurant, or decorate your garden, take advantage of the local Association of home or travel to your favorite holiday.


The Symbol for the marriage epitome of rings.

How would it be to renew this occasion, not only the promise of marriage, but also the jewelry pieces? Let the rings to clean and Polish, or select new. If you like, you can forge in a course even own rings.


If it was after the wedding is no possibility for a big trip, now is the right time to make up for the honeymoon. There is a travel destination that you have in mind for a long time? Or you want to immerse yourself in an adventure, the natural spectacle of the visit or get to know new cultures? Or you want to have a good time, and a Spa-holiday first-class experience? Choose a trip that will live long in the memory.

Mature Couple on the beach

If not now, then when? Take a journey into new worlds and enjoy the time after the Feast.


In no case should you allow it to miss the Feast recorded photographically. These special keepsakes are you a delight, even in the age of back in time. Best thing is to book a professional photographer, at least for the ceremony and the beginning of the festival. So you get high-quality photos and your loved one can celebrate with them, instead of standing behind the camera. What to look for when searching to learn in our contribution wedding photographers.

Tip: Plan a photo of action, such as wedding photos after a photo of the rally with a task or a photo booth with matching accessories from the time they met.


Especially when you celebrate in a larger round, not missing the right decoration. Here you can let off steam and their relationship to the Express. Whether it’s a romantic sea of Flowers, stylish colour scheme, Wedding theme or custom design of Location – realize your ideas.

You create your invitations for a renewal of vows suitable for Fixed and you agree to the company on the day. When RAAB Verlag find a wide range of

invitation cards with matching designs for everyone’s taste.

Important questions for the renewal of marriage vow

In the case of the renewal of marriage vow you look back on common years, and in the future, you continue to spend the two of us. To give this occasion, we will provide you answers to the most important questions: you will Learn more about how, where and when couples exchange vows renew.

It is possible to marry in a registry office to renew?

No, in the case of a renewal of vows is a personal Celebration of a symbolic significance. As your family status changes nothing, there is no event in the Registrar’s office.

Prefer a Church or a free wedding Ceremony for the renewal of vows?

If you want to exchange your vows renew, you can do that in a Church in worship, or a free wedding Ceremony planning. You can have both and both have their advantages.

A free wedding Ceremony with a Trauredner of your choice, you have the freedom to celebrate the place that you want: by the sea, in a remote cabin on an open field.

Even if some priest to arrive for a wedding Ceremony in a different place, instead of finding ecclesiastical renewal of vows, usually in a Church. If you are a member, you will have the advantage that they carry no Extra cost for the service.

How often the vows may be renewed?

For the Renew of vows, there are no rules. Here it comes to their love for each other, to the memory of the common Federal government and the affirmation of the former promise. How often do you want to renew the wedding vows, you may decide. In other countries, like the US or Italy, is the renewal of vows by the way more common and is used by many couples also several times as a reason to celebrate.

When do you celebrate the renewal of vows?

If and when the vows renew, is entirely up to you.

For many couples, the desire to, if a round, wedding anniversary coming up, for example, to the silver wedding. But even after five, ten, or fifty years, you can celebrate the marriage again with renewed vows. For other couples, a history of the time with a challenge, illness, or crisis of reason. You rely on your feeling and the common desire – you don’t need a special occasion.

How many guests are invited by a Couple to renew the vows?

Whether you are celebrating the renewal of vows in large or small round, you decide. It was at the time of your wedding is only a small Budget or little time for planning?

Then, you can catch up on what you’ve been missing on her wedding day and a great plan. Are you looking for a intimate setting with your closest friends or just the two of you? That is also possible.

There are requirements for clothes in the renewal of vows?

No, for the clothing at the time of renewal of vows, there are no conventions. Celebrate the Festival, as you feel comfortable with: in evening wear or casual. While it is atypical to wear a wedding dress, but this too is possible.

A High on the love – your individual Ceremony for the renewal of vows

Have you found of ideas for the renewal of their vows to celebrate?

Then you can start with the planning. As soon as the date and the Location, are available, the sending of the invitations and the other organization.

The RAAB Verlag equips you with the matching stationery. Can you find menu cards and table cards, Church, folders and envelopes and make the Celebration according to your taste.

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