Wedding budget template free

Wedding budget template free

wedding invitation templates Are you going to marry soon? Or you are long-suffering maid of honor is in charge of planning the Bridal Shower? So, the wedding planning is exciting, but also stressful. Especially, when your time and Budget are scarce. A surprising amount of time and money in wedding planner birthday. That is why more and more couples for their wedding itself make wedding invitations are included.

If you are having a beautiful wedding Bridal shower invitation start, you can make your own custom wedding invitations that really reflect you and your Partner … without breaking the Bank in the process to break to create.

Here you can find 19 templates for homemade wedding invitations, Save-the-Date templates and Bridal party templates to help you the way to your big day.

All of these templates can be used as PNGs in high quality will be downloaded when you Venngage with our Online invitation maker create.

Templates for wedding invitations

A DIY wedding invitation offers a first glimpse into what your wedding will be. Therefore, many pairs of them as an opportunity, your wedding theme to be present.

If you start with a template for wedding invitations, you can replace the images, icons, fonts and colors to fit your wedding theme. And if you find a template that already fits your topic, the better!

Floral frame wedding invitation template

Spring and Summer weddings mean flowers, flowers, flowers! This vibrant floral wedding invitation template is perfect for a garden wedding is the perfect example of a spring design.

The Overlay a semi-transparent square on a photo Wallpaper is an easy way to create an elegant invitation design with frame.

wedding invitation templates


Onyx wedding invitation template

Just because it is a wedding, doesn’t mean you have to resort to classic light and pastel color palettes. For a luxury wedding invitation with a hint of mystery, you can use a dark color palette, like in this template for wedding invitations.

Combine a dark Background with light font to create an eye-catching contrast in your invitation design.

wedding invitation templates


Beach wedding invitation template

Weddings on the beach are not in vain is a classic. You are romantic and exciting. This sea-colored wedding invitation template will take your wedding invitations to a tropical beach.

Shell icons give this Design a touch of Cartoon fun. You can customize the Icons easily with new ones to your topic. The Icon library from Venngage offers over 40,000 Icons to choose from!

wedding invitation templates


Rustic wedding invitation template

You want your wedding invitation has this down-to-earth feeling? Then this template is perfect for you. The wood panel Background looks like a cottage wall, or perhaps a dock on the lake.

Play with light font colors – bright, vibrant colors such as Teal or Hot Pink is the perfect colour accents on an otherwise muted invitation design.

wedding invitation templates


Modern and stylish wedding invitation template

This is a beautiful, modern wedding invitation template looks, as they could directly by the side of a design magazine come. Impress your guests with bold fonts, and flower accents and a strong spring design.

You can adjust the transparency of images, as in this template to create a subtle mirror effect.

wedding invitation templates


Save the Date templates

Before the wedding invitations are sent, many couples to send out a “Save the Date”invitation to let guests know that they are invited to the wedding. They are like Teaser Trailer before the big unveiling.

Save the date cards typically have less information than the actual wedding invitation. The focus is on the date and the Location. Specific Details can be used for wedding invitations and saved.

Here are some Save the Date templates, to prepare a people to your wedding.

Pink roses Save the date template

Roses are a classic Symbol of love. Therefore they are perfectly suited for the Design of your Save-the-Date card.

This little Save-the-Date-template combines a beautiful Font with a simple white border for an elegant Design. If your wedding theme provides a different type of flower, just search the image library by Venngage for a photo, or load your own Background and drag it into the template.

wedding invitation templates


Stylish and minimalist Save the Date template

This simple but elegant Save the Date template is perfect for couples who don’t want their invitations to be Intrusive. The clean lines and the modern Font are perfect for a wedding that is classic, but not outdated.

wedding invitation templates


Photo Save the Date template

Have you and your Partner are a pair of charming engagement photos? Your Save-the-Date card is the perfect place to present one of them (maybe even a few of them).

This simple picture frame template for Save the Date couple balances the bold Text with an image of everyone’s Favorite (of course, the two of you!) from.

wedding invitation templates


Flowerbed Save the Date template

A beautiful floral number at the bottom of this Save-the-Date-template gives the otherwise very simple Design with a bit of Flair. Small, unexpected accents like this are perfect for an original and eye-catching Save-the-Date-make card.

Search Venngage for images and icons to the theme of your wedding reflect. Choose a soft, neutral background color, so that your visual accents come right to the fore.

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White flower save the date card template

Have you always dreamed of a white wedding? Then, with delicate white floral embellished Save the Date card is perfect for you.

The warm, Golden text box and the white heart symbol hold together the Design. If you want to change the color scheme, you can paste the Hex Code in the color picker Tool from Venngage, to get exactly the color you have chosen for your wedding.

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Bridal Shower Invitation Templates

The big day is coming and it’s time to shower the bride-to-be with a little attention. Assemble the troops with a stylish (or whimsical!) The invitation for the Bridal party.

Pink pastel Bridal shower invitation template

This neutral, delicate Bridal party invitation design is sure to please a bride-to-be who enjoys the finer things in life. This invitation design is clean, minimalist and beautiful.

A neutral Background with a picture in the corner is a great way to create a stylish, uncluttered Design.

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Cartoon flower Bridal shower invitation template

This quirky and colorful wedding party invitation is perfect for a fun-loving bride-to-be.

Depending on the style and the interests of the bride, you can select all of the possible topics to cover the card with sweet Treats, alcoholic beverages, or even a cute animal“”! Are you looking for the perfect Flair that reflects the special lady you celebrate, reflect.

wedding invitation templates

Floral Bridal shower invitation template

The dreamy floral background and the fairy-tale book fonts to give the invitation template for wedding ceremony a soft and inviting Look. A semi-transparent border is a beautiful way from spring-inspired Design is a little something Extra to add.

Replace the Background of your own, or you can write your own heartfelt message. Their invitations to the wedding ceremony will make your receiver Smile.

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Bright red Bridal shower invitation template

This invitation template looks like an old-fashioned movie poster or an invitation to a Jazz Party. If you use great decorative fonts, images are not always necessary to create a Design with the Wow factor.

Choose artistic, interesting fonts, which are not expected by the people. Please use only, not Comic Sans (the calamity) brings.

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White Orchid Bridal shower invitation template

The soft, creamy color palette of this invitation for the wedding ceremony is peaceful and uplifting. If you are not a Couple that likes to make a big scene, then this subtle invitation to a wedding might be just what you are looking for.

Do not forget to record your wedding list on the map!

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Tea Time Bridal Shower Invitation

The bride is a classy lady who enjoys a beautiful afternoon tea Everyone has at least a tea-obsessed Person in his life.

On the invitation for the Bridal party warm cups of tea are to be seen. You can create a quirky pattern for your invitation, by using the same Symbol, but the color and the size change.

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Simple Bridal shower invitation template

The bride-to-be, you know, preferred rather simple Designs? Then you will appreciate this simple yet beautiful bride party invitation template.

The soft color scheme, the single-Band and the cute heart icons make this card already, alone, attractive, and can be easily adjusted.

wedding invitation templates


Triangle design Bridal shower invitation template

The bride is a bit of a Diva Your Bridal Shower card should be bright and be naughty as you.

This modern triangle design are paired with a bold Font makes for a card that is no excuse for when you look them in the face. You know that your squad will have a great time on this Bridal party.

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Champagne Wine Wedding Shower Template

Cheers to the bride-to-be! A Bridal shower is the perfect opportunity to pop a few glasses of champagne, so why not in the wedding party invitations say?

If wine is not your thing, you can replace the Icons against beer, tea, juice (if that’s your idea of a good time)… what is the taste of the bride-to-be!

wedding invitation templates


Invitations for all occasions-create

Why DIY wedding invitations stop it? Personalized invitations are suitable for all occasions! Show the people in your life that you appreciate them with a heartfelt invitation to bring your own creativity to Express.

Other invitation templates you can find here.