Wedding catering with prices

Wedding catering with prices

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Catering for your wedding - delicious dishes prepared in Bavaria

The wedding is one of the most beautiful moments in life. The day the two families is, it will always be memorable. To ensure that your wedding celebration is functioning properly, everything must be well planned and prepared. In addition to a perfect Location and the perfect wedding dress, also the right to eat of course. Because whopping guests are happy guests!

✓ What is a wedding costs catering in Bavaria

➽ Assuming you are planning a wedding with about 100 guests, you can price of approx. € 40 per Person rate. More extravagant Catering in Bavaria can be up to 150 Euro per Person cost.

Our tip: The more guests you plan, the cheaper the Catering for your wedding.

Catering Service for a wedding in Bavaria

✓ I should prefer to order a wedding buffet or in a wedding menu for my wedding in Bavaria

➽ In General, our wedding experts will recommend to order a wedding buffet. The main advantage of the buffet is the greater choice for your guests. It is not easy to please every guest, and in the case of a wedding buffet, you can be sure that each guest’s expense.

Opt for a wedding buffet, you can the article

How much food should I order one per guest at a wedding catering in Bavaria

✓ How much food should I order one per guest at a wedding catering in Bavaria

➽ In General, you should order between 0.5 and 2 kg of food per guest. Please note that you are ordering too much food that is not consumed in the end.

Here you can find our selected & tested Partner in the area of

Wedding catering in Bayern order

Catering for your wedding in Bavaria: menu, Buffet or a Flying Buffet?

In General, for wedding catering in Bavaria, three options are offered:

1. Menu with service personnel

2. Buffet

3. The Flying Buffet

Wedding Catering Bayern

It is not easy to decide which Option should you offer to your guests. Both a set menu and a Buffet have their advantages.

1. Menu with service personnel

The wedding menu is designed for an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. The with love, caused the plate to create a festive Flair. Your guests don’t have to wait in line and the food is served to the guests. In the wedding menu, you should expect but with a slightly higher cost because of additional costs for the staff need to be factored in. Note to hire an adequate number of waiters. As a guideline value would be 10 waiter to 100 guests rate.

Catering Wedding Bayern

2. Buffet

In contrast, your guests will have a wedding buffet with a larger selection of dishes. So you can be sure that all the guests will be full and satisfied. Since the Buffet can stand for long periods of time or even throughout the evening, have your guests in the Buffet. It is commonly known: to eat and Drink combines! Also, it is noted that the Buffet Option is a total of just cheaper.

Party Service, Bavaria

Our recommendations for the Buffet at your wedding in Bavaria:

The Buffet should be the guests for as long as possible to be available. To Sing all night and Dance are a bit more strenuous. Therefore, it is for your guests is important, even over the course of the Evening a small Snack.

Best to order a variety of dishes, such as vegan, Vegetarian, BBQ, fish and meat, as well as a variety of salads. In order to be sure to meet everyone’s taste.

Catering Wedding Bayern

See the – to order not to much but not too little. You prefer to choose high-quality dishes, and do not rely on quantity.

Keep little boxes ready to have your guests may eat of it home with you to give can.

Sometimes it is wedding couples offered, before the opening of the buffet, a wedding cake, or other sweets to serve. Keep in mind: Sweet satisfies the Hunger of very.

Caterer in Bavaria

It is always better if a couple of drinks on the tables served. Normally have a waiter at large-scale events do not have enough time to all the guests, just in time to use. Therefore, guests can help themselves at separate tables. For example, you can set for each table, a bottle of mineral water or Cola, but also a bottle of wine or Whisky from the outset. Of course, the drinks should be cooled to the start of the Party.

For the guests with them until late into the night, you can have a small Snack to deploy. As an example here would be to call sausage in the Sauce and the rolls. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it is certainly arrive at your destination.

Catering for your wedding in Bavaria

3. The Flying Buffet (Table Buffet)

Additionally, you can opt for a mix of wedding menu and buffet. This smaller Buffet at each table. This has the advantage that guests do not have to wait in line and therefore also do not need to wait. The selection of dishes do not need to be different, because the waiter to refill the Buffet constantly. You can discuss this Option with our party services from Bavaria.

Catering Service in Bayern

Wedding catering in Bavaria – prices & costs

Our Catering services for your wedding in Bavaria depends on the number of your guests. The more guests are invited, the more favorable the deal is. This offer is designed for 1.5-2 kg of food per guest.

✓ 50 to 100 guests – 40 Euro per Person

✓ 100 to 150 guests – 37 Euro per Person

✓ 150 to 200 guests – 34 euros per Person

✓ 200 + guests 30 euros per Person

* Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are not included in this price. Drinks are purchased separately by the customer or can be purchased through our party services in Bavaria. On request, the drinks can be transported in a single refrigerator pendants to wedding and stored.

** Please note that the prices may vary depending on the season.

Add to this the costs for the waiter. With us, you can use the waiters from 15 euros gross for an hour book. Overall, the waiters up to 12 hours in use. The waiter, an hour before the Celebration already in place (preparation of the Location). You can save a bit, if you are booking the waiter only until 23:00, but then you have to take a lot of cleanup work.

Wedding Catering in Bavaria

The number of waiters that you need for your wedding, varies depending on your needs. It should be sufficient that the drinks on the tables and the guests serve themselves, it is sufficient that you 5 waiters for 100 guest book. If you want the waiter with the glasses your guests will constantly replenish, you prefer to 15 waiters for 100 guests.

Catering for your wedding in Bavaria

Catering for your wedding – what you should be asking a Caterer in Bavaria

The wedding dinner is certainly one of the highlight of your wedding ceremony. We recommend choosing the perfect caterer, not the chance to leave and, therefore, have for you the 10 most important questions listed you are a Caterer should before him for their wedding in Bayern book.

1. The Caterer sufficient experience in this area

2. The Caterer for all the necessary permits?

3. Where does the Caterer the products?

4. The price per Person will be charged with? What are the costs of more?

5. The Caterer also complete packets? What is included in the package?

Questions and more can be available for free as a PDF file

How much food should I order one per guest at a wedding catering in Bavaria

The latest Trends and potential main course for a catering service in Bavaria for your wedding

Sustainability and organic products

Wedding catering

More and more wedding couples from Bavaria, opt for a sustainable wedding with organic products. The use of seasonal and local ingredients, as well as the prevention of plastic and disposable utensils are important aspects of sustainable catering.

Street Food

Catering for an Event -Street Food

Street Food in Bavaria has long been a Trend and now he is also in the wedding world becoming more and more popular. It is a relaxed way to get food to enjoy , and there are many different options for every taste and suitable.

International Cuisine

International food for a Catering in Bavaria

Bavaria is a multi-cultural city and this is reflected in the wedding catering scene. Many couples opt for international cuisine, such as Mexican, Italian or Asian foodto offer your guests a variety of tastes to offer.

Buffets and Food Stations

Food Stations for your event

Buffets and Food Stations are a great way to keep the guests a great selection of dishes to offer. They allow guests their meal individually to put together and make for a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Cocktails and Drinks

Cocktails and Drinks for your meal at the wedding

Besides the food, play Cocktails and drinks a major role in the wedding catering scene. Many couples choose a cocktail hour or offer a selection of Signature Drinks , which designed specially for your wedding created.

In total, there are lots of different optionswhen it comes to wedding catering in Bavaria goes. No matter whether you opt for a sustainable, international, or Street-Food-kitchen decide it is important for a Caterer to find the own taste and expectations are met.

Possible main courses of a catering business in Bavaria

Medium rare roast beef with potato gratin and almond broccoli

Franconian wedding food (beef with horseradish, noodles and wild cranberries)

Leg of lamb roast on Kräuterjus

Salmon with herb sauce

Vegetarian main courses for your wedding catering in Bavaria:

Lens curry with Mango and coconut

Mango lentil salad with marinated Tofu

Spinach Crepes with sweet potato filling

In Germany there is an ever-growing demand for innovative and individual solutions in the field of wedding scat ring. In the year 2023 couples with some of the new Trends and developments in the wedding catering industry expect.

Food Pairing

Wedding catering

Food Pairing is an innovative way of catering in Bavaria, food and drinks, matched to the taste buds to stimulate. The Caterer offers a special menu with beverages such as wine, Craft Beer or Cocktails are served.

Inclusive Catering

Wedding catering

Inclusive Catering means that couples planning a wedding can be based on the nutritional needs and restrictions of your guests is received. Caterers will offer special menus for guests with allergies, gluten intolerances, or Halal food regulations.

Interactive Catering

Wedding catering

Interactive Catering means that guests are actively involved in the eating process.

This can, for example, by Live cooking stations, interactive Buffets or Tasting stations to happen. This Option offers guests a unique experience and provides an interactive and entertaining Catering. These Trends show that the wedding catering industry in Bavaria, always innovative and creative will, to the needs and Desires of the customers ‘ needs. Whether you opt for vegan, interactive or sustainable Catering decides, there is for each Pair of a suitable Option, to his wedding to be memorable to make.

You may, after prior consultation in person with your Tamada in Bavaria

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