Wedding ceremony activities

Wedding ceremony activities

You’re the maid of honor, and is responsible for the bachelorette party? Here you can find a lot of helpful tips for organization and ideas for an exciting and memorable activities – there’s something for everyone Brauttyp it! 
The young goodbye, in English also For the maid of honor it is an exciting, but at the same time challenging task to organize the second-largest day for the bride-to-be. But don’t let it intimidate you: If you do a poor job of planning step by step, you can enjoy the bachelorette party with your girlfriend and your companions all the more.

Preparing for the perfect bachelorette party

Before we can start with the actual organization, it is important to clarify some basic questions.


All of the points you can find also once again gathered in an infographic at the end of the post.

How is it organized a

Usually the maid of honor for the organization of the young bachelorette farewell responsible. But don’t panic – if you take this task, you don’t have to make everything alone. If you and the bride do not have common Friends, which help to Organize, you might want to form part of the sister and the mother? One way or the other can’t, and you should the Supporters with the boat pick – among other things, allow the other participants to feel when decisions are being overlooked.

In addition, you should distribute the tasks for the day of the bachelorette farewell. Who makes mainly photos? Who cares about Taxi and decoration? As maid of honor you should focus this day on the bride-to-be and all of the other tasks with the other girls share. Smaller tasks, even if it is just a shell, the distribution of sparklers or Party, if you have your Supporters to give – all integrated and valued feel.

What does the bride at the bachelorette party?

Next, you should get with your

It is necessary to find out what the bride-to-be introduces To download completely Maybe your friend also has a long-cherished wish, you can comply with? At the end of the article, you will find a few ideas for creative, adventurous, exciting, extravagant, or individual activities.

Depending on how far you want to inaugurate the bride-to-be in your plans, you can directly with your inquiries or uninvolved clamp, you ask gently, something she wants for her bachelorette party.

Tip: Remember with the organization, that with a larger group of small tasks, and companies no longer can take, such as, for example, the Check-in at the Hotel or dressed up for dinner – a plane is, therefore, plenty of time for that.

How much does the bride-to-be is betrayed?

It is up to you and the Girlfriends of the bride, if only the date is betrayed, or, who is it and what is being done. Perhaps you’d like to entice you but also on a false trail to surprise you completely? This depends, of course, especially if the bride likes Surprises. Some people enjoy more, if you can set already before on the big day. Don’t forget: first and foremost, is to prepare the bride-to-be have a wonderful day!

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Date, for the bachelorette party find

After talking to the appointment first with the bride-to-be – the best is to ask for several potential dates that the participants make suggestions. If it’s supposed to be a Surprise, you have to think about additionally a distraction. The parents could announce a visit or a friend of the bride-to-be could pretend to need you to the day as a babysitter. Best you let the husband-to-be, and the family in your plans. If you want to travel several days, you may need to know the employer know.

Start as early as possible with the scheduling, so as many as possible can participate in the bachelorette party. Many opt for a date a few weeks before the wedding in order to save the bride unnecessary Stress. You are in the hot phase of the planning of your wedding and it is the perfect invitation cards are missing? Here you can find Inspiration.

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With the map in the Design of will your guests be enchanted.

Who is invited to the bachelorette party?

When it comes to who should be invited, it is a little tricky: You could ask the bride-to-be – what it means, however, that these experiences at least, that you were planning a bachelorette party.

Alternatively, you yourself, who is invited to decide, and risk, someone might omit Important. Help the husband is often in spe – this also can not connect to the Girlfriends, you know.

Insider’s tip: Offer your help when you Create the guest list for the wedding – this will get you all the contact info on a silver platter.

Who makes mainly photos?

What in Vegas happens, stays in Vegas… Everyone at the bachelorette part, should this Phrase be known. The free photo App “celebrate” offers you the Chance of this promise actually observed.

Thanks to access Code only insiders pictures and Videos of the night can upload and access.

The highest quality of the photos remains so in contrast to WhatsApp and create a sustainable and, hopefully, exuberant memories. Try it out!

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What Budget should be planned?

You consider together a framework for the Budget – so you avoid that participants jump, because of the young is goodbye bachelorette expensive. A count of any price changes (for example, by changes in the group discount) in the budget planning. Don’t forget, the price for decoration or Outfits to be included, which may be concerned.

It is common that the participants of the young assume bachelorette farewell to the cost of the bride-to-be. Consider, therefore, in the run-up, as the cost of the bride-to-be to be divided, and a plane, this is in your calculation. If you don’t want to blow the Budget, you can some Extras like special Spa treatments even just for the bride book – while the other can sell, for instance, in the Pool at the time.

Hotel rooms, flights, rental cars and Restaurants, you can only book and make your reservation, if you know the exact number of participants. Let all, therefore, the participation to confirm and to continue to plan and at the end not at any cost their seats.

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Cheerful bride and bridesmaids celebrating hen party on the boat. © Johnce

Bachelor plan indoor farewell: the most important steps

Here you can find all the important organization steps at a glance:

  • The contact details of the participants ‘ collect and you about the bachelorette party to inform
  • An appointment with the bride or accomplices
  • a rough Budget for all parties Involved in order
  • Plan activities, and a specific sequence to prepare
  • also have a Plan B thinking – for example, bad weather or a possible pregnancy
  • the final sequence set and booking confirmations obtain
  • Tasks who distribute worried champagne, who takes care of the decoration, and reservations?
  • Outfits and a sign of recognition for the bride-to-discuss – how can you make friends? What you wish to do?
  • Accommodation and travel of participants plan
  • Packing list for bride put together – what to bring for the day, or are attracted to?
  • A short time before once again, time, meeting place and any Details tell
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Each bet that the magical wedding invitation – wonderful to be your Wedding theme fits.

Ideas for the special bachelorette party

A Party in the evening? Well, of course! But what can you do at the bachelorette in addition, companies? We have collected for you some ideas of possible activities for the bachelorette party. Browse a little in the different categories and let that inspire you – there is a suitable idea for your friend.

Ideas for the creative bride

  • DIY-Wedding-Workshop, in the wedding decoration, Handicrafts can be
  • common dance choreography, rehearsing, you can on the wedding list
  • Perfume-Workshop
  • Chocolates – or Cupcake course
  • a scavenger hunt through the favourite city of the bride

DIY-Workshops are particularly suitable for creative brides-to-be, can begin with a wild parties or buy games on the open road, only a little.

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Ideas for the adventurous bride

  • Blind Booking cheap Last-minute flights with a surprise effect – where you go is layers?
  • Action with the sledgehammer: Destroyed a car in the junkyard, or a hotel room, and after consultation with an Event provider is understood
  • House-Running – brave brides-to-run secured to a high-rise building in the depth
  • Paragliding
  • Dog sledding

Ideas for the relaxed bride

  • Balloon ride in the sunset
  • a cruise, followed by a picnic

  • a hike with overnight stay in the hut
  • a Wellness weekend in the Spa
  • Wine-Tasting and dinner with a private chef in your own four walls or in a cooking school

Ideas for the sporty bride

  • Climbing Park, High Rope Garden
  • Pole Dance Course
  • an extended bike tour with Overnight
  • a visit to the trampoline Park
  • Bowling, of course, with drinking games

Ideas for the extravagant bride

  • A Trip to the Casino
  • A relaxed evening in a Male-Strip-Bar
  • Disneyland including princesses-Styling
  • Make-up advice with a photo shoot
  • Style consultation with a Personal Shopper

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We hope you, the bride, and all other participants in the upcoming bachelorette party, a great time!