Wedding bouquet ideas for summer

Wedding bouquet ideas for summer

You don’t need some ideas for wedding bouquets for the summer, but not sure in which direction You want to go? Here You will find lots of helpful tips and inspirations around wedding bouquets for summer. 

Kinds of flowers 

Especially in summer bloom beautiful flowers. Since the selection is so big, You can decide for Yourself. You can also Your favorite flowers with the install, when these are in bloom in the summer. Some examples include lilies, roses, sunflowers, hydrangeas, Daisies, or even the Calla Lily are. Small wild flowers, like daisies, can be used to achieve a rather simple result. Here is the color: the gaudy and conspicuous, the more the flowers stand out.

Lilies come in many colors. Because you have a very eye-catching shape, they are also eye-catching color well to set the tone. Roses are one of the most well-known flowers. However, a summer bouquet would fit a white, or pink Rose better than a red one. Sun flowers with their yellow – orange color is fresh and aufpeppend. You have to set bright accents, they look less dainty. Hydrangeas are perfect for a summer Bridal bouquet since they are large and colorful. They go well with many other flowers, combine, and their leaves can be used for the further decoration of the bouquet.

Daisies are by their size, and color, on the contrary, hydrangeas, and much simpler. You instructed perfect for a bouquet of flowers. Also as the Calla Lily. It is very well suited for a simple bouquet. Either just you or with a few grasses and buds. Moreover, it is separately also perfect as a boutonniere for the groom.

Would You prefer that the colors stand out, instead of the Form, You can for flowers, opt. The most beautiful meadow flowers with bright colors mauve, winches, Seidenmohn and the Capuchins are cress. By colorful and bright flowers are the

wedding bouquets for the summer so special. 

From left to right, You see a Lily, Daisies and Calla.

Color tones 

For the summer, bright and colorful colors, of course. This is also very beautiful in Your Bridal bouquet. You can, for example, coral, and salmon tones decide. There are many flowers in a salmon-colored version, however, the elves porn is one of the most beautiful. The Gerbera can be also used well. These two colors blend together very well and give a nice overall image. Otherwise, Orange can be compiled with the Pink. Here, the fresh Orange with a delicate and elegant Pink together, which achieves a harmonious result.

Would you like a theme for the simpler bouquet, can You find him in one color. Here You can also take like Your favorite color. This gives Your bouquet a personal touch. Do You like it rather simple, without color, the bouquet of only white flowers. For Daisies, white roses and hydrangeas and Gypsophila are. Another color combination for your summer bouquet would be Green with Pink. You könnetst, for example, pink lilies with leather fern, or with a blueberry Federal government put together. For more connective green would be eucalyptus, with or without berries or olive branches.

On the left You can see an example for salmon or coral-colored flowers. They are perfect for a summer wedding because the color appears very fresh and cheerful. In the middle of a eucalyptus branch that is as good as a binding green to use. To the right is an example of bright summer flowers.

Due to their bright color are all super wedding bouquets for summer fun and a colorful accent to Your wedding contribute.


You’ve decided to go for some of the flowers that fit well in Bridal bouquets for the summer, You can give to yourself now thought to the arrangement. Typically, wedding bouquets, small flower arrangements from flowers and grasses are. The Foliage makes the bouquet of summery and fresh. Bouquets there are, however, in all sorts of sizes. Choose one that is suitable to Your dress. Here, the following applies: The larger the dress, the bigger the bouquet to be.

Apart from the size, You can also choose again, as You and Your bouquet would have tied. Whether tight and sorted, or prefer to involuntarily placed together and the amount is different. However, You can select an alternative if You failed to like. For example, You can opt for so-called wreath ring. These are metal rings that You will make you and Your selected flowers and grasses in the best corners of the can. The wreath ring are a lot of handy, because You can hang it around Your Arm, if You have Your hands free want to. In addition, it is easier and especially in summer, easier to Wear.

Here You see different types of arrangements. All can be used for Bridal bouquets for the summer. To the left of the bouquet is selected rather arbitrarily, and has a solid Form. The leaves are more to the side and go around the flower in the middle. The Medium bouquet is narrow and long, which are also bunches of rather atypical for the bride, but very elegant look.

He is more of grasses and leaves than flowers. The rights bouquet is a compact set, so that visually almost a half-ball. The flowers are addressed to the outside, with a ribbon tied together and the individual leaves are below the flowers, so they are not just easy to see. The far right You can see one of the so-called wreath ring. Here You can create the size and the look, of course, according to Your taste and cutleries.

Total image 

What You need in bride’s bouquets for the summer, in any case, the eighth, is the overall impression.

Especially in the summer, weddings, often in the garden , etc. instead. Therefore, you should make sure Your colors harmonize in a bouquet with Your surroundings. So You should, for example, no red roses in the Background, if You have in your bouquet of pink flowers. In addition, the colors of your bouquet should refer to the entire decoration. So, you could use the flowers from your bouquet into the table decoration. You could do small vases on the tables to distribute, You make the same flowers can. Another way to make the overall picture more harmonious, would be the use of the same colors.

You have pink in your bouquet, You can set up pink napkins on the tables, distribute, or pink candles. If You have a white bouquet, You can keep the entire decoration white and if You put like a single colorful accents. It is important that the colors of summer are in harmony with each other. You should make sure that You see only colors to use, which can also be combined well (tips). Very bright and cheerful colors are perfect for Bridal bouquets for the summer.


Wedding bouquets spice things up for the summer a bit more, You can add beads or glitter.

This sparkles particularly beautifully in the sun and gives the bride’s bouquet to the final touches. Also, leaves and grasses to beautify Your bouquet. Especially in the summer, You can use gypsophila. It can be introduced at any bouquet, and is also well suited as a table decoration. You can also tie a ribbon or a nice string around the stems of the flowers.

This way, You can let Your bouquet noble appearance, especially if You use a silk ribbon, etc. The Ends of the cord can You make as a small Detail on bouquet hanging. If You it is very extravagant like, You can also be a simple string of lights in the bouquet to be integrated. The cable should not be in bright daylight, of course visible. When the evening falls then, You have a sparkling Bridal bouquet. Do You want to have not just any grasses or leaves in Your wedding bouquet, You can ask him by buds or berries individual design. They offer a good possibility of green and a little bit of bright colour to bring, depending on how far the Bud already in bloom or what color are the berries.

The following pictures will bring You closer to the aforementioned Details. The first picture shows a bouquet has been tied together with a beautiful ribbon, so that the entire bouquet looks directly elegant. In the following image, beads and small stones were tied up between the flowers. The bouquet sparkles more, and looks festive. The third image shows how well Gypsophila as a decoration, but also as a binding can be green for bouquets of use. It is also just a clarification, if You are under Gypsophila nothing precise can think of.

The last image is an inspiration image. Here were berries and buds are added to the bouquet, making the bouquet looks more wild and not-so-strict and compact.


Many brides want to your bouquet after the wedding, still retain and store. It should be noted, however, that the Braustrauß has to do throughout the day without water.

Therefore, as a small tip: put a Vase on your table, in which You can have Your bouquet of get. So the flowers do not wither, particularly when it reached in the summer, higher temperatures. At weddings , it is the Tradition to become the bride’s bouquet to throw. As this can possibly break, You can get a small Image of Your bouquet make, which You can throw. This way, You can keep Your bouquet then, without him again to pick. This You can tell Your florist is easy. Generally speaking, if You have a florists hire. These have the most of the idea and may Your wishes to implement.

Moreover, it can also tell You which colors would look in your bouquet well put together, etc. If You want to make, but in advance in advance thought to the colors, You can Orient Yourself on the color circle. The colors, the face, complement each other and allow the other color gaudy appear. They support, so to speak. The colors can be used in the directly adjacent to a color gradient to produce. As a result, a rather quiet appearance. The color circle You can perfect mixtures of colours in Bridal bouquets for summer-install.

The example images, to bring You the color circle closer.

The top two images show how a harmonious color gradient is created, but only if You use close to each other, but the other colors. Especially in the case of flowers, this effect makes a lot. The bottom two images show the effect, which arises when You take opposite colors from the color circle.

You bring the color to the lamps and support each other. Such lighter and more powerful colors.


Then You will find some of the inspiration images for the Bridal bouquets for the summer. These include very simple and compact bouquets but also extravagant and eye-catching specimens. There is something here for every taste. Get inspired and use the ideas for Your own bouquet.